The Avengers vs. The Dark Knight Rises



It's so telling that the best two films and the biggest two films of the year and maybe the decade are comic book adaptations. Who said the genre would wear thin? (Add Spider-Man and you have the top three money makers of summer that aren't kid cartoons). Comparing the two is apples and oranges but I simply loved everything about The Avengers. So, not going negative but focusing on the greatness know as Avengers and that has left me smiling for months on end. Avengers is my personal favorite movie all-time, period.

Summer Blockbuster 2012 Battle! - Well both are great films, but The Avengers wins this round. The amazing performances of RDJ, Mark Ruffalo and Tom Hiddleston win against any perf. Rises has to offer, with relatively disappointing being the villains, Bane and Talia. The script (of The Avengers), while humorous, is very smart and shows a level of simetry and plot definition which is a bit better than Rises', which oscilates between incredibly amazing and (sometimes) dull. The climax of 'The Avengers' is massive, while Rises' doesn't fell that perfect (and I can't avoid thinking that Bruce's sacrifice with the nuclear device was too ssimilar to Stark's, with The Avengers doing it first). Both are on a similar level

Summer Blockbuster 2012 Battle! - Well both are great films, but The Avengers wins this round. The amazing performances of RDJ, Mark Ruffalo and Tom Hiddleston win against any perf. Rises has to offer, with relatively disappointing being the villains, Bane and Talia. The script (of The Avengers), while humorous, is very smart and shows a level of simetry and plot definition which is a bit better than Rises', which oscilates between incredibly amazing and (sometimes) dull. The climax of 'The Avengers' is massive, while Rises' doesn't fell that perfect (and I can't avoid thinking that Bruce's sacrifice with the nuclear device was too ssimilar to Stark's, with The Avengers doing it first). The final scene of Rises', however, is magnificent. The Dark Knight, while doing an impressive job, does not rise above The Avengers.

The Dark Knight Rises gives the Batman trilogy the poignant ending that once again sets a high precedent for comic book films to follow, and officially destroys the 3rd sequel curse that has plagued comic book films.

A year ago I'd have been surprised if I preferred Avengers over TDKR. Today I am surprised by just how much I prefer The Avengers over TDKR. Nolan's progression of events, I felt, was typically entertaining, but he lacked any real imagination in his action sequences. While TDKR supplements its generic action spectacles with a lot of gravitas, it in no way approaches the raw charm of The Avengers. Props to Nolan for having the balls to end the trilogy as we suspected he would, but points lost for telegraphing the roles of JGL (who was awesome) and Marion Cotillard (who was good). SPOILERS... I didn't really appreciate relegating Bane to the role of henchman/muscle just to cater for Talia's position at the top of the criminal ladder.

I think Bane was castrated. He should've been an intimidating force all his own, which he seemed to be initially. By the time Batman comes back for a rematch the sense that Bane was a badass had started to drift. When I found out what his real purpose was I felt even more disinterested in the film. The final fight between he and Batman was blah, anyway. And his defeat just sucked. It was merely a punchline.

The Dark Knight Rises.

I loved Whedon's writing in Avengers, but I was entertained more by Rises. It was fantastic. Avengers is close behind though.

Avengers is simply the better film. Even though TDKR is filled with logic flaws, the “surpise twists” are easy to spot and it’s thematically over-ambitious, I still found myself interested in the story. Not a bad film by any stretch but unless you’re a big fan going in I don’t see how anyone will call TDKR anything but mediocre to solid at best. Most everyone (fans AND non-fans) are still calling Avengers great.

Rises has the better screenplay, but Avengers the better villain. I'm going with Rises because I just love revisiting Christopher Nolan's world.

The Dark Knight Rises wins out for me. Tom Hardy was so diligent and militant as Bane, and I thought that was his best performance, he really tied the film together. No pun against The Avengers, which did a good job, but The Dark Knight trilogy ended well with this one. Its a shame Heath Ledger's death happened, they could've done something with him in Rises.

TDKR for it's pure emotional power, though the Avengers is still a great movie.

Love both. But it has to be TDKR for me.

The Avengers delivered so much more as a film. TDKR is so logically confused and thematically over-ambitious that it stumbles quite a bit. People that can’t see that had their blinders on to be sure.

Being the third film in a series, I have to give it to The Dark Knight Rises. Both are brilliant things to behold, but being a series of films is un-heard of being that good!

TDKR barely, if it was TDK then it would be no contest win for TDK over the Avengers.

Maybe my expectations were so much higher for TDKR than they were for the Avengers, but seeing the Avengers was a much more enjoyable experience. I really liked TDKR, but it was just very good. It didn't blow me away like The Dark Knight did. I didn't have as much a problem with the plot as everyone else, but like others have said, the way Bane was dealt with in the finale was a bummer.

Sure Avengers is WAY better than TDKR but at least Batman came full circle on the big screen.... [url][/url] Batman is always looking for a way to dump a bomb. Good thing it always happens near a big body of water!

Such different movies! Avengers is like a great amusement park ride made with a lot of heart; TDKR is like a great book that features explosions. REAL tough choice, but right now I'd rathjer watch Avengers again than TDKR.

Dark Knight Rises, im a huge Batman fan no amount of action and comedy can beat the Batman.

TDKR is so much more powerful than the mindless entertainment of The Avengers. A memorable conclusion to a truly epic trilogy. Right up there with LOTR.

Going with the Avengers. TDKR was great, Bane a wonderful villain, and the last 15 minutes tied it up perfectly. But the Avengers was about as fun as an experience that I could hope for. The Avengers wins...

Going with the Avengers. TDKR was great, Bane a wonderful villain, and the last 15 minutes tied it up perfectly. But the Avengers was about as fun as an experience that I could hope for. The Avengers wins...

The Dark Knight Rises. This is a great matchup; two of the best films of the summer.

It's great that comic books rule the summer but Avengers did it better and with more style, heart and thrills. Avengers is the complete film whereas TDKR is a fine coast to the finish line for the franchise and they played it as such.

TDKR by a freaking mile.

DARK KNIGHT RISES wins. Love them both, but the AVENGERS is merely a terrific comic book movie, while RISES is more ambitious and more to my taste.

The Avengers for me, I was just more invested in it. Besides that I thought the dialogue in TDKR was pretty sub-par.

Both very enjoyable movies this year. Avengers exceeded expectations and TDKR did not meet them. Despite that, the expectations for TDKR were just so high and on a second viewing I feel it was the better film. Lots of very powerful and memorable moments whereas the Avengers was a little bit more forgettable. As well, TDKR really did complete the trilogy in a very appropriate way.

The battle between some of the most anticipated and greatest summer blockbusters of the decade. The Avengers dominated in action, while TDKR dominates in movie itself

The Avengers had more balanced characters, a better villain and the script was on par with Rises. The Avengers for me. Rises is still amazing, though.

"Avengers" is definitely the best Marvel flick yet. Joss Wheadon really made it happen and all the build-up for the greatest superhero reunion @ the movies so far really paid off. I had nerdgasms,and yeah,it was memorable. But let's just say that when all those facts are compared to "The Dark Knight Rises",well...that's a total different story. TKDR brought BIG elements of the previous Nolan/Bat movies,making a trilogy that is a tough match to any other franchises. It gives you a sense of closure. It has a better villain (Bane vs. Loki? Now...really? is that even a contest?) ,a better plot (A big alien invasion? Really? And some have the nerve to say that the plot is comparable to TDKR?) and it's a better movie overall IF IS CONSIDERED AS A TRILOGY CLOSURE. "Avengers" is a homage to comic book fans that really pays off,but it's a eat-your-popcorn-and-have-a-blast flick overall. And that's about it.

The Avengers, no contest. TDKR was a great movie and my second favorite of the year so far but The Avengers is my 7th favorite film of all-time.


I'm voting for the one with a plot and a threatening villain.

Well, the Dark Knight risen far above Avengers.

The Avengers easily beats out the Dark Knight Rises. I was hoping for a lot from The Dark Knight Rises due to the excellence of its predecessor, but it was a huge letdown.

The Avengers is big dumb fun, but it is GOOD big dumb fun. But does it deserve to be in a top 200 movies of all time, like on Flickchart and IMDb? Pff, no. Don't get me wrong, The Avengers is great, but it's not like mind-blowingly fantastic. I think The Dark Knight Rises is in many ways superior to The Avengers. It's much better directed, it's much better acted overall, it has more complex characters and it has a more menacing villain. I give points to The Avengers though for not having the main villain sound like a bad and unnecessarily loud Sean Connery impression. If you want to be mindlessly entertained for 2 hours and 30 minutes, go with The Avengers. If you want a dark, depressing, more realistic and more serious superhero movie, go with The Dark Knight Rises. I personally prefer TDKR, but it depends on your taste.


both INCREDIBLY overrated. avengers is the lesser of two evils though

What Mystic said.

Dark knight Rises is the greatest movie ever by far!

I love them both but the dark knight rises was more epic.

After having wathced both films multiple times, I came to the conclusion that The Dark Knight Rises had lots of problems which take you away from the narrative, and fails to accomplish its goals. The Avengers, on the other hand, is smart, much more consistent and a success.

Why do they want you to watch these on your phone? Don't watch movies on your goddamn phone. I'm not afraid of going back to prison.

The Dark Knight Rises was pretty disappointing to me. The Avengers was pretty well-made.

To me, The Avengers was terrible. The story was very shallow, it was so stupid, the action was poorly done, and it was even kind of boring. The Dark Knight Rises, on the other hand, though not perfect, was a fun movie with good action and a great performance by Hathaway. For me, this is rather easy.

Avengers is so much better and truly was the action/adventure film of the year. Looking back, Avengers has set the bar so very high for any blockbuster for years to come.

Both are great, but Batman singlehandedly defeats the Avengers. RISE.

The Avengers by far. It delivered what it set out to be.

The Dark Knight Rises RISES over Avengers

toss up here,

@SLionsCricket: Fantastic.

Not a fan of Avengers nor TDKR anymore...I'll give it to the Bat for now still

The Avengers.The 3rd movie curse was destroyed by LOTR ROTK. And TDKR was pretty disappointing with numerous plotholes. And 'Why-they-did-what-they-did' moments. Avengers has a lot of flaws but it delivered a little more than it promised. TDKR borrows storytelling almost entirely from Batman Begins, just in different style. Begins was better than Avengers but TDKR isn't even better than Amazing Spider-Man.

TDKR was full of unsatisfying plot-line tie ups and plot holes. Enjoyable in the moment, but increasingly worse in retrospect. While The Avengers also had a few plot holes, the whole thing was 100X more satisfying. Avengers all the way.

I'll take The Avengers.

I was surprised at how great The Avengers turned out to be, it has lost a bit of its luster on repeat viewings for me if I'm honest, but it's still funny, entertaining and never boring. One of my favorite films of 2012 and in general, great stuff. I'm one of the people who wasn't left disappointed with The Dark Knight Rises, and it's actually improved on repeat viewing for me personally. I prefer The Dark Knight's tone, I prefer Batman to any of The Avengers and TDKR was a more than satisfying conclusion to one of my favorite trilogies so that's just enough for me to pick it over The Avengers. Very close though.

The avengers wins this one

The Dark Knight Rises is an unforgettable, sprawling epic. The Avengers is fun, but ultimately disposable.

@ SquareMaster316, Well thanks ;) Unfortunately, I am no longer on the Avengers side of it!

Guys, are you serious here? We're talking about the better movie. Avengers felt like a very impressive Saturday morning cartoon. It's a movie that's extremely colorful and fun. It's pure entertainment. Nothing wrong with that at all, but TDKR is on another level altogether. It's much more serious and sophisticated. Thus, it makes for a better movie easily. TDKR wins this one. Honestly, if you just like the lighthearted popcorn-type superhero movie, I thought the original Iron Man was a better movie than The Avengers.

The Avengers was a great summer film, but I'm definitely on the TDKR side of this one.

Perfectly said Nononsense.

TDKR overall.

the avengers the dark knight rises was a huge disappointment

The Avengers wins. It was very entertaining and I also loved how it had multiple big superheroes/characters and it wasn't a mess and all were used well. I did enjoy the TDKR and it was a very good way to conclude The Dark Knight trilogy but I found The Avengers slightly more satisfying. Also, I haven't seen TDKR since it was in the cinema, so I'm slightly rusty on it.

Since the 'Avengers/TDK' discussion has malfunctioned, I guess I'll say something here. I can finally weigh in on this now that I've finally seen The Avengers. My reaction is...surprisingly positive. Don't get me wrong, it has issues that keep it from being a 5-star blockbuster, but for all that it had to do, it's very good. This is actually a fairly tight matchup. TDK would run away with this one, but TDKR is not as strong. I give both of these movies a strong B+ and they are very different superhero movies with contrasting tones and goals, so it's tough to single out the better film. For now, I'll give the (very) slight edge to Nolan's film.

TDKR, that Marvel stuff is for kids

The Dark Knight Rises. It's not overrated at all in my opinion. It wasn't even flawed. it concluded the trilogy perfectly. The Avengers was a great start for what's coming next for Marvel, but it just wasn't on the same scale as TDKR.

The Dark Knight Rises took it a step further than just being a fun superhero film. It has layers, and is more complex than any other superhero film I've seen. The Avengers is great fun and one of my favorites from last year, but TDKR is simply the better film with a more involved and engrossing plot, better direction, and just overall the better film.

^Second that, then there's also the far superior replay value TDKR has going for it.


can anyone explain as to how hulk was able to control his rage

It was more like Hulk was directing his rage at the aliens, at the ending of Inredible Hulk banner talks about aiming the hulk instead of controlling it, at least thats what I thought was going on, but it just never bothered me all that much.

Don't care either of them but I manage to enjoy MCU than that Rises is.

The Avengers

I'll be saying Avengers is mostly good entertainment value, since Dark Knight Rises isn't very good motion ever there was nothing...

Avengers for sure. TDKR was a giant let down and not even entertaining.

The Avengers is okay but it is very simple and action heavy. The Dark Knight Rises is incredibly overrated. Poor characterisation, choppy storytelling and poorly paced. Don't love either but I have to pick Avengers.


why does everyone hate rises

TDKR is much better, but i liked Avengers too.

This isn’t even close, MCU is the rift decision choice here.

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The Dark Knight Rises for sure, better buildup, better atmosphere, better plot twists, and of course, better cinematography.

The Dark Knight Rises is a sad way to end. Such utter garbage ...script and failed execution.

It's TDKR, over the garbage and soulless Marvel popcorn flick.

TDKR could be the worst number THREE film ever and that is saying a lot.

holy crap you can't be actually thinking that Aliens 3, X3, Spider-Man 3, Superman III, Trinity, TROS, Hangover 3, Mummy 3, Batman Forever is better than TDKR

No way is The Dark Knight Rises the worst number three film, Superman 3, Blade: Trinity, Batman Forever, Spider-Man 3, X-Men: The Last Stand, Superman Returns(it is technically a third movie since Bryan Singer said it’s right after Superman 2 and ignores 3,4), X-Men: Apocalypse, Iron Man 3 are a lot worse and that is only counting superhero movies.

two of the best superhero movies ever made. i pick dark knight rises

Pretty close for me too, but The Dark Knight Rises edges it out for me

damn if you look up, you can see the spammers like Ellemac and Avenger7 didn't hate TDKR at all, they just preferred Avengers, what happened lol

The Dark Knight Rises. Both are excellent but TDKR is just better with its villain, hero character arc, side characters, Hans Zimmer score, and visuals that don’t need much special effects. Avengers is also one of the greatest comic book films too.

after rewatching avengers, i can certainly say TDKR wins, and the gap is larger than i thought

I still really like The Avengers, even after Phase 3 and 4 it's still in the top 5 of MCU movies. But The Dark Knight Rises is just brilliant, IMO not only one of the best comic book movies, but also one of the best finales ever made

The two greatest superhero movies of 2012. But the dark Knight rises takes this

Both The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises are great, but The Avengers is more entertaining, while The Dark Knight Rises is the better movie overall. It's a tough choice, but I lean towards picking The Avengers.