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dgalido on 6/23/2013 Reply  · 

Just wanted to say I appreciate your comments on Man of Steel. I really did enjoy the first half of that movie, but quickly grew bored during the second half. I couldn't exactly pinpoint why. I didn't really care all that much about the characters, felt like the script assumed you already knew who the iconic characters were so you should care that they are in danger, but this movie hadn't done enough to make them real. So these overlong action sequences didn't have any weight behind them... Of course Supes is going to come out on top, and we need Lois and Perry for a sequel, so they're safe. Any character created for the movie (Jenny "am I supposed to be a Jimmy Olson replacement I don't know?") can die but since we don't know them, and/or they lack a personality to begin with, again I don't care. So basically it came down to how will they dispose of Zod.

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smatticus on 1/7/2014 Reply  · 

Nice top 10, excellent to see another fan of The Prince of Egypt, which is definitely up amongst my favourite 2d-animated films. Also good to see another outspoken fan of Rush; one of my favourites of 2013 (would be my number 1 favourite if Zero Dark Thirty hadn't come out at the start of the year in the UK). Out of interest, have you seen Senna? If you liked Rush, I'd thoroughly recommend it.

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Energyadic on 1/10/2014 Reply  · 

Thanks for the comment, and the recommendation (Senna) I will defiantly check that out.

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cheesydog1 on 5/24/2014 Reply  · 

Hey thanks for accepting my friend request nice top ten man ;)

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cheesydog1 on 6/13/2014 Reply  · 

I can tell you see a lot of movies right when they come out in the theater lucky

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Nils98 on 12/30/2014 Reply  · 

I loved The Battle of the Five Armies, but it's also the worst out of the six by far. Here are the biggest mistakes made by the movie.

The 5 biggest issues with The Battle of the Five Armies:

1. Well, let's just address the huge frikkin' elephant (mûmak if you will) in the room; the overuse of CGI. Ok, sure the CGI does look fantastic for the most part, but sometimes it does not and when it doesn't it alot! I personally defended the first two films "overuse" of visual effects, since I didn't have that problem with them, but in this one though it's kinda ridiculous. The battle, and Smaug has to be mostly CGI, I get it, but couldn't the rest of the movie have been less heavy with the CG? If you take a look at The Lord of the Rings battles and then at TBOFA you'll see how much more realistic The Lord of the Rings battles looks. It's gritty and dirty, and for younger viewers, possibly quite scary, but in The Battle of the Five Armies there aren't anything frightening about the battle scenes. As I said, the CGI does mostly look really great, but sometimes it's overkill. Especially considering that they decided to make an entire character a fully computer generated creature - Dain - that didn't even look well (and, you know, Legolas defying gravity...)

2. The love story. Alright....*sigh*. I had hopes for this, like actual hopes about this plot. But in the end it turned out to be nothing more than a forced love story with nothing to back it up with. Tauriel and Kili as characters are great, and Evangeline Lily and Aidan Turner play their roles very well respectively. It's just very hard to take this love story seriously when it has no build up and no resolution. They should have just added Tauriel to be a badass female hero instead of a love interest. Kili should have died protecting or avenging his brother instead. And also this love story led us to what may be the worst line in the saga (and possibly the worst delivered one as well); "why does it hurt so much?!".......I got nothing to say o_O.....

3. Alfrid. Oh well. Alfrid, my dear Alfrid. To clarify I don't hate his character and I didn't hate his character in The Desolation of Smaug either ( I actually kinda dug him in that, because in that movie his screen time was justified), but in this movie he ruins some scenes. Like stuffing gold into his brassiere, I mean what the hell was that?!?!?! Both you and I, and everyone knows that Jackson can do better than this! And also, his character his so damn cliched too. I mean Wormtongue was definitely one of the weaker character's in The Lord of the Rings (which doesn't say much since almost all of the characters in those movies were incredible), and Alfrid gets more screentime than him and is much worse than him. There's like 20-25 minutes of Alfrid in this movie, that could have been spent else where (but more on that later) .

4. The lack of grit. Ok, this is probably the least mayor of these five but it still needs to be addressed. As I mentioned earlier there were grit and darkness in The Lord of the Rings movies. All the orcs were dirty and filthy, and they were like that because of the prosthetic (which is yet to be matched in any production I have ever seen). In The Battle of the Five Armies though there are very (very, very, very) few that are prosthetic. Almost all of them are CG. Though that's not what bothers me (well, obviously it bothers me, but not as much as the following thing). What bothers me is how all combat is completely deprived of grit. Sure there are a few beheadings....but that's it. That's how far that goes. I remember this particular shot when the orcs clash with the dwarves. This shot should have shown the front orc ranks being run-through by the dwarves' spears, but instead the spears collide against the orcs' armors, and yet they die. They die for nothing. Another shot sees two elves team up on an orc. One of the elf's slashes his sword against the orc's back. Against it, not through it, but against it. The sound makes a "cling"-like noise and the elven blade then bounces off the orc's armor, and then he dies. How? How can he die? The blade didn't even cut through his armor and yet he died! Dwalin also rams his hammer/axe (thingy) into the stomach of an orc, and he also died. The trolls also die by like six arrows, when it took a full fusillade of arrows to take down the Olog-Hai trolls in The Return of the King, when the Olog-Hais are around half as large as the non-canon trolls in this movie. The grit made The Lord of the Rings as good as it was. Without it, it would have felt like a cartoon (which this movie sometimes felt like during those grit-less battle scenes). This is weird since there definitely was a certain grit in the two earlier movies.

5. The runtime. 144-minutes. 144. Seventeen minutes shorter than the previous installment that already was the shortest one. I get why it's "only" 2hrs 24min. It's to speed up the movie, to improve the pacing right? Yes, obviously. People have been complaining and whining during these last two films that they are too long. So therefore this final installment has to be cut down to the bone-marrow. But did it work? I didn't think so. This movie is 144-minutes long and is stuffed with, A; a forced, unnecessary love story, and B; Alfrid. A character nobody cares about yet he gets more screentime than most characters This of course means that they had to cut alot of relevant stuff of the finished film and probably even the script. If you during this film asked yourself; "why isn't there more Bilbo in this movie?" Yes indeed, why is there not more Bilbo in this movie? After all, he is the main character. Well, the answer to that is "obvious"; because we "needed" more Alfrid and more of the romance. We "needed" that. There are characters in this movie, mayor characters that has been in all of these movies, that barely, or maybe even doesn't, get a single line in the movie. Because of Alfrid: the hunchback with a uni-brow. All of this weird prioritized time spending also leads to a very rushed ending, absent of alot of resolutions. Like, what happened to Dale and Bard and Lake-town, what happened to Tauriel after she clearly should have been killed off, what happened to the rest of the dwarves and why didn't we get to see Dain's coronation or Thorin, Fili and Kili's funeral??? So many unanswered questions just because they had to have more Alfrid and other unnecessaries.

Those are the 5 biggest issues or mistakes that I found with the film. Just felt like I needed to make this list for some odd reason. Must really sound like I'm hating this movie now, right? But I don't, I still love it. Just not as much as any of the other five or even as much as I perhaps hoped, or wanted to.

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atti1xboy9005 on 5/11/2016 Reply  · 


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