The Dark Knight vs. The Dark Knight Rises



I went to the midnight screening of Dark Knight Rises, and they showed Batman Begins and The Dark Knight before it. I've always liked The Dark Knight, but I must say, the first time I saw it I did think it was a bit over-rated. But now, after seeing it at the cinema, I fully understand why people love so much, and I honestly thought "The Dark Knight Rises just isn't going to be as good as that!" I was so wrong. TDKR is better in SO many ways. I was literally left sitting there stunned once it finished, and everyone in the audience applauded. TDKR is THE movie of our time, and an absolute MUST see!

The Dark Knight > Dark Knight Rises, pure and simple.

The Dark Knight, it is a far better movie, TDKR felt like Nolan didn't know what to do so he just did everything, and everything he builds to with characters he strips away e.g. Bane, once Talia Al Ghul is revealed everything that made Bane an awesome villain become obsolete, Also there's hardly any Batman in the movie, The Dark Knight is a far better movie than Rises though Rises is epic. I really liked Rised but i didn't love it

The Dark Knight, it is a far better movie, TDKR felt like Nolan didn't know what to do so he just did everything, and everything he builds to with characters he strips away e.g. Bane, once Talia Al Ghul is revealed everything that made Bane an awesome villain become obsolete, Also there's hardly any Batman in the movie, The Dark Knight is a far better movie than Rises though Rises is epic. I really liked Rises but i didn't love it

Having just left the midnight showing, I'm not sure where TDKR will land on my chart long term. It was far more epic than I ever could have imagined. However, the cost of that epic-ness is the loss of the tightly wound plot that TDK had. For that reason, TDK is the better movie. Well, that and Heath Ledger.

The Dark Knight Rises was so amazing. The Dark Knight is getting overrated. Win goes to Rises

And Man of Steel, from THE Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder, holy crap, i'm going to see that.

The Dark Knight is a true classic. Rises, while solid, doesn't quite match the expectations, specially compared to its predecessor. It lacks a compelling villain.

Im am going to see TDKR today it will be awesome but will not beat TDK.

Just saw TDKR. Excellent movie!

The Dark Knight was kind of sloppy, but nothing in comparison to the mostly dull and sloppier The Dark Knight Rises. I didn't care about the motivations of the villains and Catwoman was wasted.

The Dark Knight >> The Dark Knight Rises >> Batman Begins

Significant drop in overall quality. Though perhaps TDKR can be credited for not having the occasional eye-rolling scene that TDK was guilty off. And for having JGL.

I need to see Dark Knight Rises again but on first viewing I think Dark Knight was the better movie. I think Nolan was trying to pack in so much information I kind of wish he split the movie in two parts.

Both movies are awesome, but The Dark Knight is nearly perfect. Rises takes a little while to get on its feet, and the last third is arguably better than anything in TDK. But, as an overall film, TDK still takes the cake.

The Dark Knight Rises. Plain and simple.the storyline was more interesting, Bane was terrifying,the end was pulse pounding, and it was dark. I loved the fact that Batman rised one more time. The beginning took time to explain the past 8 years where as The Dark Knight jumped right it. The end was just so perfect and it sets it up for something new. Joseph Gordon Levitt was great in the movie and played his part well. Anne Hathaway was perfect as Selina Kyle( even though I don't care for her). Tom Hardy was massive. Nuff said for him. Overall, this movie blew the Dark Knight out of the water and was a great ending for a perfect triolgy.

I went into The Dark Knight Rises expecting greatness. I really wanted this to be the best of the Trilogy. I saw it and i did get greatness, but its just not as good as the Dark Knight. It had to many flaws that i couldnt overlook and it didnt feel as epic as i wanted it to be. But for all that said, Rises was still a great movie and ended the Trilogy Perfectly. I still prefer TDK, but both are great films and with Batman Begins they create one of the greatest trilogies of all time


Dark knight in a landslide

The Dark Knight Rises. I have always found TDK a bit overrated, and I felt that Heath Ledger's magical performance escalated it to greatness. In my eyes, TDK simply would have been good, instead of great. However, TDKR has Bale's best performance in the trilogy, Bane's menace, Anne Hathaway's charisma (who arguably stole the show), Michael Caine's most sensitive portrayal, JGL in a solid role, and more! Sure, the movie wasn't quite as tight in terms of storytelling, but it was enormous in scope and ambition, so it is easily forgivable. Plus I heard that the second viewing of this movie is not as "murky" or whatever you want to call it with the storyline. Ledger had the showy performance in TDK, but Tom Hardy killed as Bane. The fact that he was able to terrify us with just two dark eyes is impressive, and his voice was ominous. The ending was perfectly emotional and unforgettable, and the score was fantastic. To me, TDKR is more impressive than TDK, which greatly benefited from Ledger's show-stealing Joker. I would gtive TDK a 9/10, and TDKR a 9.5-10/10

They are both so different. But i liked TDKR just a little more because it was awesome nolan batman mixed with this huge epic that made it amazing. But i think the nolan bat-films should be considered three acts to one whole move each act having its own separate tone and feel though.

I still think Dark Knight is the best of the trilogy. I really liked Dark Knight Rises, but wasn't blown away by it. Maybe that's a result of having impossibly high expectations, but it just wasn't as impactful as The Dark Knight was.

The moment Bane pushed the button at the football stadium, it creates a roller coaster of emotions for me, with the scale, music and reactions of all around it. Praise should be given to Hathaway (who washes away the awful Pfieffer portrayal), Hardy, Bale, Freeman, Oldman, Caine, etc., but it was the thousands at the stadium that really sold the terror of the situation that should be applauded. Still, I personally feel The Dark Knight is the slightly better film.

Yeah, having seen TDKR, I don't like it as much as The Dark Knight either. But it's very close. My thoughts quickly summed up: the ending is the best part of the movie, Bane's voice sounds like a bad Sean Connery impression and is waaay too loud, I like Catwoman and Blake, the story was not as good as in TDK although much better than in BB, Christian Bale gives his best performance, Michael Caine steals the show as Alfred (yeah, really, why is everyone complaining there is so little of him in this? He has more scenes than in BB and TDK!) and there are some plotholes that annoyed me just a little.

I preferred Bane's voice when it was was deeper. But I think the voice may grow on me with further viewings. I already have a quote in my head I thought was great (batman vs bane in dark) I just found, like most people, that the Joker was more effective. The Dark Knight wins.

I'll have to watch TDKR again to really gauge how it compares to TDK. Right now it's landed slightly higher in my rankings, probably because I was so awed by it when I saw it Saturday. During the first two thirds of the movie I was really enjoying myself, but wondering why certain characters were even there, wondering why others were being portrayed the way they were ... and then, courtesy of a couple of twists and some really fine writing and acting, it all fell into place. Whether the movie works on a rewatch, after I know about those twists, will be the deciding factor here.

I will say this: The Dark Knight is certainly the more thoughtful film. It has more to say. And it didn't remind you ever five minutes what its title was, something that really annoyed me in Rises. The acting is great in both -- Bale, Oldman, and Caine have been consistently amazing in all three films (Freeman too, but he has less to do). Ledger's Joker wins the "Best Villain" prize here, no question about it, but that doesn't make the second film an automatic winner for me: I've always felt that his death may have caused his portrayal to become just a bit over-hyped, and I've never liked that he takes the focus off of Bale's Bruce Wayne/Batman in TDK. Hardy's Bane isn't half as menacing, even though the things he does are just as terrible, but once again I thought the character and portrayal made sense by the end of the movie. Since I've never read the comics, I wasn't annoyed by the "castrating" of the character, although I would have liked a slightly deeper voice as well. I was pleasantly surprised by Hathaway as Catwoman. I'd been worried about her, and she delivered a knockout performance: a real scene-stealer, and I think I might have a crush on her now.

When I think of The Dark Knight trilogy, I see them all as one movie. That sounds cliche, but hear me out. A superhero movie is built on three major acts: The inception of the hero, the hero's greatest trial, and the hero rising despite his darkest moment to become the hero he was destined to be. Each movie represents on major arc of Batman. When you get down to it, most of the best parts of a movie come from the conflict represented in the middle and the biggest questions and dilemmas are addressed. The Dark Knight is certainly a better film, however, I have always been a sucker for a great ending and The Dark Knight Rises did just that. While I believe The Dark Knight to be a better film overall, my favorite of the three was The Dark Knight Rises. On the subject of Bane, yes, he of course was NOT Ledger's Joker, we all know that. Hardy DID however create a perfect villain that I believed from the very beginning COULD defeat Batman. Both villains had amazing dialog, but Bane fit his role in Batman's journey perfectly as Joker did his. Joker came down to, "I'm an agent of chaos," and, "Some men just want to watch the world burn." Bane, on the other hand, came down to, "Do you feel an abundance of control?" and, my personal favorite, "'And who is the only person who can disengage this bomb?' 'Myself' 'Thank you, Doctor!' *SNAP!*"

Let's discuss the ending guys! SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't seen TDKR, skip this comment! A lot of people thought Wayne died at the end, some think he lived just because Alfred saw him at that outside restaurant at the end. In my opinion, I think Wayne died. How could he survive that explosion? I thought Alfred was just imagining him there at the end. He wasn't really there. And Levitt/Robin discovering the Batcave at the end, GREAT ENDING! I wanted it to keep going, and basically everybody else did too. And how about that Man of Steel trailer? That'll be great. TDKR is better than TDK.

Tribute to the people that lost their lives in the Colorado shooting.

The Dark Knight is a better movie plain and simple, but The Dark Knight Rises did not disappoint me at all. I thought it was a spectacular finish to what is the greatest superhero trilogy of all time. If I have to pick it apart and find a reason why it's not my favorite of the three, I guess my main criticism is that the first half of the film is not as enjoyable as the others. Nolan packs a lot of exposition in the first hour and it's a lot to digest even if you're a die-hard fan of the series. The opening acts of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were a lot more accessible and entertaining. That being said, the climax of The Dark Knight Rises left me on the same high that Batman Begins and The Dark Knight did when I first saw them. That three movies from the same franchise can keep you on the edge of your seat and blow your mind is a rarity at the movies.

I don't think Bane was the right villain to end the trilogy on, especially after having to compete with Heath Ledgers performance of the joker in the previous film

Easily The Dark Knight. The Dark Knight Rises was a massive letdown for me; bogged down under its own weight, poor chemistry between characters, too many pointless characters, too f*cking loud half the time (couldn't here anything that was being said during the bridge/stadium/tunnel destruction scene over Hans Zimmer's repetitive score), the fact that they didn't film it in Chicago and I can now see the Empire State Building, Freedom Tower, World Financial Centre and Brooklyn Bridge (they filmed the exile scenes under there for god's sake) in the background of almost every panning shot (so we're not in Gotham now, we're in New York; how original!), Bane's death (total cop-out for a great villain, he was one of the few things I really enjoyed about the film), Catwoman (not really Anne Hathaway's fault, I'm just not a big fan of the character, plus they didn't really re-vamp the character; just made her do a Hedy Lamarr impression and pull some Arkham City moves (so basically a less sexy, falsely sanctimonious version of the Arkham City Catwoman), Marion Cotillard (Nolan, please stop casting her as boring villains in your movies, she's much better than that. Also the death scene sucked). And worst of all, unlike the previous films (which have plenty of problems themselves) I had very little emotional connection with the film throughout. The film isn't terrible despite what I have said here, and it has it's moments of brilliance (almost every second with Bane onscreen, Alfred and the bit in the Pit), but it is probably the worst Christopher Nolan film I have seen to date.

Connerwood, I think Morgan Freeman's character finds evidence that Bruce auto-piloted his ship to detonate the bomb, so he isn't really dead (just pretending to be). That's one of the problems with TDKR -- there was a lot of information crammed into three hours, plus Bane's garbled dialogue and Zimmer's blaring music made it difficult to catch all the plot points. It'll be interesting to see when enthusiasm cools for TDKR, and we're left with a lot of "best movie ever!" comments.

ironichipster, I thought that too how he was faking his death, but for me it could go 2 ways now

Rises is great, but Hathaway and Cotillard sort of keep it from being as Psychologically powerfull as The Dark Knight.

Coringa is way cooler than Bane, but that's the only thing better in TDK.

Joker > Bane. DKR > TDK


dark knight is so much better. its an insult to the dark knight to say that rises is superior

I agree with Seb 100%

It's close, but it's still no contest. Dark Knight is one of a kind.


too right moondoggie!

The Dark Knight takes it.

I'm actually surprised this one is getting so many diverse opinions. I REALLY didn't see that coming. Look,i LOVED The Dark Knight conclusion,but if there's anything i wasn't expecting on TDKR, was the REMOTE possibility of the 3rd movie surpassing everything that "The Dark Knight" was. C'mon guys,really? Can you actually argue with that? Nolan's take on Batman universe is transcendental,and there's no weak link between all three entries, but let's get real: "The Dark Knight" is to Batman what "The Empire Strikes Back" was to Star Wars. That rare,unquantified gem that doesn't repeat it magic two times.

You know, looking back at both of these movies, I really don't know which one of these two to choose as my 'favorite' of this trilogy. I mean sure, The Dark Knight is the better movie from a technical standpoint: unlike TDKR, TDK has almost no plotholes, has scenes that tie together nicely, has a better villain (although that is purely subjective) and has better action (although again, that's subjective). But were you as emotionally invested as in The Dark Knight Rises? Because I wasn't. When you watch The Dark Knight you see an emotionless Bruce Wayne. To be honest, I didn't care about him in Batman Begins and especially not in The Dark Knight. Those movies were mostly centered around the plot, The Joker and the origin story. There was little room to care for Bruce Wayne. It was the third movie that FINALLY gave us an emotional Bruce Wayne. I cared a lot more about him than in any of the other Nolan Batman movies. In fact, I cared more about Bruce Wayne than in ANY live-action Batman movie. The emotional core is so much bigger. So in a way, the plotholes and other flaws don’t matter as much as in the other movies because of this (watch the RedLetterMedia review if you don’t know what I mean). Also, I rewatched The Dark Knight today, and I didn’t like it as much as I did before. So although I think The Dark Knight is the better movie, but for now, I have to pick The Dark Knight Rises as my favorite. But let’s face it: there is no Batman movie that’s perfect.

So although I think The Dark Knight is the better movie, for now I have to pick The Dark Knight Rises as my favorite**

tdk wins because of the joker!

Ledger's Joker may have had more personality but Hardy's Bane is easier to hate. Bad guys can't always be cool and when the filmmaker makes you hate them, that's outstanding. TDKR lived beyond my expectations and is the very best comic book film of them all.

The Dark Knight was the best in the trilogy.

I've got another theory on the ending of TDKR, one of my theories now is that Superman saved Bruce from the nuclear explosion because they are making a Justice League movie

The DARK KNIGHT wins, but I've seen RISES a few times now and it comes very close. What a great film trilogy. It will sure be interesting to see where Batman goes next, with the Justice League movie supoosedly in the works.

Ah shit! Why?!?!?! OK Let me do this: TDK has Heath Ledger as the Joker, tighter pace/plot, more Batman than in TDKR, one of the best action/thriller/supherohero/summer movies of all time. TDKR has an epic sprawling storyline with lots of cool characters (eg. Bane, Catwoman, Blake, etc), Less Batman but Bale as Bruce Wayne shines, more emotional, THAT ending!! Right now....I'm going for TDKR. Watching (and re-watching) TDK felt like watching a really solid action film. In the end, I'm like "Damn, that was a really good movie". BUT for me, TDKR felt like you're in a long emotional journey with a satisfying ending. TDK may technically be the better ending but I'm more emotionally invested in TDKR


The Dark Knight was a better movie... but considering it's in my top 5, I didn't expect Rises to surpass it. Rises was fantastic, with an outstanding last 40 min. and a very appropriate and satisfying ending to a great trilogy, but I preferred the more intimate, tense feel of The Dark Knight. Both great -- TDK i just even greater.


i cant believe there are people out there that actually think rises is a legitimate opponent to the dark knight. its just an insult really.

I agree I don't see how this is even a race, Dark Knight was superior in every way shape and form.

The Dark Knight is much better. Heath Ledger's performance says it all.

Dark knight Rises destroys Dark knight!

Dark knight Rises shouldn't be compared to the Dark knight. Dark knight Ruined the trilogy worse than Batman and Robin.Dark knight Rises was the Greatest ever!

Every film in this series has consecutively blown my expectations out of the water. If The Dark Knight set such a high bar, doesn't that mean I have to go with The Dark Knight Rises?

I didn't expect to, but I like Rises slightly better.

Both of them are great films but the reason TDKR was so good was because it was given so much to build upon. TDK was masterful. The story was unique, all of the actors were brilliant and it was executed very well. It's the better film.

The Dark Knight Rises was fun and entertaining, but it is inferior to the Dark Knight in almost every way.

Well, the cinematography in TDKR was better I felt, as was Bale's performance. But other than that, TDK was superior. Loved both though.

So after rewatching The Dark Knight Rises today, I liked it more than I did last time. I still maintain that it is indeed the more flawed movie of the two, but there is so much stuff in TDKR I just love that I don’t really care about the flaws, the silly voices and the plotholes. Let me put it this way: I don't think The Dark Knight is as great as most people make it out to be, and I don't think The Dark Knight Rises is as disappointing as some people make it out to be. The Dark Knight Rises is actually the only (live-action) Batman movie (and hell, maybe even the only Christopher Nolan movie) where I actually give a damn about the main character. I also just love the scope of the movie. And I know the movie is messy (especially in the beginning) but I don't really care. I see myself picking The Dark Knight as my favorite one day and The Dark Knight Rises the next. It's close for me. Because I was kind of disappointed last time I watched TDK and more satisfied when I watched TDKR today than I did after leaving the theater, I have to go with TDKR. They’re both great though, and both much better than Batman Begins.

Damnit; I keep flipflopping on this one. The Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight easy victory. I've seen TDK over 5 times and never gotten bored of it whilst TDKR bored me the second time.

The Dark Knight, mainly for Heath Ledger.

Batman Begins was good but it succumbed to Reboot Syndrome, in which the new filmmakers somehow feel obligated to re-tell the origin story instead of starting in the middle with something else interesting. (Although Superman Returns started in the middle, and it was still lousy.) I am one of the minority who thinks TDK was overrated, primarily because Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent was a doofus: flippant, impetuous, NOT charismatic, lacking in discernment. And there was no chemistry between him and sashaying A.D.A. Maggie Glockenspiel. For Gordon and Batman to then talk about the Joker corrupting "the best of us"...pfft...and for Batman to take the rap and perpetuate a Big Lie...I did not like that ending at all... In The Dark Knight Rises, there is the suggestion by the filmmakers that perpetuating the Big Lie may not have been All That Smart, so the third film kind of wrapped my dissatisfaction with the second one inside out, and slowly worked its way to what I think was a satisfying ending. I liked Bane as a villain better than Heath Ledger's Joker, and I preferred the pair of attractive and interesting female characters played by Anne Hathaway and Marion Cotillard to the awkward, ungainly, and unattractive Glockenspiel. There are political themes in the third film as well, which can be read as either extremely left-wing or extremely right-wing, depending on your point of view, and I saw both types take up the film as a kind of metaphor, which makes it especially fascinating since I know politics was not Nolan's intention.

Time has passed, and my appreciation for both TDK and TDKR has gone down. With 'Rises', I realized right off the bat that there was something off about it. At first I thought it was Bane sounding a little bit like Gandalf, or maybe it was the weird unfilled gap in time between TDK and Rises. Then there was that weird fusion reactor thing underground, that weird 'John' Blake ending...I don't know. It felt like Nolan rushed through the whole thing to be honest. Bane's storyline ended rather abruptly and the rise of the new villain was just weird. On the contrary, TDK really surprised me when I saw it for the first time. After revisiting it again, I've realized that the only truly great parts of it are the opening minutes and all of the scenes with the Joker. Hell, I think that that was the reason why I liked it so much in the first place - the Joker. The Joker made for a great villain and topped Bane in every which way, albeit the latter was pretty bad ass himself. In this particular match up, I'm picking TDK. It's sloppy, sure, but is nowhere near as messy as Rises. I also had a lot more fun with Dark Knight than Rises. Maybe it was because I was so distracted by Bane's voice...LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

Joker is possibly the best villain ever in cinema, but Bane is possibly my favorite villain ever in cinema. Anne killed it as Catwoman, and Maggie almost destroyed the role that Katie Holmes started. I had a lot of fun with both of these, but overall TDK has to be the winner.

I thought TDKR was great, and I think that the negativity towards it, (while it still does deserve criticism) is because it did not live up to the huge expectations of TDK. Of course it didn't. TDK is fantastic. I didn't expect it to, and looking past that fact, TDKR is, again, a great movie. But still, I chose TDK.

The Dark Knight easily

Heath Ledger's performance destroys the Dark Knight Rises. As the years go by, the Dark Knight will be the better aged movie as well

the dark knight rises had to many plot holes and not enough batman.I still really enjoyed it but it just didn't hold up as well as the dark knight.

Both are in my top five, but Rises is the example of a perfect finale to a trilogy. RISE

This isn't hard at all. Rises underwhelmed me.

LOVE both... but TDK just has that extra bit of "umph" that makes it a classic, mainly since it really works on its own more than Rises does.

"TDKR was awesome! Brilliant!" (later...) "TDKR was really good. It has some issues, but I liked it." (later...) "TDKR? Flawed, but decent..." (later...) "TDKR was such a disappointment."

^ Happens with every (hyped) movie nowadays. Prometheus, anyone? Anyway, my five billionth comment on this matchup. The Dark Knight simply doesn't entertain me much anymore. I know the lines, I know the scenes, it's parodied to death, I get a little sick of the movie. It's still great, but it's like getting tired of a longtime friend. Rises just feels fresh and as a result entertains me more (yes, yes, ring the bell of the apocalypse), but it's way, WAAAY more flawed and sloppy.

Yup. I'll admit to over hyped reactions. I thought that Rises was my favorite film of all time for about 15 minutes. I must have been insane or something. I also thought at one time that Prometheus was better than the original Alien. I must have been insane or something. What I think happens, at least for me, is that I get so pumped up for a movie and when it falls below expectations, I go into denial or something and think that it's the greatest thing to ever be released. So yes, I blame it on denial.

I love both, and have no shame in saying it. Now, no one start saying I'm one of those crappy fanboys, I'm a genuine fan, other people are allowed to hate on them, but I'm allowed to like them as well. The Dark Knight Rises is my number two favourite. Now I can see it flaws, I'm not blind to these, but so much more of the film works for me, it overrides the problems I had with it. I've seen it three times now, twice in the cinemas and once on Blu Ray, and it only gets better for me. But The Dark Knight is my number one, so it loses.

I'd have to say that I could easily move either one of these to number one. I agree with shane that they do have flaws. What movie doesn't Batman to me is the most relatable hero in any movie I've ever seen. I'm not saying it in a "Batman is a normal person and could be anyone," although I believe that is what makes him the best superhero. I'm saying he's the best hero because of what he stands for, what he is. Selfless and true. The villains in all three movies are evil with logic. They challenge Batman's pure sense of good and evil being black and white. They introduce grey into it. They challenge him to do evil to accomplish good. That is why they are good to me, not just because "Batman is radical, dude!" or "The story telling is perfect and the performances are breathtaking," although I do agree with both of those.

So easy

I'll take The Dark Knight over Rises,but I have to say Bane was a really great villain,but the Joker just was way too hard to follow.

Both great films, don't get me wrong but both are overrated, especially when you look at IMDb ratings and Flickchart rankings. That being said, the Dark Knight is one of my favorite films as is Rises but the Dark Knight is more memorable and perhaps Nolan's best!

The Dark Knight is a movie I can't and won't ever really forget. The Dark Knight Rises is one I want to forget, and already have to a great extent. Nolan was bound to disappoint me eventually, but why did it have to be with his conclusion to what was shaping up to be one of my favorite trilogies?

In my opinion I love them both, they all meet my expectations and love both villans. because there both badasses. The Joker= 95, Bayne= 98.

The dark knight rises was brilliant but the dark knight is still the easy pick over it.

The dark knight is defiantly the best of the trilogy.

I think Nolan weakened Bane at the end because The Joker overwhelmed the title character's journey in the second film. He didn't want that again, and so made sure the focus of things were squarely back on Bruce/Batman for the big finale. That written, The Dark Knight is still superior.

I fully agree with Leonardo. The extremely compelling story of Bruce Wayne is so beautiful, and Bale's performance is his best in the whole franchise. A lot of people seem to forget that The Dark Knight Rises wasn't trying to be about cool side characters, but actually about... You know, The Dark Knight... Rising.

The Dark Knight. Really stands out as the best of the trilogy.


The Dark Knight Rises. It's the better structured film and much more exciting.

Interesting to see how the voting goes. 2001 easily for me though.

I can now say that The Dark Knight is the clear winner.

Funny thing, The Dark Knight Trilogy are all tied for my #1 favorite film of all time. But, The Dark Knight without a doubt.

Two incredible films that every studio is trying to copy from. Not surprisingly, giving how much these epics, as well as Batman Begins, have revolutionized film making.

Obviously TDK. TDK really changed things, provided a comic book film in the style of Mann and Lumet. Exciting and fast pace. TDKR was fun but overall kinda messy and poorly patched together, thematically strong and ambitious, but it doesn't always suceed its goals.

The Dark Knight beat the crap out of the Dark Knight Rises. The Dark Knight is as good as a superhero gets.

Two thirds of the greatest CBM trilogy ever made.

As Dark Knight Rises is entertaining, Dark Knight is terribly overrated

The dark knight rises is my favourite from the dark knight triology and it wins here.

"Two thirds of the greatest CBM trilogy ever made." Nearly 2 years later, that quote rings just as true as ever!

Photo finish, but Dark Knight Rises

More enjoyable vs a better ending.. I'm one for endings so I say TDKR for now.

The Dark Knight has the better ending, but the Dark Knight has the better rest of the film.

Dark Knight was definitely the best of the century it was always the best Batman movie of all time, on the other hand Dark Knight Rises was the worst of the series overlong boring waste of lack of time even hated where Bane did not be stopped by Batman on a final showdown but instead been stopped by Catwoman which was miserable of that way even it's ending of the film which was most disappointment ever but Dark Knight was the most incredible convenient film of all time it had a perfect start,middle and finish it had a perfect ending.

Since TDKR absolutely sucks and ends the trilogy on a down note, what's the argument here?

Dark Knight was the best of the series, but Dark Knight Rises was the worst of the series, Dark Knight wins by far.

The dark knight rises is far the worst disappointing but as bad ended on a let down ending trilogy but on the other hand the dark knight was the only great film that been a complete success film, TDK destroys TDKR.

Watched Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises tonight. Dark Knight is a masterpiece. There's so many iconic sequences, characters and situations where everything just builds upon itself until a thrilling finale. Every element works and the film says a lot about good and evil and how it's inherited. After 20-25 viewings, it still memorises me! Dark Knight Rises is an example of a bad script that's very well directed. The film is both incoherent and so many elements of it is ludicrous and makes no sense without the compelling ideas of the previous two. After the Joker's plan to take Harvey and destroy him, the villains' plan here is to destroy Gotham with a nuclear bomb. A bomb that's conveniently going to explode in 5 months giving enough time for Bruce to recover and a revoultion to conspire. The fact it's held in such high regard if anything undermines the quality of The Dark Knight.

TDK by a wide margin but Rises didn’t disappoint me at all. It was a solid and great trilogy ending.

Obviously TDK was only the film that tagged of a memorable masterpiece, rises is just as disappointment generally did.

Dark Knight Rises is the worst of the trilogy and the only one where some of the character's motives feel forced for effect. Dark Knight wins by a landslide.

To me, The Dark Knight trilogy is only so highly acclaimed as one of the best trilogies is because of The Dark Knight (it's in the name). Without it, the other two are great/good films, but The Dark Knight is easily the best and one of the greatest films ever.

TDK but the gap isn't big

Dark Knight is better but The Dark Knight Rises isn’t even bad at all.

dark knight rises, the trilogy went from decent to almost a masterpiece to a literally masterpiece

dark knight is excellent, dark knight rises is the best

I loved TDKR more when I was way more tender, nowadays TDK is an easy choice for me as the best movie of the trilogy.

TDKR was so bad it almost ruined TDK's legacy. Definitely tainted it a bit.