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Comments (3)


TheHonestFilmFan on 7/29/2013 Reply  · 

Nice to see you like Fantastic Mr. Fox! It's my favourite Wes Anderson movie out of the one's I've seen. However, I have yet to see Rushmore, Tanenbaums, or Darjeeling Limited. What are your thoughts on the films, and which one would you most recommend?

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Randommale7 on 8/4/2013 Reply  · 

Thanks for the comment. Tenenbaums is great and Darjeeling really grows on you with repeated viewing. I do like Rushmore but it just doesn't draw you into it like his later film but then again some people think it's still his best one so it'd be up to you. Of these three I'd defs say go Tenenbaums first.

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TheHonestFilmFan on 8/19/2013 Reply  · 

I just recently watched Tenenbaums, upon you request. And it is brilliant. Not as good as Moonrise or Foxy, but still really good. I'd say that it's even better than Bottle Rocket and Life Aquatic. I love Wes anderson. Will definately check out Darjeeling eventually.

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