Pulp Fiction vs. GoodFellas



wow hard decision...

Indeed. I'll base mine on the director. Scorsese wins over Tarantino. Goodfellas wins this one.

I never thought this day would come...

Pulp Fiction wins because it was better in every way.

Goodfellas is infinitely superior. No question in my mind about that.

Pulp Fiction was more fun.

Both movies are loaded with self-righteous psychopathic murderers and who doesn't love that? That's a joke. Two perfect movies that you could easily slide into your "favorite of all time" slot, but for me it's Pulp Fiction. The movie made me a film fanatic. I know Tarantino bites Scorsese stylistically but who cares??? I'm sure Scorsese has his influences that he borrows from - everyone does!!!

SO HARD! But I go with Goodfellas, because Scorsese > Tarantino.

I think the edge goes to Pulp Fiction based on its higher place in the pantheon of pop culture, but I feel like GoodFellas was a better-made film.

Pulp Fiction kicks ass, but I'm choosing GoodFellas because everything about it is better.

Can pop culture be referred to with the term 'pantheon'? Anyway, they both rock. I'm going Goodfellas because PF forced me to enjoy Jackson, Travolta & Thurman all in one movies.

Wow, really couldn't picture this match up ... Goodfellas probably deserves to win because it's so finely crafted and perfected by Scorsese, but there is just something so fun and exciting about the writing and performances of Pulp Fiction! Close call, but it's Tarantino by a nose.

This is a really hard one but Pulp Fiction wins in a really close vote.

Ugh. What!? This is impossible.

My two favorite films...I'll always defer to Pulp Fiction, a movie that made me look at movies in a different way and continues to entertain me every time I watch it, but those long, elegant shots in Goodfellas are really something to behold. Really, you can't go wrong with either of them, though.

Two of my favorite directors of all time! But going for Pulp FIction

Pulp Fiction was a good movie but had several story lines and was a little confusing for me. Goodfellas was straight forward and very entertaining. I would have to go with the long but good Goodfellas.

Both Goodfellas and Pulp Fiction exist in a state of Limbo for me. At one time, I considered them both to be hugely influential in shaping my perspective on film, but now neither seem to hold very much significance. After watching well over a thousand movies since the mid-90s, when I considered Goodfellas and Pulp Fiction to be among the pinnacle of what film had to offer, my tastes have changed a great deal. Both movies are just sort of floating around in my movie watching consciousness, not really fitting in with the past or present. There are movies I liked twenty years ago that are still relevant to shaping my tastes today, but Goodfellas and Pulp Fiction haven't successfully made the transition into the modern age. Maybe they helped build the bridge between my past and present tastes, though now the bridge is no longer necessary. I'm not really interested in watching either of them ever again, so what purpose do they serve? I don't know. Joe Pesci wears on my nerves these days, at least I can say that much. Then again, there's a lot about Pulp Fiction that I can do without, as well. The excessive narration in Goodfellas is the other thing that bugs me (next to Pesci), but the rest of the movie is fairly exhilarating. Pulp Fiction leaves me feeling blah overall.

Today Pulp Fiction wins.

I'll go with Goodfellas...

Very hard one, But I have to say that GoodFellas is best.

Both exceptional scripts, rambling narratives, knockout ensemble performances, classically amazing popular-song scores, noted auteurs. Both just a little bit longer for me than they needed to be. But for me, even with its epic length (which is arguably appropriate) Goodfellas never gets slow, and picks up at its most intense right in the last act. Pulp Fiction meanwhile drags in the penultimate section with The Wolf, and works best somewhere in the early middle with the Bruce Willis storyline. Pulp Fiction is more creative in its presentation, but Goodfellas never lets down.

INCREDIBLY hard but I think Goodfellas just edges it for me....

I would say that Goodfellas is better.

I honestly don't understand the hype behind both movies. They're both great, that i can agree, but goodfellas being one of the best of all time? i don't know. pulp fiction as well. how can it be forth in the flickchart chart? there are at least 50 movies that i've seen that are better then these two. as for the choise, i choose Pulp Fiction. Why? because i like it better

It almost hurts. Matter fact,it does. I know 90% Will go w/ Pulp Fiction on this one,and i understand it. I really do. But Goodfellas....it has a bigger place in my heart. I f'n love it.

I believe Goodfellas is the better movie.

While both are fantastic, well-made movies, my reasoning for choosing Pulp Fiction is part of the minority; I personally believe Tarantino is better than Scorsese. Sure, Tarantino may be influenced by Scorsese a lot, Tarantino's progression of story and edgy writing makes for better movies.

The ultimate test, a test of two die hard fan groups. GoodFellas is my choice because it holds weight as well as keeping the tone light despite the dark events. The opening scenes of both movies are fantastic, but Joe Pesci's face still scares me to this day.

My #1 vs my #2. Pulp Fiction it is.

While I love Goodfellas, I have to go with Pulp Fiction here. It's more layered and has better writing.

Goodfellas is better than Pulp Fiction

I love both films. But Im giving the edge to Pulp Fiction here.

Goodfellas crushes here. Much more real and entertaining.

as much as i love goodfellas, pulp fiction is better.

This is not the typical matchup where one film is better than the other. Both are pure perfection, but if I only had to choose one, I would go with Pulp Fiction.

Pulp Fiction is very good. Samuel L Jackson > Joe Pesci. What I love about Jackson's character is that he is feared, but he is also the main character so you dont like to antagonise him like Joe Pesci. Tarantino really did make his masterpiece with this beauty.

Goodfellas beats Pulp Fiction in every department.

Hardest one yet

Pulp Fiction easily wins, both are great though.

Pulp Fiction. not really enjoy Goodfellas, just some scenes

Something they both have in common is their portrayal of the "human" side of gangsters. In Goodfellas it's fairly typical Scorsese stuff--men can't communicate well, eventually self-destruct, anger is ultimately impotent, that sort of fun stuff. In Pulp Fiction, there's no dimension to the characters. As regular people they're mouthy, overly witty/quirky assholes, and as gangsters, they're mouthy, overly witty/quirky assholes with guns. I'm pretty sure even Tarantino would agree Goodfellas is far better

Don't LOVE both, but as a fan of Tarantino, gotta go with Pulp Fiction

Both phenomenal films, however Pulp Fiction is the better of the two, not by much however I took a lot more away from Pulp Fiction.


Although Pulp Fiction isn't MY favorite of Tarantino (Basterds is), it beats Goodfellas.

I really can't go wrong with Pulp Fiction; it is my favorite film of all time. I catch something new whenever I watch it and I always find myself with a stupid smile on my face whenever a favorite part of mine comes on the screen. GoodFellas is a film that I haven't seen in a very long time, but I remember it being extremely well made and full of great characters. At the time it was my favorite mobster movie ahead of Godfather - things have changed of course - and I always thought it was one of, if not, Scorsese's best film. I guess I should give it another viewing sometime in the future but, for right now and most likely a very long time, I'm going with Pulp Fiction.

Hey, tiebreaker (...for now). While I do like Pulp Fiction, something about Tarantino...I don't know. I can't say I'm not a fan of the guy, although I did say this in the past, but I either really like his movies (Basterds, Reservoir Dogs) or I think they're "just" pretty good (Pulp Fiction, True Romance (yeah, yeah, Tony Scott, I know. But you can not NOT call that a Tarantino movie.)). I guess it depends on the story. I'll give this one to GoodFellas.

Probably the hardest decision I've ever had to make on here. Scorsese's masterpiece vs. Tarantino's masterpiece. Two of the greatest and most influential films of the 90s that shaped played a key role into shaping my taste to this day. Scorsese is the better director so GoodFellas gets the nod here.


Scorsese is the better director for me, by a fair bit too.

Goodfellas for me. Martin Scorsese has made too many gems of cinema and this is quite possibly his masterpiece. Joe Pesci as Tommy DeVito is one of the best performances of all time, it's hard to judge what's better between that role and Samuel L. Jackson as Jules Winnfield. I like the rise-and-fall feel of the Goodfellas and the way each character executes that premise. Pulp Fiction is great, legendary even, but to me I think Goodfellas wins, hands down.

Goodfellas. Joe Pesci's performance says it all.

I think it's gotta be Pulp Fiction, after a serious thinking session. Goodfellas masterfully brings us into the world of organized crime, but Pulp Fiction, not only does that, but it also makes it a thrilling roller coaster ride, and a brilliant character piece.

Goodfellas is a bigger part of me and my love for film. Scorsese is a genius.

I've decided that I prefer Goodfellas over Pulp Fiction. They are now switching places.

very hard to choose. but i loved goodfellas just a little bit more

And I'm back to choosing Pulp Fiction. I better watch both these movies again.

The two best movies of the 1990s, and both are great gangster films. However, the winner is GoodFellas. Nothing beats GoodFellas. Nothing.

Two brilliant crime films here that are very entertaining, with some great and memorable characters as well. I gotta give it to Pulp Fiction though, it's just one of those films that completely amazes me, along with The Godfather and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. I still love GoodFellas.

Tight matchup here. Both have a plethora of memorable and classic scenes, but Goodfellas for me. The cinematography was amazing. And the acting was flawless. The same could be said about Pulp, but I just lean toward Scorsese, De Niro, and Pesci more so than Tarantino, Travolta, and Samuel L. Jackson.

Monumental decision. Both changed my life, but Pulp Fiction did it in a more fun way.

Both great but the dialogue in Pulp Fiction sets a standard.


Goodfellas not even close (just kidding very close)

Ok... I'll start by saying that both are absolute masterpieces and are the two greatest movies of the 1990's, however, nothing beats GoodFellas. It's the greatest movie ever made. So not even the brilliant Pulp Fiction, with it's interweaving stories and slick dialogue can match Marty's supreme dive into the world of gangsters using almost every technique up his sleeves.

GoodFellas, actually

Both outstanding but Pulp Fiction gets my vote

Goodfellas has more substance

Goodfellas wins .It is a better movie and comfortably seats as my no #13 .I really love it.On the other hand pulp fiction is in between 50-60 .So this proves that i like it too but not as much as i like goodfellas.

GoodFellas is overrated. It's good but nowhere near as good as Pulp Fiction. I'm not even sure if it's better or worse than Taxi Driver.

Are you fucking serious? Pulp Fiction DEMOLISHES goodfellas, which is an impressing feat.

Both films have main characters who don't give a shit if somebody gets killed (unless they get blood on your car or aprons). Still, Jules and Vincent are much more likable characters than "mean streets 2's" Tommy the agro ape shit butthole, Henry the idiotic drug addict who doesn't give a shit about his kids, and the backstabbing hypocrite Jimmy. Yeah GoodFellas is a pretty great movie but it's not on the highest level of film like PF. Pulp Fiction any day, better dialogue, smarter writing, much more memorable characters.

In terms of entertainment,Tarantino >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Scorsese.

These are some of the best films of the 90s. This is a very tough decision that can change anytime but for right now I'm going with Pulp Fiction.

GoodFellas because Scorsese reaches perfection at this point and creates beautiful cinematography with an amazing technique.

my #2 vs my #1. Goodfellas is my favorite movie ever, but i think Pulp Fiction is the best and I've gotta stick with it here.


Honestly i don't know why Pulp Fiction is a great movie but i think Goodfellas Wins!

Goodfellas. Pulp Fiction is overrated, mindless crap. Like what they serve at McDonalds.

Goodfellas is one of the greatest movies ever


Both films are in my top 10 and I can barely say Pulp Fiction.

Pulp Fiction>GoodFellas


i never enjoyed so much Pulp Fiction, so i don't know why is a great movie but i go with Goodfellas that movie was so amazing the first time i seen

Pulp Fiction by miles.

Two greatest of 1990s, Pulp Fiction is the far entertainment classic.

Goodfellas. No second thought.

Joe Pesci

Robert De Niro

Goodfellas by far no contest here

Goodfellas easily

Goodfellas. I ain't changing my mind

Scorcese > Tarantino

Goodfellas wins easily

Pulp Fiction has Uma Thurman so it wins automatically.

Really ver y very hard decision I really really love goodfellas and pulp fiction but pulp fictions wins this one by a hair because it is my favourite movie of all time. You can check my list

Really ver y very hard decision I really really love goodfellas and pulp fiction but pulp fictions wins this one by a hair because it is my favourite movie of all time. You can check my list