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Nils98 on 7/16/2015 Reply  · 

Man great Top 10. Toy Story and Lord of the Rings FTW!

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Wade92 on 8/12/2015 Reply  · 

Awesome list! Thanks for accepting the friend request.

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Nononsense on 9/7/2015 Reply  · 

Thanks for the invite. I gladly accept. Excellent top 10. I particularly like your order preference of the LOTR and Toy Story trilogies. You’ve ranked them (amongst each other) very similarly to the way I rank them: ROTK > FOTR > TTT & TS3 > TS1 > TS2. Actually, I probably have TS1 ahead of TS3 because I just have a stronger connection with TS1 more so than TS3, but TS3 is probably better from a more objective standpoint. Great list man! Look forward to conversations with you.

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saddler16 on 9/16/2015 Reply  · 

No problem man, thanks for accepting.
And great list too!

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shane24 on 10/4/2015 Reply  · 

If you ever want to chat about movies, you're free to do so. If you have trouble loading my page due to the amount of comments, I also have Shane24comments2.

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TommyDoyle78 on 10/4/2015 Reply  · 

Thank you; I also like your Toy Story/Lord of the Rings mix, two truly great trilogies!
My favorite director of them all is pretty much James Cameron.
One of the main reasons was the fantastic T2. I'm was once searching for a one that beats every Star Wars and the original True Grit in my book. T2 was that movie.
Actually, I haven't seen Piranha Part Two, so, he's the just director I liked every movie. Even though Titanic was filled with dumb clichés, and Avatar was more visually impressive.
Steven Spielberg? Well, there's Schindler's List, War of the Worlds, Hook and Indiana Jones 4.
Alfred Hitchcock? There's Notorious, Jamaica Inn, Secret Agent, Topaz...

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Caesar on 10/8/2015 Reply  · 

I'm a bit of a baseball fanatic and Moneyball is one of my all-time favorite books, so the movie version is like manna from heaven to me. :)

A Christmas Story is great because it's wrapped this innocent packaging of being about a boy wanting a particular present for Christmas, yet underneath it has this irreverent bite. It's one of funniest movies ever made, in my opinion.

I'd say Brad Pitt's best performance is in True Romance, but that's a pretty small role. Among his leading roles, I'd put his work in Moneyball at the top. He's also very good in Fury.

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TommyDoyle78 on 10/12/2015 Reply  · 

I gotta re watch Aliens to add it, but as far as I'm concerned, it's good enough to tops Empire Strikes Back on my list. It's pure improvement on the original, which was way too slow. I don't like the military style in it, since Alien was more kind of survival, but was enough to make Aliens better. It was a lot more evolving. I got Aliens 1992 director's cut and it improve on the theatrical release also. Not just more chilling, thrilling and enjoyable, also got more depth and information.
Ridley Scott had its movies, but I don't think Gladiator is one of them. He's a good director, and nothing more. Alien don't aged very well, Blade Runner was a masterpiece (I've seen it years from now, but I recognize that this is amazing) - I actually just searching my Blu Ray to re'watch and add it. Ridley Scott cut was masterful also (my brother got the DVD). It's very matching the concept of "movie", since it got a message and was so well-done...But, I honestly gave up watching Gladiator. Swords and sandals are not my thing. I tempting to seen The Martian, Prometheus and Black Hawk Down soon.
Oh, Kingdom of Heaven sucked.

I got 2001 DVD, but man, want a time waster, it was! Well, had a time I've got insomnia. That DVD was very advantageous to me, haha. Shining, on the other hand, was a freaking awesome masterpiece. Not just a horror masterpiece, but a everything else, a really macabre and sinister masterpiece. It's full of mysteries.
Dr. Strangelove isn't a comedy masterpiece too. It's like The Shining. Actually, it's so great it hurts.
Spartacus was good, but nothing special. I can't see how this is Kubrick movie.
And I've seen actually a bit of ACO and Eyes Wide Shut. Both are weird, and disturbing. I don't got nothing from both. Yet...

Actually, I don't think Blade Runner was so comparable, but both are kind of complex. Alien got notorious for its atmosphere, I guess. Alien also got a message, together with the both. And the atmosphere in the three are very similar also. How about you? They're similar movies sometimes, but I don't watched 2001 that much to guess so.

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shane24 on 10/12/2015 Reply  · 

Well, I'm actually a big fan of tv. Favourites of mine that come to mind are Breaking Bad, Deadwood, Game of Thrones, True Blood (got ridiculous), Dexter (also got ridiculous), True Detective (first season is amazing), Twin Peaks, The Sopranos, Sons of Anarchy

Shows I need to get back to: The Walking Dead, Justified, Sherlock, The Wire, Six Feet Under, Orange is the New Black and Hell on Wheels.

Shows I have yet to see, but want to: The Misfits, The Americans, Orphan Black, Homeland and Luther.

Shows I'm currently watching: The Good Wife, Ray Donovan, The Kingdom and The Knick.

If I had to name my top two shows, it would be Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.

How about you? What shows you like? Also, if you want to know about any of the above shows, feel free to ask.

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shane24 on 10/15/2015 Reply  · 

Oh,I have to add South Park and Louie to mine as well. Love both shows. Oh, and The Shield! That show challenges for top spot, but I think it's second or third now. Amazing show. There's also Walton Goggins from Justified in the show.

Do you know Deadwood didn't finish properly? They didn't finish the show, not because of the quality, but because it was too expensive to keep going. Well worth it, but the ending is bittersweet.

Oh, I have seen Fargo season one, just forgot it. Got Season two first ep to see.

I hear Daredevil is amazing, and unlike the other superhero shows.

Well, Walter White is my favourite Breaking Bad character, but I will honorably mention Mike, Gus and Jesse.

Gotta be Tyrion Lannister, Samwell and Brienne for me. I love an underdog story, so I enjoy watching them succeed.

The Sopranos, Twin Peaks and Deawood are the shows I think you should watch first out of that big list.

**********Spoiler for Breaking Bad*******

Fav moment, is when Gus walks out of the room after the explosion. I lost it, especially with the reveal. What a moment. Would be one of my top moments watching even when I consider best film moments.

***********Spoiler for Breaking Bad********

************Spoiler for Game of Thrones********

Probably the ep where Tyrion led them into battle. I can't recall the name of the ep at this moment, but I think you'll know what I mean.

************Spoiler for Game of Thrones********


Walter White Breaking Bad
Rust Cohle True Detective
Al Swearengen Deadwood
Vic Mackey The Shield
Tony Soprano The Sopranoe
Sherlock Holmes Sherlock
Special agent Dale Cooper Twin Peaks
Shane Vendrill The Shield (we have same actor, but for different show)
Tyrion/Samwell/Brienne GoT (can't separate them)
Jesse Breaking Bad

Had to leave out so many good characters.

Yep, Twin Peaks is like Lynch's usual films. Some eps are easier to follow than others, but it's a weird, tense, funny and overall fantastic show. I do think the first season is a tighter, overall better season. But i think it's worth checking out both, especially considering a new season is coming soon. There's a freaky moment in this show which I would count as one of my favourite tv moments ever. It takes a lot to creepy me out, but this moment did the trick. Ha.

Dexter is so up and down. Some seasons are amazing, others feel like they don't know what to focus on. the high lit season for me would be when the brilliant John Lithgow joined the show in season 4. I won't ever forget his character, and would actually challenge for a spot on my list up there. Season one is great as well. Just be aware of dips in quality.

Hannibal and Penny Dreadful are other shows I'm enjoying,

My thoughts on Red Wedding is I'm glad a show has me on the edge of my seat so much, always worried what will happen to the characters. Some show are predictable to who will stay, this one definitely is not.

Haven't seen Better Call Saul because of tv rights jumbo jumbo that I won't get into, but all you need to know is they haven't aired it in Australia yet. I will, as soon as I can.

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Nononsense on 10/16/2015 Reply  · 

Without a doubt, it’s Casablanca. Rick Blaine is my favorite Bogart character. After that, it’s Sam Spade from Maltese Falcon. Third, I’d have to say Phillip Marlowe in The Big Sleep. His two most underrated performances are Vincent Parry in Dark Passage and Joe “Red” Kennedy in San Quentin. Dark Passage is a top 5 favorite of mine from Bogart. San Quentin isn’t on that level, but you get to see a young and raw Bogart in rare form. Plus, people are generally oblivious to the film. Good stuff nonetheless.

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Caesar on 10/18/2015 Reply  · 

Oh, Gary Oldman is great in True Romance! That's probably my performance from him.

As for my all-time favorite movie character, that's a tough one. Han Solo, Norma Desmond, Ron Burgundy, Norman, I'll say Han Solo.

You have an all-time favorite?

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JC13 on 10/18/2015 Reply  · 

Thanks, you're list is great too!

Magnolia is a wonderful film on all levels. It is emotionally powerful and has an incredible cast. I'm a big fan of Tom Cruise and I consider Magnolia to be his best performance.

I love Paul Thomas Anderson. Definitely on of my favorite directors as I have liked every one of his films so far. You a fan?

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saddler16 on 10/18/2015 Reply  · 

Thanks man, I love me some Eastwood. Him and Leone did a lot for the western genre and cinema in general.

I love Red River, it might be my favorite western. John Wayne is fantastic in it, and it's great to see him as a more complex character than his typical roles. I love the relationship he has with his son in the movie as well. As for the ending, yeah it might wrap stuff up in a convenient little bow, but I thought it worked and it was nice seeing a woman take charge. What're your thoughts on Red River?

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Koroy on 10/18/2015 Reply  · 

Hey thanks for the friend request man,you have a great top 20.
we have quite common liking on movies,toy story 3 fellowship of the ring,fight club and the dark knight I love all.
Will be Hoping for future conversations man.

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Wade92 on 10/18/2015 Reply  · 

Yeah man, Christopher Nolan is my favorite director (obviously from my profile picture haha). He was the one that really sparked my interest in seriously getting into movies and he's remained a favorite ever since. I've enjoyed all of his films.

I really like Matthew McConaughey. I thought he was excellent in Interstellar, Dazed and Confused and A Time to Kill among others. I always like those Lincoln commercials he's in too haha

I've never seen True Detective but I really want to someday. Do you watch that show? Would you recommend it?

I don't watch a whole lot of new shows on tv, I just stick to re-watching favorites of mine like Seinfeld, The Andy Griffith Show, and Everybody Loves Raymond. Any shows on tv you really like?

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Nononsense on 10/20/2015 Reply  · 

Yeah, it’s a shame, but I haven’t seen Finding Nemo. I do love Pixar movies though. I just think there are other animated movies that are on Pixar’s level but don’t get the acclaim that Pixar movies generally get. Despicable Me (the first one) was fantastic. How to Train You Dragon (again, the first one) was also as good as any Pixar I’ve seen. The plot was incredibly good.

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TommyDoyle78 on 10/22/2015 Reply  · 

I actually agree with you; GoodFellas was horribly overrated, but it's a good movie. 6.5/10 Imo. It shows the Scorsese style, but his best film is Taxi Driver for sure. I still don't like nothing in his career that much. Most of them are overrated. I don't even wanted to finishing The Departed. Raging Bull seems fine though.
I'm a huge Robert De Niro fan, but his movies are not that special. I still like Taxi Driver the best, followed by The Godfather: Part II. He's one of these "substance over style" actors, or vice versa. I still thinking of he as one of the all-time greats. You does like De Niro?

Hey, your pic was Paul NEWMAN in "The Sting", right? I actually wanting to watch some ones starring he, including The Hustler and Cool Hand Luke. The late was very Kubrickian according to some. What are your thoughts on Cool Hand Luke? It's on my watch-list since the last year.
How was Who Framed Roger Rabbit? I also looking for watching it.

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Nils98 on 10/23/2015 Reply  · 

Well, thank you. You obviously also has a really sweet Top 10. You couldn't have chosen a better #1 that's for sure.

When it comes to Pixar, there aren't very many films that comes to mind that I actively dislike. I love basically all of them except for Cars 2 (really didn't like that), Brave (didn't like that one either) and Monsters University (liked it, but didn't love it). Haven't seen Inside Out yet though.


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Caesar on 10/24/2015 Reply  · 

My worst characters would be: Clare Quilty in Lolita, Anakin Skywalker in The Phantom Menace, Marge Gunderson in Fargo, Dale Arbus in Horrible Bosses, and Rupert Caddell in Rope.

I haven't seen the Hobbit trilogy, other than the first movie. That one was boring, and I haven't felt any urge to bother with the other two. The Star Wars prequels are obviously dreadful when compared to the original trilogy. George Lucas had obviously lost his touch by that time. I'm sure J.J. Abrams will do better.

Luke Skywalker is one of the great characters in movie history, in my opinion. He's not quite on the level of Han Solo, though. That's probably because Harrison Ford is a much better actor than Mark Hamill.

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shane24 on 10/25/2015 Reply  · 

Grand Budapest Hotel is a film I think I will like more on a rewatch. I liked it, but like many Coen Bros films, it may work better the second time. Wes Anderson is 50/50 to me. Movies like Grand Budapest and Mr Fox are great, but something is lost on me why Rushmore and Bottle Rocket are funny.

To be honest, I can't remember Murray too well in the movie. Ha, even though I have his face as my profile pic.

Same questions for you.

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saddler16 on 10/25/2015 Reply  · 

Yeah, there have been some westerns I didn't care for. The Outlaw Josey Wales, El Dorado, Hang 'em High, Noose for a Gunman(my least favorite western) and Cahill U.S. Marshall are westerns I'm not a fan of.

How did you like Some Like it Hot?

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TommyDoyle78 on 10/26/2015 Reply  · 

Even though it's a Martin Scorsese/De Niro movie, I was close to dislike GoodFellas. Some points almost killed the movie for me. It's annoying, superficial, way too darker even for this kind of movie. I agree with you; De Niro did nothing in GoodFellas, though the direction was amazing.

I haven't seen none of Leonardo DiCaprio movies, except for Titanic. Titanic was overlong, and DiCaprio had a wooden performance. But I definitely checking out The Wolf of Wall Street soon, I just realizing that it's overlong and another Scorsese imitation of himself.

I really liked Paul Newman voice acting in Cars, since he's the only good thing of the movie. He's seems to be a fine actor, with such cool characters. I definitely checking out some of his movies next month.
I really like the 60s, so I think I'll enjoy Hustler and Cool Hand Luke. So bad I miss The Sting on television.

As I've said, I love some of the Robert De Niro performances.
I don't think Arnold Schwarzenegger is a good actor, but he's kinda my idol. He's the king of the action movies. Terminator, Conan, Total Recall...He killed the Predator!
I also enjoy the villainous performances from Robert Patrick. Apart from T2, he's was very good on Copland and Kill the Messenger.
Probably my favorite actors by far are;
Jimmy Stewart - he's fine on everything, from Rear Window to The Man of Laramie, from Vertigo to Broken Arrow.
Jack Nicholson - I know he's himself in every movie, but it's such a thing.
Harrison Ford - four words; Han Solo, Indiana Jones. He's fine on everything else.

Well, I checking Who Framed Roger Rabbit to gave my thoughts. But, being comparable to Chinatown is a good thing. My brother said watching Roger Rabbit is like eating chocolate. That's good.

I've watched just three detective movies;
Clue - (it's more considered whodunit)
It's my favorite of them. What a hell of a movie. It's so underrated, it hurts. Tim Curry was fine, so have the three endings. But I liked the twist of the real ending.
Overrated piece of shit. A terrible twist, a movie that seems uncompleted, and Kevin Spacey & Morgan Freeman; the redeeming features. Fincher direction was good.
(Also a crime thriller) The Silence of the Lambs
Amazing performances, amazing direction, amazing plot, amazing soundtrack, amazing everything. It's a classic, though I expected a complete different movie.
Pulp Fiction
It's probably the best crime thriller I've watched. Another amazing everything movie.
Both Dark Knights
They're okay for me. I'm not a fan of Nolan. Though I really liked The Prestige.
Strangers on a Train was a very underrated Hitch classic; Witness was another underrated classic.
It's very recommendable if you haven't watched it.
On crime thriller, I've watched also Cellular, that's a piece of shit, and RoboCop, that's a iconic classic.

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JC13 on 10/26/2015 Reply  · 

I liked The Master a lot more the second time around.

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Nils98 on 10/26/2015 Reply  · 

The Lion King is by far my favorite Animated film of all time, and I highly doubt that I'll ever watch an animated film which lives up to that. I love Shrek too. The first Shrek is just such a wonderful animation. Great humor and likable characters. The second one I highly enjoyed. Felt like more of the same but on a larger scale and with a bigger budget, but I definitely think it's a worthy follow up to the first one. I also hated the third one. It wasn't funny and it was poorly written. The fourth one was....okay. Not good not bad, and definitely watchable.

Just saw that you recently checked out Life is Beautiful - thoughts?

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Wade92 on 10/29/2015 Reply  · 

Breaking Bad has always interested me. I've seen parts of a few episodes and I really liked it. Maybe I'll watch it in its entirety someday.

Cool, I'll have to check out True Detective someday. I hear that first season is insanely good.

Here is how I would rank Nolan's films:

1. Inception
2. The Dark Knight Rises
3. The Dark Knight
4. Batman Begins
5. Interstellar
6. The Prestige
7. Memento
8. Following
9. Insomnia
10. Doodlebug

To be honest, I'm not really a fan of the films put out by Marvel Studios. I like the Spider-Man and X-Men franchises but not so much the MCU. I liked the original Iron Man and there are a few others that are decent but I've always thought those films could do a lot more. I wish they would tackle some deeper and darker themes. It looks like DC is planning to be more in line with this so that might be more what I'm looking for.

Personally, I thought Christian Bale's voice was perfect for the character. I loved how it was much more animalistic than it ever was before. I completely understand why people hate it or find it hilarious but I like it. I do prefer his voice in Batman Begins was more natural without all the enhancements in post-production.

I'm really excited to see Ben Affleck and Jared Leto clashing in those iconic roles. I really like both actors and can't wait to see what they can do with these classic characters. They both could bring some exciting possibilities to the table. What do you think of Affleck and Leto?

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Caesar on 10/29/2015 Reply  · 

I just found Rupert Cadell to be sanctimonious, particularly since it was he who poisoned the minds of his two former pupils.

Rope isn't among my favorite Hitchcock films, to be honest. I find it rather dull and talky.

I think Jimmy Stewart is at his best in It's a Wonderful Life. His work in Vertigo and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington aren't far behind.

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Koroy on 11/1/2015 Reply  · 

Jack Dawson from Titanic is my favourite of his and Billy Costigan from the departed is my close 2nd too.His Jordan Belfort and Dom Cobb isn't far behind either.He is great actor and of my all time favourite,waiting for his revenent man.It will be awesome

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TommyDoyle78 on 11/1/2015 Reply  · 

Chinatown is on my watchlist. Some recommended me, though Nicholson was Nicholson again.

Now, you got it, man. It's pretty cool how Pulp Fiction developed. By far Tarantino best, and it'll be hard to be beat. Some like Reservoir Dogs better. I can't see the why.
John Travolta & Sam Jackson > Harvey Keitel.

I want to watch Double Indemnity. Some said it's a masterpiece, and a must see. I haven't seen Maltese Falcon, but when you got Boogie and John Huston, it's definitely a must watch! The Third Man - I've never heard much from it to tell the truth. All I know about it is that it's one of the best woman directorial efforts and Orson Welles starred in it.

Yes, Joe Pesci kinda annoyed me in that movie. I can't see a way to it be a so likeable character.
Not surprised he ruined the Lethal Weapon sequels.

I haven't seen Batman Begins, but since it's superhero, I not expecting much from it. I loathe the superhero genre. Man of Steel, 80% of the Marvel based movies, some Batman (I looking at you, B&R)...they sucked! I love The Incredibles (ha, Pixar movie), Superman (1978) and II (1981), and that's all.

Nice picks! Actually I liked Indy 4 okay, but I don't think Harford is so likeable there.

I love Jeff GOLDblum (who doesn't?), he's pure gold haha.
Such a nice thing; Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park 2, any Wes Anderson, The Fly...he's always different. I like it.

To quote you; "I'm sick of seeing these talentless pieces of shit in movies"
Have you seen Jurassic World? Iron Man 3? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (& Bates Motel, the series)? Hunger Games? Well, it's just a bit of the actors I hated. I used to hate Una O'Connor. If she's not on Bride of Frankenstein, that movie should be my #1.

I tried to not hate Nic Cage, but it's hard. I've seen a few of his movies. Only Face/Off isn't on my top 20 of LEAST favorite movies.

Man, Ghost Rider, together with Man of Steel and Kick-Ass, is one of the three worst comic book movies I've seen. I haven't seen Scott Pilgrim yet though, only by the purpose I'll hate It. Hulks are not far better than these three. They sucked donkey balls. Boring pieces of shit.
X-Men and Sam Raimi's Spider-Man are Marvel redeeming features. I disliked all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. Fun? Not even.

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Nils98 on 11/4/2015 Reply  · 

Completely agree with you on Life is Beautiful. Ridiculously overrated I'd say. Incredibly silly movie, featuring the nicest Nazis of all time. Bennini was good I guess, but he never should have won against Norton for AHX that year.

My favorite war film would officially be Saving Private Ryan, but unofficially The Two Towers (which is, at it's core, truly a war film). But yeah, I love Ryan. The action, acting, directing, writing, production design and set design (!) are all top notch. The opening alone makes it my favorite. Other than that I'd also say that Apocalypse Now is fair game. One of the greatest of all time if you'd ask me. But I still haven't seen Lawrence of Arabia yet. But I'll get to it soon hopefully. I'm just really busy right now.

I don't know about saddest film, but when it comes to plain tearjerkers, The Return of the King takes the cake. Every damn time at the ending, I'll tell you. Gladiator too. Impossible to watch with a dry eye. Interstellar, Dead Poet's Society, Stand By Me and Toy Story 3 have all managed to squeeze a few drops out of my eyes one way or another too.

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saddler16 on 11/5/2015 Reply  · 

Billy Wilder would be one of my favorite directors. Double Indemnity is the greatest noir of all time, with one of the greatest screenplays of all time, and one of the twistiest stories of all time. I love it. As for The Apartment, it's a much more human film than the other Wilder I've seen. Jack Lemmon is insanely likeable and again, the screenplay is great.

Favorite closing lines? Hmmm... There Will be Blood, The Big Lebowski, Inglorious Basterds, The Raid 2 and Sunset Blvd. have great closing lines, but I think my favorite is from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Just a perfect way to end that movie haha.

What'd you think of Sunset Blvd. ?

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Nononsense on 11/5/2015 Reply  · 

Wilder is great! His Rushmore is pretty clear for me and in this order starting with my favorite: Witness for the Prosecution, Sunset Blvd., Double Indemnity, and The Apartment.

My five favorite directors and my favorite film from each:

1. Alfred Hitchcock - Vertigo
2. Christopher Nolan - Memento
3. Stanley Kubrick - 2001: A Space Odyssey
4. Sergio Leone - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
5. Akira Kurosawa - Rashomon

Honorable Mention: Charlie Chaplin - Modern TImes

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Nononsense on 11/5/2015 Reply  · 

Oops.. forgot Wilder. Put Wilder (Witness for the Prosecution) in the top 5 and put Kurosawa in the Honorable Mention category. This is so tough. I’d be much more comfortable doing a top 10.

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Wade92 on 11/7/2015 Reply  · 

I agree, Affleck has really turned his career around. For a while he was seen as kind of a joke and now he's one of the more respected directors and actors working right now.

It's not the most popular opinion but I really like Man of Steel. I think part of it is that I wasn't that much of a Superman fan in general. I liked how the film had a little different take on the character and was much more grim than the typical boy scout approach that is taken with Superman generally.

Yeah, I think both Leto and Affleck could surprise a lot of people. Heath Ledger and Michael Keaton both had really poor reception when they were first cast but ended up impressing many people when the movies actually came out. I'm hoping the Joker is pretty extreme and I think Leto is the perfect actor to take it to that level.

The MCU film that I disliked the most might be the first Thor film. I've seen it a couple times but I just can't get into that film at all. The dynamic between Thor and Loki is cool but I just couldn't get invested with the drama of the characters and I didn't like how a good portion of the film is trapped on earth. With Thor they could have done about anything so I felt like earth was really holding it back. How about yourself?

The Place Beyond the Pines is really great film. Definitely worth the time if you plan on checking it out! I really like Drive as well. Nicolas Winding Refn did a brilliant job directing that film. It looks great visually and it says so much with its subtlety. I love the symbolisms in the film like the story of the scorpion and the frog and how it relates to Driver. At its core I really like the love story between Driver and Irene. It almost gives the film a certain fairy tale sort of vibe and is a good juxtaposition with the presence of violence in the film.

Drive and Place Beyond the Pines are tied for my favorite Gosling performances. I like in Drive how he has the strong quiet presence. He sort of reminds me of Clint Eastwood's Man With No Man in that way. He was fantastic in Blue Valentine as well.

I notice you have Inside Out ranked very high. I haven't seen it yet but I hear it's really good. What is about the film that makes it so special?

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shane24 on 11/7/2015 Reply  · 

You have a good point about Scorcese, I can agree with you there. However, I am kinda a sucker for what Scorcese brings to the table (most f the time) which is evident by my list.

That's probably the marketing department cashing in on that very thought. Bill Murray's face will sell tickets, so let's blaze his face everywhere so people go see it. They don't care once you paid that you find out it's only a small appearance, they wouldn't think like that.

Probably Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. That movie just gets me every time. Has a bit of everything. However, if you're after a good Murray cameo, can I suggest you see Little Shop of Horrors? I found him truly amazing.

Sorry, been too long since I have seen Lost in Translation or Caddyshack. However, I do know I like Murray in the film more than I like the movie.

Space Jam was awesome when I was a kid. I saw it again as an adult, and it didn't hold up for me unfortunately. I could now see Michael Jordan is a terrible actor, and I didn't find many of the jokes funny.

Fury was an intense film about hysteria. Seemed a bit over the top to make a point, but I had no troubles with that much. Tracy shows great range in his performance, and I found the film much better than the obvious copycat They Won't Forget, which came out the very next year.

Sorry for the late reply, I have been a bit busy /stressed lately.

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thejamin on 11/14/2015 Reply  · 

Great question, man! Normally, I would say that Batman is better than Joker, but Ledger brought so much charisma and charm to the role. That's not only my favorite performance from a Nolan film, but probably my favorite performance by an actor of all time.

As for Kubrick films, I would have to go with the HAL 9000 from 2001. That character added so much intensity to the film. Also, I think he's one of the best movie villains of all time.

Honorable Mentions:
McConaughey as Cooper from Interstellar
Malcolm McDowell as Alex from A Clockwork Orange

You have a great list, by the way. Do you like many Tarantino films?

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Koroy on 11/14/2015 Reply  · 

Thanks for complementing my list man,your list is great too.
Toy story 3 is awesome,I love it.I love return of the king too.
Fight club(there hasn't been a single day where I haven't quoted the rules of fight club to my friends) was damm great.Damm great.
Thae dark knight might just be the most rewatchable movie in cinematic history.
I need to rewatch pulp fiction and Back to the future again soon.

I didn't liked the two towers compared to the other LOTR movies because it highly failed to continue sub-plots which fellowship and return of the king excelled.

Nice question-My favourite Sequel ever is easily T2 .It was far better than the terminator.
The dark knight is supirior to batman begins in every aspect.I hate batman begins(only Nolan that I don't like)
The dark knight rises over the dark knight but it is close.
Return of the king over two tower.Toy story 3 is better than its prequel and many more.

I love goodfellas.Yeah Joe Pesci's performance is one of the reasons but the Ray Liota's performance amazed more.He was great in the movie.Moreover the script was awesome.I mean the1st line of the movie was enough for me to get hooked.AS FAR BACK AS I CAN REMEMBER,I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE A GANGSTER.
The long range shots ,then he kissed me song,the unexpected death of joe pesci and many more things makes me love goodfellas

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saddler16 on 11/14/2015 Reply  · 

I quite enjoyed Punch-Drunk Love. It still had a ridiculous Adam Sandler movie premise, but in the hands of a master like PTA it worked fantastically.

I thought The Master was weird too, but it almost had a hypnotic quality to it. It made a lot more sense after I read that the whole movie was about the clash between mans primal nature(Freddy) and the "superman"(Philip Seymour Hoffman's character).

I love Magnolia, it's one of my all-time favorites. Technically it's perfect, there were several aspects of the story I could really connect to, and it just seemed like it perfectly captured life like few movies have done.

So yeah, I really like PTA. After Scorsese and the Coen's, I'd probably say he's the best working director today. What really sets him apart is his subtlety, you have to work a bit to understand and enjoy his movies, which can be hard but also really rewarding.

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saddler16 on 11/14/2015 Reply  · 

How were Modern Times, The Wild Bunch and Fantasia?

Did you watch them on Netflix?

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Koroy on 11/15/2015 Reply  · 

Well I have seen every Harry Potter movie,It might have been that I haven't added them or somthing.

Yeah Titanic's Jack's death scene is my saddest ever.Yeah you are right I know titanic is full of mistakes,cliched plot and even more cliched script.But i Still love it.Never really cared about the backlash it gets.It always amazes me.Titanic might just be in my opinion the greatest directed movie ever(My opinion sucks I know).And Titanic and Toy story 3 are the only movie which makes me cry every time I see them.Both are supremely Nostalgic for me.
Apart fron Jack's death Tom Hanks death in Saving private ryan was really sad.Oh and Agent Colson's death in avengers was really heartfelt too.

Hey you haven't seen The dark knigh?? Or you haven't added it??.I saw it in your list of shame.

Funniest death would be Jack Black's death in mars attacks and the death of that guy in pulp fiction who shot many bullets on Vincent Vega and Jules but missed all.And got his ass kicked.That was hillarious.

Speaking of pulp fiction,Are you much of QT fan??

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Koroy on 11/15/2015 Reply  · 

**the dark knight

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Caesar on 11/16/2015 Reply  · 

I think Boyhood is an incredible achievement, but it's still a really boring movie. I feel no desire to ever watch it again.

Favorite characters of 2014? For me, they are:

1. Louis Bloom - Nightcrawler
2. Peter Quill - Guardians of the Galaxy
3. Rocket - Guardians of the Galaxy
4. Caesar - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
5. Terrence Fletcher - Whiplash
6. Koba - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
7. Batman - The Lego Movie
8. Artemisia - 300: Rise of an Empire
9. M. Gustave - The Grand Budapest Hotel
10. Amy Dunne - Gone Girl

Quicksilver was definitely better in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

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Wade92 on 11/18/2015 Reply  · 

I agree, Winter Soldier drastically improved on its predecessor. I think it's among the better MCU films as well.

Do you think Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will be able to match the first one for people or do you think it has a chance of following in the footsteps of the Iron Man franchise where the sequels just can't match the quality of the first?

Yeah, the symbolism of the scorpion is fantastic! One thing that I love about the film is that it seems fairly straightforward but it actually is quite a layered film with all the little symbolisms spread throughout.

Thanks for your thoughts on Inside Out. It sounds really good. I can't wait to check it out sometime.

I go back and forth a lot on whether I like Rises or Dark Knight more. To be honest when I first saw Rises I thought, while good, it was still the weakest of the trilogy. The more times I watched it the more it grew on me though. Technically, I think Dark Knight is the better film but Rises just happens to be my personal favorite. I love the grand scope of Rises that makes it more of a "Batman epic" while Dark Knight is a brilliant Batman crime drama. Rises was such a great conclusion to the trilogy and I love how they wrapped things up in a way that connected it to the previous films perfectly while leaving the ending somewhat open ended that leaves you wanting more.

I would say the Joker is my favorite Nolan character as well. Ledger and Nolan had such an excellent vision for the character and I never get tired of watching the character.

DiCaprio is my favorite actor so I have a lot of performances of his that I really enjoy. I think Jordan Belfort might be my favorite role of his. Calvin Candie and Dom Cobb would be close behind. I have yet to see a DiCaprio performance that I haven't enjoyed.

Who's your favorite actor?

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Koroy on 11/18/2015 Reply  · 

The movie character I hated the most is Hans Solo from star wars.Just too much a shit for me to like.
I never ever liked any star wars movie.They are shit(big pile of).Those are devoid of emotions and has a very weak screenplay.Characters are 1-Dimensional and flat.Acting is crap too.Moreover some unnesessary twist(like Dart vader being Luke Father,Luke and princess being twins) made the movies filled with plot holes which can swallow The whole Asia and America. Togather.

Yeah the sense of unexpectability alone makes pulp fiction must-watch.Travolta and Jackson gives there very best performance ever.I really like it.
My favourite QT movie is Inglourious Basterds.Mostly because of Christoph Waltz performance and the EPIC SCORE during the begining.

No,Agent Colsoun just died.No resurrection.He he he

The ending of citylights where the blind girl after geting here vision back couldn't recognize Chaplin(which is in my opinion the most influential movie scene in history of cinema,I have seen more than 100s of movies trying to duplicate that scene but all in vain.IT CAN NEVER BE MATCHED)Speaking of which,whst are your thoughts on CHARLIE CHAPLIN movies???
The Last meeting of James Franco and Caesar in rise of the planet of the apes was really heartfelt.Apart from that Toy story 3's ending where Andy was describing his toys to the little girl simply put made me cry.When at the end WOODY said “So long partner" It was as if he was saying it to me and all other people who grew up watching those toys.PURE NOSTALGIA.
The end of the dark knight when gary oldman says the lines"Because he is not our hero,
He is a silent guardian,
A watchful protector
The Dark knight"
It was really a sad moment too.INSPIRATIONAL AND SAD.

Oh and above all Kramer vs kramer when Dustin Hoffman was taking his son to the hospital running through the streets was by far one of the most touching moments in hiatory of movies.

Hey have ever rooted for a villain in any movie???
Mine would be psycho .Mid-eay through the movie I was rooting for Bates to get away with the crime he he he.

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Koroy on 11/18/2015 Reply  · 

Phew!!! A long comment

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thejamin on 11/18/2015 Reply  · 

Such fun questions!

Favorite QT characters would have to be:

Pulp Fiction: definitely Jules
Kill Bill (Vol 1 and 2): The Bride
Django Unchained: this is a tough one. I love most of the characters equally since they're all backed up by such powerful performances by great actors. Three-way tie between Django, Dr Schultz, and Calvin Candie
It's been a really long time since I've seen Reservoir Dogs and Inglourious Basterds. In Inglourious Basterds, I remember Christoph Waltz giving a great performance and that's about it. I don't really remember much from Reservoir Dogs. I haven't seen Jackie Brown.

Favorite Star Wars moments:

A New Hope: Trench Runs sequence/attack on the Death Star
The Empire Strikes Back: entire Luke vs Vader sequence, including "I am your father".
Return of the Jedi: Vader saving Luke from the empreror
The Phantom Menace: Duel of the Fates lightsaber battle
Attack of the Clones: arena battle sequence
Revenge of the Sith: Vader vs Obi Wan/Yoda vs Emperor

Kind of hard to pick a least favorite character of the original trilogy, since those three are basically my favorite movies, but I'll give it a shot. I guess I'll go with one of the weird little creatures in Jabba's Palace from Return of the Jedi.

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thejamin on 11/20/2015 Reply  · 

Oops. Forgot to rank them.

1. Django Unchained
2. Pulp Fiction
3. Kill Bill Vol 1
4. Kill Bill Vol 2
5. Inglourious Basterds
6. Reservoir Dogs

As I said, it's been a while since I've seen either Inglourious Basterds or Reservoir Dogs, and I really to rewatch them.

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thejamin on 11/20/2015 Reply  · 

Also, how is Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I'm wondering if I should watch it. I love sci-fi films.

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saddler16 on 11/18/2015 Reply  · 

I grew up watching a lot of classic Disney films, but I haven't seen most of them since I was a kid. I remember bits of Pinnochio, Snow White, Mulan and The Lion King, but like I said I hardly remember any of them. I should revisit them sometime in the future.

Have not seen Puss in Boots, but I'm a big fan of Rango, it'd probably be one of my favorite animated films. The western is probably one of my favorite genres, so I really appreciated how they payed homage to it here. I really like how mature the humor and story was as well, while still being accessible to kids.

I haven't seen any of those films I asked you about, but The Wild Bunch and Fantasia just came on Netflix so I'll probably check 'em out soon :)

The reason I asked you if you watched them on Netflix is because there's a documentary on there called The Overnighters that I can't recommend enough. It's about a pastor in North Dakota who houses out-of-staters looking for work in his church, but the story goes in some very unexpected places. If you don't have Netflix you might have a hard time finding it, but if you get a chance I highly recommend checking it out.

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Nils98 on 11/19/2015 Reply  · 

Return of the King has to be the beat threequel of all time. But besides that I really love Return of the Jedi, Last Crusade, The Dark Knight Rises and also Toy Story 3.

Funniest for me is Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I think I laughed about 95% during that movie. However I do find Dr. Strangelove to be the slightly better comedy film, just not as funny. More modern ones for me would also include Anchorman and Superbad, but also the Jump Street movies.

So, now that the year's almost over, what would you say has been your favorite and perhaps also least favorite films? And which movies are you looking forward to for the remainder of the year?

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thejamin on 11/20/2015 Reply  · 

Luke Skywalker is one of my all time favorite movie characters. In A New Hope, he does start off kind of unlikeable. But as the movie continues, his character develops, and I find him very likeable by the end.

Which sci-fi scene blew my mind the most? I would have to say the bedroom scene at the very end of 2001.

For favorite robot/android, I would say either the HAL 9000 from 2001, or TARS/CASE from Interstellar.

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thejamin on 11/22/2015 Reply  · 

How on earth did I forget about C/3P0 and R2-D2?

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thejamin on 11/22/2015 Reply  · 


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TommyDoyle78 on 11/21/2015 Reply  · 

Hey man, no worries! It also happens to me.

Btw, I re-watched some Marvel movies; I still thinking X-Men and Sam Raimi's Spider-Man are their redeeming features, but actually I really enjoyed both Iron Man sequels. Just like you, I've liked Iron Man 2 one of the best. It's pretty stupid, but yeah, it's fun.
Amazing Spider-Man? Please. Just like Daredevil, I gave up watching it. Actually, I fall asleep watching Man of Steel, but I loathed what I've seen.
Snyder isn't a good director.
Hmm, my favorite avenger is probably Hulk. Actually, because of my taste for characters. Bruce Banner/Hulk was like a mix of Ian Malcolm, Alan Grant, Quint, Matt Hooper, and Martin Brody, lol. I like that.
But, the BEST character is by far, Nick Fury. Sam Jackson rules! Lol, I can't believe he's in Jurassic Park. Like Matt Damon in Interstellar.
What's your favorite avenger?

I hated Iron Man 3 when I've watched it on theaters. Recently, I re-watched it (gee, right after both Insidious, y'know the connection). I really enjoyed it, though isn't so special. It's my favorite movie of the MCU so far. Btw, I agree there are so much Deus Ex Machina moments.

You did ask me it, but I really don't know what to answer. Really, he ruined Jurassic Park 4 (sort of). Actually, I hated he in Iron Man, and liked in both Insidious. Whatever, he's always annoying, damn it. I've seen a bit of Meadowlands and The Next Three Days actually, and he seems talented. Like the future Tom Cruise. What are your thoughts on him?

Actually, I want to got into noir movies. I'll try your recommendations, and I'll watch these three. I've heard a lot of bad things about The Third Man, and a lot of good. So, yeah it seems to be very polarising. Btw, I love movies with great dialogue. I'll check Double Indemnity this month I hope. I'm a bit uninterested in Maltese Falcon, but you've said that. It's not a polarized one. Together with Casablanca, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, and The Big Sleep, I'll watch it. Yeah, Boogie marathon.

My top 10 horror movie characters should be, um, let me see...
1 - Ash Williams (The Evil Dead)
2 - Freddy Krueger
3 - Michael Myers
4 - Hannibal Lecter
5 - Clarice Starling/Ellen Ripley (tie)
6 - Beetlejuice
7 - Jack Torrance/Predator (tie)
8 - Sam Loomis (Halloween)
9 - John Trent (In the Mouth of Madness)
10 - R.J. MacReady and the Thing (tie or does it not, I don't know :/. Probably both are human, probably Childs is the thing, whatever)

My top 10 typecast actors;
1- Jack Nicholson
2- Samuel L. Jackson
3 - Clint Eastwood
4 - Bill Murray
5 - Jim Carrey
6 - Hugh Jackman
7 - Vincent Price (man, he's the same character even in Edward Scissorhands)
8 - Jeff Goldblum (I thought he's one)
9 - Morgan Freeman
10 - Sam Neill

Well, you said It right. Damn, Joe Pesci is always stupid.
Nicholson is ACTUALLY - if not THE - best ever.

Hey, what your favorite saga ever?
Actually, Dollars trilogy is really consistent! The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is the greatest third act of all time.
I also liked every movie in Indiana Jones, The Lord of the Rings, Toy Story and Rocky Balboa saga.

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TommyDoyle78 on 11/21/2015 Reply  · 

Damn, I forget to say my favorite movie saga is the Apocalypse Trilogy! John Carpenter is THE horror master.
I saw you added The Thing recently, but what's about In the Mouth of Madness and Prince of Darkness? Some real underrated gems!

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Caesar on 11/21/2015 Reply  · 

Loki! Ultron kinda sucked.

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Wade92 on 11/23/2015 Reply  · 

That's one of the things that I love about Nolan's Batman films is that so much work went into making them and it really shows. It felt like they were always trying to make each film the best it could be and the stories they told really had some weight to them. I agree that it feels like Marvel is going more for quantity over quality. It feels like their films are just a constant stream and the characters never seem to have much weight to them.

Cool, I really like Paul Newman as well. Like you said he just has a certain likeability to him that really comes across in his performances. My favorite film of his is probably The Sting. I see you have that one ranked fairly high.

Some of my favorite actresses are:

Emma Stone: Birdman
Jennifer Connelly: A Beautiful Mind
Amy Adams: The Fighter
Scarlett Johansson: Her
Rooney Mara: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
Emily Blunt: Sicario
Keira Knightly: Pride & Prejudice
Olivia Wilde: Tron: Legacy
Marion Cotillard: Inception
Cate Blanchett: The Aviator

All of them are modern now that I look at them. I love classic actresses as well like some of the ones you mentioned but I haven't seen quite enough of their work yet to consider them favorites.

That's a good question. Shailene Woodley, Michael Cera, Anna Kendrick and modern day Jack Nicholson are a few that spring to mind for me. I love classic Jack but him now just gets on my nerves haha

Matthew McConaughey used to get on my nerves as well along with Ryan Gosling. Now I really like both of their work haha

Have you ever seen Shia Labeouf's films Lawless or Fury? He used to get on my nerves as well but I thought he was fantastic in both of those films. I really hope that he continues with more projects like that in the future.

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saddler16 on 11/27/2015 Reply  · 

City of God really blew me away. I loved every minute of it. Every character and story element was so interesting and well-done... yeah, it's the best.

As for Lil' Ze', he's one of my new favorite villains. He's terrifying and creepy, but he's still a real human being. One of my favorite scenes was when he asks the girl to dance, and when she rejects him the only way he knows how to react is to lash out at her boyfriend.

Some of my favorite movie openings are Reservoir Dogs,Watchmen and Once Upon a Time in the West but my favorite would probably be A Hard Days Night. Right from the beginning I was hooked. What're your favorite movie openings?

What are your top 5 movie villains?

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Nils98 on 11/28/2015 Reply  · 

Well, let's put it this way: a few months ago, I believe I said something along the lines of ; "If Star Wars is better than Mad Max [which is my favorite of the year so far], I'll eat my shoe". Well, I may just have to eat up those words along with that shoe, because it looks damn incredible. Everything looks Star Wars. I have no doubt it will be one of the best films of the year (top 3 for sure at this point) but maybe also one of the 2-3 best Star Wars films. Just the cinematography alone makes The Force Awakens stand out. Nothing even competes on the same league as Star Wars this year. For me, The Revenant comes at a distant second. The fourteenth cannot come soon enough.

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Nils98 on 11/28/2015 Reply  · 


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saddler16 on 11/28/2015 Reply  · 

No man, I haven't seen Back to the Future II yet. I know everyone was talking about it for a while there with all the predictions it made about 2015.

My top 5 villains would be...

Anton Chigurh
Preacher Harry Powell (from Night of the Hunter)
Max Cady (DeNiro's version)
Lil' Ze'
The Joker

I also just watched I Saw the Devil which had a fantastic villian. How about your favorite heroes?

I'd go with Hans Landa as well for my favorite Tarantino villian. I really like Stuntman Mike too. As for favorite all-around character, probably The Wolf from Pulp Fiction. Such a cool character and unlike anything else Tarantinos done.

What're your favorite revenge movies?

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TommyDoyle78 on 11/29/2015 Reply  · 

Yep, actually Nicholson, despite being himself in every movie, worked on horror, superhero, noir, and even gangster movies. Robert De Niro's taste was a bit too generic...but he's definitely one of the best; and his best role is by far Travis Bickle, a non-gangster one!

Well, Ruffalo did it right; I don't think the movies are even good, but he's the best Hulk. The only redeeming feature of the 2002 Hulk is the development. I did not finish it.
Well, I hate Thor; and Robert Downey Jr is a bit too campy...
Well, and here's Chris Evans. His Steve Rogers was a bit too mainstream for my taste...

My top 10 of superheroes/villains should be...
1- Magneto
2- Wolverine
3- Jack Nicholson's Joker
4- Christopher Reeve's Superman
5- Nick Fury
6- Silver Surfer
7- The Thing
8- Hellboy
9- Daredevil
10- Evan Peter's Quicksilver
Actually, I didn't care all that much if the adaptation is similar to the comic book; already said, it's a "adaptation". It's what us, 'Gods', demand.

I hope you'll enjoy more of the Carpenter works, just like me! Actually, Escape from New York isn't for everyone; it don't aged very well, but whatever, I love it. But, I guess you'll love Little China; it's a bad-ass movie for everyone, surely. In the Mouth of Madness is probably my favorite of him; one great story, concept, and even Sam Neill was likeable as hell.

I just got Kurt Russell; he's one of my favorite actors now.
Despite some typecast works.

Well, I've read some of your comments on Jurassic Park III, and The Lost World. Another Jurassic Park sequel you hated, right?
I just disliked Jurassic World.
Nostalgia is probably the real life "Force".

Actually, it's very hard to me; I can't recognize a single movie saga where I disliked every movie; but, it's probably Mad Max too if you ask me. The first I liked okay, but it was dreadfully boring and crude. Gee, Mad Max 2 was a complete piece of shit. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome was stupid. Mad Max: Fury Road was a fully overrated let down. But, actually, I'll say RoboCop. I really liked the cheesy first one, but slightly. It was very over the top and gory for my taste. But, overall, just as smart. But, man...Two sequels, a reboot, a TV series. All crap. RoboCop 2 rises a the worst movie I've ever seen. RoboCop 3, the less said, the better. Prime Directives...really? Lol. The remake is a remake of a Paul Verhoeven film; so yeah, it's crude, stupid, boring, unnecessary, campy...
GBU was a prequel as far as I'm concerned; it's the story before A Fistful of Dollars; Fistful happens a bit after GBU, I guess. So, you got A Few Dollars More; I guess it's a sequel; because Lee Van Cleef is called Douglas Mortimer there.

Actually, I didn't liked A Clockwork Orange story all that much; but I liked the direction, development, Malcolm McDowell, and the message. Btw, it's not that violent Imo. But yeah, a lot disturbing; and Ludwig van. Hell, I'm a huge fan of his work. Definitely enjoyed the movie, though it should be better. It's right behind The Shining and Dr. Strangelove in my list.

What are your thoughts on The Omen and Misery?
Imo, The Omen is one of the 10 most frightening movies ever.

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Wade92 on 11/29/2015 Reply  · 

My favorite Nicholson film would probably be One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest as well. Such a brilliant film and Nicholson really shines in the role. The Shining would be a close second for me.

Favorite first scene in a movie...hmm that's a tough one. The Dark Knight would be way up there for me. The first time I saw that bank robbery unfold was just incredible and it's still entertaining to watch to this day. I've always really liked the beginning of Drive as well.

For favorite ending, a few favorites in no particular order would be Field of Dreams, The Dark Knight Rises and The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

The Fighter has just been one of those films that I've really liked ever since I first watched it. Like you said the acting is superb and it's the characters that really make me enjoy the film. The interactions between all the characters is just great and I love the balance of drama and humor that the film has. Do you watch a lot of boxing films?

How is Misery? I haven't seen that one yet. Is it as creepy as everyone says?

1 person liked this  √ 


Wade92 on 12/5/2015 Reply  · 

Yeah, I've seen quite a few sports and boxing films. For boxing my favorites would be The Fighter, Raging Bull and Southpaw. Baseball movies are are probably my favorite sports films and is the sport I follow the most in general. Field of Dreams, The Rookie, Moneyball, Angels in the Outfield, Major League and Bull Durham are a few of my favorites. And I can't forget about Miracle. That's definitely one of my favorite sports films.

Yeah, I'm the same way! A lot of people think soundtracks and scores are all the same but they are two completely separate things in my mind.

I always like Tarantino's soundtracks. I always think he does a good job selecting songs for his films. Django Unchained and Pulp Fiction would be my favorites of his. My all time favorite soundtrack would probably be Dazed and Confused. That film has so many great songs. I really liked the soundtrack for Boyhood as well.

I love listening to movie scores. It's tough for me to pick just a few favorites. Inception, Field of Dreams, The Dark Knight trilogy, Interstellar, Drive, The Social Network, Tron: Legacy, Her, A Beautiful Mind, Gone Girl, Fury, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly are all favorites of mine.

Hans Zimmer is my favorite composer for sure. He's the one that made me take notice of film scores. His work really stood out and I liked how his music perfectly captured the mood of the scenes and made for great listening on their own as well.

Any films on your "List of Shame" that you really want to see someday?

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TommyDoyle78 on 12/6/2015 Reply  · 

I'm with you on "Every Jurassic Park movie had annoying characters". Honestly, I've re-watched Jurassic Park recently, and it kind of lost his magic, apart from the "Helicopter Arriving in the Island, and the first Dinosaur contact" scene. Man, Tim Murphy was a lot annoying. JURASSIC PARK could be "Jeff Goldblum and his Friends Dinosaurs", man. Haha, this should be the "Greatest Movie of All Time".
Well, when it comes to The Lost World, we got a completely different Goldblum, but he isn't the problem. The problem is his daughter, gee.
JPIII isn't terrible Imo, and the kid was tolerable, but the Spinosaurus kinda annoyed me, and Tea Leoni was a complete annoying cunt.
Well, except for Chris Pratt, easily the best character of the movie, JW was filled with annoying cunts. JW was even worse than Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Man, I really like Dennis Nedry. He's one of the my favorite villains in any category. He deserves a lot of credits for unleashing the dinosaurs-like creatures! I hope JP will got his magic back with time.

Well, there's a lot of annoying ones, like John Connor from T2, the little boy from R2, Brad Pitt in Se7en, any character from The TEXAS Chain Saw Massacre that isn't called Leatherface, Harley in IM3, the Rusty of European Vacation and probably Jar Jar Binks.
A recent one was the chief of the airport police from Die Hard 2: Die Harder.

Did you recommend me Misery? It's on my to-watch list.

I'm with you; I'm not really scared; jumpscares are just dumb.
Actually, John Carpenter is not just The Horror Master, but also probably The Scary Master, as The Thing is the scariest movie I've ever seen.

Well, my favorite movie starring Nicholson is Chinatown. Just more my kind of movie. I love the detective stuff.
But, what impressed me more was his Joker. He makes Ledger, and Hamill his bitches.
Actually, I have no complaints on Torrance. He's a possessed Torrance, and that's all. Actually, The Shining is another movie where Nicholson IS Nicholson, but the villain of the movie is the Hotel. The Hotel killed the cook.

Shutter Island was like a subversion of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, just starring the typical Leo DiCaprio. I guess I liked it okay, but that's all. The twist was stupid.
I talked with a friend about it, and he just said "Man...that movie sucks, one of the Scorsese weakest".
What are your thoughts on the Evil Dead trilogy?

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shane24 on 12/8/2015 Reply  · 

Sorry for the delay, I have had a rough few weeks. I will try and get back to you faster.

Well, there is plenty of annoying characters, but I tend to love/hate them because I enjoy seeing them getting their comeuppance. I have been thinking about it, and the two major characters that annoy me are from Orange is the New Black. The office guard with the pornstache, and counsellor Healy. I also have varying thoughts on Skylar from season to season. Sometimes, I completely agree with her, other times, man, she's a nag!

Ohhhh! I have a major film one. Have you seen Liar Liar? Jim Carrey's kid is one of the worst child actors of all time. I also really dislike his hair.

If you don't mind me asking, what country are you from? I just like knowing where a person's from when I talk to them, I find it interesting. I am from Australia. If you want to keep it private, that's also fine.

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Wade92 on 12/9/2015 Reply  · 

I've always thought Flickchart's "best films" list is a little out of whack as well. I'm surprised how high some films are ranked.

I haven't seen a whole lot of foreign language films yet but I'm hoping to at some point. I don't know if Sergio Leone's Man with No Name trilogy would really count because I watch the English dubbed version but those would probably be my favorite. I've also seen The Bicycle Thief which I thought thought was very good even though it was pretty depressing.

12 Years a Slave and Saving Private are both excellent films! I thought both were extremely well crafted and very powerful. Saddest films...huh that's a tough one. Titanic has always been sad for me. I think it's James Horner's haunting music that gets to me haha Another one is Toy Story 3. I see you have that one ranked very highly. It was especially sad the first time I saw it. I had grown up with the Toy Story films and I was getting ready to go to college (just like Andy in the film) so it made me really sad at the end of the film. Boyhood was surprisingly sad for me as well. I really saw myself in that film since I'm just a little older than the actor in the film. That film really shows you how fast time can go by.

Would you say that dramas are your favorite film genre?

I like Paul Thomas Anderson films quite a bit but I can see how his films are not for everyone. My favorite film of his is Boogie Nights followed by There Will Be Blood. Those two I would say are great. The other three that I've seen (The Master, Inherent Vice and Magnolia) are really good but not spectacular. I'm still not sure what I think of Magnolia's ending yet. It's definitely among some of the more bizarre endings I've seen.

I have pretty wide taste in films and I would say I enjoy most art films that I see. Some are better than others but I like how they always offer something different from most other mainstream films. I have to be in the right mood for them though.

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saddler16 on 12/9/2015 Reply  · 

I like a lot of the same revenge movies you do. My favorites would be Kill Bill, Inglorious Basterds, Once Upon a Time in the West and I Saw the Devil.

For heroes I love Walt Kowalski, the Dude, Rorschach, Cool Hand Luke and Shane.

There are a lot of reasons I love The Tree of Life. It's probably the most beautiful looking movie ever made, and a lot of the themes really resonate with me. Like the parent's view of life like you said, questioning why God works the way He does and Jack struggling to overcome his evil nature and failing all the time.

Cloud Atlas was just a great time. It weaved together so many different genres and, IMO, it pulled it all off great. The different stories all being connected through space and time was great too.

I'm not quit sure what you mean when you say heavy drama's, but as for art films, I like them when they have an interesting story/ characters or have something I can relate to in them. Just like any other film I guess haha.

What are the movies you're most exited for for the rest of 2015?

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saddler16 on 12/12/2015 Reply  · 

It's been a while since I saw the Star Wars movies but I remember liking them well enough. I kinda remember Return of the Jedi being my favorite followed by Empire then A New Hope. I haven't seen the prequels though. I plan on rewatching the originals and maybe checking out the prequels before The Force Awakens comes out.

I'm actually not that crazy about Django. The story felt kinda all over the place to me. Sure, his main goal is getting his wife back but first he has to do this, this and this thing that all felt disconnected to the main story. All of it was really entertaining though. I'll rewatch it one of these days and like it a lot more I'm sure.

Man, the only movies I've seen released this year are Fury Road, Age of Ultron and World of Tommorow. So of those, my favorite characters would probably be Mad Max and Vision.

I'm really looking forward to The Revenant and The Hateful Eight. I think I might even watch them back-to-back when they both come to my theater. Have you heard of this road show thing they're doing with Hateful Eight? It sounds amazing but there's no way they'll be coming near my theater. I also still need to check out Inside Out, Creed, The Martian, Room and Straight Outta Compton.

My favorite villian of the 2010's would probably be Bane from Dark Knight Rises. He's smart, a physical prescence, and just pure evil. Another great one would be the villian from I Saw the Devil. Haha I can't remember or pronounce his name but he's great. Have you seen that flick?

How were The Generap and Punch-Drunk Love?

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Koroy on 12/15/2015 Reply  · 

I AM BACK !!!!
Sorry for such a late reply
Actually my class 12 selection examinations were going on so I Kept myself away from Flickchart, Facebook, Twitter and other God knows whatever fuckin thing I Had an account on....pheww month long examinations...I hate it.

I hope you didn't mind :- )

So my favourite movie psycho is Norman bates without a doubt.Apart from them I also like Hannibal Lectar(Hopkins version),Buffalo Bill (From the same movie),John Doe from se7en,Jack Torrance the shining.And many more
Hey how was the pianist?? I REALLY like it.Adrian Brody Richly deserved his oscar for this movie.

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shane24 on 12/15/2015 Reply  · 

Well, he makes me laugh the most in Dumber and Dumber, but for best performance, I would probably choose The Truman Show. First movie I saw him flexing his acting chops.

Gotta say, his voice in Fifth Element kinda drove me mad. :) Glad it worked for you, but irritating voice is something that gets to me.

The kid would be close. Oh, Micky Rooney in Breakfast Tiffany's as well. What a shitty character that is. Doing the whole stereotypical Asian thing that is extremely dated. I was cringing watching the movie when he turned up. It seemed so out of place, like a character from an Adam Sandler movie jumped in there.

Hot up North mainly. Can get very hot elsewhere, but I live in a place that is cold most of the year. I don't really like the heat. 30 degrees is about my limit of enjoyment.

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Wade92 on 12/15/2015 Reply  · 

Really? I've never looked really looked close at the percentages of the movies before. That really doesn't make sense.

I wouldn't really say that I'm a fan of modern comedies either though everyone once and a while I'll find some that I really like. I tend to prefer older comedies. It just seems like the writing was far more clever back then while a majority of modern comedies rely on shock value. I love the Jump Street movies as well. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill have such a great dynamic together. I prefer 21 over 22 but they are both great. Other ones that I thought were pretty good from the past few years are The Night Before, Hot Tub Time Machine, Zombieland and Ted.

I think that's interesting that you prefer sad films. Is there any particular reason you do? I like sad films as well but I can't watch them too close together. That's a bit too much for me haha

I've only seen two Wes Anderson films so far (this one and Grand Budapest Hotel) but I have really enjoyed both. Fantastic Mr. Fox really surprised me with how good it was. It had such a strong cast and I laughed consistently throughout. Wes Anderson really has a unique sense of humor. I love how it's very fast past and quirky. What do you think of Wes Anderson's films? Any that you would recommend?

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saddler16 on 12/15/2015 Reply  · 

Eh, I'm not a big fan of MCU villains. With the exception of Loki, Winter Soldier and maybe Ultron they're all just Eeeeevil... and not actual characters. I think Malekith is the one from Thor: The Dark World right? He's probably the worst villian I've ever seen in a movie. What are your thoughts on the MCU in general?

I have a lot of favorite foreign language films. I like City of God, Seven Samurai, The Raid 1 & 2, The 400 Blows, I Saw the Devil and Ikiru. I still need to see a bunch more though. I'm going to watch The Vengeance Trilogy and maybe The Good, Bad and Wierd next.

Anything planned to see soon?

What are your thoughts on Star Wars?

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TommyDoyle78 on 12/16/2015 Reply  · 

I guess the villain in Jurassic World was Dr. Wu, the scientist from the first movie: but man, Indominus Rex was shit, pure shit.
Imo, Jurassic World stars on Plan 9 canon. No surprise who starred in.
That's a tough question personally; but probably Jackie Brown and The Godfather (both). Tarantino is no doubt a master.

I agree with you: I recently added A Christmas Story, and it's now second from least favorite; in every 5 minutes, there's a lot of annoying cunts screaming, and talking nonsense stuff; I just can't stand kids I guess.
I agree with you: Danny Torrance was even nice, and the JPIII was tolerable.

I guess he's ruined by Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey; but he seemed just to be a arrogant cunt; Tyler Durden was vastly better character.

The Evil Dead is easily one of my favorite horror movies: and Army of Darkness was a really cool and entertaining movie! But I'm not really into Evil Dead II though. I'll give it another try. Ash rocks, man!

I haven't watched Interstellar, and I honestly don't plan to; I'm not a real fan on Nolan work, but he's pretty alright. Btw, The Prestige was a stupid twist. Really, man, really?
I don't recall the Forrest Gump twist (If there's one). But Kill Bill had the wrong twist in the wrong place in the wrong hour. I'm was pretty shocked though. Like WOW.

I haven't watched any of the PTA flicks, but I plan to watch There Will Be Blood soon.
Forrest Gump - I despise how overrated it is (Like 8,8 on IMDb ? Really? Here it's rated 65, but that Flickchart global ranking is pretty messy imo)
Kill Bill - I enjoy Volume 1 but it isn't a masterpiece; Volume 2 was absolute masterpiece. I loved it. Just.

What did you think of Flickchart global ranking?
It's a lot messy imo, like how is Ghostbusters rated 31 and Terminator 2 rated 49?

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Koroy on 12/19/2015 Reply  · 

Oh those examinations were great.Thanks for asking man

I didn't knew that the pianist wasn't added in my Flickchart. Thanks again I am gonna rank it now then.

The shawshank redemption was great.I first saw it in 2014 and was like really. It ain't that good ?? Bottom line I thought it to be overrated.But that rewatched it again.And Freaking loved it.It might not be in my top 20 but on further viewings(which I'll definitely be doing ) It might land inside.
Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman were awesome in this movie.The narration by Mr Freeman was one of the best I have ever heard.The movie is filled with such great characters which I failed to notice when I saw it in 2014.The screenplay is Magical.Man I mean won't get inspired by lines like"Remember, Hope is a good thing maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies".Or be it "Get busy living,or get busy dying".Great movie dialogues it has.
what are your thoughts on shawshank redemption? ?

I really want to check out The green mile.Some of my friends have seen it and they really like it.Moreover I like Tom Hanks be it saving private Ryan or forrest gump or cast away.I really love his performances.
You can notice my top 10 movies are filed with Sad movies.Be it Titanic,Schindler's list,saving private Ryan, Toy story 3 (The ending was really sad) so I might also like the green mile.

Well wars movie which I didn't cared at all would be the thin red line.It was pritty boring ass shit.Didn't liked fury either.

I have seen Chinatown half.I need to check it out fully soon.
Hey how were the Harhold and Kumar movies? ? Those are pritty entertaining I would say.

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Koroy on 12/19/2015 Reply  · 

**who won't get inspired

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saddler16 on 12/21/2015 Reply  · 

I honestly haven't seen a lot of spy films. Dr. No would be the best one I've seen, I'd like to see Goldfinger, Skyfall and the Bourne movies though.

My favorite franchise is prolly' the Dark Knight trilogy. All 3 have problems but they're all movie I could watch any times. Others I enjoy are the Man With No Name trilogy and the MCU(for the most part). What're your favorite franchises?

What're your favorite Christmas movies?

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Wade92 on 12/21/2015 Reply  · 

Harry and Marv in Home Alone, Vincent and Jules, Woody and Buzz, as well as Django and Dr King Shultz are a few that spring to mind for me. There's so many great film duos out there.

Those are really good points. Films that have emotional pull really make for some good storytelling.

I love Fight Club but to be honest it was a film that took a while to grow on me for some reason. I always liked it but it took a handful of viewings to really grow on me so I could fully appreciate it.

David Fincher is definitely one of my favorite directors. I love the dark atmosphere that all of his films have. He's visually flawless as well. Probably because he does an insane amount of takes for every shot haha I would rank his films as follows:

1. The Social Network
2. Zodiac
3. Se7en
4. Gone Girl
5. Fight Club
6. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
7. Panic Room
8. The Game
9. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I top 6 films are all fantastic while the others I thought were ok. What do you think of David Fincher?

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shane24 on 12/21/2015 Reply  · 

I have a new annoying character, and it's Mickey Rooney again! He plays an elf in A Midsummer Night's Dream as a child, and it's one of the most grating performances of all time! I need to see more Mickey Rooney movies, because I just have an annoying image of him now.

Well, Ledger Joker is amazing, Cool Hand Luke is the man, um Seth Gecko, Marv from Sin City, Peter Loew from Vampire's Kiss, Travis Bickle, Dobbs from Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Darth, Tony Montana, Marge Gunderson, Gandalf, Hans Landa, Keyser Söze, Ash, The Bride and E.T would be a few.

Oh yeah, plenty! I really want to see more Jean Pierre Melville films, but I can never get my hands on them. Le Samourai is just a godamn masterpiece if you ask me, so I want to see Un Flic, The Red Circle and Le Doulas. Also, Army of Shadows is another masterpiece if you ask me, love his work.

Also, my watchlist on imdb is 1000 strong, so I'm not running out. Some titles on the are The Foul King, Samurai Rebellion, Make Way for Tomorrow, The Pawnbroker, Odd Man Out, Sorcerer, Down Terrace, Ashes of Time, Rolling Thunder, The Killing of a Chinese Bookie, The American Friend and so many more.

I usually think of Scorsese, Tarantino and Nolan. How about you?

Oh, plenty. 8 1/2 is a tough slog, that's for sure!

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saddler16 on 12/22/2015 Reply  · 

I grew up watching The Cowboys with John Wayne a lot, so I have that ranked very highly even though it's not the best movie ever made. I also love Nacho Libre and Napoleon Dynamite. I could probably quote those two movies entirely by heart. What're your favorite nostalgic movies?

It's funny you should mention Die-Hard, I just rented it the other day. I'm definitely excited to check it out :)

Kill Bill, The Raid movies, I Saw the Devil, The Dark Knight trilogy, Fury Road and Inception are all some of my favorite action movies. What are yours?

My favorite Chrustmas movie is Its a Wonderful Life too. The last 10 minutes made me want to run around town yelling "Merry Christmas!!" to everybody haha. A Christmas Story is great too. I really like The Apartment and Eyes Wide Shut which take place around Christmas but aren't exactly "Christmas Movies".

How are Charade and Zodiac?

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TommyDoyle78 on 12/24/2015 Reply  · 

Watching Jurassic World was like watching a videogame; the dinosaurs are in the kind of movies like Raptor (2001) or Raptor Island (2004). In the first Jurassic Park, we got Jeff Goldblum plus Sam Jackson plus realistic effects plus likeable characters plus almost-tolerable kids plus a ton of fun plus a good story. What I appreciate about the first one is that it try to be a fun movie and nothing more than that. The Lost World - pretentious as hell, but it's underrated Imo. Still, it got the "Sequel Rules". Just like Jaws 2, I can't believe a Jurassic Park 2 is out there; and it's to Jurassic Park what's Jaws 2 is to Jaws. JPIII - a tolerable movie, not good, but it's kind of average Imo. Well, "Trilogy Rules". I've watched "Scream 3". Actually, it isn't a Jaws 3, but the movie is godawful when got compared to Jurassic Park.

The sixth rule of the "Remake Rules" was "don't fuck with the original". Jurassic World fucked with the original, gee. It was like a Syfy original, no offense to Sharknado.

Tarantino was a god for movies; The Hateful 8 is one of my most anticipated movies of all time. The only movie of his own that I thought was alright, is Reservoir Dogs.
After Memento twist, Nolan wanted to be a "twisted" director I guess, but I agree that some of them are unnecessary; like The Prestige was fantastic, no doubt, but that twist in the ending...geeee.

Man, I don't understand why some movies are so liked. Like Se7en - it's rated 8.6 on IMDb, whereas Rotten Tomatoes rates it 7.7/10 (80%). But, who makes a fair rate was the RT top critics; 60% with average 6.1/10. But it probably deserves a 7/10...

I haven't watched Ikiru, but it looks over-praised here. Like really? 13? Ahead of Casablanca, Seven Samurai, The Shining? And how is Reservoir Dogs on the 20s, where it deserves to be in the 70-90 range?
Return of the Jedi rated 8? Raiders and Shawshank ahead of Pulp Fiction? The Thing is rated 149, The Matrix 42?
E.T. just rated 163? It's messy as hell.
The Dark Knight isn't the problem actually, the trouble actually is Ikiru.
And how the hell is Lord of the Rings trilogy, Jaws, Jurassic Park, Toy Story, Schindler's List, Rocky, the Terminators, all lower than GHOSTBUSTERS? Monty Python beats every Kubrick movie??? Really, the global ranking sucks. And how is Temple of Doom beating Rocky, The Thing and The Two Towers?
Lawrence of Arabia is 145, where it deserves to be in 45.
It's a Wonderful Life is 107, where it deserves to be in 27.
American Beauty is 194, where it deserves to be in 84.
Well, nobody cares about the global ranking I guess.
I really can't understand how is Temple of Doom on the top 100.

Well, I like a lot of movie scenes; a few of them are; "Vincent Vega and Marsellus Wallace's Wife" ending in the Travolta'Uma Thurman dancing. The cemetery scene, and the confrontation in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. "I am your father". The blood test scene in "The Thing". The opening sequence of Scream. A Nightmare on Elm Street; Nancy fighting with Krueger. Dallas death in Alien. "Here's Johnny". The first conversation in Reservoir Dogs. Any of the raptors scene from the first Jurassic Park; and " Jurassic Park". Darth Vader vs. Luke, plus Emperor Palpatine attempts in Return of the Jedi. Any scene in Army of Darkness. The final scene, in the theater, of In the Mouth of Madness. Any scene with Michael Myers in the first Halloween. And "Forget It, Jake. It's Chinatown".
What are a few of your favorite movie scenes?

My top 3 of Christmas Movies was; It's a Wonderful Life, Die Hard and Die Hard 2.
Also, my top 3 of the Halloween movies are Halloween, Halloween II, and Halloween III: it was a amazing series, though apart from John Carpenter one, just the first two sequels are good. The only another holiday themed movie that comes to mind is the horrible My Bloody Valentine.
Did you like Christmas movies? What are a few of your favorites?
And what are your thoughts on Halloween?

Hey, did you have a few movies that "changed" your life?
A few of mine are It's a Wonderful Life, A Clockwork Orange, American Beauty and E.T. The Extraterrestrial.

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Wade92 on 12/28/2015 Reply  · 

I would have to say that Tyler Durden is my favorite Fincher character as well. He's by far the most fascinating of Fincher's characters in my opinion.

As for my favorite Brad Pitt performance that's tough to narrow down but Lt. Aldo Raine in Inglourious Basterds might be my personal favorite.

Merry Christmas to you as well! Did you do anything special for the holidays?

I still have a few films I really want to see for 2015 (The Hateful Eight, The Revenant and Joy) but here is my top threes from the films that I've seen so far.

Top 3 new characters:

1: Kylo Ren (Force Awakens)
2. Harry Hart (Kingsman: The Secret Service)
3. Kate Macer (Sicario)

Top 3 movie moments:

1. The opening crawl of The Force Awakens. The rest of the film was plenty exciting but just seeing the words Star Wars burst onto the screen with the triumphant crash of John Williams iconic score what absolutely brilliant. As a huge Star Wars fan that was great to see.

2. "Manners Maketh Man" sequence in Kingsman.

3. The pole scene in Mad Max: Fury Road. That entire film was a complete adrenaline rush but that sequence in particular was pretty spectacular.

Top 3 scores:

1. The Man from U.N.C.L.E
2. Steve Jobs
3. Mad Max: Fury Road
I really liked the Star Wars score as well but most of my enjoyment came from hearing all those older cues. It wasn't so much of the newer compositions that I was really in to.

What have been your top 3 characters, moments, and scores for 2015?

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saddler16 on 1/3/2016 Reply  · 

No problem at all man. That sucks about your computer. And I know what you mean about the mobile site, it takes forever for me to load anything on my phone.

My favorite TV show by far is Breaking Bad. I just loved everything about it. Other shows I like are Arrested Development (the first 3 seasons at least), The Office, Parks and Rec and The Andy Griffith Show. I grew up watching The Waltons and Little House on the Prairie but I'm not too big on them any more. I've tried getting into The Walking Dead but I found too boring and had to give it up. I liked Mad Men when it started but now I'm starting to get bored with that as well. What're your favorite TV shows?

The only one of those I've seen is Nightcrawler, which I loved. Such a great character and Gylenhall crushed that role.

I don't know much about John Carrol, but he was great in Gran Torino and good in Fargo.

Here's the story behind Gran Torino: a few years ago life felt like it was going way too fast. I had my first job and had to do a lot of interacting with new people which I've never had to do much before. They teased me a lot because I was very socially awkward and I was never sure how to react. That, and I had no idea which direction my life was going. Then I saw Gran Torino, and I wished I was Tao and Clint Eastwood could teach me how to be a man. I wished he'd teach me how to banter back and forth with my co-employees. So that, and the religious themes, are the reason I love it. That's one of the reasons I love Taxi Driver too. I could understand Travis' not being able to relate to people and feeling like he was different. Today, I still work at the same place and I've become really good friends with the guys I work with. I haven't really changed but I'm okay with not being a social butterfly. So I guess I don't relate to those 2 as much as I did but I still love them. I wouldn't be surpsrised if a new movie dethroned them and became my all-time favorite. Whats the story behind your favorite movie?

Die Hard was pretty good. I liked how he was just a normal guy and not some super-hero.

The Wild Bunch was awesome. I've always loved westerns and this was a great one.

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shane24 on 1/4/2016 Reply  · 

No worries, that sounds annoying.

This is my awful and good art films. Good ones are first.

Art films can be fine, yet they can also be pretentious pieces of poopy. The highlights of the art films I like in that list make you think, have a great score, original idea, or great acting. The bad are pretentious, boring, gross and horrific.

Le Samourai
Tokyo Story
Woman in the Dunes
Citizen Kane
Army of Shadows
Nights of Cabiria
We Need to Talk About Kevin 

Waking Life
8 1/2
In the Realm of the Senses
Mysterious Skin
The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and His Lover
The Holy Mountain

That's an awesome top 3. I would have both right up there as well. Have you seen Ace in the Hole or Frenzy? A Wilder and Hitchcock some haven't seen.

Happy new year, too.

New characters

Furiosa (Mad Max: Fury Road)
Rey (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)
Hugh Glass (The Revenant)

Favourite movie moments might be spoilers, but the fav are from three movies above.

Hmm. Mad Max: Fury Road will be number one, It Follows would be two, hmm, maybe Turbo Kid number three? I can't think of a third.

No way, I don't do that. I give spoiler tags if I talk about them. I also make sure the other person has seen the movie. But I get why you said, people leave no time for people now. Even bloody movie articles now say spoilers!

When I read worst directors, my mind for some reason went to a terrible writer. His name is Skip Woods. Google his filmography. Done it? Now, how does this guy keep getting work?!! He writes awful movies that underperform, then he gets more work!

Rant over, back to directors who suck.

Olivier Megaton (hating this guy a lot at the moment)
James Nguyen
Uwe Boll
Tommy Wiseau
Paul WS Anderson (but I do like Event Horizon)
Jason Friedburg and Aaron Seltzer

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Koroy on 1/5/2016 Reply  · 

No problem,man.I Know what it feels to have computer shitted.
I love detective movies.Belive it or not I am an avid reader of Detective novels.J have read every Sherlock Holmes novels and short stories EVERY. I have also rrad EVERY Agatha Christie Jean Marple and Hercule Poirot stories.Have also read most of Ian Flemings orignal James Bond novels.
So yeah I love detective movies too.I really like them.
I have yet to check out the maltese falcon though.Have you seen it??

There are many reasons for the prestige being my favourite movie ever.
The first and foremost Both Hugh Jackman and Chris Bale gives by far top 2 greatest performance in the history of cienema( In my opinion ofcource)

Then there is this dark themes of this movie.OBCESSION,JELOUSY,BETRAYAL,DOUBLE CROSSING AND MY FAVOURITE OF THEM ALL REVENGE.I have seen many dark movies but nothing like it In this era of goody-goody movies which shows hope and love truimphs all it was like a breath of freash air to me.

Then the twist and turns which are filled in this movie.

Then that awesome production design.It was like that I was taken to that fucking era.Literally.

Chris awesome Nolan.Need I say more(YES I AM A NOLANITE)

And above all MAGIC.The prestige was magical.

Then there is my presonal preference for Hugh Jackman movies(He is my all time favourite actor)

Hey what are your thoughts on Chris Nolan movoes??
How would you rank them ??

Hans Landa,Amon Goeth,Voldemort,Scaar(The lion king),Michael Fassbenders character from 12 years a slave and Calvin Candy .

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Wade92 on 1/6/2016 Reply  · 

No worries!

So far I'm looking forward to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, Hail Caesar!, Deadpool, Triple 9, Snowden, X-Men: Apocalypse, La La Land, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and Rogue One.

What are some films you're looking forward to?

As for Lassie, it has been a film that has been special to me since I was a kid. It's one of those films that has a lot of nostalgia for me. My family and I used to watch it all the time when I was growing up and I even had a collie named Lassie when I was younger. I still watch the film fairly often as an adult. I don't usually recommend the film because I know a big part of why I like it is because of its personal connection to me haha Do you have any films that have huge amount of nostalgia for you?

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TommyDoyle78 on 1/9/2016 Reply  · 

Hey man, happy new year! No worries, it looks really annoying.
Die Harder is way underrated. It isn't subpar imo.
Really, it's rated just 7.1/10 on imdb? Deserved to be a 7.9/10 at least! RT rates it 69%, with average 6.1/10! Well, Metacritic gave a good rating (67/100). But it isn't average imo. It's a masterpiece, just like 1, and 3.
Btw, I love the entire thing in It's a Wonderful Life. should I care about the ending without the start, and middle?
It's even very entertaining considering its age.
I still haven't seen none of the Billy Wilder movies, and that's shameful. I want to make a double feature soon with The Apartment and Double Indemnity!
I sure I'll enjoy them.

I'm not really into any kind of Christmas movies. I mean, if they're like It's a Wonderful Life or Die Hard, they are welcome. But, well, look, i.e. I'm a huge fan of the first two Vacation movies starring Chevy Chase. But the 1989 Christmas movie started the downfall of the series in my opinion.

I much prefer Halloween movies. It they're like Halloween (1978), Halloween 2 (1981) or H3. I mean, H4 was good, but it's kinda in Friday the 13th style of sequels. A killer that attacks every Halloween, I mean, really? The anthology original concept (forget Michael Myers) could be much better.

I'm about watching a few of the Kurt Russell movies (like Overboard, Escape from L.A., Bone Tomahawk and 3000 Miles to Graceland). I don't know what I'm waiting for, but I still haven't watched The Hateful 8. I'll watch it before it leaves the theaters, I hope.
I've heard from The Thing similarities. It even had Ennio Morricone on the soundtrack.

I didn't mind The Phantom Menace, but it's very mediocre actually. Imo, II was boring shit. And 3 is actually a good flick. Though it had a very rushed pace.
I love 4 and 5, and that's all about it. 6 is mediocre at best.
I'm actually very disappointed by the focus-off, non-plot movie that The Force Awakens is. A lazy direction, poor acting. I can't understand why it's so loved. I didn't care for the characters. And the funny stuff, just isn't...funny...
I'll give it another try, that's for sure.
How are your expectations to Force Awakens?

I've watched a few flicks starring Bill Murray.
Both Ghostbusters, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and a bit of Groundhog Day.
The first Ghost busters was great, and funny. Ghostbusters 2 was kinda awful, thanks to Bill Murray shining performance.
The Grand Budapest Hotel was a masterpiece that stands at its own!
Actually, I loved the bit that I've watched of Groundhog Day, but I'm not the right man to watch movies at 3-4:00 am.
I need to watch more of his stuff, because I really like him.
And actually, I've watched that Christmas flick starring him. Actually, I loved Bill Murray. But that Netflix special just isn't special...
What are the movies you've watched starring him?

Hey man, good picks! That North by Northwest scene was masterful!

Btw, isn't Being There a Peter Sellers movie? I want to watch this movie a few time ago. And actually you remind of how I can relate to Taxi Driver. Insomniac guy that got that little job night...
Also I'm feel very bored with porn. Just like Travis, and QT, lol.

Actually I watch a few.
I love ASH VS. EVIL DEAD,that's my favorite series, undoubtedly. Also, I love How I Met Your Mother. And I used to like the teenshit that the Scream TV series is. I started watching 12 Monkeys, and that's a pretty fun series...and I can't forget about House! I've watched every of its seasons. I love that series, man...
How about you? What are the series you watch?

What are your thoughts on The Seventh Seal, and what's about the chess relation?

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saddler16 on 1/9/2016 Reply  · 

From Parks and Rec, I'd hafta go with Ron Swanson as my favorite character. He's such a badass, and I actually learned a lot about politics and masculinity from him. I really like Andy, Tom and Jean-Ralphio. Pretty much all the other characters annoy me though, especially Leslie.

For The Office it would definitely be Michael. IMO he's the greatest comedy character of all-time, and the best comedic performance by Steve Carrel. After he left the show really went downhill. It was getting worse towards the end of his run but after he left I thought it just went down the toilet. Jim and Pam were pretty good characters, and Dwight was cool too. For some reason I really thought Creed was funny too. Who were your favorite characters from each show?

No, I haven't seen Better Call Saul yet. I've heard it pretty great though.

Apocalypse Now was one that got much better on a rewatch. Big Lebowski, Sunset Blvd. and A Hard Days Night were others.

I can't remember too many movies that didn't age well with me. I think I liked Alvin and the Chipmunks when I was younger now I hate it haha.

What kind of music do you like?

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saddler16 on 1/9/2016 Reply  · 

And how was Seventh Seal and Best Years of Our Lives?

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Wade92 on 1/12/2016 Reply  · 

Nice, I watched the Toy Story films a lot as a kid as well. The first one especially means a lot to me. I remember being really sad when I first saw Toy Story 3. I was the same age as Andy getting ready to go to college and film itself was like closing the book on my younger years. They really wrapped up that story perfectly. Do you have any thoughts on them making a Toy Story 4?

I really hope Deadpool delivers as well. Like you said, a Matthew Vaughn type film would be perfect. Hopefully it doesn't fall flat on its face. I think a success could really open up the door for more diverse comic book films.

I'm a little hesitant to get too hyped for X-Men as well. Days of Future Past was fantastic so hopefully they can keep it rolling.

I am really hoping Fantastic Beasts delivers. I'm still scratching my head why they would adapt a textbook but JK Rowling's involvement makes it more promising. I don't expect it to match the Harry Potter films (which I'm a big fan of) but hopefully it's still a good ride.

I like Benedict Cumberbatch as well. I still need to check out the show Sherlock. I hear nothing but good things. I actually get told I look like him a little bit which made me take notice of him. Do you ever get told you look like someone famous?

I wouldn't consider myself a huge tv watcher but I stick to re-watching shows I like. Seinfeld, The Andy Griffith Show and Everybody Loves Raymond are my favorites. I also really like That 70s Show, Leave it to Beaver, The Office, Happy Days, and Parks and Rec.

Do you watch a lot of tv shows?

Movie sagas huh? That's a good question. I'm not sure how many films it takes to qualify as a saga but it would probably be The Dark Knight Trilogy and Star Wars as my favorites. My least favorite is probably Transformers. A lot of people seem to enjoy them but I've never seen the appeal myself. What are your favorites/least favorites?

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Wade92 on 1/13/2016 Reply  · 

I realized that I forgot to answer one of you questions. Field of Dreams, Lassie, Home Alone, Star Wars, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are probably the films that I've seen the most. And they just happen to be some of my favorite films as well.

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saddler16 on 1/13/2016 Reply  · 

I think The Big Lebowski is kinda trying to be a homage to the old noir films where the plot is so fantastically complicated, it's supposed to confuse you. I think the main thing they were trying to do was make a bunch of hilarious memorable scenes that are just kind of connected with a really really complicated plot. There's also a ton of stuff under the surface that give you a bunch of stuff to think about and analyze.

Haha, Yeah I wasn't really into film 'til 3 years ago and I just watched garbage before that. 2001 was the one that started it for me. What was the movie that got you into film?

It's been a while since I watched Seventh Seal, but I remember being bored with it as well. I liked some of the philosophical aspects of it but overall it was a drag.

Best Years of Our Lives is one of my all-time favorites. I remember it being the most emotional film-watching experiences I've ever had. That and my Grandpa fought in the same year and this was my Grandma's favorite movie, so I feel like I have a personal connection to it.

I like all sorts of music. My top 5 would be Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Lana Del Rey, The Beatles and Eminem. For rock I like Led Zepplin, The Rolling Stones and CCR. Modern Country is awful but the classic stuff like Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings is amazing. Other artists I like are Nirvana, Tupac, Pink Floyd, Marty Robbins and The Traveling Wilbury's. I don't like too many of today's musicians besides some of the ones I named above. Any thoughts on any of these artists?

I loved Birdman. The performances and camerawork were amazing. I really like the themes it explored too, like trying to be respected and loved and prove to everyone your not some washed up has-been.

***Spoilers for Birdman***

I think the last scene was a dream, and he died on stage. When he's in the hospital he learns his wife loves him, the critics think he's a genius and his daughter loves him again. With that he flies off into the sunset.

Spoilers end***

How was A Few Dollars more and Big Trouble in Little China? What do you think of Kurt Russel?

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Nils98 on 1/17/2016 Reply  · 

Hey, man, just noticed that you've been catching up on some of what 2015 had to offer (not something that you could say about me, though. Thanks, Sweden *sigh*...). What did you think of The Martian? I mean, I presume that you really liked it, given that it's in your top 100, but I'd like to hear what you liked about it. I for one loved it.

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Nils98 on 1/17/2016 Reply  · 

Yeah, The Martian was excellent. Loved it, one my favorites from 2015 for sure. I also prefer it to Gravity. Because while Gravity may be more visually dazzling (and more well shot) and more thrilling, The Martian thrives on better characters and better dialogue. I'm glad you brought up Ridley Scott, because he is the real star of The Martian, all due respect to Matt Damon who may have given us his best performance yet, but Ridley Scott's direction in this film is so on point. I really cannot believe how he was not nominated for an OSCAR (I mean, it is a stacked category this year, and I haven't seen all of the films, but still: come on, he deserved a nomination at least) given how great all of the actors were. Not a single weak link. And the cinematography was gorgeous. Besides that, the screenplay was amazing. The smart dialogue mixed with the wonderful editing made the 144-minutes fly by. It was also nail-bitingly exciting. I hope that with this movie, Ridley Scott is back, and that he will give us something truly special with Alien: Covenant.

The films that I would be looking forward to as of now would be most of the major stuff, since a lot of the smaller indie films lack a lot of information, or just purely doesn't exist yet. But my four most anticipated would, at the moment, be: Batman v Superman, Rogue One, Civil War and Suicide Squad. Also really excited for Deadpool, Hail, Ceasar!; The Jungle Book, The Nice Guys and Silence. But really, there are so many that it is pointless to list all of them.

I have noticed Henry Gondorff as your profile pic for some time now (previously only known to me as "Paul Newman in some movie that I'll get to some day eventually....probably"). You know the thing about The Sting, is that it made me want to sing about what a glorious feeling I felt while watching it (I'm really sorry about that). Let's just cut to the chase - it was amazing (roll the credits). No, but in all honesty I found myself engulfed in the film. It always kept moving and kept me interested with intriguing and well-written characters. The entire plot is ingenious and there are moments were I genuinely laughed because of the ingenuity of it all (the poker scene and the finale in particular). Redford was as expected as the lead role: brilliant, and Newman was as expected in the supporting role: cool (like James Bond levels of cool), as well as brilliant. Just a well-crafted, thrilling film that never seized to amaze or entertain me.

No I'm not on Letterboxd. I usually just use IMDb to keep track of it all. However do you recommend Letterboxd?

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saddler16 on 1/17/2016 Reply  · 

I prefer Eminem's older stuff like The Real Slim Shady and Lose Yourself and Stan. I'm still not sure what I think of his newer stuff. Rap God is amazing but I don't really like his stuff like Guts Over Fear. I guess I'd have to listen to more of it for a complete opinion.

Death Proof, The Dollars Trilogy and the Sharknado movies are some of my favorite B-movies. Movies like Jaws, Psycho and all of Tatantino's feel like B-movies to me. There are probably more but I can't think of any right now. What are your favorite B-movies?

I'd say Ennio Morriconne is my favorite composer. I could listen listen to his scores even if I've never seen the movie. My favorites of his are The Dollars themes, The Hateful Eight, Once Upon a Time in the West and all his works in Tarantinos movies. I like Hans Zimmer too.

Even though I had quite a few problems with it, I loved Boyhood. Watching it was like experiencing someone life. There were certain aspects I could relate to that elevated more for me too. Some parts, like the evil stepfather and the waiter, felt over the top to me, but I still enjoyed it for the experience it was. What do you think of it?

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saddler16 on 1/17/2016 Reply  · 

And I noticed you're on letterboxd! I subscribed to you, my name is Keetch on there.

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Wade92 on 1/18/2016 Reply  · 

George Costanza, Barney Fife, Eddie Haskel, Ron Swanson and Michael Scott are some of my favorite tv characters. How about yourself?

I think Toy Story 4 is a pretty poor idea too. Toy Story 3 wrapped things up perfectly and had such an emotional punch for a lot of people so I think a fourth will have a lot to live up too. I really hope it doesn't turn out as bad as Cars 2 but I don't think they could ever sink that low again haha. I don't mind the Toy Story tv specials they run every once and a while. Do you watch any of those? They are no where near as good as the films but it's still cool to see little hints of what happens to the characters afterwards.

Yeah! I was shocked when I found out that he had passed away. That was really sad. He was my favorite Harry Potter character as well. Have you seen the video online of all of Snape's scenes in chronological order? It was pretty powerful.

I'm a big fan of both the books and the films. I was first introduced to them when my second grade teacher read us The Sorcerer's Stone in class and I have been hooked ever since. The books are filled with great characters but my favorites would be Snape, Ron, Hermione and Hagrid.

I would probably rank the films 6, 3, 7, 8, 5, 2, 4, 1.

I agree, I really like the how each film gets darker than the last. It was really cool that they could keep the same actors (for the most part) so it felt like one unified work and you could see them age naturally.

Who do you prefer as Dumbledore: Richard Harris or Michael Gambon?

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saddler16 on 1/19/2016 Reply  · 

That's too bad your friend didn't like Death Proof. I think as long as you know you're going to see a cheesy action B-movie, and aren't expecting Pulp Fiction, then it's an awesome time.

I've seen the Amazing Spiderman movies, and I actually liked both of them. Andrew Garfield seemed to play a more human version of Spiderman, which I liked, Emma Stone was good, the story was pretty generic, but solid. I dunno, it's not anything earth-shattering but a descent superhero flick. I even had fun the second one, even though it was pretty messy. There were too many characters and storylines going on and most of them went nowhere, but it was still ok.

The Sam Raimi films I've seen are the Spiderman movies, and the first two Evil Dead movies. I really like the first two Spiderman movies. It feels kind of weird watching them now where they're not trying to build a whole franchise off of them. They're just trying to make a good movie haha. The third was a disaster but I think it was mostly the studios fault. And it is one of those "so bad they're good" type of movies.

I love the first Evil Dead movie. The effect's were actually pretty damn good considering they didn't have much of a budget. And Ash is a badass, one of the badass-est characters. The second one felt to me like they were trying too hard, so it felt kinda off to me. It was still good just not as good as the first. What do you think of the Evil Dead movies?

I really like westerns. I've always enjoyed movies set in that time period. The 1940's and 50's too. Something about that time is just awesome to me.
What about you?

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saddler16 on 1/20/2016 Reply  · 

Sorry, forgot your question about movies being released this year :/

I'm looking forward to Silence, Hail Caesar!, Deadpool, La La Land, Cap 3:Civil War, Dawn of Justice and Knight of Cups. What're the ones you're looking forward to?
And what were your favorites of 2015?

How was Watchmen?

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Wade92 on 1/20/2016 Reply  · 

Really? That will be a big change having it just focus on the toys more like the shorts. Like you said what made the others ones resonate so much with people was the human element as well. I completely agree about the Iron Man comparison. I've always felt those films really lacked substance and didn't carry the weight they should. The Dark Knight trilogy works great as a unified work as well as great standalone films at the same time. Each film is about the natural progression of the characters and the action comes naturally from the character moments rather than the MCU that just has to hit their certain story beats.

I've always wished Tron: Legacy would get a sequel. I've always thought that was a fun film and wanted to explore more in that world. They were planning on making one but Disney shut it down...bastards haha There was a huge gap between the original Tron and Legacy so maybe there is still hope someday. I also wish they had made The Amazing Spider-Man 3. I seem to be one of the few people that really liked Marc Webb's interpretation. I just wish Sony would have made just one more to wrap up the story. No Sinister Six or expanded universe, just one more Spider-Man film. Now Disney owned Marvel Studios has the rights...bastards haha

Michael Gambon was a guy that really grew on me too. At first I wasn't all that crazy about him because I thought Richard Harris was a lot truer to the character in the books but as the films went on I started to like Gambon's portrayal more and more. Now he's definitely my favorite. He has such a great quirkiness to him but yet you know he's two steps ahead of everyone else.

One character that I started to dislike over time was Ryan from The Office. When I started the show I loved that guy and his awkward relationship with Michael. When Ryan started moving up in the company and became much more of jerk I really didn't like him as much.

A character that has grown on me is Jessie from Toy Story. I never really cared for her in Toy Story 2 for a lot of years but I ended up liking her character in Toy Story 3. Ever since I saw Toy Story 3 I appreciate her character as a whole a lot more now. How about yourself?

What did you think of Watchmen? Have you read the graphic novel?

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Nils98 on 1/21/2016 Reply  · 

It's hard to narrow down to a single favorite movie duo, but two of my favorites would probably be Han and Chewie, as well as Merry and Pippin. Could put Jules Winnfield and Vincent Vega, or even Max and Furiosa up there as well. I think my favorite of those might actually be Merry and Pippin, since they almost feel like two parts of the same character. They are both excellent characters, but they complement each other so nicely, and that's what I think a duo should do, really.

I watch a bit of TV. I used to watch a lot more, but I've been busy with school and I've also played a lot of games too. But I do watch a bunch of shows, and I mean to watch or catch up to a whole bunch of others. Favorite one currently is for sure Game of Thrones. There's no competition. The only show that was even close was Hannibal, but that's done now too, so. Maybe the gap will close once I see Fargo season 2.

Favorite show of all time is Breaking Bad, with Game of Thrones hot on it's heels. Breaking Bad was just something truly special. It just kept getting better, and better, and better. Season 5 is the best season of television I've ever seen, and I doubt that I'll ever see anything better. But Game of Thrones is incredible in a different way. Sure they both are well shot and well written, but Thrones is just so much bigger in scale. And even if season 5 wasn't as good as the first four seasons, it was still really, really good in my opinion. If I'd rank the top ten best episodes of the series I'd probably rank them like this:

1) Hardhome (the final 18 minutes are the best 18 minutes of television I've ever seen.)
2) The Rains of Castamere
3) Mother's Mercy
4) The Children
5) The Mountain and the Viper
6) The Lion and the Rose
7) Blackwater
8) The Laws of Gods and Men
9) Baelor
10) The Watchers on the Wall

Though there haven't been a single episode that I've disliked.

And you? What's your favorite show? What do you think of Game of Thrones?

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saddler16 on 1/23/2016 Reply  · 

I'm having a hard time thinking of movies I'd recast. For right now I'll say the Magnificent Seven, and the seven would be John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Toshiro Mifune, Steve McQueen and Lee Marvin with Lee Van Cleef as the villain. It would be the most badass movie ever made.

Yeah, Watchmen is one of my favorite comic-book movies as well. I like the dark tone and the realistic world, the philosophical themes that make you think, and most of the performances, especially for Rorscach and The Comedian. I haven't seen the directors cut, but the original has an amazing first half, then it becomes just a normal superhero movie the last half, which is pretty disappointing.

Ah man, those are some great questions!
Top 3 favorite characters:
1. John Ruth(really any character from The Hateful Eight haha)
2. Kylo Ren-Star Wars: The Force Awakens(that has many great characters too)
3. Hugh Glass- The Revenant

1. The Hateful Eight
2. It Follows
3. Mad Max: Fury Road

1. Really any moment in The Hateful Eight haha
2. The one from Star Wars that I won't spoil for you :)
3. The final chase in Mad Max

As you can see I really loved The Hateful Eight haha

How is Scarface?

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Nils98 on 1/23/2016 Reply  · 

I don't think I could ever narrow it down to a top ten list. I think all of the characters are nuanced and wonderfully portrayed. My favorite would be Tywin. Charles Dance portrays him brilliantly. The man demands respect more than Oberyn demanded a confession. I'm curious that you find Arya annoying, especially when I find her to be one of the best characters of the entire show. There are characters I dislike I guess, but not in a way that I think they are bad characters, just more that they are loathsome. Joffrey and Ramsey for example. But even they have moments where they aren't that evil.

Favorite character in TV all around would probably be Walter White. Not common for the main character to be the scene-stealer, but that was the case with him. His descent from an ordinary suburban life into villainy was executed flawlessly.

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Wade92 on 1/23/2016 Reply  · 

Watchmen is definitely one of the most underrated comic book films of all time. Criminally underrated! It blows my mind that the fluff and utter crap Marvel Studios puts out is deemed superior to the thought provoking, mature and complex storytelling of Watchmen. I would definitely recommend reading the graphic novel if you really like the film. The film is a very true adaptation of the novel so you'll know what to expect but the novel fleshes things out a little more. I've only seen the theatrical cut of the film though so maybe the ultimate cut is a little different.

Who was your favorite character in Watchmen?

You're right on the money about MCU just having the same bland formula of having to fight the bad guy because they're bad and look awesome while doing it. MCU could really kick ass if they followed the maturity of the comic books. The comic books are much more like Watchmen in that a lot of moral dilemmas come into play. Iron Man is an addicted to alcohol in the worst way, Captain America is severely depressed due to the fact that all of his friends and family have either passed away or are extremely old and is crestfallen at the state America is in now and how this isn't the America he fought for and his friends died for. Ant Man is a complete jerk that abuses the women in his life and Thor causes a complete religious uproar since he claims to be a god. The great theme that is present in the comic books is that it makes you question: why should these people be considered heroes? They are not better than anyone else, why should people look up to them? It makes their heroism seem that much more powerful when they are able to overcome the darkness in them.

It just really bothers me that the MCU films only exists to create other films. None of the films hold any weight. One scene that stands out to me in The Dark Knight is that scene at Bruce's penthouse when he is talking to Rachel about wanting to be together if the world doesn't need Batman anymore. When he asks if she meant it you just see the sincerity in his eyes. You really feel the emotional weight of the character and it makes the film feel very human. I never feel that with the MCU. I really hope Zack Snyder brings similar themes to Batman v Superman. The trailers make it seem more action orientated but I hear the film is a drama first and an action film second which sounds promising.

One film that comes to mind for being underrated is The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I understand people's issues with it but I've always enjoyed it. I just fear the day when every says Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man ever and is so funny when in actuality it is just another flat one dimensional quippy character just like every other MCU character. Man of Steel is another one. Coincidentally, another Zack Snyder superhero film haha A lot of people hate on it but I thought it was a great blend of human storytelling with big action as well. It made Superman feel very human and I really related with him for the first time.

As for a film that could have been better I would say 2014's Godzilla. I was pumped from the trailers and was really let down by the movie. I do have to give them props for keeping major portions of the film a secret in the marketing but I really wish they would have went with the tone of the trailers. I liked how the trailers really gave off a horror vibe with Godzilla being a force to be reckoned with that could wipe out the human race. It also seemed like the film would have been more thought provoking having the great Bryan Cranston at the helm. Then the film comes out and it's a whole different experience haha

What are your thoughts on Interstellar? When I first saw it I liked it, but thought certain things could have been done better but I've really come to like it a lot more with repeated viewings.

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Nils98 on 1/25/2016 Reply  · 

I also like both Sams. Are you kidding me? Of course! One defeated an ice zombie on steroids and killed a cannibal, the other one defeated a giant spider, gave an excellent speech (at the end of The Two Towers: "That there's some good in this world, Mr. Frodo... and it's worth fighting for.") and carried the freaking ring bearer up a volcano - yeah, I'm pretty sure they are both awesome. But no one beats Samwise Gamgee. One of my favorite characters of the entire trilogy (meaning that he's one of my favorite characters, as in, of all time). And Sean Astin was fucking snubbed of an Oscar nomination 2004 (as were Andy Serkis both 2003 and 2004. An argument could be made that Sir Ian McKellen, Elijah Wood and Viggo Mortensen should have all been nominated at least once too, but, you know; let's not dwell in that to much, or else we might go insane).

My feelings towards The Hobbit movies is a bit of an enigma. I do like them, surely, but not as much as I used to, I think. I really like/love the first two. I felt that they were great adventure thrill-rides. But the third one, I don't know, is kind of a bloated mess to be honest. And because I am an idiot who eats up everything Middle-Earth, I still like it. Despite the fact that it has horribly overused CG, a completely crappy and forced love story/triangle, a lack of weight or grit in most of the action scenes, some pacing issues, odd and rushed character developments, Alfrid, under-usage of the freaking titular character and a really rushed ending, I still freaking like it. How is that possible you ask?! Well, I don't know. And that's the enigma. I watched the extended edition of The Battle of the Five Armies a few weeks ago, and while some things were better (an improved ending, including a very necessary funeral scene plus a crowning (which is ten seconds long BTW)), it has also added more issues on top of it. It is now, for example, rated-R. When I heard about that I thought it was interesting, but the execution of it sucks. Basically, the only scenes and shots that features (CG) blood, are the added scenes. So that right there, creates a huge difference in tone throughout the film. It also features a horrendously over-the-top death scene for Alfrid that was cringe-worthy at best. It also features even more over-the-top Legolas action sequences. I also feel that the score for the entire Hobbit trilogy is at least a tad disappointing. It's still really good, but when you compare it to what might be the greatest soundtrack in film history, it falls a little flat. Can't blame that on Howard Shore though, since it takes great scenes to make great music, and I guess there just weren't enough great material to compose for. But even though I have issues with the trilogy (and the fact that it even was a trilogy in the first place, when it really should have been two films), in particularly The Battle of the Five Armies, I still worship at the altar of Peter Jackson. The fact that the entire trilogy was rushed as hell, to the point of it shooting without a finished script, forcing them to wing certain scenes on set, and it still worked fine as popcorn entertainment is a true testament to how talented and experienced Jackson really is. And I feel bad, real bad for him. Imagine the amount of crap he has to take from some people, who have no idea what went on behind the cameras. Some people compare him to George Lucas, but I feel like that is an unfair comparison, since Lucas had a decade to plan out his trilogy, whereas Jackson had a few months to finish pre-production while suffering from a perforated stomach ulcer with a bankrupt studio forcing them into production without a finished script. Anyways, that's my little rant on this whole situation.

What's your thoughts on The Hobbit trilogy?

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saddler16 on 1/27/2016 Reply  · 

I can't think of any crossovers I'd live to see. Let's just go with Star Wars and Lord of the Rings haha. That'd be beyond epic.

I'd say DeNiro and Pesci are probably my favorite actor pair. They were great together in Goodfellas and even better in Raging Bull. I still really need to see Casino. Another pairing I like is Redford and Newman, but I've only seen Butch and Sundance. I really need to see The Sting, which is your profile pic right?

I guess I haven't seen Nic Cages acclaimed work like Adaption, Kick Ass and, I think Leaving Las Vegas? I've enjoyed him in everything I've seen though. He was great in Raising Arizona and, kinda sorta made the horrendous Ghost Rider watchable. I wonder why he picks these awful roles because he really is a great actor, he must have a weird sense of humor.

There aren't too many genres I actively dislike. Most horror is recycled crap so I'd probably go with that, but stuff like The Babadook, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil and It Follows are great ones. Have you seen any of those movies I mentioned?

How were Beasts of No Nation and Gangs of New York?

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TommyDoyle78 on 1/27/2016 Reply  · 

Man, sorry for the late reply, but the phone version of this site is pure shit. I can't even add movies!
Btw, what are your thoughts on Escape from New York/L.A., and Big Trouble in Little China?

I've watched a few more Bill Murray movies these days (Scrooged, Groundhog Day, Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and Broken Flowers). They're all pretty good, except for Broken Flowers. That movies was shitty bore. Groundhog Day is probably the only one that'll join my top 100. Such a top notch movie.
Out of the Coen movies, I've watched only True Grit. I loathed it. But I love the original. As it's my #11. I'll watch Big Lebowski and Fargo as soon as possible though.

Did you already watched The Force Awakens? It's my 6th favorite Star Wars. I'm not really a Star Wars geek. Except if liking only the original and Empire, and taking Avatar over the rest means being a Star Wars geek.

Ash vs. Evil Dead is actually as good as the movies. It isn't The Evil Dead nor Army of Darkness but it's a very very very fun series. Hm, I want to watch Fargo right after the movie.
I haven't watched The Office American (some said Steve Carell was fun as fuck). But I've watched most of the UK version, and it's like a depressive version of the series, while US version seems to be the funnier version.
Among my favorite TV characters, there are Old Ash (haha, he's still as epic), Barney Stinson, Dr. House, the killer from Friday the 13th series, and the Ghostface from the Scream series. You?

I never really finished watching a artsy movie, like Ikiru, because, man, they are boring. But after the Last Action Hero reference, I want to watch The Seventh Seal. I'm not really into that kind of movie though.

Did you enjoy games?
And if so, what are some of your favorite games?
I really enjoy Five Nights at Freddy's (the anthology), Resident Evil, Silent Hill and lol, I still playing games like Kirby and Super Mario Bros.

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Wade92 on 1/28/2016 Reply  · 

Rorschach is my favorite Watchmen character as well. He's such a complex character and he's just fascinating every time he's on screen. Watchmen is very complex in general I guess. That's one thing I love about the film (and the novel) is that it feels like a fully established world that these characters inhabit. You know the backstory to most of the characters and it feels like the characters exist beyond the story that we are seeing.

I agree, the Harry Potter films were good adaptations. Yeah, that was odd that they left Wormtail so open ended. It was a big moment for character so it's pretty surprising that was left out. I'm not sure if there is a whole lot I wish they would have included in the films. A couple little things that always bugged me is that they never reveal the inventors of the Marauder's Map, I don't think Harry ever learns that information in the films, and how Harry gets that piece of broken glass. I know how it happens from the books but just for the sake of the films it bugs me how it's just suddenly there haha

If you had to guess, which house do you think you would be sorted in to at Hogwarts?

The X-Men films are pretty good as well. I liked the older ones but I'm loving the newer ones. The first two were solid films and did a big part in bringing about the modern resurgence of the comic book films. I thought The Last Stand was a step down but not terrible. X-Mean Origins...yikes! But First Class, The Wolverine and Days of Future Past have all been fantastic. Especially Days of Future Past which is by far my favorite X-Men film. Who is your favorite X-Men character in the films? Mine would probably be Fassbender's portrayal of Magneto.

That's interesting about Tom in Interstellar. That could have been very interesting if Tom was his more traditional brother.

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saddler16 on 1/31/2016 Reply  · 

I was completely with you on Beasts of No Nation. I was really tired when I saw it, and the accents were so hard to understand I just didn't bother with it.

I really liked The Verdict. The story was pretty good but where it really shone was in the acting. Like I said in my review, that's the best performance I've ever seen.

I'm not sure how films will be in 100 years. I just hope they don't all become 100% politically correct, which is the way it seems things are going now. don't get me wrong, I'm against racism, sexism and the like but I think movies should still portray how things in real life are, and they're not always pretty.

I like futures like Blade Runner, Children of Men and Mad Max: Fury Road but I don't think I'd like to live there haha.
What're your favorite sci-fi's ans sci-fi worlds?

How was Mulholland Drive?

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saddler16 on 1/31/2016 Reply  · 

And 8 1/2 ?

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Wade92 on 1/31/2016 Reply  · 

Well you're not alone because I would probably end up in Hufflepuff as well. I've taken a few quizzes over the years and it always comes back with that answer. I don't really match any of the strong qualities of the other houses either but I guess I do have dedication, patience and loyalty that falls under Hufflepuff.

Let's flip the question: is there anything in the books that you were glad were left out or changed for the films? Personally, I'm really glad they left out the character of Peaves entirely. I've never liked that character in the books haha I'm also glad they borrowed certain Dobby plot points and gave them to Neville. Dobby is fine and all I just like that Neville was given more central moments in the film. On a side note, I also wish they would have included the parallel's between Neville and Harry in the films. They never really go into how Voldemort had to choose between Neville and Harry and really picked his own destiny. I just think it would have been yet another cool layer to the films.

Yeah, I'm not super crazy about the bone claws in the films either. It just seems odd. In the comic books it was handled a lot better. Magneto rips the adamantium from his body in an excruciating process that would have killed anyone else and pretty much leaves him for dead. Somehow, Logan is able to piece his body back to together and he becomes much more of a wild man and the bone claws accentuate that. I don't know, I think that could have been a cooler storyline for the films if it was handled that way.

Good question, Magneto or Nightcrawler would probably be mine. The idea of controlling all things metal or being able to teleport anywhere are very intriguing for me.

I liked The Apartment quite a bit. I really liked the story and I thought cast all did a fine job. I believe this was my third Billy Wilder film following The Spirit of St. Louis and Double Indemnity. The Apartment would be number three on that short list for me but it was still a great film. I heard that film was pretty racy at the time and I can only imagine. I guess Fred MacMurray was hit in the face by some lady because she despised his character choice. Apparently, she took her kids to see The Apartment since he was typically a nice noble man in films not knowing what The Apartment was about haha

How is Platoon? I plan on watching that one soon.

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TommyDoyle78 on 2/2/2016 Reply  · 

Just like you, I'm not really into Escape from LA. Some bad effects, and a ridiculous, over-the-top plot. A few redeeming features are both Russell and Carpenter. As you may have noticed, I'm a huge fan of both. I'm probably a Carpenterian. But I'd put Escape from L.A. on Jurassic Park 3, and Indiana Jones 4 level. Maybe better than Spider-Man 3, or Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, but that's it.
Escape from New York isn't any masterpiece, but it's nice watching a intense, atmospheric flick with both the Bad-Ass Puppet, the Old Puppet and the Puppet Master. But what I like more about NY is Kurt Russell & Donald Pleasence. Because their characters (on The Thing, and Halloween respectively) were a few reasons I started to love Carpenter films. Another great aspect: Snake Plissken development. One of the greatest characters ever. And "the bad". "THE BAD" is pretty good, one of the best characters on the movie.
Big Trouble in Little China was in my earlier top 10. It stayed here until December from 2015 I guess. The only reason I really loved it, I guess is because I didn't expected it to be the Thing, or Halloween, but a little messy fun movie. A good parody, but dragged in the ending though...

Actually, I looked at my watch-list, and, except for True Grit, every movie directed by them are there. Now, talk about True Grit. Why it's the only Coen movie I've watched? Easy question. Look at my top 20. Or at my 60s top list. And you'll find the why. I've watched the 1969 one just because it's on the TV when I woke up. I'm was thinking "nice, it was a Oscar nominated, and very acclaimed recent western". So, what? I've watched the movie. But, I've noticed it was John Wayne one. But ya know what? It was the MOST amazing movie I've ever seen. I'm still grateful to TCM.
I super recommend it.
How are the Coen ones you've watched btw? Any recommendations?

I'm pretty sure you'll love The Hateful Eight if you watch it before being spoiled. Apart from Quentin Tarantino usual stuff, (amazing direction, amazing screenplay, amazing Sam Jackson), there's also a great Jennifer Jason Leigh turn, a great Kurt Russell, a really good Walton Goggins, and a atmospheric Tim Roth. Also, there's one of the greatest plot twists from Tarantino movies. Setting was fantastic, as was atmosphere. I mean, Kurt Russell, AND Sam Jackson were trapped in a place where they can't trust anyone? Dream movie, especially for a huge The Thing and Tarantino fan.
The Hateful Eight takes it place on my top 20, and makes Sam Jackson the greatest non-white actor of all time in my opinion. I mean, he's always there. And he's always pretty badass. In my top 20, he got a total of 4 movies!
Huge fan of him.

Did you read Sherlock Holmes books? "The Hound of the Baskervilles" is great masterpiece. Its atmosphere still working pretty well.
Btw, what are your thoughts on comic books?
I really used to enjoy The Walking Dead ones.
Daredevil: Born Again (man, Frank fuckin' Miller), Army of Darkness vs. Marvel Zombies, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Secret Wars, Watchmen, and Sin City were among my favorite. As well as the 60s Stan Lee ones.
Every Stan Lee comic book is a masterpiece.
Btw, which one you prefer, Marvel or DC?
I'm on the Marvel (at least, comic book ones), Super Mario Bros, Freddy Krueger, and Foxy team.

Yep, I kinda enjoyed Ricky Gervais, but the series still pretty...odd...
Hm, nice question. Muppets Most Wanted is childish dogshit. I hope James Bobin stop trying at making these movies. The 2011 is mediocre, but surprisingly fun. I actually started to like Jason Segel. But man, Most Wanted is only shit. The old ones (like from 70-80s) were definitely the peak of the Muppets movies. If you haven't watched The Muppets Take Manhattan or the 1979 one, you must watch the 1979 one. It's almost pure brilliance, when you think it's a child movie. Loved the cameos. Orson Welles was nice, Mel Brooks was fun, and Steve Martin was lesser, but fun. The old western segment was really good. They killed it on Muppets Takes Manhattan though. It's definitely the peak of these movies. You take The Muppet Movie plus Frank Oz plus 80s sense of fun, and you'll get the most nostalgic movie you can. Nice movie if you like the Muppets. These Muppets movies were little segments of fun, so they can be messy, but they're good. Tim Curry in Muppet Treasure Island, was pretty much like Foxy in Five Nights at Freddy's, lol.

I'm definitely a gamer btw. I love the old ones (I'm still playing Kirby, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario Bros...), and the newer ones. I love Dark Souls (the trilogy), Max Payne, Resident Evil (whole series), Silent Hill (whole series), Five Nights at Freddy's, Halo, Battlefield, Angry Birds, Call of Duty, Alien Isolation, Lego Jurassic Park, even in enjoyment with games like Transformice and Minecraft, but these are shitty. Btw, only one of those games make me cry so hard...
*maybe there are spoilers ahead*
...Five Nights at Freddy's had a so simple gameplay, but yet, a so sad and moving story. In the second game: "Save Them!" -"You Can't". And then, the end from Five Nights at Freddy's 3. "You saved them. They're free now." Well, I admit. I cried so hard that I looked like the Puppet from the 2nd game, haha. Nice game anyways.

I'm addicted to the horror genre in fact.
There are the haters, the average fans, the fan, the huge fans, the fanatics, and the addict ones. Well, I'm on the "addict ones team". Horror movies, horror books, horror games, horror comics, horror series...I love all of them.

Hm, recommendations...
Looks you haven't watched any Scream, nor the Nightmare on Elm Street, nor the Friday the 13th, nor Halloween sequels, nor the Hills Have Eyes or The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
Well, you'll probably enjoy Scream. I LOVED it. Its 111 minutes were perfect. The climax was a intense really scary 42 minutes of pure horror. 15 minutes of it were focused on that little girl from E.T. and they're fantastic. And there is Sidney attack, that opens the doors to the teen shit. But, actually, you really cared for the teen shit.
Scream 2 and 4 were mediocre sequels though. You did only care for the characters. And it's such a intense atmosphere. But Scream 3 was a minor guilty pleasure. The only problem is that it becomes what it was originally parodying.
A Nightmare on Elm Street - mostly for horror fans. 2, 3, 6, and 7 were underrated. But you'll only enjoy them if you ignore their problems. 3, and 7 were really scary, true horror gems. 2 was one of these minor sequels from 80s, but fun nonetheless. And was little, a short movie, based on Freddy Krueger son. Freddy Krueger battle in the ending was epic, super fun. And ended the series pretty well.
Friday the 13th: love the meta humor in 6, and gotta love the first atmosphere & plot twist. Apart from them, FvJ was one of the only good things in both series.
If you liked A Nightmare on Elm Street, and if you'll gave Scream a chance, you'll like The Hills Have Eyes. But it's another one where you need to ignore the problems, and be patient, because the movie start pretty slow, but when it's going, IT'S going. Seemed like a low budget The Thing in the desert. Btw, don't watch The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Friendly warning. Look at my bottom list.
Have you watched Saw or The Exorcist?

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Nils98 on 2/3/2016 Reply  · 

I really like Fargo season 1. It fit perfectly in with the film in terms of tone. I didn't really love the finale though. Felt kinda rushed in my opinion.

Sure there are characters I'm really annoyed by. Half the cast from The Walking Dead for example. Laurel from Arrow (Felicity in season 3 as well). But I don't really watch a lot of television that I don't like; where I doesn't like almost all of the characters. I stopped watching Gotham after two episodes for example, and I stopped watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D after one.

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saddler16 on 2/6/2016 Reply  · 

I really like how movies like 2001:A Space Odyssey and Blade Runner explore the themes of life, where it came from and where it's going and what it means to be a human.

I haven't seen either of those but I wanna see both. I might watch Mulholland Drive soon.

The only thing I've seen from Lynch is Blue Velvet, which was great. I loved how it explored the phoniness and dark-side of suburban America, as well as human nature. Everything starts out clean and innocent but by the end you just feel dirty. It's great.

***Snowpiercer spoilers***

Where else are you gonna find a movie that has bleak nihilism, great action, dark comedy, axe fights(that they take a break from to celebrate the new year), axe fights in the dark, sushi bars, a sniper battle, a jazz lounge, a gunfight in a sauna and (like you said) ballsy enough to kill off a lot of the main characters? It was great. Original as hell and gives you a lot to think about when it's over.

***End of Spoilers***

I'm still not sure what I think about Burn After Reading. I had fun watching it but it never really seemed like it got started, I was never really sure what it was about. Maybe that was the point, I dunno. I still enjoyed it and I'll probably like it even more on a rewatch.

What do you think of the Coen's?

How did you like Juno? That's one of my all-time favorites!

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Wade92 on 2/7/2016 Reply  · 

Interesting...I feel like there a few different supporting actors that I like but one that's springing to mind right now is Shea Whigam. He's just a guy that I started noticing popping up in quite a few different films. He usually has pretty small parts but I think he's a pretty decent actor and it's always fun seeing him show up in films. I think that would kind of be a fun job to have a bunch of small roles like that. If I could have steady work playing small roles in good films with big stars that would be a really awesome gig.

I remember hearing stories of how poorly Tom Felton and the other Slytherin cast members tend to be treated in public haha That's horrible how people can do that. Oh yeah, I've always really liked the character of Draco. He's definitely among my favorite Potter characters.

Now I hate that character haha! She is definitely among my least favorite characters in the series. But like you said she is still a good character.

Professor Quirrell was always a character that kind of irked me as well. Not really sure why, just something about him.

Glad to hear you liked Platoon, looking forward to seeing it. I have seen a few Vietnam films dealing directly to the war as well as ones that are grouped into Vietnam related films such as American Gangster, Watchmen, Days of Future Past and JFK. Here are the directly related ones that I've seen:

Apocalypse Now: Tremendous film. That iconic flight of the valkyries scene is thrilling every time.

Forrest Gump: Much more than just a Vietnam war film but still a very memorable portion of the film. I love the part when Lt Dan is telling Bubba to tuck in his lip so it doesn't get caught in a trip wire haha

Full Metal Jacket: Without a doubt among my favorite Kubrick films. The first portion of the film is stronger than the second but is still a very strong film overall.

Good Morning, Vietnam: The perfect vehicle for the late Robin Williams with a role he could really run with. The intensity of his performance was electric and you could just feel the energy he was giving off.

We Were Soldiers: I've always liked this film ever since my class watched it in a high school history class. Kind of an overlooked war film in general in my opinion.

I plan on checking out The Deer Hunter and Rescue Dawn at some point soon as well.

Have you seen many Vietnam films?

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saddler16 on 2/14/2016 Reply  · 

Everything in Juno just comes together beautifully for me. The script is fantastic, the story and all the twists and turns it takes are great, and the characters are insanely likeable. It's one of those movies I could watch over and over again.

Super, didn't really work for me. Dwight Schrute was great in it, but the dark-comedy felt off, Ellen Page annoyed me, and the ending just came outta nowhere and made no sense. There were a few parts that I laughed pretty hard at, but overall I was disappointed.

Inside was great, not my favorite Pixar movie, but still great. The story was very original and well thought out, the world of Riley's mind was fun to explore, even though it got repetitive with them trying to get back, and failing... then trying to get back, and failing. The most annoying part was Amy Poehler, I can't stand her. Her hyper-ness just annoys me to no end.

Kingsman was pretty average for an action movie. The action scenes were very well done, especially the church scene, but the story felt very bland and cliché. Another thing that annoyed me was how much he took his time at the end when the world was pretty much ending. Hurry up, dude!

How was Star Wars and Deadpool?

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Wade92 on 2/18/2016 Reply  · 

I watched The Deer Hunter the other night and I'm still not quite sure how I feel about it. I mean I can definitely tell that it's a good film but I still have mixed feelings. I really liked how it took a realistic approach to the physical and emotional scars that the war left on them. It was kind of hard to watch all that suffering but that meant the filmmakers were right on the money with what they were trying to do. Maybe part of my mixed feelings comes from always hearing this being compared to The Godfather. I've loved The Godfather since before I seriously got into movies but I didn't see all the hype around this one is all. Maybe time will change my opinion as it tends to from time to time.

Awesome, glad you liked it. Yeah, I love The Force Awakens. I just saw it for the third time in theaters over the weekend and it still holds up just as good as the first time for me. I love all the new characters as well, especially Kylo Ren and Rey. That lightsaber duel was badass! I've loved Star Wars since I was a young kid but after a few different viewings this is probably my favorite one which would have absolutely shocked me if you told me this months before the movie came out. What did you think of the ending? A lot of people seem to be disappointed by that aspect but I thought it was perfect. It leaves you wanting more and makes you think of all the exciting possibilities of where the story could go.

I just saw Deadpool last night. I didn't quite know what to expect from it but Fox has been on a roll with X-Men films of late and I thought this one was quite good as well. I've only read a little bit of Deadpool in the comics but I thought they nailed the characterization perfectly. Ryan Reynolds was born to play that role (this new version that is haha) Overall, I really liked the movie and don't really have any major gripes with it. Plus we share the same name so that's cool haha

Do you think Deadpool will end up crossing over with the X-men films at some point? The film was very self-aware so it will be interesting if they try pull that off.

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saddler16 on 2/19/2016 Reply  · 

Can't think of too many movie tropes that annoy me besides the basic ones like all the stupid stuff teens do in horror movies.

My top 3 Star Wars characters would be Rey, Fin and Kylo-Ren. Kylo was my favorite, such a badass and complex villain.

Sideways was pretty good. It had characters I could connect with and the story was pretty good, even if it didn't really go anywhere. They drank sooo much wine though, haha!

I'm not a die-hard Deadpool fan but I like the character. I can't remember how, but a few years ago I was really into the ItsJustSomeRandomGuy channel on YouTube, and he did a lot of stuff with Deadpool. I haven't read much of his comics besides Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, which was a fun read.
I saw the Deadpool movie and, honestly, I was disappointed. They nailed the costumes and the character, but the story felt very generic, like something you'd see outta the MCU. Maybe I'm too tough on it but I just didn't enjoy it as much as I should have.

How was The Conversation and Hard 8?

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TommyDoyle78 on 2/22/2016 Reply  · 

Hey man, sorry for the late reply, I'm was a bit too busy during the week because school's back.

Btw, I've bought No Country for Old Men. It looks pretty good. Everyone is pretty much saying it's one of the best movies ever. Even though it's still quite recent, and I'm not familiar with the Coens movies, I hope I'll love it. If so, I'll once more follow your recommendations, and I'll watch Fargo. (And then there is the series)

Hey man, that's nice! I'm from New Zealand, even though now I'm living on USA. Anyways, when it comes TO Movies/Books stores, it looks pretty poor. There was the absence of great classics, even Shakespeare, and Agatha Christie as far as I'm can remember. Anyways, even here, it's pretty hard to find a good classic, but there's always one. Just try to search The Hound of the Baskervilles, and if you get it, and I'm pretty sure you'll love it!

I need to agree about Marvel Comic Books and MCU movies. There's complete difference. Being a huge fan of the comics myself I can't really gave it a 6/10. Maybe 6,5/10 is the highest rating. Actually, there's some depth, they're really deep, fun, and not just well written, but also well drawn (John Romita Jr is just fantastic, a real god, his drawings alone are a lot better than anything Joss Whedon ever done on the MCU). Also, Civil War is a long (LONG) Marvel saga. Definitely one of the best, well-written, well-drawn, some depth, just like the "Terminator 2" of the comics. Now, they're going to do a movie about this. Don't get me wrong, I liked The Winter Soldier, but it pales in comparison with the comics.
1960-70s was a really good age, with a unique spirit, that movie adaptations (cough cough Fantastic Four cough cough) never really get. Maybe not the golden age, but it's up there. Stan Lee is The man.
1980-90s IS the golden age. Thor is still something filler, but it's when even Hulk gets fantastic stories (not even that Rulk crap). Maybe X-Men was a step back, but anyways it's deeper, and had a better social commentary. Fantastic Four also was a bit worse than the Stan Lee stories, but that's all about being less fun, but mindful. Your perfect sci-fi comics.
Well, there's the 2000-10s. They're still as good, but there are too much crap. Not bad, but not fantastic. There's still the ambitious (Army of Darkness vs. Marvel Zombies, lol), the fun, the ugly, and most definitely the masterpieces.
Anyways, I agree; I'm most familiar to Marvel characters than DC's.
A guy with a twisted history called Mr. Fantastic or a dumb character with nothing too interesting at all called Plastic Man? It's your choice!

Btw, Minecraft is the only free sandbox that I feel doesn't suck. Yes, mod packs are the most playable way. I love the Lucky/Unlucky box mod. There's also Bad Piggies, but when it is compared to Angry Birds, it sucks.
Anyways, I know what you're meant to with all these new games.
I highly recommend FNAF if you're in enjoyment with strategy/puzzle games. Well, you're always in a office, so it can bore you sometimes (unless if you're trying to beat Golden Freddy on 2, but...). I didn't recommend to read the fandom stuff (really, it'll frustrate you), but turn your brain off, watch the animatronics, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I'm sure there's a free demo.

Hm, I'm pretty sure I've watched every Muppet movie. But there's a rule to my chart; I'll not add a movie unless I've watched it from the very start to the ending, or I can really remember most from it.
What about you?

Hm, I'm pretty sure you'll dislike The Exorcist.
If the movie was just as scary as its reputation...

Btw, I hardly can hand a Saw movie. It's not a horror movie, it's disgusting and sick torture porn movie. Maybe, there's also some disgusting movies (I looking at you, The Evil Dead) that are good, and also sick ones, but Saw isn't one of them.

What are your thoughts on 12 Angry Men? It was a classic, but I need to re-watch it.

Btw, I've never heard from Circle, only from Cube.
But anyways, Circle looks pretty good. I'll try to watch it soon.

So bad Star Wars is turning into "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Rocky" kind of series. Too much sequels, too much crap. Star Wars 4 was excellent filmmaking, but George Lucas puts a few crap on it already. Same goes to Empire. So, there's 6, 1, 2, and 3, and everything is needless to say. 7...was fun, very fun. But it's getting over praised Imo. It's just fun grab-cash rehash. Star Trek was already rehash, would Star Wars be different?

Hm, I never really tried to get into Letterboxd, but it seems like a pretty good website. Flickchart isn't bad, but it isn't flawless, so I know what you mean. Also, I'm just a bit too busy to start a new account right now. But I'll try it. My username is probably going to be something like "Username" or something.
What's your username on Letterboxd?

It's definitely a coincidence, because my pic on YouTube is always the game that I was playing on the moment.
So did you enjoy YouTube at all?
Imo, PewDiePie and Markiplier are way too childish.
But YouTube is a very very very good site. I've just watched a few movies there.

Hm, you have been watching a few "classics" in the past days. What are your thoughts on them?

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Wade92 on 2/23/2016 Reply  · 

I was kind of hoping for more scenes of combat in Vietnam but I've got to give the film props for focusing on the effects the war has on the characters rather than just the war itself. When I think about it there are plenty of films showing the war itself so the creative choices on this film really help it stand out and offer a different perspective.

One film that I've come to dislike over time is the live action Scooby Doo film from 2002. I used to like it as a kid but watching it now, it just gets on my nerves haha I've also come to dislike most of the MCU films over time as well. I enjoyed them alright when I was first starting to get into movies but I now I just see fluff when I watch them for the most part now.

One film that comes to mind for admiring more than liking is Deliverance. I understand its status as a classic (somewhat haha) but I can't really say I entirely enjoyed the film myself. Do you have any films like that?

Yeah, hopefully Fox has enough sense to utilize the character the right way in the future. Upon further reflection of the film, I'm really surprised with the overwhelming praise the film is getting. I mean it was a good time at the movies but I think there are much better comic book films out there. I don't have major problems with the film as it stands but I still wish they would have done more with it...and maybe cut back on some of the jokes a bit as odd as that sounds haha comic character I've really liked is Moon Knight and I think he could be adapted into a pretty interesting film. Very similar to Batman except he has three different personalities. In fact it would be cool to see a well done film of the Marvel Knights where Spider-Man, Daredevil, Moon Knight, Doctor Strange and Iron Fist team together to fight the underworld of crime and take down the Kingpin like they did in the "Ultimate" Marvel books.

Is Touch of Evil worth checking out? I've been kind of interested in seeing that one.

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saddler16 on 2/28/2016 Reply  · 

Favorite PTA character would be John C. Reily in Magnolia. Y'know, the cop. I can't think of what the characters name is right now, but I found him very easy to relate to. I saw a lot of myself in him. Plainview is awesome as well.

I loved Mulholland Drive. It was brilliant film-making. Throughout the film you always feel like something is just a little bit off, you're just not sure what. The biggest problem I had were the love scenes. They felt very out of place and gratuitous. The rest of the movie felt pretty innocent, but out of nowhere comes these extremely explicit scenes. Ah well, maybe they were meant to be jarring, and I guess they made sense in light of the last 20 minutes.

High and Low was fan-frikkin'-tastic. I loved every minute of it. The first half reminded me of Rear Window, and the last half reminded me of Se7en. What more could you want? If I had one problem it would be that the transition between the first and second half was a bit jarring, since they were so different tonally, but I got sucked back into the story in no time.

I've really liked everything I've seen from Kurosawa so far. If I had to rank them, I'd go like this here:
1. High and low
2. Seven Samurai
3. Ikiru
4. Yojimbo
5. Sanjuro
Like I said, I've enjoyed all of 'em. I'm sure I'll like Yojimbo more on a rewatch. I still really wanna see Ran and Rashomon.

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Wade92 on 3/1/2016 Reply  · 

Oh, there are definitely a few films that I often hear are great even though I can't say I agree. Pan's Labyrinth, District 9, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Mrs. Doubtfire, Avatar, The Blair Witch Project, Blazing Saddles and E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial are ones that come to mind. How about yourself?

I've really enjoyed all of the trailers for Batman v Superman. I will say the third one they released was the weakest but I didn't dislike it. At least I think it's the third one...anyways the one everyone thought gave away too much. I'm really digging the latest trailer with Batman taking out all of those men at the beginning. Can't wait to see some more of that. Hopefully the film lives up to the hype.

Cool, I'll have to try check out Touch of Evil sometime.

Mulholland Drive was...interesting to say the least. Probably the most bizarre film that I have ever seen and I can honestly say that I don't have a clue what the heck was going on. I was exhausted when I was watching it so I think that didn't help. I feel like I should try watch it again sometime in the next couple weeks to see if I view it differently. It was kind of one of those films where I couldn't quite make sense of what was going on but yet I could tell this was a work of art. Do you have any interpretations of the film because I am quite at a loss at the moment haha

What did you think of the Donner Superman film? How do you think it compares to modern superhero films?

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TommyDoyle78 on 3/1/2016 Reply  · 

I know what you're meant for. I'm not that old, but I'm not that young. Anyways, my chart highest mark was 359 mainly because I can't recall correctly a few movies. Just like Escape from LA, or the Monty Python movies, that I've watched in my 13 or 14s, I guess.
The mine would be higher than 600 if I've included these.

I'll watch 12 Angry Men as soon as possible. It seems like H8, excepts it's courtroom, and H8 is more like a horror thriller. Anyways, this movie had me at "all about people talking in a room".
Btw, have you just watched "Murder on the Orient Express" ? I'm interested to watch it. Huge fan of the book, huge "Clue" fan.

I'm not really into Star Wars anymore. The Empire Strikes Back quit my top 10. Good, fun franchise, yes, but I agree, most of them are shit, Space Junk.

I'll create my Letterboxd account on Saturday! I'm a bit busy with school, but I'll see what's it's like. I already loved the design.

Oh, damn, YouTube was a bit better a past years ago. I still quite enjoy the site though. I like to see interviews. Just like the H8 one where Kurt Russell sits on Jennifer Leigh chair, haha!
Btw, if you play FNAF, give me your thoughts. The first one is pretty boring. I love to play FNAF2 at "Golden Freddy" mode.
There's a movie in production. I haven't watched all that much video game movies (except for Mario, Resident Evil, and Mortal Kombat I guess - still want to watch Silent Hill and Street Fighter), but my expectations were really low. I liked Mortal Kombat, but it's pretty terrible, just like any video game movie. What are your thoughts on videogame movies?

I still, shameless, haven't watched King Kong. But I want to since its reference on "Inglourious Basterds".

Ed Wood...I have watched a bit of it. As far as I'm can remember it was the best Tim Burton movie I've watched. Plan 9 was really fun, even though it isn't good, I also appreciate it.

I'm not really into Chaplin work. It's good, but it's just way too on the slapstick side Imo - first of all, I hate comedy. So, yes, I hate even more slapstick. Humor was good as well, but I'm not into slapstick.
What are your thoughts on Chaplin body of work?

Both, Ex Machina and No Country for Old Men, were awesome.
I loved Ex Machina explanation of artificial intelligence, I've also liked the mystery, and enjoyed Alicia Vikander (oh, really enjoyed!), and what happened to her.
No Country was amazing, and now I want to watch more Coens' movies. So, Lebowski and Fargo are their best, right?

What did you think of True Grit and Superman?

Oh, and what are your thoughts on the late Academy Awards?

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Wade92 on 3/6/2016 Reply  · 

I still can't wrap my head around Mulholland Drive haha but maybe that's what the film is supposed to do for the viewer. Disloyalty could definitely be a theme present in the film. If I had to throw out a guess I would maybe say a question of one's identity and how people want to perceive themselves? I really don't know haha

I haven't seen any other David Lynch films at this time and after the the punch in the face that was Mulholland Drive I'm not sure if I'll rush to see any more of his films anytime soon. Maybe someday though.

That's one thing I miss is that superhero films don't really stand on their own anymore. I wish they would focus more on being great films that are able to stand on their own rather than always trying to build toward something. The constant teases and buildups is growing quite tiresome when payoffs are tough to come by.

It's been many years since I've seen the original Reeves Superman films. When I watched them as a kid I thought they were just ok. I always liked the Keaton Batman films a lot more when I was a kid. Maybe I would appreciate them more now as an adult and more of a film lover in general. I never saw the third or fourth films but I actually didn't mind Superman Returns from 2006. Not a perfect film but that was probably my favorite Superman film until Man of Steel hit the scene. Man of Steel was the first time I connected with Superman as a character and the darker take is just what I was waiting for.

Lifeboat was another solid Hitchcock film. I wouldn't put it among his best but it still was a good film to watch. I liked how the whole film took place on that lifeboat and the film was driven by the characters.

Network was...meh. I thought it had an interesting concept but it just didn't really interest me as much as I was hoping.

What did you think of The Outlaw Josey Wales? Any thoughts on Clint Eastwood as an actor and director?

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TommyDoyle78 on 3/10/2016 Reply  · 

I also really into whodunit, except if they have 3 different endings. I highly recommend Clue! It's a comedy masterpiece. Curry was hilarious per usual. It sits at my top 20.
What are the whodunit movies you have watched?

I like Mortal Kombat, but it's a bit on the "Miss Side".
One dimensional characters, bad development, and dumb everything.
I mean, it's really way too dumb and cheesy.
It's still 7/10 to me, as well as Wreck-It Ralph.
I've watched a bit of the Resident Evil movie, and it was pretty fun. Can't really stand the replacement of bad-ass guys with hot women though.
Btw, Warcraft is pretty much Lord of the Rings-esque.
The director is a good one, so I hope this movie will be good.

I have just watched O Brother, Where Art Thou? and it was amazing. It joined my top 100.
I'll try to do a "Coenthon" on this weekend.
And that is actually including Hail, Caesar!
Are you planning to watch it soon?

I know what you're meant for - I just don't watch cartoons anymore. I mean, Sponge Bob was a really good cartoon, and I still watch its older episodes, as well as Courage the Cowardly Dog.
But these new

I haven't watched none of the Buster Keaton movies. How is Sherlock Jr? Some say it's a masterpiece.

Btw, I'm turned a Peter Sellers fan after "Dr. Strangelove". He's the master of the slapstick.
A Shot in the Dark is also brilliantly handed, and his last movie, that was on the dramatic side, was really good.
I also love Tim Curry as well.

Hm, my favorite detectives are Jake Gittes and Sherlock Holmes. I really like a good detective story though.
What are your thoughts on Detective Movies?

I've just watched Room, and it's really amazing.
Brie Larson was fantastic, and Tremblay, Imo, was just not better than Sly.
Btw, DiCaprio was good in The Revenant, the movie scope was epic, and all, but in my opinion it was kinda average. Birdman is a much better movie, and character study overall.

Um, what I like the most about True Grit was its pure 60sinees, and how the hell it's campy.
I'm glad you've enjoyed it though!

I second your opinion on Superman though.
Yep, sadly there's only X-Men.
Anyways, Days of Future Past and First Class were awesome, and Deadpool was terribly good!
I hope Apocalypse will follow Days' steps.
Btw, I hope Hugh Jackman will REALLY do Wolverine till he die.

I'll agree with you about the silent ones; I mean, I'll laugh with the "Say What" scene from Pulp Fiction, or with a few 'Jurassic Park' lines that I find to be oddly funny, but I'm not really into humor-humor.

I have not much to complain about silent movies though, except maybe for the lack of noise, that can ruin a movie Imo.
I've watched 3 of the Chaplin movies, and I actually really like them, but they're not top 100-breakers Imo.

My favorite is The Great Dictator, followed by The Kid, and then City Lights.

I'm was kinda disappointed by City Lights ending, and Imo it's just a very uneven movie. I'm was kinda bored...
But The Kid is actually kind of a masterpiece.
I really liked the way it delivered, and I love Chaplin-Coogan relation.
The Great Dictator is a awesome satire, actually a really fun movie, though it's way too slapstick. It delivered in spades...

I want to watch The Gold Rush though.
Have you watched it?

Oh, and about Rocky sequels - they're mostly fun, nothing more, nothing less.
Nothing really like the first one, but if you're going to watch them, I hope you'll enjoy them!

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saddler16 on 3/12/2016 Reply  · 

Hmmm... can't think of many foreign directors I like. I wouldn't call Leone foreign. I need to check out Fellini and Godard, among others.

Team America was ok. I think it relied too heavily on the marionette-shtick, and a lotta the jokes were too heavy-handed. There were quite a few times I laughed pretty hard though.

Yes, I have watch the Twin Peaks show. I kinda quite after it revealed who the killer was, but overall I really like the show and would probably revisit it someday.

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Wade92 on 3/13/2016 Reply  · 

Yeah, the cameo thing in superhero films is rather boring for me personally. That's one thing I didn't like so much about the early X-Men films is that they were trying to show you as many cool characters as they could. Marvel Studios seems way too cameo driven and concerned with dropping in easter eggs than actually delivering films with substance that are worth rewatching and examining. I would much rather see films that could stand well on their own.

Clint Eastwood is definitely one of my favorites as well. I've enjoyed pretty much everything I've seen him in. Now there is a man who's had one great career. I agree that he is sometimes overlooked as a director. I wonder if part of that is because he releases and lot of films in a fairly short period of time. It seems like he does about one a year so his films don't tend to be quite the event that other directors have the benefit of since he releases films so often. I can't complain about that though haha I'm always happy to go see a new Eastwood film.

I was hoping to like Network more but it just didn't pan out that way. Oh well. I saw Spotlight as well and I will say that I really enjoyed that one. As for other Sidney Lumet films I've seen 12 Angry Men and Dog Day Afternoon. I enjoyed Dog Day and I thought 12 Angry Men was incredible. I still need to see Serpico. Have you seen a lot of his films?

I thought the academy awards were pretty good overall. I liked how the awards were spread around between the films for the most part. I was absolutely shocked that Mark Rylance won for Bridge of Spies. I was pulling for everyone but him haha He seems like a cool guy and all but I really didn't care for his performance. I also wish Sicario would have been nominated for more awards haha how about yourself?

I thought Red River was a decent enough film. It had good performances but I thought ending kind of fell flat on its face. It felt like the film was driving towards a certain moment and then...nothing. How do you feel about the ending?

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Wade92 on 3/23/2016 Reply  · 

I'm glad Leo won as well. He's had plenty of performances where he was more than deserving. I haven't seen Room yet but I really want to.

I remember being frustrated with the ending of Don Jon the first time I saw it but now I think it's perfect believe it or not. I guess I kind of missed the point of the film or was expecting something else with that first viewing. Revolutionary Road was another film where I don't care for the ending.

I'm not a big horror fan but I do really enjoy the classics. However, I thought the Babadook was a pleasant surprise among most of the garbage that is released today for horror films. I like how it stayed away from easy jump scares but rather cranked up the tension through its story and the situation the characters find themselves in. I hope they make more horror films like this in the future. What do you think of modern horror? What is your favorite horror film in general? Would it be The Shining as your list shows?

I liked Clerks a lot. I liked the low budget approach and how it felt like it could be real people at a real job. Some people see it as a flaw, but I liked how there wasn't a whole lot to the story. It felt much more real when it was just people talking about things rather than being a big grand cinematic adventure. The only other Kevin Smith film that I've seen is Zack and Miri but it's been quite a long time since I've seen it. I can't say I remember a whole lot about it. I'm planning on watching a few more Kevin Smith films in the near least his more popular ones. Have you seen any Kevin Smith films?

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TommyDoyle78 on 3/25/2016 Reply  · 

Hey man, sorry for the late reply; I've been on Melbourne this week, and it was all kinds of tiresome.

Charade is a really good movie! Cary Grant is brilliant per usual, and Audrey Hepburn was very good. The "Name" thing was fun as hell, haha. No mention to Cary Grant's face at the end, spectacular! What are your overall thoughts on Cary Grant?

Murder on the Orient Express was all good Imo. A awesome cast, and great building. Did you read Agatha Christie?
She's one of the best writers of all time! I really wanted to see what's her mind was like.

I'm glad you loved The Hateful Eight!
******spoilers ahead******
I've already watched it three times, (the normal one, the 176 minutes long, and the roadshow version) and I agree with pretty much everything you've said.
Loved everything, from the stagecoach scenes to the "Lincoln" letter being read.
The stagecoach scenes were perfect; beautifully shot, amazing performances, smart dialogue, and incredibly entertaining; Morriconne doing his job.
Then, we get to the Minnie's Headarbeshy (or something like that), and the movie finally starts. Michael Madsen, Tim Roth, Bruce Dern - all of them were perfect.
Jennifer Leigh completely impressed me.
Sam Jackson was all good.
Kurt Russell was awesome!
Th atmosphere was a bit over the top Imo (it reminded me of a horror movie), but overall the movie was fantastically intense. Really liked the unexpected factor.
Walton Goggins talking with Domergue; this scene was the shit.
The only thing I'm not really into was the Channing Tatum backstory.
My favorite character must be Sam Jackson, the Major Marquis Warren. The thing that I've most liked about Kurt Russell character was being so damn familiar, haha.

I've heard about it a lot of times...
Laughed my ass off at the gif, lol.

Clue is most definitely, but I've liked also Murder on the Orient Express and Death by Murder.
This subgenre is really underused...

In my opinion, X-Men Apocalypse is looking alike teenshit. I hope it'll be good though. But Jennifer Lawrence is going to steal the show, no doubt :/
I'd take Hugh Jackman over her, a thousand times.

What are your thoughts on the Alien franchise?
I've just beat Alien Isolation a few days ago!

Hail Caesar is all good. Really can't see the why of it being so much maligned. Just watch it before being spoiled! Tatum is actually doing these fantastic movies! Even though not a good actor, he showed some potential!
Jupiter Ascending was horrible though.

What is your least favorite Coens' movie?

The Usual Suspects was a good time, Kevin Spacey was pretty good per usual, but the movie felt kind of generic, and lacked something Imo. Twist was fresh, but kind of confusing.
What did you think of the Usual Suspects, and of Kevin Spacey overall?

I saw you're watching plenty of Wes Anderson movies.
What are your thoughts on them?

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Nils98 on 4/1/2016 Reply  · 

"It's good, but flickchart has it ranked way too high. I mean better than anything out of the 2010s, as well as Lawrence of Arabia and It's a Wonderful Life? C'mon.
Read more at".

Yeah, I agree. Better than Lawrence of Arabia and Inception? Don't think so. I find it a bit funny how films like Inception and even The Avengers, that both have higher percentages of times won than The Force Awakens, still are below The Force Awakens. I don't get it. Especially since this chart is definitely biased towards older films. Could say the same thing about Ghosbusters too, which I have never really seen in anyone's top 20, and yet is ranked #30 globally. Strange...

1 person liked this  √ 


Nils98 on 4/2/2016 Reply  · 

See, the thing too is that - at least I think - Return of the Jedi is also too high up. Look, I love Jedi, but man it sure's got some flaws that drags the movie down a bit. I mean, top 100; sure, but #7 ahead of The Godfather Part 2? Nah, not in my eyes at least.

And yeah, sure, Ikiru is too high on this chart as well in my opinion. It sure is a great film, but really think about it; when have you ever heard someone call Ikiru Kurosawa's best film, let alone ever even heard of it? I mean, Seven Samurai is a fairly recognizable film, but Ikiru? No one's heard of that. Doesn't mean that it doesn't deserve to be recognized though. But seriously, ask anyone for a Kurosawa film, the first film they will think of nine out of ten times will be Seven Samurai. And that's not only because it is Kurosawa's most famous film, but it's also because I think it's almost universally regarded as his best.

Yeah, I think they changed the algorithm in 2012. It became apparent that a lot of new films had an advantage since more people had seen them. I think The Dark Knight was #1 but that The Avengers overtook it, and that's around the time they changed it. I may be wrong, but at least that's what I've heard. I mean, I think it's solid that this site respects older films, but it almost seems like it has an opposite effect now. Like seriously, Inception should be in the top 30 now had they not introduced that little "barrier" of sorts that limits how high newer films can get. But I don't know, obviously the only thing that matters is what you yourself thinks of it. And yes, The Lord of the Rings trilogy all deserves at least top 50 spots, or probably even top 30. Maybe Fellowship and Return of the King in the top 30 and Two Towers in the top 50. Something like that.

I certainly think that The Lord of the Rings trilogy will be remembered as such, as well as most of Nolan's films. Maybe some other films like Whiplash and Mad Max as well. I mean there are a lot of films that will be remembered surely, it's just hard to say exactly which ones will hold up as some of the best ever.

Yeah, I loved The Force Awakens. It was just such a blast. Saw it three times in the theater and I loved it all three of those times. I thought that JJ and Kasdan had done such a wonderful job of translating that original trilogy magic in to the modern era. It certainly felt like a Star Wars film, which I felt that the prequels didn't do. I mean I think like all of the characters were great and worked. Like you, I was instantly hooked on Kylo Ren - he was just such a fascinating character - but I also loved Rey and Finn and Poe (and definitely BB-8). The script worked well, JJ's direction was excellent and the cinematography was stunning. The editing was fantastic as well as the pacing. I can honestly say that that first viewing of The Force Awakens was the best theater experience I've ever had. I was smiling through like 50 % of it. And you?

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Wade92 on 4/5/2016 Reply  · 

I love The Shining as well. I was blown away the first time I watched it and I am still just as impressed with it each time I revisit it. Such a brilliantly crafted film from start to finish.

Horror films all seem to blend together for me today. Nothing really seems iconic or stands out from the pack like they used back in the day. Part of what bothers me about some modern horror films is that they seem to have low production value but they still turn a profit. The thing I love about The Shining is that it stands perfectly on its own as a film rather than being just a horror movie. It seems to transcend the genre if you know what I mean.

I would have to say Norman Bates would be one of my favorite horror characters as well. Psycho is pretty much tied with The Shining for my favorite horror film. Michael Myers would be up there too, I've always loved that first Halloween film.

Christopher Nolan's first film, Following, would probably be my favorite low budget film. I love the non-linear format of how the story is told. The small cast all does a great job and keeps you guessing throughout the film. I also really like Reservoir Dogs but I don't really know if that counts as low budget or not. Any low budget films you realy enjoy?

I know I am in the minority but I think Batman v Superman is a good film...shocking I know haha I've seen it twice so far and I'll admit the first time I liked it but still left the theater with mixed feelings. I went again a few days later and I absolutely loved the film. I really enjoyed Man of Steel and I thought this was a perfect continuation of that story. Ben Affleck was fantastic as Batman and Henry Cavill was great once again as Superman. I will admit there is a lot going on in the film (maybe a little too much) but I thought the film felt much more focused with the second viewing once I had a understanding of where the story was going. Obviously, not everyone is going to like the film but I don't think it deserves the widespread hate it is getting. Personally, I can't wait to see more of the DC cinematic universe.

What did you think of American Graffiti?

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Nils98 on 4/7/2016 Reply  · 

I can't really think of that many films that I think is underrated. Maybe something like Shutter Island and Zodiac. Both excellent thrillers that deserve far more love than they get.

Well, yeah I saw The Force Awakens three times in the theater, so, I guess you could check that box for rewatchability. And we shouldn't even talk about the prequels. It just unnecessarily raises your pulse and makes you shake.

Holy hell; really, cameras?! That sure as damn doesn't seem legal. Should've told on them, haha. And yes, what kind of fucking parents bring their kids to an R-rated film? I mean, haven't they seen the posters or a TV-spot? It clearly says Rated-R there. Or the manager should've informed them or something.
Man, I seriously cannot remember a single bad theater experience (besides a few terrible films that is, but I assumed that they were excluded). Here in Sweden nobody dares to be disrespectful to each other during a showing. It's pretty awesome. You never hear any cheers or clapping either, which is for the better in my eyes. I don't want some jerk offs to muddle out the sound of the film I've paid to see.


Nope, still hanging in there (regarding The Walking Dead). And, yeah I did see the season 6 finale and....yeah. I mean, first Batman v Superman then this crapbox; I mean, seriously?! Like, I mean, I was into the first 20 minutes of the episode and the season as a whole apart from the two that came before it (Denise's death and that whole scene was laughably bad, as was the penultimate's cliffhanger. And I'm still frustrated by the Glenn cop-out). The next ten minutes started to drag a bit; the next 15 or so it really started getting on my nerves. I mean, first of all; Carol's reverse arc these past few episodes have been terrible. So, you're just going to take the most interesting character of the show and reset her back to weak, frail, season 1 Carol? Horrible decision. Second of all; her story line for the finale was extraneous if I ever saw it. Total, pointless filler. Why the fuck do you have a 60-minute finale, if you're going to stuff it with filler?! This decision escapes me as well. And then the Negan reveal; great reveal. Dean Morgan acted he hell out of those 12-or-so-minutes that he had. But the cliffhanger at the end, that the entire season had been building up towards, was a blatant fuck you to the fans if I ever saw one. Dreadful decision! I'm sure they are going to lose some viewers now. They had already begun losing some, and then this dropped. It'll be interesting to see what the ratings this fall will be. So in total, I may be done officially now. I may check in with the first 3-4 episodes, and they better hope that those episodes will be one of a kind (or three-to-four of a kind I guess), because if they're not, I don't think I want to waste anymore time watching it. I was close to the breaking point in season 4, but this is just too much. We'll see I guess.


And no - haven't seen Fargo season 2 yet, nor Better Call Saul season 2 yet. Planning to watch Daredevil season 2 now though. Now that, I am excited for. That and Game of Thrones - holy R'hllor, the 25th cannot come soon enough!

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TommyDoyle78 on 4/11/2016 Reply  · 

Ehh, Cary Grant disappeared in the same time that Sean Connery shined. That's because Grant refused to be James Bond. It would be curious. How's about Grant being Indy father on Indy 3? It kinds of got me, lol. What if...there's a lot of alternative universes? Just like a one where Indy 3 stars Ford and Grant, and not Connery. It seriously got me, at best.

Btw, I saw that you changed your name to Soda on Letterboxd. So this is real name or something?

Well, I'm actually seriously afraid about Apocalypse. Just look at X-Men, X2, The Last Stand. It's happening again, just with First Class, Days of Future Past, Apocalypse. I hope I'm wrong, Deadpool was a good movie. But then there's no Wolverine. Basically, Wolverine isn't the main element from the comics (despite being my nigga!), but anyways, he's one of the charm of the movies!

I've heard that there's a lot of influences on The Hateful Eight, and I'm planning on watching all of them, haha.
Stagecoach: check.

I'll be sure with you, I highly dislike Tatum. But I've used to also highly dislike Gosling, Cooney, and McConaughey, but now they're really good actors, so I hope same will happen to Tatum!

I saw a bit of Foxcatcher, and the acting was brilliant! Still don't had the chance to watch the entire thing though.

Btw, what are your favorite movies from the MCU actors?
Mine are:
Downey Jr. - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang/Chaplin
Jeff Bridges - The Big Lebowski
Edward Norton - The Grand Budapest Hotel
Mickey Rooney - The Wrestler
Gwyneth Paltrow - Se7en
Chris Hemsworth - Rush
Tom Hiddleston - Not a movie, but a series; The Night Manager
Anthony Hopkins - The Silence of the Lambs
Chris Evans - Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Hugo Weaving - The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship
Samuel L. Jackson - Okay, I'm not even going to talk about this one
Mark Ruffalo - Probably Spotlight. But yea, he's a excellent actor.
Josh Brolin - No Country for Old Men
Guy Pearce - Memento
Ben Kingsley - Schindler's List
Robert Redford - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Paul Rudd - Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy - STILL a complete charming cult classic
Michael Douglas - Wall Street
Just look at the fucking list. No Country for Old Men? Schindler's List??? BUTCH CASSIDY?????
A half of these actors I don't really why they are there other than for the money!

First of all,
I consider Alien and Predator only one franchise. That's what ya need to know.
Alien Isolation is the best entry in the franchise. If you want to became a gamer, an day, play this one. Excellent fan service. There are also other games, featuring Alien and Predator as well. Mortal Kombat X is the best spin off in the franchise. It isn't canon, but loved the fact that there's both Alien and Predator!
Books; I've read a few comic books featuring both creatures. Fun ones, but they're nothing special. Just adds to the mythology.
Well, movies. I've got all the Alien movies in a box, and there's even a Alien egg in it! Yep, Alien is slow, but it's the best movie of the bunch Imo. Aliens is not far behind, it's just all about my preference for horror over action. 3 and Resurrection were a bit crappy, um?
The first Predator movie highlight was Schwarzenegger. It was still a nonetheless intense and fun movie. Loved the jungle atmosphere.
Predator 2; Glover did a good job. Not as good as Arnold, but still...
Loved the LA atmosphere, haha.
Predators; ehh. Crap. Pure. Keep away from it.
What did you think about the PredAlien mythology?

Who do you think that died on The Walking Dead season finale?

I absolutely love Spacey in Se7en and A Bug's Life, but his best performance is by far American Beauty Imo.
What did you think about his Luthor?

I loved Fargo, but I loved Big Lebowski even more. Fargo was a really good plot, with amazing storytelling and nice performances. But what I've liked the most about TBL was Bridges. Bridges was by far the best thing of this movie.
What was your favorite Jeff Bridges performance?

I absolutely loved The Grand Budapest Hotel, but even his weakest movie was great. I still need to re-watch a few of his work though. I really like his style. I'm not into these comedy kind of movies, but wow, just wow. Wes Anderson is really good at doing it!
Just like Tarantino and violence, haha...
By the way, yea, M. Gustave H. for the win! Ralph Fiennes was such a blast!

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Wade92 on 4/12/2016 Reply  · 

Are there any found footage films that you think are actually pretty good horror or not? I'm not a big fan of the style but I do think it was really well utilized in Chronicle and End of Watch. End of Watch especially was awesome!

Yes indeed I do have some films that are considered bad by a majority of people but I still enjoy them. A few examples would be Spider-Man 3, The Phantom Menace, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, The Lone Ranger, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Man of Steel and The Green Hornet. Some of these I can perfectly understand the issues but others I don't understand the mass hate.

Awesome, glad you enjoyed American Graffiti! I've always been fascinated by that time period and the lifestyle. I wish George Lucas would have made some more smaller films like that even though I know his heart belongs to big adventure and sci fi. I think a big reason why he made American Graffiti was to get enough money to get Star Wars made.

Yeah, I love Dazed and Confused! It is very similar to American Graffiti in that it is a retro hang out film that takes place over one day. I really liked it the first time I watched it and it has continued to climb my list each time I watch it. The characters is probably my favorite thing about the film. I think the film is hilarious and it's one of those films you find funnier each time the more you get to know the characters. Plus Matthew McConaughey is just awesome in his big screen debut as Wooderson, "alright, alright, alriiiight". I would highly recommend checking it out if you liked American Graffiti.

If you hated Man of Steel I would probably hold off on this one and save the money for now since this one has a lot in common with its predecessor. I have heard that this fixes some problems people had with Man of Steel so that's a positive. As for Lex Luthor, I actually didn't mind Eisenberg's fidgety take on the character. I can understand how it's not for everyone but personally I thought it worked. Luthor is always portrayed the same way so it was cool seeing something different. I'm sure I'm one of the few people saying that haha

Seven Samurai was cool but I didn't like it quite as much as the other Kurosawa film I've seen, Rashomon. It was still an entertaining watch though. I read after seeing the film that Zack Snyder is being somewhat inspired by that film for Justice League so that will be pretty neat.

Rififi was great! I really like the noir vibe it had going on and the story had me sucked in from start to finish. I love classic films like that.

Inception would be my favorite heist film as my list shows. Damn what a great film! The Town, Jackie Brown, Reservoir Dogs and Heat would be a few other favorites. How about yourself?

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Nils98 on 4/14/2016 Reply  · 


I don't know about that Carol fan theory, though. Where and when would Negan have contacted her? When did she even turn then? And also, why would she react in this way if she did do this, and what would Negan have even told/threatened her with? It's not like she's afraid to die or anything. And it doesn't make sense if Negan's threat was to kill everyone in Alexandria either, assuming that the whole point of poisoning Maggie then must have been to splinter the group and to capture them, right? And that's so that he can make the Alexandrians work for him , right? Then it wouldn't make sense to threaten her with that. Maybe it was just an empty threat, but, I don't know - it feels too far-fetched almost. The writers have never been good at this before, why would they suddenly become good?



I have read Feast and Dance, yes. The fate hasn't been revealed yet though, so I'm about as blind as all the "unsullied". But, yeah, I fully believe he's coming back. He has to, right? He's The Song of Ice and Fire, the Rightful Heir to the Seven Kingdoms. He can't remain dead. And besides, there has been so many clues to him being alive that they have kinda given the game away already. Don't think he's coming back in the premiere, which I thought earlier, but he'll be back halfway through the season, I think. But who knows, it's only 10-11 days left until the premiere (*heavy breathing*).


Oh, yeah, I guess I've been watching some westerns. Wasn't exactly my intent, but I guess I have done that.

A Fistful of Dollars & For a Few Dollars More: So, I saw GBU like three years back, right, but I just saw the Dollars films. Kinda weird, I guess, but it just happened that way. Anyways; I strangely saw For a Few Dollars More first (the reasoning behind this escapes me), and it was pretty damn good. Not nearly as good as GBU, but it was great. Eastwood and Van Cleef are badass as always, and that hat scene, holy... And the score, man, that damn score. I refuse to believe that Morricone is even a mortal man. I mean, he must be something more than human to make scores like these. So yeah, For a Few Dollars more = great western, with fantastic music and two interesting main characters with crazy-good chemistry; A Fistful of Dollars on the other hand...not, not quite as good. I mean, good - yes!, but great...nah, I don't know about that. Okay, honestly, it's even really good, but I wouldn't say great. It's basically a diet version of Yojimbo. Yojimbo has better direction, cinematography, art design, production direction and acting too, I'd say. And it is basically a beat-by-beat "remake" of it, although rip-off is probably the more suitable word. Eastwood is still great though obviously, and Morricone's score is also really good. So in conclusion: For a Few Dollars more is great, A Fistful of Dollars is good and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly remains a masterpiece.

Stagecoach: So, Stagecoach was good, and the, well, stagecoach chase in the third act was amazing, featuring some surprisingly risky stuntwork. Or at least it looked risky, which is a good thing of course. The film up until that point though, I wasn't as invested in. John Ford (which obviously did a great job directing it, though I expected no less from freaking John Ford.) kinda threw a whole bunch of characters in at the same time, and personally I found it it difficult to care about them.

The Searchers: An excellent, if significantly goofy, western with one of the most interesting protagonists (anti-heroes?) I've seen. The cinematography was beautiful and the performances across the board was really solid. The plot is interesting too, in my opinion. But really it is John Wayne's character, Ethan, that was the best part. What a scumbag/hero. Like seriously, he really is a scumbag and also a hero. Wonderfully grey character. Like, on the one hand he wants to save his niece, yet on the other hand he's a total racist. Not even racist by our standards, but like, racist according to their standards too. I found that aspect of him to be the most interesting aspect of the film as a whole. The character kinda reminded me of Charles Foster Kane, in his complexity.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid: I don't know why I didn't watch this as a double feature when I saw The Sting a few months back, but I've seen it now at least. Great film - very great film. Phenomenal performances from Redford and Newman, and from Ross too. The cinematography was gorgeous and the directing was fantastic. The story is so good too. I must say that the biggest negative for me probably was the pacing. The pacing was a bit off. It felt like it didn't really know where it wanted to go, and the plot is pretty thin too. I mean it's sufficient but thin all the same.

Have you seen any of these films? If so, what did you think of them? And also, have you got any tips for films that I should watch in the near future? I'm kinda in a drought at the moment.

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Wade92 on 4/24/2016 Reply  · 

I was still in high school when the first Paranormal Activity came out and I remember a lot of hype long before it hit theaters. Everyone was saying that it was going to be one of the scariest films ever released and when I finally saw it I was very disappointed haha

I've only seen a few Linklater films. Both Dazed and Confused and Boyhood where phenomenal. School of Rock is a mixed bag for me because I liked the film initially but now I have bad memories associated with it. But that's nothing really to do with the film though haha I really want to see the "Before" trilogy as well but just haven't had the opportunity yet.

Boyhood was incredible. I actually had that idea years ago to film someone growing up and little did I know someone was already doing it! I love how the film is full of little moments and nuance like you said. It kind of shows how the little ordinary moments in life add up to something extraordinary. That song, "Hero" at the end still gets me every time too haha

That's a tough one. I really like the relationships between characters in a lot of films that I see. For some reason that's the kind of stuff that stands out for me. One that's on the top of my head right now is The Place Beyond the Pines. I love that the story deals with fathers and sons and legacies. I like how it examines how the decisions of a father can go on to impact the lives of their sons whether they know it at the time or not. Have you seen that film?

Snowpiercer was so so. I thought it had a really interesting concept but the film itself didn't do a whole lot for me. I will admit the film got better as it kept moving along but I don't really see it as a film I want to watch again in the least for now.

I'm sure many would disagree but I found Breakfast at Tiffany's quite overrated. For as much as I hear it talked about I was expecting a better film than what it was. It wasn't bad but the film just didn't hold my attention all that much. A big reason why I watched it (besides it being a classic) is I'm a huge Seinfeld fan and there is an episode where a character is trying to watch the movie instead of reading the actual book for a book club he is part of.

What did you think of End of Watch? Do you have any cop films that you really enjoy?

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Nils98 on 5/1/2016 Reply  · 

Late reply, I know. Haven't been on Flickchart to much in the past week, so, yeah, there's that.

Anyway, thanks for the rekommendations. Those are all films that I have planned to see for a while, for sure, and they are all films that I will see soon (hopefully). Although I have actually seen Bridge on the River Kwai and I just saw M last night.

Favorite director for me is probably the most boring answer you could find. I wish I had someone who's not as well-known, but I would have to say Chris Nolan. I haven't seen Insomnia or Following yet, but of the seven I have seen I've loved them all. All seven are in my Top 80 and five of them are in my Top 30. And I know it is "dangerous", for a lack of a better word, to have Nolan as your favorite director, since there's this Nolan hate bandwagon now. You know, if you like any of his films you're immediately disregarded as a blind fanboy or some lunacy like that. The truth is that I'm honest about what I like and what I appreciate. And honestly, I didn't even love Interstellar the first time I saw it, which I believe I may have mentioned somewhere on this site before. I mean, I certainly liked it and I knew that I had experienced something, but that was about that. Then I thought about it for a few days and it grew on me immensely. Then when I finally rewatched it, it climbed from like #130-150 to #27 or something like that. And now it's Top 20. It just resonated with me on a unique level the second time. Honestly I don't think I've ever seen a film that is as ambitious or felt as poignant.
However, if we're talking best directors I'd probably say Kubrick and Kurosawa. Kubrick is the biggest genius in cinema, at least as far as I've seen, and Kurosawa is simply the greatest filmmaker. Of the four Kurosawa films I've seen, there's hardly a single shot that isn't perfect. He shoots films like no one else. The cinematography and art direction are always incredible as well. And the use of movement is brilliant.

If we're talking about shows that got worse over time, I'd have to mention Dexter and How I Met Your Mother. Okay, to be fair, Dexter didn't get worse over time, because I thought season 7 was one of the best seasons, but season 8 was horrendous, and season 6 wasn't really anything to cheer about either. And HIMYM's final season was just so....yeah, it wasn't good. Breaking Bad on the other hand got better for every season, and despite what some people are saying about Thrones, I do believe it has never been as strong as it is now. It has kinda slightly moved away from the more plot-driven, character-driven or even performance-driven arcs and it is now I think more thematically-driven than it has ever been before. I honestly don't think I've ever seen a three-episode arc be as strong as the final three episodes from season 5 of Thrones, other than perhaps the final three from Breaking Bad.
Anyway, you watch a lot of TV as it seems, do you have any shows that you thought got progressively worse? Also, what do you think of Thrones at the moment, and also; have you seen Hannibal? I think Hannibal was one of the best for sure.

The new Jungle Book is great. Like, actually really freaking good. The CG is the best damn CG I've ever seen and props to Neel Sethi for actually succeeding where others failed (*cough* Star Wars prequels *cough*) when it comes to acting against things that doesn't exist. Walken as King Louie was the highlight. Not just him as Louie, but that whole sequence of the film was amazing. I almost believe that the film as a whole is almost entirely impossible to not like. It's sort of a perfected adventure, family film. I thought that it was a little light on plot, Elba as Khan wasn't used enough and Kaa was also kinda wasted (but Johansson was amazing, which was surprising since I wasn't impressed at all by her in the trailers). But besides that, it's a thrilling and entertaining adventure with heart. I'd recommend it at least. When it comes to the 1967 animated classic, I'm sure I've seen it - like 12-or-so-years ago. So, yeah, I don't really remember it.

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TommyDoyle78 on 5/3/2016 Reply  · 

Yep, but at all I guess he was way too old. He was 85 years old back to 89, while Connery was 59. I'd still like to see what this movie would be like though!
Btw, talking about Hitchcock casting, his best film had no Stewart nor Grant, lol, but I would like to see Psycho starring Cary Grant (even though he was too...old).
Btw, did you know Vertigo flopped back to '58?
Hitchcock blamed Stewart, and it was their last movie together, haha. Anyways, I can't see a North by Northwest starring Stewart, but what's about a Rope starring Cary Grant?

Btw, I haven't seen Source Code, but I love this kind of movie.
Jurassic Park, in special. Spielberg probably just wanted it to be a very fun adventure thriller about dinosaurs, but it's much more.
I needed to watch the movie with my math teacher a few years ago, but it's possibly the best Chaos Theory explanation out there.
Not as great as the book maybe, but still...
Whaddya think, it was just your perfect dinosaur flick or much more?
Personally, I'd say...Both.

Lol, I though it was your surname or something, but nice one. "Soda" also sounds cool.
I've just started Flickchart because of Halloween, the movie. I didn't wanted it to be "MichaelMyers", haha. Tommy Doyle was the little boy from the original one, plus "78" from "1978", the release year. At all, it was Carpenter, wasn't it?

Lol at the Mickey Rourke one :s
Btw, Michael Douglas starred in a lot of good films (in special, Falling Down, and Wall Street), but they're mainly the old ones. A lot of his newer ones are crap, such as Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. Anyways, watch a few of them, I'm pretty sure that you'll enjoy Falling Down!

Yep, just look at their non-Marvel performances. Hemsworth was pretty awesome in Rush, his cameo at Star Trek was great, and he was perfect in his role in The Cabin in the Woods. Anyways, these movies are way too much superficial. Civil War was a GREAT comic book, but its adaptation was pure crap.
I wonder if any comic book fan really like these movies.
At all, the fanboys are 99.9% posers.

I completely love Hackman Luther portrayal. He was perfect, and now a classic. I did liked Kevin Spacey as Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor though. Imo, there's nothing wrong with him. But,, just wasn't Luthor. He's kinda more the Riddler. Crappy as fuck.
Ben Affleck was the shit, but BvS was probably even worse than MoS.

The only thing I really liked in Snyder filmography was Watchmen. His style just isn't my thing.
I loathed 300 and Dawn of the Dead, they're lame versions of classic stories. Sucker Punch was all crap. Legend of the Guardians was above average, but it's pretty much ruined by Snyder. MoS and BvS are...MoS and BvS.

I'm was kinda disappointed with this cliffhanger ending, also. Dean Morgan was great as Negan, but that's all.
Btw, it's pretty much what you've said.
Eugene's or Abraham's death are going to be kind of predictable Imo. Well, I doubt that Glenn is going to die, unless if they want to be accurate to the comics!
Anyways, I also have a suspect for Michonne.

Well, there's a lot of things in this shared universe.
They never mention "Hish-Qu-Ten" nor "Yautja" in the movies I.e.
It was kinda messy to tell the truth.
Just like Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street being the same universe, lol.

What are your thoughts on Dr. No?
It was the second best Bond movie Imo, just behind Goldfinger!

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Wade92 on 5/4/2016 Reply  · 

Dazed and Confused is definitely my favorite hang out film. And like you said it has a lot of characters but it never feels overstuffed...a pretty incredible feat.

Dirty Harry and The Departed are both badass films! I can't get enough of those two. Thinking about it, there are a lot of cop films I like: End of Watch, Se7en, Beverly Hills Cop, 21 Jump Street, Fargo and Cop Land are a few that spring to mind.

As for Jake Gyllenhaal, he's for sure towards the top of the list of my favorite actors. I really like his acting and he has been taking on some fascinating roles the past few years. It's really hard to pick his best role but Detective Loki from Prisoners might be my personal favorite. What do you think of Gyllenhaal?

I agree, the 60s had much better films or at least comedies than Breakfast at Tiffany's. The Apartment like you mentioned is especially good. Any thoughts on Billy Wilder as a director?

M was an alright film. I had already seen the American remake and I think that kind of hurt this one for me. The film felt a little too familiar at times. It always surprises me how much bleaker foreign films seem to be compared to American cinema from the same time period.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was fantastic! I was really taken by surprise with how funny the film was. I laughed out loud quite often throughout. It had a really good cast and they all played off each other rather well.

What did you think of Insomnia?

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Nils98 on 5/7/2016 Reply  · 

2001 is a curious film, right? I think it's a masterpiece for sure, but it is very slow. And I've only seen it once.


Look, the great thing about Thrones is how it's not afraid to take the slow route. It's like Talia says in The Dark Knight Rises, you know;"(...) it's the slow knife...the knife that takes its time. The knife...that waits years without forgetting...then slips quietly between the bones. That's the knife...that cuts deepest." That's Thrones. It's not afraid to have Jaime Lannister tied to a pole for a season or have Arya wash corpses for half a season, because they know that it's all about the show as a whole. A show like The Walking Dead doesn't do that. Gimple and co. are far more reactionary and just do random things because they have no endgame. D&D knows the endgame, they know that they are moving towards something. So, if you take into account everything Arya's been through, half a season washing corpses and learning the customs of the House of Black and White is only a small part of it all. There are shows where the whole season is like a giant film; and then there's Thrones, where the whole show feels like the longest running film ever. It's all part of the plan. Because you know that once they pay the setup off, they are gonna pay that fucking setup off." Winter is coming, winter is coming" five seasons of winter is coming-s, and just when people where getting settled in on the prospect that winter might never fully arrive, we get the most stunning 17-minutes in television history. Seriously, even Ozymandias can't top that. Just my thoughts anyway.
I have no idea what Jon's response will be actually. He may execute them, he may forgive them, who knows. I just know that it's gonna be so great. Kit Harington even said that despite the belief that Jon will play a minor part this season because of the lack of footage, he will actually have the largest storyline he's ever had, and that he spent the most days on set out of the whole cast. Though, it's all about that Tower of Joy hype right now. Oh Monday cannot come soon enough!


I have never even bothered to finish season 4 of Arrested Development. I can't. It's not the same anymore. The first three seasons are gold though.

Anyways, do you have a favorite show ever? Hannibal would be up there for me personally, but my favorite is either Breaking Bad or Thrones (Eh, so mainstream. Pfft), with The Sopranos in there too.

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Wade92 on 5/29/2016 Reply  · 

I totally agree, Gyllenhaal had a huge snub for Nighcrawler. Damn, what a great film and performance! I'm curious in seeing that new film of his, Demolition. Hopefully that's a good one as well.

I would recommend Cop Land if you ever get a chance to see it. It's definitely one of my favorite Stallone performances. I wish he would get a crack at more roles like that. Are you much of a Stallone fan?

I still really need to see those Billy Wilder films that you mentioned. I really liked Double Indemnity and The Apartment! The Spirit of St. Louis was fantastic as well.

I saw The Nice Guys this week and I absolutely loved it! You should check it out for sure!

I've always been a huge fan of dialogue in films. It seems like I've been quoting movies for as long as I can remember. The best dialogue in a film would probably be the mighty Pulp Fiction. Probably the one that my friends and I quote to each other the most haha How about yourself?

I remember having a bit of a mixed feeling the first time I watched Insomnia but it has really grown on me the more I watch it. I thought it was good but really generic compared to his other films like Inception and The Prestige but I've really come to appreciate the characters and the bleak story. Al Pacino and Robin Williams really play well off each other and you can just feel the tension whenever their characters are in a room together. Have you seen One Hour Photo? That's another one of my favorite dramatic roles from Robin Williams along with Insomnia and my personal favorite, Good Will Hunting.

Platoon was pretty great. Yet another investing war film. Not really sure what else to say about it I guess haha but man it was good! What are some of your favorite war films?

Metropolis was alright. Not a bad film but I don't really see myself watching it again anytime soon. A very abstract film for its time for sure though! I haven't seen a whole lot of silent films yet but I've really enjoyed most of the ones I've seen. I'm always impressed with how they can say so much with their story without verbally saying anything at all. A few of my favorites are City Lights, The Kid and The Artist. Do you watch many silent films?

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Wade92 on 7/12/2016 Reply  · 

Boy, it's been a while! I've been having to put in a lot of long hours at work so I haven't been able to be on flickchart as much as I like but I'm back.

Yeah, I have seen quite a few sports films. Field of Dreams, The Fighter, Miracle, The Rookie, Moneyball, Warrior, Rocky, Raging Bull, Creed and Southpaw would be a few favorites. I'm a big baseball fan so naturally I like a lot of baseball films but I don't watch much boxing or anything like that, I just like the films surrounding them haha Do you have any favorite sports films?

Double Indemnity is fantastic! I really need to sit down and watch that one again sometime soon.

I still need to see Modern Times. I've really liked the other Chaplin films that I've seen so I can't wait to check it out.

From the sounds of it I'm in the minority when I say that I enjoyed X-Men Apocalypse quite a bit. The villain was a little underwhelming (which was a shame because I really like Oscar Issac's work) but it didn't detract from my enjoyment. Overall the film didn't top my favorite X-Men film, Days of Future Past, but it was still another good sequel. I'm really looking forward to the next one that will probably be set in the the 90s! What do you think of the X-Men franchise?

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