Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade vs. Raiders of the Lost Ark



That's a tough one but I think Crusade is slightly more entertaining and has better pacing so it's gonna be Crusade for me.

I knew this one was coming, it's a toughie. But I love the young Indy opening and getting to see Harrison and Sean play off each other as father and son is gold, so Crusade it is for me!

It's tough when you have such a great trilogy, but I've got to go with the first.

Last Crusade for me. Mainly because of the great chemistry between Indy and his dad.

I'm going for The Last Crusade.

Easily the two best in the series, I have to give points to Raiders for being first.

Jesus. This one's hard. In the end, I had to go with Last Crusade, just because of the awesomeness of Connery and Ford combined.

Ah, the eternal question....

The original is the more iconic and when someone says Indiana Jones, I'll bet the image that comes to mind is from Raiders, the superior film.

Two words: Sean. Connery.

"But who's going to save you, JUNIOR?" Connery, the boat chase, the absolute stunner of an ending. Last Crusade just barely gets my vote, even though it's missing the whiplash effect the first one has, and even though Karen Allen is really missed.

Both are absolute all-time classics, though for me, Last Crusade has a small advantage thanks to Sean Connery. Amazing performance from him as Indy's father.

Gotta go with the original.

Tough one, but I have to give the edge to Last Crusade. I think it's Ford's best performance as Indy, Sean Connery is fantastic as Henry Sr., and I like that both John Rhys-Davies and Denholm Elliott get a lot more to do (and Elliott is funny as hell here). Raiders is a classic, but Last Crusade perfects the formula.

I think Last Crusade is the best of them all.

"Raiders", without hesitation.

Both so good. Guess I have to go with the original, though it breaks my heart.

These are obviously two of the greatest movies ever made. In my mind, they are practically equal. An argument could easily (and, rightly) be made about Raiders being more "iconic", and having the virtue of coming first. But for me, it's Sean Connery who tips the scales. I love both movies; I love The Last Crusade just that little bit more.

Raiders is the perfect combination of humor and thrills. Last Crusade relies too much on silly comedy and is nowhere near as exciting.

i think most people think Raiders is superior and i can;'t argue with that. But there;s just something about Crusade that makes it my favourite of all time. That's right; number one on my list. Raiders is right there though.

Both are entertaining, but The Last Crusade takes longer to find its groove. It is not until Indy's dad enters the picture that it really becomes at all entertaining. Raiders of the Lost Ark is good fun throughout.


Raiders is the never let up masterpiece here. It is an adrenaline rush from the word go.

The Last Crusade is a more complete movie. Perfect Spielberg.

"I suddenly remembered my Charlemagne..." Last Crusade (but only barely!) on the strength of Sean Connery and the built-upon John Williams score. The Motorcycle Scherzo gets me every time.

Crusade has Connery, how can it not get my vote?

I've always loved LAST CRUSADE above the other two.

I have to say that I really enjoy the way Indy plays off his dad in Crusade. Raiders probably is more iconic, but Crusade is a bit more fun to watch in my book.

I am astonished that this vote is so close. Raiders is an iconic film which takes the innocent joy of flim serials and mesh it with great acting and a studio budget. The pacing is perfect and the simplicity of the lone hero make the story more archetypical rather than the over clever and cluttered sequels. Seriously guys, don't overthink this one. Raiders by a mile.

Pfft cha. Has everyone forgotten their Charlemagne? Besides, I find vindictive ghosts flying out of a box just a pinch more absurd than a life giving cup. Oh, and I totally woulda boned that evil chick Nazi.

Last Crusade is the best Indiana Jones for me.

I know I am a minority with these two (the best of the series). From a technical stand point Raiders of the Lost Ark is the better crafted film of the two, but Last Crusade has everything I want in an Indiana Jones film and more.

The Last Crusade was the first Indiana Jones film i saw, and I love the chemistry between Ford and Connery

To me Raiders of the Lost Ark is slightly overrated. I always enjoyed the Last Crusade more.

Last Crusade is easily my favorite Indy-film. Love the banter between Connery and Ford.


nothing can beat the original. NOTHING!

Sean Connery makes the Last Crusade absolutely hilarious. And the chemistry between Ford and Connery is spectacular. So sorry to raiders, Sean Connery > anyone else you can throw at me.

I think I was a little more moved by The Last Crusade. Indie comes across as all tough and invincible until his dad comes along, which i think is hilarious!

"Last Crusade" always seems to be the popular favorite, and it doesn't surprise me. It is a more consistently entertaining film than "Raiders." But it also a has a handful of flaws that bother me--namely, the scene where Indy pretends to be the looking for the tapestries (c'mon, man, just storm the castle!) and the "penitent man" scene, where even if you DO figure it out and kneel.... you know what I'm talking about. "Raiders" is my #1 on my Flickchart, but "Last Crusade" is easily in my Top 250. These are both awesome films, but "Raiders" is greatest adventure film ever made. (And those aren't "vengeful ghosts," guy who obviously wasn't paying attention to the entire plot.)

For me it's Raiders, some of the cheesier moments in Crusade turn me off a bit. Don't get me wrong though I love em both.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade more or less takes the Return of the Jedi route by recycling elements from the first movie. In this case nazis, some of the characters and the death scene of the villain. And like Return of the Jedi it also features an element that would be the subject of a television series (Ewoks and Young Indiana Jones). However, Last Crusade is a much, much more enjoyable movie and also has Sean Connery on it's side. But is it better than Raiders? Well, when it comes to overall entertainment, then probably yes, but as a movie, no. Raiders has a great spooky atmosphere and had a bigger impact on me. When I rewatched it some years ago, I remember saying to myself 'Wow'. I never had that with Crusade. More like 'Ah, that was fun'. However, they are both fantastic movies, and both a lot better than the mediocre Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and incedibly annoying Temple of Doom.

Raiders hands down.Crusade was garbage.

Now this is a tough one! I gotta go with Last Crusade here...only because Sean Connery was friggin awesome. That's it. Everything else was equal in my opinion. I loved both stories, all the characters, Indy is great in them all, but Sean Connery as his father was the tipping point.

Raiders = Great Film Crusade = Great Film + Sean Connery

If Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of the greatest action movies ever made, then Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade must be one of the best action comedies ever made.

Sean Connery's character may be a little goofy but it certainly makes Last Crusade more enjoyable. The on-screen chemistry between him and Ford is enough to edge out Raiders. Raiders wasn't exactly the 'most serious movie ever made' to begin with. I think there's nothing wrong with Last Crusade's absolute family entertainment approach. I prefer it's cool mixture of adventure and comedy. Raiders had the better opening sequence but I found Last Crusade's chalice ending more satisfying. My respect for Last Crusade keeps increasing with each viewing. It beats Raiders comfortably.

I love both of them but Sean Connory's precence holds up as Indy's dad and it lost the dark tone from temple and replaced it with cheerful atmosphere, i love Last Crusade and i'll give the points to it

I love both of them but Sean Connory's precence holds up as Indy's dad and it lost the dark tone from temple and replaced it with cheerful atmosphere, i love Last Crusade and i'll give the points to it

Love both of them, but Raiders is the best in the series. The tank scene in The Last Crusade is amazing though.

I've avoided this VS forever...and with good reason. These are as equal as two movies could be. Fate will choose today, and I'm sure it will change through the years....


I'll have to pick the Crusade due to the great relationship b/w indie and Connery

Maybe raiders is more iconic but i enjoy last crusade a lot more my favourite of the indiana jones

I've changed my mind. Going with the original action masterpiece.

Let me give this a lot of though..Raiders

Raiders of the Lost Ark of course.

Last crusade has always been my favorite, but it is very close. In the end the difference maker is a man named Sean Connery.

Last cruasade brings me more sweet ol'memories than raiders

They are both mind blowing. I think we can all agree on that.

Last Crusade is the best Indiana Jones film ever made.

Last crusade

Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade are the Best Indiana Jones Films of the Series. Raiders of the Lost Ark is my Second favorite movie of all time but The Empire Strikes Back is Still my #1 Favorite movie of all time.

Both are iconic movies but I like Crusade more. There is something about Raiders for me that holds me from giving it a 10 out of 10. Last Crusade is just perfect to me

In my opinion, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is the best Indiana Jones Film of the Series and I Love Raiders of the Lost Ark too but for me, I find The Last Crusade a better film than Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The Last Crusade > Raiders of the Lost Ark > Temple of Doom > Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Ill pick Raiders with a slight edge over Last Crusade.

I Have chosen The Last Crusade Wisely.

Raiders is superior

Both Great Indiana Jones Films

I Love The Last Crusade but Raiders of the Lost Ark is the better film.

I adore the last crusade, i adore it but raiders is just the more exciting, fun and interesting film.

I change my mind. Last Crusade wins.

Raiders is the first. But Last Crusade is the best

I've seen both in the past few days and I can easily say that Raiders wins. The Last Crusade is a fantastic film but a little slow in the first 45 minutes before Sean Connery is introduced in one of the most badass ways! Raiders is a perfectly paced film with a better story.

Raiders will always be superior in my opinion. I remember when I was 7, and my parents sat me in front of the TV and said, watch this movie, you will love it. And I did, and i loved it.

this is too close for my comfort

I've always preferred "The Last Crusade" over "Raiders". In my opinion, it took everything that made the first one good, and made it even better. Better action, more thrilling, better pacing, more interesting, funnier moments and it is even more emotional in my opinion. Also, the chemistry between Sean Connery's character and Indiana Jones is just perfect. The way they work off each other is just so much fun to watch. Another reason is because of how gripping the ending is. The part where Indy goes through the trials to get to the Holy Grail, and especially the part where he has to muster the faith to walk across an invisible path gets me every single time I watch it. That part is more gripping than anything in "Raiders". Lastly, while I really like "Raiders", I do think it is a tad bit overrated. "The Last Crusade" is the definitive Indiana Jones film for me, therefore, it gets my vote.

Last Crusade has always been my favorite...until today. Raiders is #10 Last Crusade is #11.

Raiders has always been my favorite and Last Crusade has always been my least favorite of the trilogy....until 2 days ago! Raiders is at #2 and Last Crusade at #8

My first instinct is to go with Raiders but Last Crusade is the better Film

Last Crusade. More exciting, plus it has Sean Connery.

Raiders is the winner here, but they are both very exciting

Raiders, yeah. What else would win

Indiana Jones is the best film series of all time. I think the first three all rank in my Top 10 of all-time. As much as I loved every second of Last Crusade, I have come to consider Raiders as my all-time favorite movie.

Last Crusade of course. The Search for the Cup of Christ is the Search for the Good in us and how to overcome ourselves. Pretty much the best Indiana Jones Movie.

Raiders by a slim margin. Both are pretty much equally good in my books though.

Raiders is just rubbish. Last Crusade wins easily.

I'm with smatticus. Last Crusade is a lot more interesting and funnier, but Raiders is perfect.

I want to say that 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' is a better film overall, but that ending of 'The Last Crusade'...

Indy can't beat Indy and James Bond.

After a few years of trying to decide on my favorite Indy film, I think I've finally decided what it is. I've always thought that Raiders had a few slow scenes, which overall kind of brings the film down just a little bit for me. Then there's Temple of Doom, which I've always liked, but Willie's constant screaming and complaining just kind of ruins the experience. I won't even talk about the ridiculous Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The Last Crusade is really the only Indy film in which I can't really find a dull moment. It's the film with the least amount of problems/flaws, in my opinion. So, after a few years of trying to decide on my favorite of the franchise, I guess I'll take The Last Crusade.

I like Last Crusade a little bit more.

I prefer last crusade by miles


I'm in the camp that Crusade is better than Raiders. I just feel like it is a more complete film,

"Nazis. I hate these guys."

The Nazis screamed in fear at the opening ceremony in the Ark. So funny! I can't wait! This is going to be my favorite part of the movie, "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

Last Crusade by a slim margin

I'm with Raiders of the Lost Ark, just a better flow to the film than Last Crusade.

I love both films but when it comes down to the best one it is most definitely Raiders

Raiders and Last Crusade are by far the two best of the franchise (Temple is mediocre and we don't speak of Kingdom). Both have rememberable characters, great art direction and are just overall exciting pictures. Raiders by the closest of margains!

I pick Temple of Doom. Last Crusade has a few more laughs than Raiders and a better story-line.

For me, Crusade is more of a character study with a thinly veiled adventure on top, which i love. The effects and set pieces are equal to if not greater than raiders. Everyone, including me, loved Indy after Raiders, but Crusade made me feel for him. Both are solid 10/10s for me, but Crusade is closer to my heart.

For me, Crusade is more of a character study with a thinly veiled adventure on top, which i love. The effects and set pieces are equal to if not greater than raiders. Everyone, including me, loved Indy after Raiders, but Crusade made me feel for him. Both are solid 10/10s for me, but Crusade is closer to my heart.

For me, Crusade is more of a character study with a thinly veiled adventure on top, which i love. The effects and set pieces are equal to if not greater than raiders. Everyone, including me, loved Indy after Raiders, but Crusade made me feel for him. Both are solid 10/10s for me, but Crusade is closer to my heart.

Weirdly, I enjoy Last Crusade way more than Raiders when watching them back to back, but I find Raiders to be the one that leaves a more lasting impression and the more memorable one.

2 of my favorite movies but I love the Last Crusade even more.

Rewatching all these films, I can safely say tha, while Indiana Jones still isn't a franchise which I rate as highly as others, I actually prefer The Last Crusade out of all of them. While Raiders is undoubtedly more "iconic" as far as cinema is concerned, and is undeniably an entertaining film with a cracking new premise in its own right, it lacks the structure and character development of The Last Crusade. That latter point is particularly important, as Indiana himself is far more developed and likeable by the end of Crusade than Raiders, Connery strikes the balance of intelligent, capable, likeable and a little bit dopey and hapless the arguably make him the best of all the sidekicks Indy ever had (Marion came close, but unfortunately the script in Raiders doesn't really give Karen Allen enough to do) and the two of them have excellent chemistry as a fractured father-son duo reconciling. This makes The Last Crusade a more wholesome film compared to Raiders, while both lack the tonal inconsistency and banal characters of Temple of Doom (though I would argue that is the most visually impressive of all the films) and the general superfluousness and tedious premise of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It's a tough call, and like I said, I still don't see the franchise as a go-to favourite, but going forward, I can safely say that Last Crusade is the most enjoyable of the lot for me.

Last Crusade is great, but I really think Raiders is much better. And a lot more fresh.

Both are near equals of each other, but without Raiders there would be no Last Crusade. Raiders is more "original" I guess. RIP Sean Connery.

Last Crusade - 9/10 Raiders - 7.5/10 Controversial I know, but Crusade is better.

raiders is still the best indy movie

Raiders, easily for me.

As much as I love Raiders, and find it to be a masterpiece, I think the series got better with each entry (…minus Crystal Skull…) But yes I think Temple of Doom is actually a superior film to Raiders. And I definitely think Last Crusade is the peak of the series. It has my favorite character in the series, Henry Johns. Bringing some of the best comedic moments in film history. It has the best villains of the series as well, being the most fleshed out. And just the way it perfectly ends the series with that beautiful sunset. Oh and it has the best opening of the series. Even better then the opening of Raiders in my mind. Indy in this movie is at his best, taking down an entire tank to save his father. So even though Raiders is a masterpiece, Last Crusade is even better.

Last Crusade holds up slightly better for me.

I do like Last Crusade, but Raiders is easily the best Indy film and also one of the best films ever made.

Raiders for me, but I love both

The Last Crusade is my favorite Indy film, but Raiders is #2 behind it.