Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

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Raiders of the Lost Ark

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Indiana Jones - the new hero from the creators of JAWS and STAR WARS.

Directed By Steven Spielberg Steven Spielberg Starring Harrison Ford Harrison Ford  •  Paul Freeman Paul Freeman  •  Karen Allen Karen Allen  •  John Rhys-Davies John Rhys-Davies  •  Denholm Elliott Denholm Elliott Genres Action  •  Adventure  •  Costume Adventure  •  Period Film Studios &
Indiana Jones  •  Academy Award Nominated  •  National Film Registry  •  AFI's 100 Years...100 Thrills  •  Academy Award Best Picture Nominated  •  They Shoot Pictures, Don't They?  •  1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die  •  Roger Ebert's Great Movies  •  AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies 10th Anniversary Edition  •  BAFTA Award for Best Film Nominated  •  Academy Award Best Cinematography Nominated  •  Academy Award for Best Production Design Nominated  •  Academy Award for Best Production Design Winning  •  Saturn Award for Best Fantasy Film Winning  •  Alamo Drafthouse 100  •  Time Out: New York's 100 Best Action Movies  •  BBC's 100 Greatest American Films  •  Lucasfilm  •  Writers Guild of America's 101 Greatest Screenplays
Other Titles Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark [United States] Release Info 1981-06-12T00:00:00Z June 12, 1981
Color  •  115 minutes PG Rated PG
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Comments (21)


SLionsCricket on 1/13/2013 Reply  · 

I really like this movie BUT its definitely the most overrated FlickChart movie. Number 4!?!?! It doesn't deserve this place!

6 people liked this  √ 


SLionsCricket on 3/21/2013 Reply  · 

I am starting to take my word back...Its not the most overrated movie...It, I believe, is definitely overrated...It is great but I find it overrated. Top 30, different story. Same, to me, applies for Back to the Future-

2 people liked this  √ 


kane100 on 11/15/2013 Reply  · 

You Have No Soul. Or Childhood.

1 person liked this  √ 


PiccoloKing on 8/16/2018 Reply  · 

He has something better, good taste.

0 people liked this  √ 


Caesar on 3/24/2013 Reply  · 

Steven Spielberg's best movie (which is saying something, considering his filmography).

6 people liked this  √ 


SLionsCricket on 6/27/2013 Reply  · 

You know what!?!? I take back everything I said before. Raiders is too fu*king awesome!!! :)

4 people liked this  √ 


Danielod on 9/10/2013 Reply  · 

this movie would not have been the same without the beginning and the end

3 people liked this  √ 


Danielod on 9/10/2013 Reply  · 

SLionsCricket, you are too funny

3 people liked this  √ 


tilite1981 on 10/19/2013 Reply  · 

This and Jurassic Park will always convince me Spielberg is a genius . You don't get more exciting then Raiders.

5 people liked this  √ 


Danielod on 12/1/2013 Reply  · 

Not any Star Wars movie can handle the awesomeness of... Raiders of the Lost Ark

4 people liked this  √ 


cheesydog1 on 4/14/2014 Reply  · 

I don't agree that it's better than Star Wars but it's still great

3 people liked this  √ 


Area_hulk on 8/28/2014 Reply  · 

This might be the best of his blocbuster movies.

1 person liked this  √ 


Danny237 on 5/22/2015 Reply  · 

Harrison is one of the best actors. Has great actuations on Witness, The Fugitive, Jack Ryan's flicks, Anchorman 2, Star Wars original trilogy, but the best role by he was here!

0 people liked this  √ 


TommyDoyle78 on 7/23/2015 Reply  · 


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Koroy on 9/11/2015 Reply  · 

Do I hate it ? No.
Do I love it ? No.
Is it in my top 50 ? No.
Is it outside my top 100 ? No.(It is 79 To be specific)
Do I think it should stay at the 79 spot ? No.
Do I think it should come some places up ? No.
Do I think it should go some places down ? No.
Do I like Harrison Ford ? No.
Do I loves this movies ending ? No.
Is it Speilberg's best ? No.
Well do I care about this movie ? No.
Then why am I writing this ? Dont No.
Bottomline- I think this movie is OVERRATED

3 people liked this  √ 


Eagleskywalker87 on 9/29/2017 Reply  · 

One of the greatest action movies of all time! Great main character, brilliant sets and locations, rememberable villains, well shot action with amazing stunt work. What's not to like? Oh, and without this and Star Wars I wouldn't into film as I am today!

1 person liked this  √ 


thegoatanakin on 8/18/2020 Reply  · 

It's still awesome!

3 people liked this  √ 


IloveMovie243 on 11/12/2020 Reply  · 

Most movies can quite give me the rush of thrills and excitement as the Indy Trilogy!

0 people liked this  √ 


IloveMovie243 on 6/15/2021 Reply  · 

*can’t, ugh

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