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Seb on 1/31/2012 Reply  · 

Great top 10 man, I just rewatched the shining after a few years and had a revelation. There is so much bubbling under the surface of it, so many symbolic themes and political connotations. Stanley Kubrick is fast becoming my favourite director of all time. There is just so much in the shining that can go unnoticed. And I couldnt forget the arresting performance from Nicholson, one of his very best. I'm only young, you see (17) and I've heard so much about Kubrick and how he is arguably the best visual director to ever live. How each frame is perfect and so on. I only just realized how great the framing is of every shot in the shining. And the visuals and camera work are breathtaking. I'm becoming older now so I'm gonna revisit kubricks other works. I'm sorry to ramble on like this, it's just great to see that one of my flick chart friends favourite movies is the shining.

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Flickme on 2/2/2012 Reply  · 

Hey Seb. Never used this message feature so welcome to my mind. Kubrick is great and trolling through his stuff will be fun so good luck and good hunting. TWBB is a fine #1 as well. Love PT Anderson and I hope you have caught up with his other films, especially his early and oft forgotten Hard Eight. Very Cool.

Noticed Big Lebowski on your list of shame. When it come to economy and making every frame count you can't go wrong with the Coens so try to see that ASAP as well as No Country for Old Men and Miller's Crossing: heavy but deliberately paced and full of the dark humour they're famous for.

Take a look at my list of shame and feel free to recommend anything I haven't seen.



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Danny237 on 3/6/2015 Reply  · 

Why you hate Pretty Woman, Flickme ?

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