The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King vs. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring



This is a tough one. The that are the best in the series. I've got to go with The Fellowship, just because it sets everything up and has the most re-watch potential.

Despites the Fellowship is great movie, and the one that first brought to our eyes this fantastic story, I have to stay with the Return of the King, for it's the climax of the whole story, and realy closes the trilogy in a great style. For sure a eternal classic!

Return of the King is as epic as movies come. Fellowship was really good but the way Return of the King closed out the first two films was awesome, even though it seemed to drag on forever at the end.

I have to go with Fellowship because it was more magical to

My comment above got cut off.... I have to go with Fellowship because it was more magical to be set up in this world, and the Balroq scene was amazing.

I prefer Fellowship. I like the interaction of all the characters together, and the ending(s) of Return of the King are a bit of a turn-off for me. I agree with Jack Nicholson: "Too many endings, man." It's not too much when viewed in the context of the 12-hour epic that is the extended versions, but in the theater, it did feel too long. The Return of the King sits in my Top 20, but The Fellowship of the Ring is happily my #1 movie on Flickchart.


I was so enthralled by the first film, and the other two seemed to become increasingly dwarfed (no pun intended) by the effects and extras. The books are the opposite, becoming increasingly interesting... but I think FELLOWSHIP simply was the best-crafted, most interesting film, with the best acting, swashbuckling and pacing. I think the crew was exhausted by the time RETURN came out, and it comes across onscreen. It almost felt like the movie was going to grind to a halt at any moment because the joy just wasn't there, anymore. FELLOWSHIP remains my favorite, the freshest, brightest entry in a somewhat inconsistent trilogy.

Yep. Fellowship. Only because I still get shivers when I hear Gandalf yell, "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!"

I'm going with ROTK. I could worry about that choice all day but with Fellowship it was the fact that they made it that blew my mind. With ROTK I consistently couldn't believe my eyes. Whenever I'm about to give Fellowship the nod I see that shot from above the Nazgul, above Minas Tirith...

Tough, but Return of the King gets the slight advantage from me. Two Towers is my favourite part, though.

Fellowship, hands down, the set up is almost always better than the payoff.

Mmmm. I liked part 3 most of all.

The 12 endings killed the 3rd for me...


They got better and better for me. Return of the King was . . . I've never seen anything like it before I saw that. It was incredible to watch. Though I do agree the endings (plural) was kind of a drag. Two Towers is my second favorite, and Fellowship, while I do love it, feels pretty underwhelming compared to the other two.

Wow, showdown of the century. I kinda think of all 3 as one movie though :( This is too hard .... I think the original has to win for me for blowing me away so much.

fellowship all the way. it's the best adaptation of the trilogy (least annoying changes) plus it's based on my favourite book of the trilogy too.

Wish the films had stopped at The Fellowship of the Ring. John Noble's performance in The Return of the King is about the only memorable thing about the other two.

I had my fill of The Lord of the Rings triliogy by the end of Two Towers. The Return of the King didn't bring anything new to the table that impressed me all that much. It kind of just dragged along.

Wow, this is tough.. Dave, don't be mad at me.

Oooh! I get the tie-breaking vote! This is one of the toughest decisions I have ever faced. It came down to the fact that "Fellowship" introduced me to this world with such perfection in its execution. It is hard to recreate that fresh amazement from seeing the spectacle all for the first time.

Having rewatched Part 3 recently, my opinion about it has changed. I know feel what I knew I really felt deep down... That Fellowship is the best of the trilogy.

Fellowship will forever be my favorite of the 3, the scene with the troll gets me everytime. Plus, much less of Gollum, which is a good thing.

It's definitely hard to choose which of the 3 movies is better. That's the case with any well-done Triology. I'd put both of these in front of Two do I go with the one that started it all or the one that ended it. For me, if I had to choose one of the 3 to watch by itself I'd go with Return of the King, even though I wish Saruman had been more involved.

Well, I go with Return of the King. This trilogy is the top 3 movies of my flickchart list. Fellowship was awesome and magical. Two Towers brought the big scale fights but Return, it closed everything with big fights, magic and mostly, emotions. That scene where everybody bows to the hobbits at the end gets me everytime. I don't care about the many endings since I guess that a movie of this kind deserved all those endings to close everything completely. The acting is top notch, I feel as exausted as them at the end of the movie. I think this trilogy will stay at the top of my list for many years to come!

They were shot together, they are meant to be seen together, and each are excellent films on their own. But the Return of the King is the crescendo at the end of an awesome trilogy of films!!! It is so rare for the third film of a series to be this good.

Like many others, the multiple endings of The Return of the King kind of bugged me. The Fellowship of the Ring has less glaring flaws. It's the best of the three.

Very very close. I pick Return of the King because I think it has the best Sam moments. And Sam to me is the most interesting of all the characters along with Gollum. In the Fellowship we see him lagging behind Frodo as they start their journey, but at the end, he is carrying Frodo. Its just fantastic to watch that and always sends shivers down my spine. And on top of that Return of the King has Aragorn coming accepting his leadership. Great to watch as well. The one thing I really enjoy about Fellowship that Return of the King is missing is the some of the intimacy of places like the Inn of the Prancing Pony, or the fight in Moria. But I'll still take Return of the King.

I know that how I feel and am sided in this argument will constantly change, so here I can do no more than leave it to the rankings and the arrow.

I'll go with Fellowship, after much, much thought. And I basically have no good reason why...

I thought i could answer this in a heart beat, but this is fucking difficult!!!

"Fellowship" all the way!

The first movie is the best of the three

I find all three LOTR movies to be equaly great for different reasons. It's very hard to seperate the three, mostly because they are all a part of the same big story. In my opinion, The Return of the King is my favorite part, mostly because it's the biggest, the most epic, and the most emotional of the three.

As epic as ROTK is, Fellowship of the Ring takes it out because it is so much better. People were wandering if Jackson would meet the required standards that fans of LOTR books wanted, well he did and the film became so popular and ended up getting 14 oscar nominations and swallowing up 4 of em, it was unfair how it didn't win best picture.

ROTK without a doubt

Fellowship (extended) is better paced, best edited and has the best atmosphere. Return of the King is probably the most entertaining one, but also the most flawed, at least I think. However I do think it's still better than Two Towers, which is probably the most boring one.

The Return of the King is undoubtedly an amazing achievement (despite some of the effects already looking dated), but I still feel that Fellowship is the better film. It's epic and exciting (the pacing is perfect) and the characters still shine through and feel believable. I felt certain characters (Legolas, Gimli and Aragorn especially) got lost amongst the spectacle of ROFTK. I suppose it's stll quite a close call, but Fellowship wins out for me.

Fellowship for me, and it's my favorite book of the series too. Things that stick out, in no particular order: the Shire was gorgeous; the decision to go into Moria, which so clearly frightened Gandalf; the showdown with the Balrog, a hint of what untold ancient horrors dwell in the dark places of the Middle Earth; the lovely melodrama of Boromir's death; the council in Rivendell; the statues of the high kings along the Anduin. I feel enthralled just remembering it. Return of the King has fewer of those moments, for me.

This is really hard for me. I love all these movies for bringing their parts of the story to life so well, but I think the nod has to go to Fellowship of the Ring because it sets everything up perfectly, while Return of the King has some issues in the second half and ending, but pulls off the Battle of Pellenor Fields in the most amazing way possible. Still an incredibly tough call

I just recently revisited the LotR trilogy and found them to be better than what I had originally thought. Return of the King and Fellowship of the Ring are both extremely close to being my favorite. I gotta give it to the final chapter though. The battles near the end are epic and it really feels like the ending of a trilogy and not just some shallow end. Both are in my top 10 now.

I do not vote on LOTR comparisons because I say the trilogy is all one movie. Peter Jackson couldn't have released a 9 hour movie, well, more like 11 now that there are the extended editions.

Two Towers is my favorite of the series simply for the Balrog fight at the beginning, at least until "The Hobbit" comes out that is. But I digress and I gotta go with Return of the King for sheer epicness which is now a word.

LORD 3 is 9.0 lord 1 is 8.6

lotr 3




it is a bug????



LORD 3 WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!


Even though nearly nothing happened in the last 30 minutes, The Return of the King was the most epic movie of the trilogy.


The Fellowship is a bit on the slow side, but it's a decent movie. The third one is certainly better, not just because Gollum is in it, but it's also not as slow.

fellowship easy

My two favorite films of all time! How can I possibly choose which is better. I mean, c'mon. The Fellowship had so many memorable moments and was the perfect introduction to one of the greatest cinematic achievements whereas 'The Return of the King' is the greatest conclusion to any film series I've seen. Simply for the more epicness, I am forced to pick the finale.

Of all the films in the LotR series, Return of the King tested my patience the most. It's a mish-mash of already-seen elements from Fellowship and Two Towers but without the magic and grandeur. Just 10 years after its theatrical release, the effects have started to age. Some of the CGI reminded me of King Kong (2005) which is not a good sign. Fellowship's reliance on practical effects and the fact that it's the majestic introductory chapter to Tolkien's magnum opus give it a one-sided win.

My two favorite movies of all time. Whilst FOTR is a more loyal adaptation, Return of the King feels more compete especially with the amazing 30 minute wrap up!

two gr8t films but rotk is just slightly more enjoyable

^I couldn't tell.

When I troll, at least there's a hint of subtlety to it.

Fellowship all the way. At the time of its release it shook the world up.

My two all time favorite movies. Some days I choose ROTK and some days I choose FOTR. Fellowship is more fun to watch, Return of the King is more epic. Don't know which to choose!

I love em both... although I thought the ending was much to drawn out in ROTK.

I myself have always been a bit of a sucker for the final entry in a series and this is no exception, Return of the King wins.

The battle in the 3

This is like picking between the chapters of a book. What's the point, it's all one grand adventure.

Fellowship but my 1 vs 2

Fellowship for now....Toughest choice I will ever need to make. My #1 vs #2 on FlickChart

Fellowship of the Ring by a slight margin. Its the greatest opening film to a series, the characters are presented the best, the film is downright masterpiece! Not a slow and boring moment for me!

Fellowship is the best of the lord of the rings. Followed by return of the king and then two towers

I slightly prefer Fellowship of the Ring.

Both are incredible films. I prefer Fellowship of the Ring because it has a greater rewatch value, relies less on CGI, has a Sean Bean death scene and can be watched without seeing the rest of the films. I also think it's the best adaptation of a J.R.R. Tolkien book.

I think each LOTR film was better than the last. ROTK is superior to me.

Return, the scene in Mount Doom is the most thrilling scene ever...

Fellowship is ahead of the others in my opinion.

Fellowship is the best Lord of the Rings film, not Return of the King. That's just how I feel.

Fellowship is better in my opinion. More character development and emotional scenes.

Uh, oh. Whatever I choose now, it's almost definitely going to change tomorrow. On one hand, Fellowship of the Ring feels much more personal than the also personal Return of the King, but Return of the King is probably less flawed. Fellowship of the Ring is the most cohesive movie of the Lord of the Rings films, but it also feels much longer than the Return of the King. For every good thing that Fellowship has, Return of the King can match. Yesterday, I said it was Fellowship. Today, I guess it's Return of the King. Tomorrow, it'll probably change again. I don't like this match-up :(

I watched all three today and yesterday. Fellowship is now my favorite of the trilogy.

I can't believe I haven't commented on this matchup. These are my two favorite installments of my favorite trilogy of all time. I absolutely love FOTR for its lush shots of The Shire and Middle Earth in general. The first 30 minutes of the movie (minus the opening backstory) is blissful simplicity and frolic in their purest forms. What a life to live. The opening backstory is epic in every sense of the word. "The world is changed, I feel it in the water, I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost; for none now live who remember it." WOW. Almost impossible to top FOTR as it is as firm a foundation as one could imagine for this epic trilogy. But alas, the conclusion equals the beginning and possibly tops it. I simply love the opening to ROTK. The backstory to Smeagol and Deagol was perfect timing for the opening scene to ROTK. And that brings me to this point: Gollum is by far my favorite LOTR character, and ROTK has more Gollum than FOTR and TTT combined. This, along with the epic ending(s)--yeah, I know--gives ROTK the ever so slight edge. Forgive me if I change my mind at some point in the future. These two are side by side in my top 10. Tough, tough choice.

Fellowship of Da Ring!

Fellowship had the most thoughtful of fantasy and the return of the king just had conquest

Return of the King is just epic with a we some ending, but fellowship introduced us to this universe...

It's like comparing perfection to flawlessness. For a while there I would have picked Fellowship, but after just rewatching the trilogy, I'll go with Return of the King. The unstoppable epicness of that movie just cannot be stopped.

The first one.

It's a hard one, but Return of the King is purely epic....the endings suck though.

return of the king, most epic

Fellowship may be the all time, over any film of course but, ROTK may not be much) to have some excetpion at all, but LOTR 1 is my favortie, epic trilgory.

I have to go with Fellowshio because it's the one ring to rule them, -All..

Fellowship is my current favorite of the three, but could change tomorrow :)

Shocking that Fellowship is ranked higher. Very slow movie with the least action in the trilogy.

I'll admit that I always thought that Fellowship had a slow start, but the rest of the movie is awesome and completely makes up for it. The only problem with Return of the King is that its ending(s) takes a bit too long to wrap up. For a long time, I've considered Return of the King to be the best of the trilogy. It wasn't until recently that I've given any real thought to which film of the trilogy is my favorite. Now, I'm starting to think Fellowship is the better film. It's the more fun film, and has more better moments of the trilogy. If there wasn't so much spam on this matchup, Fellowship would be winning.

I need to get to rewatching both, but I would say that Return of the King was stronger. I honestly kinda liked the ending(s) for that, but I think the last act of Fellowship is weaker than the rest. Return of the King wins.

I'm resistant to even rewatching ROTK anytime soon, so Fellowship, but both are probably too high.

As a fan of character driven storytelling, I have to go Fellowship.

They're all one long movie to me.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is the one that started it all.

Return of the King

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is better, even though The Fellowship of the Ring is better, too.

These are my two favourite fantasy films of all time and as they are part of the same story I have to choose solely from which draws me in more and has more 'moments' and ROTK has more of those moments for me.

Im not even sure how to rank my favorite trilogy, and movies, of all time


The film without the multiple endings.

So, I watched the Special Extended Edition of the LOTR trilogy in one go yesterday, which took almost 11 hours, and I thought I would comment here to give everyone my thoughts on this whole trilogy (I had previously seen the Theatrical Cut of Fellowship but I watched the Extended edition too yesterday before watching the sequels in order to refresh my knowledge abuout the story). Fellowship of the Ring was a solid film but its editing is awful, it has way too many Slow Motion scenes and there were some story issues. Two Towers is insanely flawed, it feels like it's 8 hours long, there are too many unnecessary flashbacks, the CGI doesn't look very good, the characters make terrible decisions from time to time and the movie just brings back characters who are supposedly dead too often. Oh and I think that the film cuts from Frodo and his friends to all the other dudes at completely wrong times. Return of the King was my favourite by far, it learned from the mistakes of The Two Towers and it's an epic in almost every way. I still had problems with the film though, like the multiple endings or the fact that Frodo didn't see the Gollum's betrayal throughout the entire film. My closing thoughts: LOTR is a solid but still vastly overrated trilogy that has more flaws than some fans want to admit.

Generally absolutely love the trilogy but Fellowship is the far greater perfect fantastic here.

The trilogy is absolutely good but fellowship definitely has better source story IMO.

1. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 2. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 3. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Twoers Period.

Each is a masterpiece and one of the best films ever made, but in the end, Fellowship is arguably less-flawed, and I enjoyed its journey just a bit more than Return of the King.

ROTK>TTT>FOTR all of them are 10/10 though

Fellowship >Return of the King by the difference of a 9.9 vs a 9.8

Fellowship is magnificent. But Return of the King is the best of the Trilogy

Rotk was amazing but fellowship is a better movie.

TTT = 9.5 FOTR = 9.45 ROTK = 9.35

ROTK wins. It's much more epic, emotional, and enjoyable.

FOTR for me. just toe to toe with TTT as the best

My number 1 vs number 2. The start and the end of my collective favourite film of all time... Return of the King wins only because it ties everything up, has a much bigger scope and features the Battle of the Pelenoir Fields, which in my opinion is egen better than the Balrog fight in Fellowship.

My number 1 vs number 2. The start and the end of my collective favourite film of all time... Return of the King wins only because it ties everything up, has a much bigger scope and features the Battle of the Pelenoir Fields, which in my opinion is egen better than the Balrog fight in Fellowship.

The Return of the King was the best be of the trilogy, and while still a masterpiece, the Fellowship of the Ring was probably the worst of the trilogy. ROTK was just so much better in scope and more powerful in general.

Return of the King is more epic whilst Fellowship of the Ring is more 'explosive'. Tough quotient.

Return of the King, but every movie on the trilogy is a classic