The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)

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The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

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There can be no triumph without loss. No victory without suffering. No freedom without sacrifice.

Directed By Peter Jackson Peter Jackson Starring Elijah Wood Elijah Wood  •  Ian McKellen Ian McKellen  •  Andy Serkis Andy Serkis  •  Viggo Mortensen Viggo Mortensen  •  Sean Astin Sean Astin Genres Adventure  •  Based-on-20th-Century-Literature  •  Ensemble Film  •  Epic  •  Fantasy Adventure  •  Fantasy  •  Sword-and-Sorcery Studios &
The Lord of the Rings  •  Academy Award Nominated  •  Academy Award Best Picture Winning  •  Academy Award Best Picture Nominated  •  BAFTA Award for Best Film Winning  •  BAFTA Award for Best Film Nominated  •  New Line Cinema  •  Academy Award for Best Production Design Nominated  •  Academy Award for Best Production Design Winning  •  Saturn Award for Best Fantasy Film Winning  •  MTV Movie Award for Best Movie Nominated  •  MTV Movie Award for Best Movie Winning  •  Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture Drama Winning  •  Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay Winning  •  Complex's 100 Best Movies Of The Complex Decade  •  Online Film Critics Society Award for Best Picture Winning  •  New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Film Winning  •  Empire Award for Best Film Winning  •  Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Best Film Winning  •  Critics' Choice Movie Award for Best Picture Winning  •  Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association Award for Best Film Winning  •  Producers Guild of America Award for Best Theatrical Motion Picture Winning  •  Billion-Dollar Film Club
Release Info 2003-12-17T00:00:00Z December 17, 2003
Color  •  201 minutes PG13 Rated PG13
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Comments (18)


myhyppo on 9/18/2011 Reply  · 

the king reigns, lo and behold

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thientruong_1982 on 4/21/2012 Reply  · 


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Boonmee on 12/30/2012 Reply  · 

Good, but incredibly overrated.

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j10f20mh on 3/13/2013 Reply  · 

this movie is my number four representing the trilogy, it just didn't feel right to put the 3 films in my top 10

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Caesar on 3/31/2013 Reply  · 

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is legendary. Period.

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cheesydog1 on 4/4/2014 Reply  · 


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cheesydog1 on 4/14/2014 Reply  · 


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Nononsense on 7/23/2014 Reply  · 

Best fantasy ever. Such an epic ending to an amazingly rich story. My favorite of the trilogy. And Gollum/Smeagol is my favorite character of the entire trilogy.

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posterchild1919 on 2/10/2015 Reply  · 

I consider all 3 films as one work so this one is the stand-in for all of them.

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lukiushaufoy on 7/9/2015 Reply  · 

Good movie

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TommyDoyle78 on 8/15/2015 Reply  · 

Epic conclusion, much better than The Two Towers.

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Koroy on 9/1/2015 Reply  · 

Second best from the trilogy after fellowship

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mcgrathta on 7/18/2017 Reply  · 

My #1 favorite movie on my Flickchart.

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copulman on 3/5/2018 Reply  · 

Again, I liked it, didn't love it. I did think it was better than Two Towers. I loved the final stretch with Gollum, Sam and Frodo, it was intense and the relationship between Sam and Frodo is great. My only real issue with this movie is the ending. This was so poorly done, at first I thought I was watching the alternative endings reel. I get that they wanted to make it special and close all the loose ends, but by doing that, it watered down everything making nothing feel overly special. Like i've said before, great trilogy, really happy I watched them all finally.

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Vosik on 8/27/2019 Reply  · 

Is it a great film? Yes
Is it the best LOTR film? Yes
Is it a masterpiece, one of the greatest movies ever made and up there with stuff like Citizen Kane, 2001, Lawrence of Arabia, Vertigo, The Wizard of Oz, Blade Runner, A Clockwork Orange, Alien, etc.? HELL NO

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PigletPig on 1/1/2021 Reply  · 

Despite its longer ending (personally I liked it for the most part) and ghost ex machina, it's still a masterpiece that I enjoy watching, even if I think Fellowship is better.

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