Raiders of the Lost Ark vs. Jaws



Man oh man. Two classics from Senor Spielberg. Summertime adventure gems. I think I may have to hold off on judging between these two near-perfect movies; anyone have any input?

there's no good answer here.

No there isn't.

raiders, definitely

Indy all the way. (Even though Raiders is not my favorite Indy film.)

In my opinion these are Speilberg's two finest films. The tough chooice has to go to the better franchise INDY!!

Wow...this is the toughest decision I've had to make on this site. I think I'm going to have to go with Jaws just because it was the defining film for Spielberg's career. I doubt Raiders of the Lost Ark would have been as iconic as it is if Spielberg had failed with Jaws. I do not think he would have been given the job if Jaws had sucked.

This is a tough one, a real tough one... But, it has to go to Raiders. There is no doubt in my mind that Raiders is a more perfect film than Jaws. Jaws is almost as good, but there is nothing, absolutely nothing I would add, or remove from Raiders.

It's Indy, definitely.

Each went against my expectations to an extent. Going into Raiders of the Lost Ark, I never expected to like it much given the fact that it was George Lucas and Harrison Ford re-teamed. Darth Vader was all that kept Star Wars from being a complete waste of time and all The Empire Strikes Back managed to do was be a moderate success in spite of having many of the same flaws as it. Naturally, I expected more of the same and was relieved to get something else entirely. That being a quality film. Not any sort of momentous achievement, but one I can say I genuinely liked. And one without any of the crippling flaws of either Star Wars or The Empire Strikes Back. Jaws, on the other hand, seemed a sure bet, what with Steven Spielberg being at the helm, George Lucas having no involvement whatsoever, and Steven Spielberg's track record with such films (i.e., Jurassic Park). I can say I genuinely liked it as well. And it'll likely be the one that'll stick with me more, given its deservedly iconic moments. But I can't say that I'd put it over Raiders of the Lost Ark. Though Raiders of the Ark is not as memorable as Jaws, it is more consistently engaging and entertaining.

"Jaws" gets my vote; Robert Shaw as Captain Quint puts it over the top. "Temple of Doom" is my favorite Indy movie. I'd pick that over "Jaws," but not "Raiders."

OMG, this must be like chosing between my two kids. I have to say I will give it to Raiders. But with pain in my heart.

In the Indy series, Raiders is the best. In the Jaws series, Jaws is the best. This is definitely a tough one. Raiders is awesome, Jaws though never wears out...every time I watch it, it's like the first time. Both are classics. I choose Jaws for the Hitchcockian suspense that grips you even when the story line is on land~

Theres no beating Raiders of the Lost Ark.

RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK VS. JAWS?! ...Do I get a lifeline for this?

Jaws is Spielberg's best film, Raiders is his second best

To be completely honest, I think I like Jaws more.

"Indiana Jones - the new hero from the creators of JAWS and STAR WARS"

JAWS is a great movie and suspenseful the first you watch it but Raiders is one of the greatest films ever made. Only Star Wars and Lord of the Rings is better than Raiders.

"Brainless swashbuckling fun" (or however people apologize for Raiders) isn't enough without characters I can care about. Gotta be Jaws.

Jaws is good, not great. Raiders of the Lost Ark is GREAT.

Come on, it's Jaws! :p

Raiders is probably Spielberg's best directed film.

The film that influenced later action/adventure movies to come VS. the film that made future beach-goers afraid to go in the water. Both in my Top 10, but Raiders is rated higher.

Raiders, one of the best films of all time.

Jaws is much better.

Jaws. No contest here in my opinion.

I can understand why some love Jaws. I loved the first half of Jaws, thought it was magnificent and kept me extremely interested in what would come but the last half utterly bored me. Raiders is just, something completely different. Maybe my thoughts on Jaws would change when I re-watch it

Now that I've re-watched Jaws, my thoughts on the film have changed vastly- I LOVE IT! However, it still can't top my number 5 film, Raiders :)

Jaws holds up pretty good. I wish Spielberg still made movies with the same level of heart. Raiders, though, is his last truly great film and I doubt he'll ever match it. My childhood fascination with the cinema was born from Raiders. It's the film that sucked me in for the long haul and I've been on the path to Movie Enlightenment ever since.

I guess I'll just have to give Raiders another try. I didn't grow up with it. I just recently tried watching it. I watched the first 30 minutes of it, but it never really grabbed me. Is it a movie you had to see growing up? Not meant to be rhetorical... I'm really looking for a reply. Anyway, Jaws easily wins this for me.

"Is it a movie you had to see growing up?" I don't think there's really an answer for that. It's likely that a lot of films we watch hold a specific appeal based on a number of factors. Not all those factors will influence each viewer the same way.


I loved Jaws, but Raiders is Spielberg's best in my opinion.

Raiders is by far my favourite Spielberg film. I do need to re-visit Jaws though.


Two great Spielberg pictures, but the action of Indy outmatches the terror of Jaws.

Two of Spielberg's finest. Raiders for the win.

Jaws by very little.

I always found Raiders a little more re watchable. Still love both

Jaws all the way.

Definitely Raiders for me.

Jaws easily

Love Raiders and all, but it's Jaws. One of the Spielberg best.

jaws is chomping raiders to bits

How haven’t commented on this? My favourite Spielberg film is Raiders! It includes everything I want from an action movie and it does these ideas superbly while keeping its own charm and originality! Still love Jaws though!

Jaws is way better than Raiders.

Jaws beats every Indiana Jones films, but this one is pretty facile here..


Jaws once again.



Jaws most for sure, how is this not even close.

Raiders, gotta go with my favorite Spielberg

Two of the spielberg's blockbusters but raiders is a little not much , a little bit better than jaws because jaws could make my top 20 but raiders is still in my top 10

Two of the spielberg's blockbusters but raiders is a little not much , a little bit better than jaws because jaws could make my top 20 but raiders is still in my top 10

Jaws is undoubtedly the greater masterpiece. JAWS WINS.