Inception vs. The Matrix



HAHAHA!!! The match I've been thinking about after watching Inception! Matrix was cool, action packed and gets you thinking but Inception took those things into another level plus some emotional depth (and better acting) Inception takes this round which brings it into my top 5!!


It has to be Inception. Better script, better acting, better action sequences (most don't even involve CGI), better directing and an overall better execution, imho. Great movies.

At the moment, it would have to be The Matrix by a smidge for how revolutionary it was. I can see Inception moving ahead of it with repeat viewings, though, because it's the sort of movie that you can take something different away from with each viewing, depending on your mindset. Oh, and one other thing. Can't say I agree with JRM when he says Inception has better action sequences; what makes The Matrix so revolutionary is its action sequences. The only thing revolutionary about Inception's action sequences is how little special effects were actually used in shooting them.

I knew people would be making this comparison. (Ahem... ) But really, the films are very different. They both deal with reality vs. non-reality, but in different ways. After a pretty trippy opening act, The Matrix actually becomes pretty straightforward. Inception is layers upon layers of complexity, yet I never got lost watching it in the theater. Charyou_Tree is right: The action in The Matrix is better; I'm an immense Nolan fanboy (four films in my Top 10), but I can admit that action scenes are not his strongest suit. Yet, the action in Inception is almost more ambitious, depending on how you look at it. (Both were really ambitious for different technical departments, I suppose.) Anyway, the Wachowskis created fantastic eye candy that will forever remain a personal favorite, but I cannot ignore the fantastic web that Nolan wove with Inception. What a brilliant piece of work.

Nah. NAH. Inception is a very good movie but it is NOT as complex as people make it out to be. In fact, it's pretty damn linear. The Matrix is profound, son, profound!!! (OK, not really but it's still deeper than all three layers of Inception AND limbo.)

Both movies are really birllient, they really are. Inception deals with how infectious ideas are and how dreams are some of the most influential things in this world, while The Matrix deals with the concept of "What is reality?", and both premises are incrediable. Both movies get 5/5 stars from me, but I feel The Matrix is the better film.

@cleckley: There are (at least) five layers to Inception, son. ;)

Oh, by the way, I've been building my other account by title in alphabetical order. (Username: MrKlan) I've gotten to the I's, and Inception is already ranking fifth, so it's dropped from the #3 I currently have it at. But I'm still ranking it higher than The Matrix. (Maybe I just need to see The Matrix again...)

Just comes down to one thing. The Matrix holds more water for me. I have such a history with that movie. Inception is fantastic and will continue to be fantastic, but The Matrix can't be beat out this time. Inception will win over MANY, but not The Matrix.

@johnmason Haha. Um, maybe I counted wrong. Let's see, three layers of dreams and then there's limbo (that's the main stuff I was referring to). Guess we could count reality/full-conciousness as another, so that's five. Maybe count the audience's awareness as an extrat layer just for fun. And then there's the possibility that Cobb is cuckoo crazy and the whole thing occurs in a bunch of other layers for him (but I don't wanna count that). That about right? What am I forgetting?

Inception. Its more thought-provoking. Has a better story. Plus: Nolan is a genious. He may have been inspiried by The Matrix, but, I don't really like The Matrix anyways. Inception for the win.

Inception wasn't half as smart as fans pretend it to be. It was entertaining but The Matrix simply was more entertaining and did it with ground breaking style.

@Cleckley: No, you're good. :) Meanwhile, Inception is now my case-in-point for why I'm not letting movies rank too high on my chart until I've seen them at least twice. I still love it, and it still ranks high, but I need to see The Matrix again because I have to remember that I had MORE FUN watching it, and I'm probably now going to rank it over Inception. Hey, I can admit when I'm wrong (or, at least, when I've changed my mind...).

@Screeny: I like Inception as much as the next sane person (great movie, but it's no GOAT), but I definitely wouldn't say it's the more thought-provoking of the two. Neither is as deep as some will have you believe, but there IS a philosophy behind the Matrix series. There are questions to be asked that I think can be taken from the films and into the real world (not that I've ever really bothered watching them as anything other than entertainment), and Inception just doesn't have that. Regardless, The Matrix wins because two geek brothers mish-mashed Kung Fu cinema, John Woo, James Cameron, and William Gibson and ACTUALLY MADE IT WORK. How fucking awesome is that?

Inception is good but it is not the matrix. inception may make a little hole in reality, but the matrix tear reality apart. I think more ppl are picking inception because they watched it a lot more recently so everything is fresh in the mind.

Both are overrated films.I'll go with the film that hasn't released those god awful sequels.

The Matrix is what Inception was trying to be

The Matrix is a better film as a whole.

its funny how opinions change. Inception.

Oh The Matrix here. Much more involved in the story and full of better visual effects. Bullet time wins here.

Inception is the anomaly copy. Matrix all the way.

....Inception was heavily inspired from the Matrix

Matrix! No contest. It's over 10 years old and has proven to be a revolution in cinema. Inception is only 2 years young and will NOT reach that status in the upcoming years.

The Matrix seemed a bit overrated to me.The philosophical points mentioned in the film were interesting but overall,I didn't find it all that great.The acting was pretty bad.Keanu Reeves was at his annoying best and that ending left me disappointed.The whole humans vs machines angle has been done before.Inception on the other hand is more original in its approach and explores the human subconscious which is a far more fascinating concept to me.Both the films ask you to question your reality but Inception is more effective because of its stronger emotional content which makes it easier to identify with.The action scenes were great in these two movies but bullet time just can't compete with the brilliantly shot rotating hallway and zero gravity scenes.DiCaprio,as a lead,was far more interesting than Keanu.Inception with its minimal use of CGI should age better than The Matrix.Inception for me.

Both great movies and I actually watched The Matrix because I loved Inception but The Matrix wins because it was first and more mind blowing.

The Matrix was definitely more revolutionary, and I liked the action sequences better, so it takes this round, but they're both in my top 5 at this point

One goes for technical, one goes for philosophical. I'll go with the technical one as it has less holes. Inception.

Inception is just a bit more clever...


"Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?" versus "Dreams feel real while we're in them. It's only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange.". Going with Inception.

Really hard to choose

I like how the two skyscraper posters are exactly the same, except one's tinted green and the other blue. Hmm, there might be a metaphor there somewhere.

Very slight edge to Inception this time, both are number 11 and 12 on my list.

Inception tries to emulate The Matrix.

matrix is better

I kept waiting for the Matrix to go somewhere and it never did.

Inception is slightly better then the matrix.

For now the Matrix is a bit better but boy...both are phenomenal

Great comparison. Matrix has a more intriguing concept and cooler special effects, but Inception's plot was deepe, character development was better, and acting better as well. I deem the latter qualites more important. Inception wins.

As much as I love Inception, I gotta go Matrix....

Damn, love both of these. Both have some terrific action scenes; Neo's fight with Smith was the highlight of The Matrix's action for me, the zero gravity fight was Inception's. Prefer Inception, but The Matrix is due a re-watch.

Matrix, not even a doubt in my mind...And Inception is still in my top 20

So, I just watched The Matrix for the first time and thought it was great. Meanwhile Inception sits in my #1 spot so...yeah. I agree with what PiccoloKing had to say.

Am I the only one who thinks Inception really isn't THAT similar to The Matrix. Yeah, it has the whole "machine that puts you in a fake world" thing, but that's really it. The plot's different, the story's different, the characters are different. Certainly not a rip-off or re-hash. Anyway, adore both, but Inception remains my favorite pure sci-fi movie.

Easy choice for me, Matrix

Both as forms moving to put on out in scull I'll going to The Matrix

I can understand why people compare these two but honestly I think inception makes matrix look like film made by an 8 year old and it's not that I don't like the matrix I like it the 1st one

Well... The Matrix is the obvious winner. I don't like these Nolan folk who think his new style of things are better than classic films. I don't know what sowrab96 has been smokin' but this attitude better change.

I like Inception but I'll pick The Matrix



Inception Matrix

This is prety easy for me got to go with (matrix)

If you think about it, Inception is a lot like the Matrix in its complexity. very tough choice actually

Hay if we didn't have The Matrix we probably wouldn't have Inception because they're both kind of the same Inception took a lot of things from The Matrix and The Matrix is what I will be taking

Obviously a crossover is needed here: Matriception or Inceptrix? then we can all trip out to the umph degree. yeah .... yeah.... yeaaaaaaah



I will go with inception

I'll go with Inception. I like The Matrix, but I don't see it as the masterpiece that some claim it is.

Inception is a master concerning complexity, but Matrix's action is more satisfying, and even though Inception has a more unpredicted ending, Matrix has a better plot overall. [The business convincing junk was kind of off IMO]

Easy with the clickin', empirosaur.

Inception for me!

Inception with ease with miles...


Matrix is more exciting and has a style and storyline more to my liking..


Hell no. The Matrix>Inception

I love both,The Matrix is masterpiece but Inception is great


Matrix, is a better movie with a better villain, comparable soundtrack and a much better narrative.

hard but i have to go matrix

Both are in my top 20, but I like Inception more.

Both are in my top 15. Inception is a clear masterpiece but matrix is the one movie

Inception, upon rewatch I changed my opinion.

Matrix is a top 20 film whereas inception is... sorry inception is also a top 20 stuff but matrix has more action and i thought inception was a little dragging at end that their even 20 minutes weren't getting over but matrix makes sense accordimg to its genre

I think christopher nolan's masterpiece inception is an inspiration to matrix and it did it very very good but matrix, by just a point difference, wins

I think christopher nolan's masterpiece inception is an inspiration to matrix and it did it very very good but matrix, by just a point difference, wins

Inception is way better.

Inception is better in every technical department.

Extremely difficult, my #3 vs. my #6. Inception wins, but both are masterpieces that you should definitely watch if you haven’t.

Inception is slightly better.

I go with inception here

The Matrix. The less in fantasy the movie was the the better.

Inception is arguably more innovative however The Matrix is more influential. Tapping Inception since it is more sentimental and mind-convulsive.

One of the toughest shits I've ever asked to answer.. But thinking a little bit after it and rewatching both: I think Inception is a great film and in my humble opinion, the best of the 2010s with it's complex dream maze world that Nolan built and just because for all the legendary stuff in it (café scene, the action sequences, the Mal line, the entire last like 30 minutes with the Fischers' scene and oc the ending), while Matrix is more likely a cult film which is amazing, really, in every aspect and is probably in the best 10 films ever made and not because of the performances or the twisted story oor the villain(s) of it (ewwww) but because of its impact on culture, it's masterful mixing of coolness and philosophy. It has some really deep themes about existence and reality. And that is exactly the reason why I'm going to give this point to The Matrix, which is the top of neo noir philosophical science-fiction. Or.. n.. no-.. NOT?? Dum-du-du-dumm - Blade Runner arrives - . Okay, that's for another day..

AND the AI is still horrible....if I say Inception, it puts your comment at Matrix. And opposite. Xd this is funy but solvable.

I would say Inception because Nolan did better direction and Inception had better cast

I think inception is much better

The Matrix, and it isn't really that close. The Matrix was a thought provoking, flawlessly directed masterpiece. It did literally everything better than Inception apart from maybe the emotional factor

This is so hard

I'm going with Inception