Raiders of the Lost Ark vs. The Empire Strikes Back



Wow, EPIC battle. Raiders, barely.

Yep, Raiders BARELY.

Holy crap. Raiders it is, but it took ages to choose.

Quite the match-up for sure, but 'Empire' is one of my favorite films EVER. So sorry Indy, but Han beats you this time.

Gaah..... This is a tough one too be sure. But come on "I am your father"

Raiders. Honestly, it was the tagline that sealed it for me. "The Return of the Great Adventure

Sophie's Choice indeed. Number 4 v.s. Number 5. I love both of these films so much, but I have to choose Star Wars. I'm sorry Indy.

If there was a "choose both" option, this is the best example of a pair of films I would use it on. Curse you, Flickchart!


I just re-watched the whole Indy series the other day...seriously tough, but Indy wins this one.

Star Wars, hands down.

Harrison Ford in Space or Harrison Ford fighting Nazis. Hmmmm....

The Empire Strikes Back is Lucas at his best. Not saying much, though. Even his best's barely respectable. And Raiders of the Lost Ark is as good as it is because of the involvement of Spielberg and Kaufman, not Lucas, I feel.

one of the toughest choices for sure. both are tremendous fun and have plenty of rewatch value. I can only choose based on what scenario I like more, and exotic locales on our beautiful planet win over those alien locations created in Lucas' imagination. Also: No Nazis get killed in Empire. So Raiders it is.

Now this is a difficult decision. Best Star Wars film vs best Indiana Jones film. Gotta go with the sci-fi though.

This is the most difficult film choice I've come across. I'll take Empire, just because I've seen it more.

Dammit, hard choice but i think I gotta go with Indy because it's more of a standalone film.

holy cow that's tough, empire by a nose though

Probably the best of the Star Wars saga is able to win against Indy.

This is one hard choice! Raiders of the Lost Ark or Empire Strikes Back?! No fair!

Raiders is beginning to annoy...

Going with Empire. By a hair. Empire is my favorite Star Wars where Raiders is probably 2nd with Indy for me. Really tough call.

Two of the ultimate summer movies based on entirely flat out fun, entertainment, thrills, adventure and cheers. I'm going for The Empire Strikes Back. Oh so close, though. Most likely will be another matchup that my opinion could change back and forth.

holy f*** where do i start .. this is driving me mad!!!

Empire is pretty much just Luke whining to Yoda and the Millennium Falcon being chased by Star Destroyers. It doesn't truly pick up until near the end. The Battle on Hoth just seems like much ado about nothing. It doesn't really matter to the rest of the film (aside from the Obi Wan message). The last time I watched Empire, I actually wanted to fast forward through the whole Hoth part. And the Dagobah part. And all the chase parts... In short, I like Raiders better.

Empire Strikes Back is far better for sure.

Raiders by a hair

"Empire" for me. It's hands down my favorite "Star Wars" movie, whereas "Raiders" isn't my favorite Indy movie (that would be "Temple of Doom").

This is the hardest Indy vs Star Wars matchup for me and, while I love Raiders and it got me more interseted in movies, I'd have to say Empire right now but it's very hard choice.

Empire, but not by much.

Gotta go with Empire. The best Indiana cant beat the best Star Wars

The empire strikes back. BUT VERY CLOSE THOUGH.

The Empire Strikes Back

A close call. Two spectacular films but The Empire Strikes Back wins by an inch.

Empire wins...but not after banging my head repeatedly on the wall...

empire strikes back, that scene on the ice planet hoth at the beginning, man, awesome

My number 1 and number 2! Star Wars made me love movies, so Empire has to win here. But watching Raiders is also one of the most satisfying movie experiences ever. Perfect, perfect movies.

Interesting match-up. Both films were among the best action flicks of the 80s. I like the atmosphere of Raiders more though. I'll always choose action/adventure over sci-fi/action. It's been a long time since I last saw Empire so I'll see how that goes. But definitely Raiders for now.

Empire wins. Both are from Lucas' pen. But for me Empire is a huge part of my childhood that it has to win this one

Tough, but I'm taking Raiders on this.

As much as I love Empire Strikes Back and the whole Star Wars saga, I've loved Indy since I was little. So Raiders for me.

My number 1 and my number 2. Excellent, excellent movies. The reason Empire is my favorite movie of all time though is because 1. The Star Wars movies made me love movies as an art form. I watched the Indy movies some years later. 2. Raiders is a little boring and / or dragging in some places, and I don't really mind that too much because it doesn't happen too often, but it does give an advantage to Empire, which is never dragging.

Crap, I repeated myself *facepalm*

Empire, Mark, Harrison, and Carrie are perfect team, mlg

I've changed my mind. Big time!

Two action/adventure classics that actually live up to their reputations. I give the edge to Raiders.

Both are widely considered to be the best in their series, but I prefer Last Crusade and Jedi slightly. However these are both amazing films and are both in my top 25. Empire gets the win.

I Choose Empire.

The Empire crushes.

The Empire Strikes Back is my #1 favorite movie of all time and so Empire beats Raiders this time.

The Empire Strikes Back still remains my #1 Favorite movie of all time and In my opinion, The Empire Strikes Back beats all 4 Indiana Jones Films.

Empire over Raiders every day of the year.

Empire kills Raiders (and I really liked Raiders) The amazing level of detail in ESB is just too breath taking, the action sequences are better than ever before, better than most that come out nowadays and every single character (Han, Luke, Leia, Vader, Lando, C-3PO, R2-D2, Yoda, Boba Fett) all make for a list of the most iconic movie characters. I'm pretty sure that no one remembers Belloq? Not to go against Raiders, but it came out only a year after ESB yet ESB has crushed every movie since in gaining its fame.... ESB also has amazing sequences (pretty much the whole movie) Raiders is great (I love it but have minor issues with) ESB is flawless and perfection in cinema

Now, this is one of the greatest matchups yet but Empire wins...Empire is ....well....Empire...Both amazing films but Empire holds up a bit better in my books...How iconic both but Empire is pretty much the greatest film ever made (along with Godfather and a few others)

I think I probably WOULD have gone with Empire, but since Lucas has been changing it way too often it's left a bitter taste in my mouth. Besides, I quote Raiders more often than Empire.


Big Spielberg/Lucas match-up. Raiders wins.

#18 and #19 on my list, so this is a toughie..... Going to go with Empire for now, but that could change.

The Empire Strikes Back is easily the best Star Wars film and beats Indy... For now.

empire, empire... :/

yeah, empire

Raiders by mile

The Empire Strikes Back for now. Need to rewatch Raiders

Raiders of the Lost Ark > The Empire Strikes Back > Star Wars > The Last Crusade > Return of the Jedi > The Temple of Doom

i hate how i change opinion all the time

Star Wars Trilogy > Indiana Jones Trilogy. Star Wars is better than Raiders, Empire is better than Temple of Doom and Jedi is better than Last Crusade.

This is not fair! Nonetheless, if there had to be a's empire!

The Empire Strikes Back wins slightly.

I've been battling this one for months now, and I have finally come to a conclusion... I will never figure out which one I like better...

Raiders of the Lost Arc in a landslide

Raiders of the Lost Arc in a landslide

Episode V is the best Star Wars film. But for me, nothing beats Raiders in the pure adventure category. That is to say, there are some great adventure films that might top it, but we watch them for something more than adventure. Amongst movies like Empire and others which we watch purely for the "WOW!" quotient, Raiders is my all-time favorite.

Two perfect films, but I have to pick Raiders.

I always hate going against Raiders, but I don't have a choice - Empire is just too good.

#8 vs #9. Empire for being actually more complex, and for vaporizing its mains characters.

Rauder of the lost ark is more my-type movie

Raiders of the lost ark is more my type of movie

.I gotta go with Raiders of the lost Ark..BUT if you ask again tomorrow who knows...........SO CLOSE.

This could easily go either way but I'd have to say Raiders of the Lost Ark

Without these two movies, I wouldn't have a passion for film. Empire is more complex and I cared for the characters more even if Raider is incredibly well made and exciting!

Empire takes it.


The Empire prevails here.

Raiders has to win in a battle of the heavyweights.


But The Empire Strikes Back!

Raiders does not stand a chance.

Empire nails here..

Star Wars easily, Indiana Jones doesn't have any special greater conclusion here.

Star Wars easily, Indiana Jones doesn't have any special greater conclusion here.

Star Wars episode V by far.

Flip a coin, they are even. I give Empire the slight edge just because of hlw awesome Vader is.

Raiders is an original story, Empire is just a sequel ..... Indy saves the day but Han Solo is captured and frozen in carbonite...

Both masterpieces. Best Star Wars film vs Best Indiana Jones film. I love Indiana more than Star Wars. So Indiana Jones wins this round here. But don't get me wrong Empire is still fantastic.

Two classics from the 80s that I'll always love, Empire wins

Love ''em both. Leaning towards empire though.