The Godfather vs. Star Wars



Classic match-up.

wow.. how to choose?

I was dreading this day... Gotta go with Star Wars

I'm sorry, Star Wars is mostly a kids movie, and upon re-watching it, it just doesn't compare. The Godfather is the best film ever made. Therefore, the choice is clear.

I disagree on the point that Star Wars is mostly a kids movie. There is no question, though... The Godfather is superior in every way.

Brutal matchup. In the classic sense, of course the Godfather is a better movie, but I don't think any movie experience can surpass seeing Star Wars when I was 5. Having recently re-watched the Godfather, it still holds up as one of the best movies ever made, definitely top 10. Star Wars may not age as well (as one gets older), but as of today, it gets the close edge. The sequels to both these movies surpassed the originals.

Disturbing realism vs. fantastic optimism? It's so difficult to rank these mega-popular movies back to back; guess that's why I'm the first one to do it on this website. This is the first one to really stump me.....I guess it comes down to whether you like your villains clear cut, as in the case of Star Wars, or the ambiguous ones of The Godfather. Both are escapist films due to the great craft involved, but one tells us what we have been, and one tells us what we should be. I have to go with The Godfather, for its thematic complexity and unflinching realism. It paints a masterful depiction of religious hypocrisy and I'm ALL for that. Star Wars is really creative and deserves credit for amping up the noble tradition of space opera, but the writing is amateurish compared to The Godfather. The Godfather WINNNNNNNNNNNSSSSSSS

Oops, I wasn't the first. Nevermind...

Star Wars is Kurosawa in outer space--so unoriginal, so derivative, so sixth grade boy. The Godfather is for grown ass men (and women)--no contest--The Godfather in a cakewalk.

Great films, but one has aged considerably better than the other. I must say that THE GODFATHER is more enduring, even if STAR WARS is better loved.

by far the hardest choice i've ever had to make on this site...

hardest choice ever.

After a long, long time of debating and having Star Wars at No. 1, I have to go with Godfather. Maybe because I saw it a few days ago. I don't know, but I'll pick Godfather and who knows? maybe I'll change my mind again.

The Godfather has great acting. Star Wars does not. The Godfather does not have special effects. Star Wars doesn't have good special effects. The Godfather is somewhat overrated. Star Wars is terribly overrated. The Godfather has Don Corleone. Star Wars has Darth Vader. Well, Star Wars wins there, but that's about it.

def one of the hardest decisions

To all those who hate the Wars, "I find your lack of faith DISTURBING!"

Wow. This is tougher than Don Corleone on a bad day with Darth Vader on insubordinate officers. Gotta go with Star Wars

This is the ultimate question!

Star Wars is so much more to me than a film. Only others that grew up with the originals can ever begin to understand that. But the way I look at this site, all of that has to be put aside when looking at these showdowns. Which is the better 'movie' - easily Godfather.

Which is the better film? "Godfather," and it's not even a question. Which am I more likely to re-watch? "Star Wars," and that's not even a question, either. Which one gets my vote? That, I'm afraid, is a rather difficult question.

I never thought about how hard this is until now.


The Godfather has better acting and is quite simply the better movie.

Better Movie I shall pick, yes, mmmmm........


I think The God Father is the better film and holds up better to multiple viewings than Star Wars. That's why it gets my vote.

Star Wars is by far supirior, Godfather sucks it has both bad acting and bad story and the movie is far too slow. Star Wars wins anyday.

I don't know what makes this matchup so difficult for some of you. There's no way that Star Wars beats The Godfather. End of story.

Star Wars looks pretty weak when highlighted next to The Godfather. Then again, most movies do.

Both are classics. One means more to me...and always will.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha..... you know, for two movies that i really love, sometimes even i'm amazed how easy this is. i mean come on!!!!! how can Star Wars even touch Godfather?? i'm seriously asking! please someone give me an answer!

Both amazing films of the 70's and they are both in my top 5, but I have to give it to Star Wars. It inspired a generations and is one of the most quotable movies to date (so is The Godfather but not as much) plus filled with a rich sense of adventure and humor.

Star Wars is the best film period.

The godfather is better, but if this was against Empire it would be a different story.

The Godfather.

This is a very big match up featuring two of the biggest films of the 70's. I have to give it to Star Wars. It stays with me through my childhood and now. You can watch it a million times and not get sick of it as well.

Star Wars. I think it is much more influential and entertaining.

When I was younger, Star Wars was my favorite movie. When I was around 15, I saw The Godfather with my dad, and it transcended my view if film. And ever since, nothing can touch it. The Godfather.

Am I the only person on the planet who fell asleep during The Godfather. I'm thinking I might have somehow avoided being brainwashed into thinking The Godfather is somehow magically the best movie ever. I'm going to stop myself here and just say the words Iron Man.

lol I mean Star Wars :P I've got Iron Man on the brain apparently.

Looks like there is some snobbery going on here. Both movies are great, but why is The Godfather referred to as better in a classic sense, and nonsense like that? The Godfather has a couple of the best scenes in cinema history, and is a wonderful bit of writing and directing over all. Both are in my top 20. But Star Wars, for me, reaches down deep and has the best climactic scene ever made.

Star Wars is untouchable i my view its not even close.

Star. Wars. Nuff. Said

Not knocking Pacino's performance, but his character is a wooden plank. At the end, when he's mastered his mobster swagger, we're supposed to have a sense of how deep we're in it with him, the power and authority is supposed to be palpable, but there's nothing besides the visual suggestion. There are some nearly perfectly crafted scenes, but I never though it was that great of a _film_. Not too into Star Wars, but I gotta go with that.


Wait. You're cutting down Bruce Lee AND Michael Corleone? Who is this heathen that endeared himself to me with his words and appreciation of Asian cinema? I promised myself I wouldn't cry.

Two of the greatest films of all time...but Star Wars is more greatest (yeah, that sounds right).

Look past the nostalgia. Use the force. While Star Wars may be great, The Godfather is the greatest movie of all time.

As great as Star Wars is, The Godfather owns here.

Star Wars is slightly better.

The Godfather can't be beat!

Star Wars is an enjoyable movie. The better FILM is The Godfather and in my opinion, it's the greatest film ever. Period.

Pacino is a wooden plank? You're meant to witness his transition from timid member of the Corleone family to ruthless mob boss. How does it seem wooden? That is a lousy excuse for disliking the greatest film EVER.

The Godfather is the best film of the 70s hands down.

Star wars is simply more of a favourite

Godfather was the best Gangster movie while Star Wars is the Best Movie ever made. Seen it close to 100 times never gets old

A New Hope is the no. 1 film on Flickchart. So why does it shock me so bad that it's beating The Godfather?

It's at least better than what it used to be: The Avengers at no. 1, The Dark Knight at no. 2 and Star Wars (forget the subtitle, THAT is what it was called back in '77) at no. 3.

But both The Avengers and The Dark Knight are currently losing to The Godfather :(

I wasn't questioning A New Hope's no. 1 status, btw.

I agree with MysticSpoon, even with my number one movie being The Dark Knight.

The list must be reset. I mean the formula from the previous ranks, wasn't much good, but (and I am a really huge fan) having the first two Star Wars films at numbers 1 & 2 is just unfair to other films.

The Godfather.

Easy, the Godfather! Duh, Al Pacino, Marlon Brando, Robert Duvall and the list goes on...If it were Empire, it'll be tough as it would be #2 vs #3

godfather is wayyyy better. it is the most perfect movie ever. star wars is childish,the effects are crappy and is overrated on this site.

Star Wars for me. I still like The Godfather though

I'm switching over to The Godfather.

Okay I apologise for being too harsh on Star Wars. Its not that I don't like it it, and I understand why its such a favourite and influential movie. I admire Lucas' vision for creating a wonderful world that amazes children as well as grown ups even today. But yes, there are quite a few scenes & moments where this film looks really aged( say the not-so-well choreographed fight scene between Vader & Obiwan & those rubber costumed aliens, among some). Now this is no doubt due to the tight budget of the film, in fact the latter 2 parts look quite grand in comparison. Anyway, this is a relatively minor issue. But my problem is that really don't feel that connected to the movie, whereas I really liked Empire & even Jedi. This is mainly due to the new plot introduced between Luke & Vader( I also liked Yoda) and also the character developmets of Han & Leia . But until that point star wars really felt like more-effects-than-plot & well since the effects look old...... I'm not saying its not a great movie, but do you guys really believe it should top so many great classics present on this list?

Nah, I switch to the Godfather.............

I'm switching to Star Wars.

Certainly The Godfather wins with me. SW is excellent but The Godfather is just compelling filmmaking.

I love SW just as much as the next guy but The Godfather blows SW out of the water. The Godfather is the greatest overall film ever made.

Star Wars is my choice...



Star Wars is the best Sci-Fi Movie of all time. The Godfather is the best Mafia movie of all time. so the real question is which is better Sci-fi or Mafia. I Go with Godfather

Star Wars is the best Sci-Fi Movie of all time. The Godfather is the best Mafia movie of all time. so the real question is which is better Sci-fi or Mafia. I Go with Godfather

Star Wars is the best Sci-Fi Movie of all time. The Godfather is the best Mafia movie of all time. so the real question is which is better Sci-fi or Mafia. I Go with Godfather

im going with godfather actually. For now... Placing my 12nd, 13rd, 14th and 15th is damn hard...

flickchart is f***in with me. I want godfather switched out with stand by me!

The Godfather easily

The Godfather wins

The Godfather is the simple winner

the godfather no contest

The Godfather without a doubt. Star Wars is an awesome movie, but definitely not worthy of the #1 spot

Rewatched godfather after a long time. Never have I been so wrong about this movie. Star wars - the movie that dominates the fantasy movies and godfather - the film that dominates the reality movies. Although I love star wars alot, it didn't do it fully to me as it did with others (as avengers did, but that is another talk). Godfather wins. If i watched star wars for the first time when I was younger or lived in the time it came out Im pretty sure it would have won.

I wasn't being ignorant watching The Godfather but I didn't find it very entertaining.

I'm not kidding. After re-watching The Godfather, I prefer it over Star Wars

The Godfather is so much better than Star wars. the fact that movies like star wars and raiders of the lost arc are in the top 5 on this site completely discredits it as viable.

I like the whole world of Star Wars

Big guns are out with the Godfather winning the day.

Both are great, iconic, and extremely popular. Whilst Star Wars is more popular and has become a massive pop-culture phenomenon, more so that The Godfather, The Godfather is definitely the superior film in terms of filmmaking and therefore wins this battle for me. Han may shoot first but Michael will have him sleeping with the fishes. The Godfather for the win.

The Godfather wins.

I prefer Star Wars. It is more entertaining.

Both brilliant, but Godfather needs a rewatch before I can truly make my mind up on it. Star Wars doesn't get any worse the more I watch it, and it's still brilliant despite not even being my favourite Star Wars film. Star Wars wins.

Definitely two of the greatest, both separated by a single position just outside my top 5. The Godfather or Star Wars... Hm, I think I'll take Star Wars by a nose.

I need to re watch both movies I am going with star wars for the time being. ..... but I can change my decision any day

Star Wars by a whisker..........


I'm going to go with the Godfather as well. I think it has done even more for American film judging by the Best Picture win and the #2 spot on the updated AFI Top 100 (Originally it placed at 3).

Ok I change my decision The godfather wins here

Ok I change my decision The godfather wins here

I find those people who prefer the Godfather lack of good taste disturbing. But I like both movies, but Star Wars is better.

while most people say Godfather, I find it against my tastes of action and quick-paced, so star-wars wins.

The Godfather.

The Godfather by far

The Godfather for me because it is a better well written story developed with great dramatic acting in history, while Star Wars the original is kind of less charming for a days.

I switched to Star Wars because it’s often more of a masterpiece.

Star Wars is definitely one of the best of the classic films ever.

Godfather has the better story and characters.

Generally Star Wars is the best classic because of terms of cinema was much better.

Even though Star Wars has its flaws. Its just not as flawed as The Godfather. And much, much more entertaining.

I predict to be going with Star Wars here because of to be the collected of the cinema classic of those ways.

I didn't understand the point of this matchup, it must be for the community of this site that considers a Star Wars some kind of masterpiece.

Godfather is much better. But SW is great aswell.

Don Corleone, I am honored and grateful that you have invited me to your daughter's wedding... The Godfather is much better, but Star Wars is great as well.

The Godfather is better, but both are very well-made.

GF2 > ESB > GF > any other SW movie

The Godfather and Part 2 are better than the entire Star Wars franchise put together, regardless of how much I respect the original trilogy

Both are some of the most influential movies and best movies ever made. The Godfather wins

The Godfather will always be superior to Star Wars, which I love too.