Star Wars vs. Return of the Jedi



No question about it The original Star Wars is the winner here but either way Lucas wins!

That's a tough one indeed... I'll have to go with the original on account of too many wobbly dolls in Jedi!

Jedi has it's great moments, but Star Wars is better.

This one's hard, but I'll go with the original.

Given the saga as a whole (which I know many are reluctant do considering how poorly presented the prequels were) I have to go with RotJ. As a standalone movie New Hope takes it in an instant.

This is tough, Empire Strikes Back is definitely the best of the 3, but I'm really not sure. I guess I have to go with Return of the Jedi

A New Hope was the best of them all in my opinion.

Return of the Jedi is my favorite Star Wars movie, thus no doubt which one I take here.

The only advantage that "Star Wars" has is the assault on the original Death Star; I found doing it again in "Jedi" to be disappointingly unoriginal. Otherwise, I'll take Luke Skywalker fulfilling his destiny over taking his first tentative steps toward it, and John Williams's score for "Jedi" is more evolved than its predecessor.

The Empire Strikes Back is the only passable film in the trilogy, to be frank. But, Star Wars at least has Darth Vader. He keeps it from being an utter abomination. George Lucas ruins his character, as well as Yoda's, in Return of the Jedi. What results is the worst film I have seen to date. I'd rather watch someone make shadow puppets a little over two hours than George "Toy Boy" Lucas and his puppets.

When I was a kid, Return of the Jedi was my favorite movie, period. Of course, now I know Empire is vastly superior, and I've fallen out of love with the saga as a whole. I've noticed something: The best Star Wars movies were not directed or solely written by George Lucas. Jedi it is.


Return of the Jedi is one of my least favorite Star Wars films. The teddy bear celebration, the recreated Death Star, the seemingly random revelation of Leah's relationship with Luke -- it all led to a bittersweet finale to the original trilogy. So I give this one to the first Star Wars. However, after seeing the prequels I've grown more fond of Return of the Jedi.

I'm going with Return of the Jedi, sure it had some kind of silly moments, but the ending battle between Darth Vader and Luke is one of the most memorable scenes in any movie for me.

Star Wars wins. The battle for the Death Star is more cool (and how lame is that: it gets destroyed and they just build another one?) and no Ewoks.

this is a hard one

How am I supposed to pick?

WOAH. WOAH. WOAH. Can they even do DO that??



I actually like the prequals better then the originals. Episode 2 is my favorite.

A New Hope paved the way to a great saga with a low budget Science Fiction movie made in the 70's. It's almost crazy to think about what big ol' George accomplished here. SO ahead of it's time. Return Of The Jedi is a epic conclusion,but a New Hope got this.

You can't go wrong with any of the Star Wars flicks. They all flow well and feed off the one prior, so this has to be one of the greatest series ever made.

The original Star Wars wins this one

ROTJ is good, but the ewoks and the second attack on the deathstar hurt the film. The original is superior.

Star Wars is my least fav of the original trilogy. Luke doesn't really begin to man up until Empire.

The original Star Wars. no contest.

Return of the Jedi is actually much better. It is richer in story, Luke isn't some innocent little kid and the action is ten times better. Especially the space battle at the end. And who can forget the beginning with Jabba (the entire scene makes the movie in my opinion). Darth Vader vs. Luke Skywalker is legendary at the climax and the unveiling of the ultimate mask of Vader is all but suspenseful to the last minute.

The original is the winner here. Still loved ROTJ though.


The Ewoks made a Difference here. Star Wars wins.

A New Hope wins because its my favorite movie but Return of the Jedi is really great.

RotJ is #7 on the site? Yuck. it's barely decent.

"RotJ is #7 on the site? Yuck. it's barely decent. " This. This this this.

Return of the Jedi is my favorite in the series.

I'm changing my opinion. Return of the Jedi is the more plot involved and I've grown fond of it lately, like my childhood days.

So, so, so what UncleFok said. This isn't even close.

Star Wars: A New Hope is alot better than Return of the Jedi but still The Empire Strikes Back is alot better in many ways.

Jabba The Hutt, In my opinion, was never a good character in terms of making sense. He was just an annoying crimelord and he was also holding Princess Leia and C-3PO hostage. And the Damn Ewoks. I Hated the Ewoks back then and I hate the Ewoks now and to this day I find that Return of the Jedi is unwatchable and It is the Second Worst Star Wars Movie along with Attack of the Clones in the Star Wars Series.

Star warss.

Star Wars definitely!!!!! Ewoks certainly suck and piss me off. To see little teddy bears taking down storm troopers using sticks is just cheesy. Yes, Star Wars is rather cheesy but it goes too far. It becomes laughable in a bad away. Also, the whole idea of rebuilding the Death Star with the same weakness as before is irritating. That said, ROTJ is still a great movie. Everything but the Ewoks is fantastic and had it not being for those fricking Ewoks, it would beat SW. I'm not sure my opinion will change much in the future as everytime I watch ROTJ, I like it less and less. SW and ESB I love more and more, the more I watch :D

Return of the Jedi is the better film, simply because it has more complex ideas and themes at its core. Star Wars is just a space adventure. That's it.

This is tough to choose. Star Wars was the original - a bit is repeated in the last. But I did like the adventure more in the last than the first. Plus the laughs. You are familiar now with the characters in the last ....

Star Wars. For me Empire is the best, followed by Star Wars, followed by Return of the Jedi. I love all of these so so much as a kid and even now. They are definitely some of the greatest films of all time. Thanks George Lucas!

AH. Star wars, it started it all.

The Original Star Wars is by far superior better, Return of the Jedi has too many weak moments and I really don't like the Ewoks. Star Wars has also a much better Death Star battle. Star Wars wins big time here.

Luke is super whinny in A New Hope, Return of the Jedi has Yoda, even though he dies, and Vader turning to the light side. Jedi wins


What a difference 1724 days, 3 hours can make! Having stayed up through the wee hours and into the early afternoon with the Original Trilogy on DVD with their commentary tracks, I've found some new appreciation for STAR WARS and lost a bit of enthusiasm for RETURN OF THE JEDI.

Tough one.

Why does everyone shit on Return?

So it comes down to this. My two favorites of the saga going head to head. I absolutely love Return of the Jedi (so much that I even find it a tiny bit better than the magnificent Empire Strikes Back). But I find Star Wars to be pretty much flawless in every way. While I love Jedi, I know it has a few flaws, like some scenes on Endor that just come off as dumb (the C-3P0 worshipping). Overall, I just feel that Star Wars is the stronger film, and is the best of them all, which is why I choose it here.

Star Wars, easily. Return of the Jedi I found weak.

Jedi sucks.A new hope far better

Star Wars is the better film even though I don't fault Return of the Jedi because of the Ewoks.

These constantly go back and forth. I just wanna comment on it once since this is a constant fight in my life. I think ROTJ wins today. It probably won't tomorrow. SW leads the way most of the time. Just not today.

Episode IV.

Stand alone I'd rather watch Episode 4. If we are watching the 2011 remastered version then I am going with Jedi. The newer version adds in cool scenes and not to mention young Jedi Ghost Anakin Skywalker. The fact that they incorporate a character from the prequels interwoven with the original is magic. The final act of Jedi is my favorite in all of film.

Return of the Jedi was fun, mainly in the last third, and it is a great film. Nevertheless, A New Hope is what started it all, it's easily the better film.

ANH is a better movie but ROTJ isn't far behind