Pulp Fiction vs. The Dark Knight



Dude choosing between The Dark Knight & Pulp Fiction?!? Fuck.

This is hard.

'Pulp Fiction' was a great spark on my love for films so it easily beats out 'The Dark Knight'.

Pulp Fiction.


Dark Knight JUST edges out Pulp Fiction for me.

It's quite impossible to choose one...

Easily Pulp Fiction

Are people really debating this? Pulp Fiction is clearly better. The only saving grace on the Dark Knights end is Nolans Directing and Ledgers acting.

ooooh... well well. we do have a decision to make. i have to say batman. i can watch it over and over again. its great. the joker is just epic. sorry pulp :(

Pulp Fiction is one of my favs, The Dark Knight is awesome but doesn't beat Pulp

Easy. Dark Knight -- great story and characters. Pulp's a little too precious and self-aware for my taste.


Pulp Fiction is hard to beat.

I'm going to go with Pulp Fiction here too, It really is hard to beat

Pulp is IMO not even Tarantino's greatest work. I'd take The Whole Bloody Affair as his tops any day. With that said, Pulp IS great for quoting, great for individual scenes and fantastic in terms of cultural relevance. TDK however is the current king of the 21st century. Nolan gets my vote.

I love both films. I feel TDK has more rewatch value for me, but as an overall film, Pulp Fiction is hands down the better work. The more i think about it, the one thing that is keeping TDK so high on my list at the end of the day is Ledgers performance. Take that away and you really have an average film...a good one, but average.

pulp fiction is by far the more important work. Maybe, even the most important film of the 90s? Aliet, Dark Knight is the greatest Superhero film.

The Dark Knight. Landslide.

Pulp Fiction, for being more than impressive...it's actually fun.

Pulp Fiction has everything: Brilliant performances, brilliant dialogue, masterful direction, philosophy. It's extremely entertaining and has one hell of an ending. It's also QT's best film, which is saying one hell of a lot.

Both great films. I think Pulp is more enjoyable, with the catchy dialogue and ensemble cast. TDK has the wow factor, but isnt even Bales best performance. Pulp FTW.

Let's be honest for once about The Dark Knight: while it is the greatest superhero movie (not a great list) ever made, the fact that its number one all-time on this site baffles me. Like the way Britney hits #1 on the pop charts. And there's NO WAY it beats Pulp Fiction. No. Way. When you start taking TDK too seriously, it loses its value. Ledger delivers a legendary non-realist performance, up there with Nicholson in The Shining, but the rest of the film has major flaws. MAJOR flaws. Parts of the movie drag interminably, especially the sections in Japan and the sections WITH THE MAIN CHARACTER, Christian Bale. The love triangle is just obnoxious. Does anyone understand why we care if they're fighting over MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL, who does absolutely nothing but fall off a building and then get blown up? And the 'dark themes' explored in the film are so infantile its scary they're taken seriously. At one minute the film embraces torture and wiretaps and the next minute it affirms man's principles and humanity to man. The apologetic subtext for the War in Iraq and Guantanamo is so strong its frightening. But at some level, I guess, even that's OKAY, because its just a summer blockbuster superhero movie. And that's all. But is it a better film than Pulp Fiction? Not a chance. Is it one of the greatest films of all time? Not a chance. Is it even the best film to come out that year? No. Get over it.

Pulp Fiction. Hands down. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love TDK, but the dialogue in Pulp Fiction has become the framework for modern cinema.

This change of heart is happening again! Now TDK *used* to be be my favorite film but things majorly changed over night. It is still a masterpiece no doubt about it but Pulp Fiction had EVERYTHING to make the perfect film and some of the best dialogue and characters I've ever seen and witnessed take part in conversations that are actually more enjoyable than the action scenes, and that's saying something. Pulp wins.

I'm sorry, but this isn't even close for me. TDK is one of the best comic book movies of all time, but I find Pulp Fiction far more memorable, clever, and well acted. TDK is upholstered by Ledger, while Bale is your average superhero.

The Dark Knight is the most overrated movie ever. Pulp Fiction wins for sure.

Batman wasn't focused on enough. The whole reason the Joker is a great character is because of how he contrasts to Batman, but Batman gets barely half the screen time. His emotions aren't developed enough like they were in Begins. Fiction is timeless. The Dark Knight Rises should put Dark Knight in its place.

Extremely tough decision! I'll let fate choose....

Don't make me do this.....

Pulp Fiction. You might wanna shoot me but Pulp had better performances than TDK (with the exception of Heath Ledger). John Travolta, Uma Thurman and Samuel L Jackson all do a good job in delivering their roles onto the screen, creating cult characters that everyone adores.

Pulp Fiction for sure. A much bigger legend then that of The Dark Knight.

I don't believe how fucking one-sided this contest has become. The Dark Knight is clearly superior to me. It didn't rely on excessive violence and at times pointless dialogue but on great characterization and breathtaking storytelling for an almost flawless experience. Nolan is miles ahead of rip-off artist Tarantino. TDK beats PF by a freakin landslide.

Pulp Fiction everyday. TDK is really not far behind at all, but Pulp is just an astounding piece of filmmaking for me. It's flawlessly written, paced, and has great characters. But like I said, The Dark Knight is not far behind.

Tarantino rips people off, but the cult films he ripped off usually ripped off a lot of stuff too. Anyway, it's like someone who hates DJs trying to critique a DJ/producer who's considered great; there's just a fundamental disconnect in the language between the two sides. To me The Dark Knight is just another slick blockbuster turd, and Pulp Fiction at least goes a little beyond that, it has some grit and--err, how can I put this in a way that's not too intangible, well, fuck it--soul. Not a fan of the direction the industry has been taking since the 90s.

Rip-off? Homage? Sampling? Adaptation? Same meaning, just expressed through differing biases. Me, I think he improves on obscure scenes whilst bringing them to the mainstream. Fok, maybe you're just not a fan of the direction the industry has been taking since you grew up?

The industry has always had highly disparate interconnecting threads, so I suppose generalizing any which way is too simple, but the ones I care about have hit their end, for the most part. Either that or they changed into something I don't like. I don't like the look or "feel" of the majority of new films, hard to explain. I did grow up watching 70s and 80s flicks, so I won't deny it's largely a nostalgia thing, but even when I try to look at a lot of these new Hollywood movies "objectively" they seem weirdly dead to me. Not just visually--something about them is so tame and impotent. Every recent action movie is like the history of action movies, watered down and mass-produced.

As for Tarantino, my inner elitist always tempts me to put him down, but when I recognize someone enjoying something that it's obvious he lives and breathes I gotta respect it in a way. I think there's a difference between respectful and disrespectful homage (or even "ripping off", and I do make a distinction) and most of what he does is the former.

But he doesn't improve on his sources ;D

It's funny, it used to be elitist to promote Tarantino and advocate edgy, smart counter-culture. Now it seems snobbery (albeit populist snobbery, in a way) has cast Tarantino aside. There's gotta be a cooler way of grandstanding than saying "Look at me and my film tastes." Anyway, what is it about modern visuals that you dislike so much? You've mentioned you're hatred for CGI a few times and although in most folks' cases this would be yet another example of snobbery, I suspect that this isn't the case with you. Is it just the saturation of the market? Or is there something more fundamental about the digital look that pushes you away?

A little of A and B. Technology has changed, so it would be insincere for filmmakers to make films look raw and gritty for the sake of it, but in movies like Inception, there's a general vibe of sterile slickness at the expense of artistic direction, I think. Maybe I'm imagining things? Part of the problem is the continued "MTVization" of Hollywood directors. It's like they're afraid of letting your imagination wander 10 seconds in a shot before a cut. Rather than having any unique style, they're like amalgamations of better, older directors. And about CGI, I just don't buy it. It dates poorly and looks like a bad video game in a couple years, while something like The Thing still impresses me visually. I don't like how CGI removes an element of physicality from films. I get that practicality is king and so CGI isn't going anywhere any time soon, but it takes me right out of the movie. (Note: I'm not an absolutist, it can be used well, like for backdrops, or even subtle texture. But I think if you use CGI for some alien or monster, you're using it wrong.)

I just realized I typed CGI way more than I needed to. I promise I'm not trying to hypnotize you with repetition or something, I just need some coffee.

"Sterile" is an adjective that's frequently associated with Inception, and given how exclusively plot-driven the film as, I can see that. I don't know if I'd accuse its CGI of the same thing, but I see where you're coming from. Especially regarding dated CGI lifeforms, I guess. Personally, I'm a fan of light-shows, so CGI as used in Tron Legacy, Speed Racer etc is A-OK for me. As for action movies being generic amalgamations, yeah that's probably accurate in 99% of all releases. But just like I never get bored of seeing a dude get kicked in the face, or never get bored of watching a ball fly over a net, I never really get bored of watching shot blow up. If shit blows up with some extra unique pizazz, yeah, I'm on that shit.

The Dark Knight. I respect Pulp Fiction, but I just don't love it.

My #3 and #4 Pulp Fiction barely wins it.

Pulp Fiction. Absolute classic.

I love TDK, but lets face it, Pulp Fiction owns.

Definitely Pulp Fiction. Better writing, directing and story as well as more interesting characters despite the Dark Knight mastering all those aspects. Pulp owns!

For now my vote goes to The Dark Knight. For its exceptional directing and superb script, that's not to say Pulp FIction doesn't have any of those incorporations, I just think The Dark Knight is better.

PF by a landsilide...4 vs 14!!!!!

alav summed it perfectly...couldn't put it in better words!!

Definitely PF...TDK is still a top 15

If I was choosing which movie I thought was more clever: Pulp Fiction. Better writing: Pulp Fiction. Better Plot: Pulp Fiction (but it's close) However, this specific list is about which movies I would want to sit down and watch at any given time, and Dark Knight edges it out for me. Pulp Fiction is a larger achievement in film making by far, it's just harder to watch unless you're in the right mood. IMHO

Wow. This is truly a big match-up. Pulp Fiction wins, my No. 3 and The Dark Knight doesn't touch my top 3 territory, it’s pretty close to it though.

Pulp Fiction takes the win. Both in my top 20. God I need to rewatch both though

Pulp Fiction. It's in my Top 5, and The Dark Knight is in my Top 30.


Not only do I prefer TDK but I really do think it is the better film. Pulp Fiction is amazing but really immature and The Dark Knight is much more serious. So yeah, The Dark Knight.

Dark Knight. Didn't get the appeal of Pulp Fiction. Tarantino likes to spend too much time on useless scenes and not enough on important ones, I didn't find the unique structure appealing at all, there was no real resolution in the end, and I found Bruce Willis's character's part(s) of the story rather useless. Scene for scene, shot for shot, The Dark Knight is practically cinematic perfection.

Pulp Fiction easy

I just liked Pulp Fiction so I'm going with it.

The Dark Knight. It never drags. It's perfectly paced and features one of the all-time great performances from Heath Ledger. I have never seen a film, besides The Return of the King, that is so thoroughly exciting and thrilling from start to finish. Every minute matters, as the film raises its own bar continuously throughout the film. It's a thrilling masterpiece of crime film making, and it deserves all the praise it gets. Both films are Top 10 for me. And although I have a burning passion for both films, I can quite literally watch The Dark Knight dozens of times and yet never get tired of it.

Dark knight by country miles

Nils98 said it beautifully! That's what is so good about The Dark Knight. Every scene matters. There's not one wasted moment. Also, it's rewatchability is out of this world! I must have seen at least a hundred times since its release in 2008. On the other hand, we have Pulp Fiction. While it has some of the best writing and dialogue I've ever heard, TDK gets the nod for me. Also, I've always thought that the pawn shop scene was a little unnecessary.

Pulp Fiction is only one spot higher on my flickchart but is still greater than The Dark Knight by a wide margin.

i like both films,but i say The Dark Knight

Dark Knight is more cinematic, but Pulp is truly original, unique, and influential.

The Dark Knight is a better movie than pulp fiction.

Meaningless drivel vs a complex crime thriller. Pulp Fiction sucks.

Meaningless drivel ditto, then I saw you weren't talking about The Dark Knight :x

^ sorry to disappoint but then again you are an Essendon supporter ;)

:) Yes been disappointed for a while now, it's coming good though.

Dark Knight is just famous and sensational, Pulp Fiction was okay but I'm rather go beyond to Dark Knight...

Pulp Fiction is generation masterpiece and while the dark knight doesn’t deliver any great special aspect, Tarantino barely tops anything Nolan.

The dark knight is simply the better film even tho i love pulp fiction.

TDK is pure forgettable overrated, Tarantino destroys every Nolan boring movie.

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Pulp Fiction.

There’s no way that the overrated unpleasant dark knight doesn’t come anywhere closer to Pulp Fiction.

the dark knight

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TDK for sure.

Both are great movies and totally deserve the praise they get, but Pulp Fiction is special

This is really tough. My #1 vs my #2 on my Flickchart. I will say that The Dark Knight has the better cast and the better acting, though Pulp Fiction is great in both of those areas as well. The Dark Knight also has a better soundtrack IMO. Pulp Fiction has a better plot though, it is more complex. In the end though, I give the ever so slight edge to The Dark Knight. The Dark Knight gets my vote. Uma Thurman >>>>>>>>>>> Maggie Gyllenhall though

The dark knight is much better and it wins by far.

What type of question is this- Pulp Fiction FTW

The dark knight is obviously mentally superior in the entire way beyond the superior of the Batman saga films.

At least Pulp Fiction has a great script.

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The dark knight is much better takes this round.