Raiders of the Lost Ark vs. Back to the Future



Love both movies but, Indiana Jones hold a special place in my heart

Well now this is just silly. What sort of God would allow such suffering?

Two all time greats, but Raiders was the ultimate adventure movie.

Hard question. But I go with Raiders.

I'm really surprised that Back to the Future has so many fans. The script sucks, the characters are flat, the scenarios aren't funny, and it is rather mean-spirited at times in a shallow kind of way. RAIDERS is just so much more likable, the writing/filmmaking so superior, and so much funnier, too.

Back To The Future wins in my opinion.

Raiders... Just

Raiders of the Lost Ark was surprisingly fun, given my hatred of all things involving George Lucas, and nearly all things involving Harrison Ford, but Back to the Future is a veritable classic. Hands down, Back to the Future.

I have always been disappointed by the climax of "Raiders." Why this is, I can't say; I have just always felt that way. Conversely, "Back to the Future" builds momentum every step of the way toward its resolution, and so it feels more rewarding at the end for me.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is higher in my Top 20 than Back to the Future, but I take BTTF over Raiders.

Raiders Of The Lost Ark is my favorite Indiana Jones movie and Back To The Future is my favorite of that series... so it's really hard to choose. I have to go with Indiana Jones though in the end, just an amazing movie and Harrison Ford is iconic as Indy.

I'm not a big Indy fan... But I'm a big BTTF fan, easy pick for me.


Raiders is the bigger rush. I love Harrison Ford as Indy.

Love both, but Indy is a rollercoaster ride!

toughest one yet.

I like both quite a lot, but I'd be lying if I said I loved either of them as much as a lot of other fans. I could go either way here depending on my mood. I'm feeling more Indy than Marty at present, so "Raiders of the Lost Ark" gets the nod.

Raiders without question, I love BTTF though.

BTTF used to be my number 2 movie, but after thinking about (my love for) Raiders again, it's now my number 4 (behind Se7en). Both are outstanding though.

Back to the Future, just. Both are epitomes of the word adventure though. Fantastic films of the '80s.

I'd have to go with Indy. Back to the Future was an awesome movie, but I think Indy holds up better.

This is very close two all time CLASSICS though Back to the Future wins by a hair.

i prefer last crusade and temple of doom so it's hard to me the best Back to the futur or the weakest indiana jones ( in my opinion ). The weakest indiana jones isa still better than any back to the futur so there i go !

Raiders of the lost ark ...

Raiders of the Lost Ark probably.

Raiders, but not by much.


Back to the Future for me

Both top ten in my books. Indy is my hero though.

back to the future is very good, but raiders is great.

Back to the Future. Raiders is great and exciting, but not up to par of the brilliance of BTTF.

Raiders of the Lost Ark simply doesn't appeal to me like it does everybody else; I thought the script was ridiculous, the directing poor and the action unexciting. However, Back to the Future, I like as much as the next guy. It's got a hilariously original story, executed wonderfully. BttF is the easy winner, here.

The script RIDICULOUS? The action UNEXCITING? The directing POOR? Whaaat. Give it a rewatch, man. Otherwise:


Farkk! I dont know??

Raiders of the Lost Ark. Both of these were adventures worth taking with huge payoffs. Raiders is probably more consistently entertaining, but BTTF is one of the all time greats. Not much can compete with Raiders though.

Sorry Indy, but Back to the Future wins over Raiders any day!

Both definitely top 10( or even top 5) movies, BttF for now

NOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO, Raiders is too good to be toppled

Yeah, Raiders never lived up to its reputation. It's not a bad movie by any means, but it's not even the best movie in the Indy series (Last Crusade wins in a landslide). Whereas, Back to the Future lived up to and surpassed expectations. Back to the Future is an easy winner for me. I simple cannot love Raiders like most people.

iSeth, give it a re-watch, when i saw for the first time in years, I realized how awesome it actually was.

Danielod, I did. I saw Raiders for once when I was pretty young, around 9 or 10. I was too little to be impressed back then, so last year I rewatched it at 16. It didn't get any better. Not that it's a bad movie, it just simply isn't as amazing as its reputation. The Last Crusade is everything I was expecting Raiders to be.

iSeth, I am so glad the seemingly intrinsic affinity of Raiders eluded someone else besides me. BTTF for me.

raiders need just a little more to be at the same place as BTTF and empire

Raiders is more rich and complex. Back to the Future is just funny.

Nice matchup. Love both, but I gotta go with Raiders.

Both In my top 20 greatest films ever made list but Back to the Future is so original funny and the characters are more likable and even at times more despised than any other character in Raiders besides Indy! Back to the Future wins a close call!

Back to the Future is one of the funnest films I've ever seen.

Gotta go with BTTF...but that's such a tough one...

Two brilliant blockbusters from the 1980s that are classic movies today. BTTF has a very smart and witty script and rememberable characters and casting. Although, Raiders is more inspiring to me personally and the better made film so I will give that the win.

Raiders !

back to the future crushes raiders.

back to the future, but I love both and they are both in my top 20

Back to the Future has a better pacing in my opinion, but Raiders is too iconic. Indiana takes this one.

Raiders is simply more iconic

I think I will go with the best of the 80s

Both are some of the best movies of the 80s, Back to the Future wins