Raiders of the Lost Ark vs. Jurassic Park



two of Spielberg's best. I like Raiders more

Indiana Jones would show those dinosaurs how to behave.

Raiders all the way!

Raiders. That is all...

Raiders. Legendary stuff!

Depending on the decade they belong to, posters will choose differently in this contest. Raiders and Jurassic Park are both fun, entertaining flicks that were fairly ahead of their respective times. Jurassic Park is the more thrilling (slightly scary?) childhood favorite for me, and so it beats Raiders for the time being.

...I belong to the 90s? I never grew up with these though. Raiders is the much better movie in my eyes.

Switching my opinion to Jurassic Park. I find it more interesting and cohesive.

Both would have benefited from better characters. Spielberg movies have a tendency to define characters with one or two extremely broad, cartoonish traits, probably as a way to let them to be proxies/blank slates for the viewer to vicariously have an adventure. Maybe Spielberg should have designed amusement park rides or something. I'm leaning toward Raiders because it's the pulpier one.

"Life...uh...finds a way."

Both childhood favorites, but I gotta go with Raiders.

The character development in Jurassic Park is only second best to Jaws. And the thrills are still entertaining even by today's standards. I can't believe a blockbuster like Jurassic Park has aged remarkably and well and proves to be family film in the mean time. One of the best scores in film history. I can't wait for the 3D.

Wouldn't every movie benefit from better characters, UncleFok? I'm mean...they're BETTER characters, right? Anyway, Raiders of the Lost Ark wins this one.

Oh man this is really really hard. I might go with raiders but my opinion will have a high chance of changing the next time they meet.

Raiders for me.

Jurassic Park is far better, Raiders of the Lost ark is overrated.

Oh my god! Their both my favorite movies directed by Steven Spielberg!!!!! But Raiders of the lost ark is on my 11th spot and Jurassic Park is on my 10th spot, so Jurassic Park wins this.

Definitely Raiders for me.

Raiders is now my favorite film of all time. These are both in my Top 10 though.

ROTLA. Never understood the big deal with Jurassic Park.

Two of my favorites. Raiders wins.

I love Dinosaurs and the prehistoric world far more than human history and treasuers

Jurassic Park!

Jurassic Park actually aged well. The first Indy isn't what it used to be. Jurassic Park is like no other movie, it has thrills, action, comedy. Indy 2 and 3 also lose to Jurassic Park but at least it's closer.

Jurassic Park any day. Raiders was a overrated bore.

Jurassic park

Jurassic Park all the way. Nothing against Raiders. It's my 3. But Jurassic Park is superior than every film by a lot.

this is the hardest choice I've ever had to make

Jurassic Park certainly beats the overrated Raiders no hesitation.

Jurassic Park>Raiders of the Lost Ark


Jurassic Park is one of the few films that stands above Raiders.

Raiders of the Last Ark.

Raiders because there are very few films in history that ever did it better.

Jurassic Park.

Jurassic park

Jurassic Park, once more.

Jurassic Park > Every Indiana Jones film...

Jurassic Park > Every Indiana Jones film...

Indiana Jones is mostly unpleasant overrated franchise but on the other hand Jurassic Park i far more watchable and the best classic.

Jurassic Park for sure.

No doubt the amazing Jurassic park.

Jurassic Park is indeed way better.

Raiders of the Last Ark

Love both, but Jurassic Park is my favorite Spielberg film

Jurassic Park, the less of a girl Spielberg was the better.

Jurassic Park is good but far from a masterpiece, Raiders is a masterpiece.

Jurassic Park is trillion times better. Raiders dosen't stand a chance against this true masterpiece. Jurassic Park wins.