The Godfather Part II vs. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring



Godfather all the way

I gotta give it to The Godfather here.

OMGS! Why these two. Ugh!

Too easy.

I like the lord of the Rings very much

I'll go with Fellowship. I have a much higher appreciation for epics.

The Fellowship of the Ring for me. It will always be in my top 5 films and I just love it dearly.

Part II is also an epic...a mob epic.

Two epic films. I'll choose Part 2.

Fellowship wins easily i dont like part II that much the original Godfather is amazing though.

I can understand @MrAwesome245--I love Part 2 but yeah...Part 1 is far better IMO...Fellowship will remain my #1 film and I believe the only film to top it could only possibly be The Godfather

The Godfather Part II is too fucking good.

The Godfather, Part II beats LOTR in every department.

Godfather 2

Fellowship, to me, is the perfect film. The film that encompasses everything that film is capable of doing and does it right. The Godfather Part II is great, but it can't beat Fellowship.

I got Fellowship ahead of GF II....but close.

Fellowship is a great Movie, but no match for the Godfather II

Fellowship wins here, it's the best LotR film but it wouldn't win against the best Godfather film.

Godfather 2. It haunts me more than Sauron ever could.

Fellowship. It will always hold a special place in my heart.

i gotta watch godfather 2 again...

I reckon matchups like this is the reason Flickchart was established: Apple vs. Orange. The only thing they have in common are the fact that they are flawless. There's really no right or wrong answer here. This matchup simply shows what movie type of movie you prefer rather than how good or bad your movie taste is. As for me, if both these were on TV on a Saturday night, I'd likely watch FOTR.

LOTR just rewatch Godfather 2

Godfather II takes it.

I did not like Part II, first is better, I choose Fellowship instead.

While I enjoy Godfather Part II, I'd still pick Fellowship over it any day.

There are very few movies which beats fellowship of the ring, the godfather part 2 is NOT one of them

LotR: Fellowship is far amazing moments a better enveloping great story fantasy than that Godfather II is.

I agree with @Koroy, Godfather II ain't one of the films that beats Fellowship, I have to say LotR is one of he best films in all history.


The Godfather Part II would've been all-time classic for me had if it weren't so needlessly bloated and gimmicky with the intrusive flashbacks. Fellowship of the Ring is a far better structured film with each scene flawlessly falling into the next and delivering one hell of an adventure that makes eagerly wait for the next in the process. For me, the Lord of the Rings trilogy as a whole is far better than The Godfather trilogy.

The Godfather Part II is so much better that it makes my bowels flow thinking anyone would prefer watching LOTR over the Godfather films.

Lord of the Eings is far better of the greatest fantasy films ever, Godfather II is certainly never that simple for me...

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship.

godfather 1/2 >>> any LOTR

The Godfather Part II has a much better story, better acting, and more emotional impact. GF2 and it's not even close.