Terminator 2: Judgment Day vs. The Empire Strikes Back



Oh wow...Gotta go with ESB, only reason of the classic. And I can't remember enoughly T2 to judge.

These are absolutely two of the greatest sequels of all time. (Add The Dark Knight and Aliens, and you've pretty much got all the sequels that surpass the original.) T2 gets my vote here.


Both succeed due in large part to their action. However, the action's about the only thing worth a damn in The Empire Strikes Back, while T2 is an all-around good film.

Ok, Empire Strikes Back is sacred to many (especially the 70s/80s generation) but Terminator 2 was THE action movie when I was a kid so T2 for me!

the empire strikes bak vs terminator 2, the big win is for... terminator 2...

Wow. This is tough. But i have to give my vote to T2 here.

at least the struggle here is between to awesome films instead of two crappy ones.

I was sort of expecting T2 to be overrated, I was happily wrong about that, but it can't beat Empire, not by a long shot.

Empire is great, but you can't beat T2

Empire by far. T2 doesent come off as great as Empire.

Both sci-fi epics. Im going with The Empire here. Arny is good, but against Lando and etc, he doesn't stand a chance.

Luke Skywalker vs. The Terminator. Good matchup but luke wins

T2 will always be one of the greatest action movies that ever hit screens

One guy who could easily handle the Terminator? Boba Fett...bitches...

Not a huge fan of Star Wars. T2 by a comfortable margin.

One of these movies is very good, the other is very great. The Empire Strikes Back wins easily.

Empire ftw!

I'm a T2 kind of guy myself.

I'm not in love with Star Wars. I'd put the 1st two terminators above the original 3 star wars.

Two amazing sequels, but you gotta go with Star Wars.

I love Empire, but it still must go to T2.

T2 just can't beat Empire...Just can't. And I love T2

I love T2 but I think the empire strikes back is just a better film.

Terminator 2

Gotta go with my all time favorite film, Empire.

Empire Strikes Back is the winner a slight amount.

*by a slight amount.

Tough, tough choice here. The best of Terminator vs. the best of Star Wars. Going with T2.

Two of the best sequels ever made, no doubt about that.

What Daveinthecave said

the empire strikes down on T2

T2 all the way man

Terminator would beat Luke Skywalker, and the T-1000 would destroy Darth Vader.

ESB is too groovy!

If I had to pick one of these movies to be the only movie I ever get to watch again, I'd pick: Terminator 2: Judgement Day

I can't believe it... Terminator 2 tied with The Empire Strikes Back! I mean come on, we are talking about The Empire Strikes Back here, Don't get me wrong, I love Terminator 2, but The Empire Strikes Back is just so much better!

Both great but Empire Strikes Back definitely wins this

Empire is my favorite Star Wars and favorite sci-fi film of all time. T2 is probably my second favorite action film of all time. Empire to me is the superior film. It's almost unbeatable, almost.

It's funny, but right now The Dark Knight, Terminator 2 and Empire are all sitting side-by-side each other in #22-24 on my Flickchart. Three of the best (if not THE three best) film sequels of all time sitting side-by-side just outside my top 20. Of those three, Empire is the one which I love the least (I worded that very specifically) and though it is catching up, Terminator 2 has just enough gas in the tank to stay one position ahead.

One is better than the original, the other is a great follow-up for a superior one. Let's say T2.

Terminator 2 wins in my book. I was never a star wars fan

T2 is awesome, no doubt, but Empire definitely wins for me.

T2 is killing it!! It's simply the better movie. People get all emotional about the original Star Wars movies because they liked them when they were 10. But let's be honest, Terminator 1 & 2 are just better.

judgment day

T2 just can't defeat the Empire. I haven't seen T2: Judgment Day. The original Star Wars movies are the best, like the Emipre. The Empire Strikes Back is a twisted plot in the best film history.


Empire Strikes Back an T2 are great sequels but Empire rules the day.


T2 was far better than those monotonous Star Wars is...


I mean T2 is far better

Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader are terminated in every way.


T2 terminates the boring crap overrated Empire on every level.


Really hard, But Empire wins just slightly for having the greatest character in film, Darth Vader.

Really really close. My #2 vs #3. Ok its empire

ESB, both are among the best sequels