Schindler's List vs. The Shawshank Redemption



Tough call.

veryy tough call... schindlers by a millimeter

Not tough for me.

Two amazing films - not to Spielberg

"Schindler's List" for me. And it's not even a consideration.


Nope. Shindler's List. Will probably change my mind again tomorrow. Lol.

i just flipped a coin


The shawshank redemption definitely! all Time fave movie, great match up though, schindlers list is also in my 10 of all time

Both are great, I'll give the nod to Shawshank since it is more re-watchable.

Both are superb. I think in terms of rewatchability Shawshank Redemption wins.

Awesome and both made in the same era, but I think Shawshank is the winner because it was more entertaining and didn't drag on like Schindler's

This was the hardest choice I have ever made...... I'm going with shawshank.

In the end. Shawshank is very hard to beat.

This is tough since I would consider both of these number one as the best films of the 1990's.

this stupid film can't be compared to my dear Shawshank Redemption

Schindler's List is a bit better than Shawshank. Shawshank is great, but people today act like it is godlike, and it is not. There are movies that are better.

Shawshank deserves Shindler's Oscar.

Schindler's List is probably the better movie, but I still love Shawshank the most.

Shawshank is just too damn good...

Schindler's List by far.

Schindler's List is a masterpiece of cinema and has probably the best directing that I have ever seen. It is beautiful and horrific at the same time. The Shawshank Redemption is a heartwarming story of friendship against all odds. At the moment, The Shawshank Redemption means more to me but I may change my mind.

I switch to The Shawshank Redemption, it is actually a lot more entertaining.

Does this thing even know how to count?

I was upset when I didn't enjoy Schindler's List. On the other hand, I love Shawshank. Gimme some Morgan Freeman narration!


Schindler's List. its #10 its way better then shawshank, but only by a hair. Shawshank is #28

The Best Picture of 1993 and what could easily have been the Best Picture in 1994. Philadelphia is the only film I thought was better than Schindler's List in 1993. Forrest Gump, which is remarkable was the Best Picture on 1994. Pretty Amazing that those 4 films came out in a year of each other. Shawshank is my #1, so this is an easy choice, but these films are both in my top 20 of all-time.

Wow this is close. In defence of Schindler's I haven't seen it in years, but Shawshank wins by the slimmest of margins. This could change, but I doubt it.

I finally watched Schindler's List and it was indeed a great film. It did feel a bit in your face at times, but it was nothing too bad. It gets crushed by Shawshank though.

For some reason Shawshank Redemption it hailed as THE movie. Despite it being a great and fantastic movie, you cannot beat Spielberg's powerful wonder

Schindler's List is a powerful movie but I'd go with Shawshank Redemption as the winner.

Schindler's List is one of the best movies ever made. Shawshank isn't even the best prison movie.

for me Schindlers List is one of 3 movies that I would put in front of Shawshank 1. Casablanca 2. Raiders of the Lost Arc (my fav when I was a kid) 3 Schindlers 4. Shawshank For me they are all close so if I had to choose one I wouldnt. I would make a big bowl of popcorn crack open a beer and watch all of them

Shawshank wins this for sure. Love schindler's list though.

Shawshank wins. Schindler's List is spectacular.....just not as spectacular as Shawshank...

Schindler´s List is way better. A true story and a true hero ''Oskar Schindler''.

Schindler's List all the way.

Shawshank Redemption isn't artiscally one of the best films ever, but it still is one of the best films, because it's a film that is basically impossible to dislike. It's universally the most lovable movie ever. Schindler's List is more of a movie just about its story and subject matter and it definitely succeeds in that area, but it doesn't have the nice subtleties or symbolism of 12 Years a Slave for example and Spielberg easily states people just as either good or bad unlike McQueen does (I'm using 12 Years a Slave as an example, because that's also a film were the story is important, but it also succeeds on areas that make a film more than a story, that makes the film cinematic). Of course Schindler's List has some things that make it more than just a story. The beautiful cinematography, the amazing performances, the great score and Spielberg's decision to use B&W that makes the film even a little bit poetic, even in a very obvious way, but still. I need to rewatch Schindler's List soon. Shawshank Redemption definitely wins.

Impossible to dislike ? I HATE The Shawshank Redemption.

Schindler's list.

Shawshank for me, but both are masterpieces.

Holy crap, the big boys came out to play! Another two reasons why I love the cinema so much.

Schindler may be a classic, but it's too slow and long for my taste.

Both masterpieces, but greater scale gives the edge to Schindler's List

Very close.. both Top 5 for me but Shawshank.

Schindler's List. Shawshank lacks quite a bit for the film as the current IMDb No. 1, whereas Schindler's has some silly bits but really does satisfy me when it comes to its upsetting ending.

Schindler's Bitch

The Shawshank Redemption by far.

Schindlers List for me

Way too tough for me... my #4 against my #2, so I have to go with Schindler's, but Shawshank is so freaking good, too.

Mind say Schindler's List, heart says Shawshank Redemption.

Going back to this, it's funny how one of these is a very optimistic film that you'll revisit very often and the other is a depressing film that you rarely if ever want to watch again. That being said, Shawshank barely takes the win. It's just too damn fun and memorable but Schindler is a technical Masterpiece and a better film.

This is tough, Schindler's List wins though, the 3 hours and 15 mins of runtime feel too short and the film and performances are captivating.