Avengers: Age of Ultron vs. The Dark Knight Rises



Ooh, this is really close, but I'll go with TDKR for now. My opinion could change over time, though.

The Dark Knight Rises made me feel a lot more since that series has such great characters. Age of Ultron is a film that you just kind of watch and don't feel any weight to the characters or story. Not a bad film, just not nearly as good as The Dark Knight Rises.


SquareMaster hasn't seen this yet. I've got to say this quick. I'm picking Avengers for being more re watchable. Rises is too long (way too long) and has too many stupid points in the movie for me to watch it over and over. Avengers (while being stupid as well) is still just so fun to watch. Dark Knight would beat it for sure...Begins....I don't know, I'll see when I get it.

AoU is far and away the better film. Period.

Rises, by far. Better paced, more competent edited, and infinitely superior with dramatic tension. Ultron just joined its little brother, Iron Man 2, in the 'series that didn't wait for the three-quel to kill their franchise' club.

TDKR without a doubt. AOU is one of the worst films ever.

TDKR. Age of Ultron could've been so much more than what it was.

I like them both, but Rises is definitely better.

Rises, Rises, Rises. Ultron wish he could make omelettes half as well as Bane (not even exactly sure what this means, but just go with it and pretend that it means something).

People always complain that TDKR is filled to the brim with problems, plotholes and things that don't make sense. ULTRON DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE! He's an idiot! He makes fucking quips and gets distracted because of this! Why doesn't he hack into any of Tony Stark's shit!? He's supposed to be the ultimate AI!!! Plus TDKR has more weight to it by faaar, and really kicks off Nolan's trilogy really well. Avengers 2 was just like a trailer for more mediocre future installments that don't carry any weight to them.

The Dark Knight Rises and it isnt even close.

Age of Ultron is watchable and while Rises is the far the entire cheesy bad far overrated ever.

Avengers is all-time goodness. Rises pissed on the already overrated Nolan trilogy.

The football scene in TDKR alone > the entirety of Dulltron.

TDKR pure garbage worst entire film ever.

Cxfatesniper8ck need to quit spamming every Nolan thread

Age of Austrian is so much better that it hurts.

Ultron I mean.

The dark knight rises is way better

The dark knight rises is a masterpiece , picking it

Age of ultron has the greatest battles and greatest cgi effects while as TDKR is far flawed and mostly far disappointing bad ending of the trilogy.

Age of ultron has the greatest battles and greatest cgi effects while as TDKR is far flawed and mostly far disappointing bad ending of the trilogy.

The Dark Knight rises but it's close. AoU is more fun but the soundtrack, acting and story are better in TDKR.

Age of Ultron is better than TDKR the way that The Godfather 2 is better than Star Wars Rise of Skywalker. One is a classic and the other is a money grab underwear smear.

`Age of Ultron is a classic' what anyway the dark knight rises ftw

Yeah...Avengers is still very much all-time greatness. Rises pissed on the already overrated Nolan trilogy.

Rises easily stomp this pop corn film.

Ultron wins...but super close....


Ultron was action overload. I prefer TDKR.

tbh both films don't deserve the hate they got

Age of ultron generally has some good moments and best visual effects, TDKR is pure disappointing bad ending trilogy.

Age of ultron is nearly of the best of MCU gathering among good moments.

"not rises is big good good, rises is le big bad bad" ~ cxfate and his alts in every rises thread

TDKR stomps. But i did enjoy AoU.

Age of ultron is far impressive and two people keep caring about rises which doesn’t seem so right at all.

you're calling us only two people when you're the only one who spams "rises bad bla bla bla" in every thread with your other alts cause you're sad that no one is agreeing with you so you gotta use alts

age of ultron is the less shit in the avengers series but no match for any nolan

How can anyone not think that TDRises pissed on the already overrated Nolan trilogy? It's common perception by now.

yea so "common" inb4 flickchart removes my comment again

The Dark Knight Rises is way better than Avengers: Age of Ultron. And how is thinking Rises is a bad film a common perception. It is literally just you guys hating on it.

dark knight rises is the best superhero movie ever, age of ultron doesn't compare to that