Review: Annihilation

Grant Douglas Bromley

My name is Grant Douglas Bromley, and I'm a 25-year-old filmmaker and essayist who graduated from the MA Film Studies program at Columbia University in New York.

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3 Responses

  1. Nathan Chase says:

    Great review, Grant. The score was excellent and I too noticed how it “evolved” over the course of the film. Alex Garland is carving out a name for himself in sci-fi cinema.

    • grantvbromley says:

      Thanks, Nathan. I’m really glad that Garland is doing the kind of films that he is (at least for now). With LvT’s Melancholia, Glazer’s Under The Skin, and Villeneuve’s Arrival being just a few science fiction entries by Garland’s contemporaries, this decade is proving to be a great time to make serious genre films that are on the surface about stuff from other worlds but are actually investigating our own nature as humans.

  2. This movie is a dark version of Evolution. Same premise meteor crashing big hole in the ground, life being created from it, man trying to solve the problem. But with a better ending. At the end of Annihilation and not joking most people just sat there, I on the other hand knew what I was getting into with movies like this so did not expect a big payoff in the third act. Oh Well

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