The Nanny Diaries vs The Devil Wears Prada: Studies in the Early 21st-Century Quarter-Life Crisis

Douglas Van Hollen

Software engineer. Kravist. Oenophile. MSTie. Trekker. Last of the V8 Interceptors. On permanent sabbatical in Winter River, CT.

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1 Response

  1. Devil Wears Prada was fun to watch, known to me as the “Hathaway-Blunt pair up”. To say Streep is “300% more nuanced and smoldering than any other actor would have had the guts to attempt” is typical overrating of Streep. She’s not bad, but she hams it up a bit, and I’d ask you to contrast it with what I’ve always maintained was a similar but superior performance from Helen Mirren in Rasing Helen, who really should have replaced Streep here.

    Meanwhile, I found The Nanny Diaries so dull that I have not revisited it in a decade. In fairness, maybe I should, but you’d be asking me to watch a Scarlett Johanssen film, and I don’t like her enough to watch anything more than once where she is the main character (with the exception of Lucy, which has typical Luc Besson merits and demerits).