The Godfather vs. Pulp Fiction



These are probably the best of the genre but i would have to go with Pulp fiction


Yeah, I find Pulp Fiction far more entertaining, and one of those movies I could watch again and again. Can't say the same for The Godfather, at least not yet.

I can't decide. I can't decide. I can't decide.

I pick pulp fiction just because i can watch it over and over.

There cannot be better crime movies. And PULP is so originally told, and so entertaining. But GODFATHER just sets up house in your head and dares you to evict it. And you're OK with that (I am, anyway).

The Godfather is a classic among classics.

No film is as entertaining as The Godfather.

I pick the movie that's more entertaining, and that's Pulp Fiction.

The IMDB match off. Funny thing is, they arn't in my top 10 movie list. They're just both averagelly there for everyone. Pulp FIction is funnier.

Very tough battle...but I'll go with the Godfather by the tiniest of margins...

Godfather by a huge margin for me. Pulp Fiction was entertaining, but I never fell in love with it like a lot of people seem to have. I fell in love with The Godfather the first time I saw it.

Pulp Fiction wins this one for sure. The Godfather is a miserable gangster movie, I realy had great expectations for this movie, but then it turned out to be a bad movie with both bad story and bad acting, and there was not any action nor excitement, not even at the shooting scenes, and the movie was TOO boring and lengthy. Godfather can only be discouraged.

I was disappointed by the hype of The Godfather. Although it is a great film and stands the test of time as being one of the best, it just doesn't have the acting or the mesmerizing writing that Pulp Fiction does.

The Godfather owns Pulp Fiction in every single department.

The Godfather wins here

The Godfather is too good to beat. Pulp is good but it doesnt measure up to the Godfather.

The Godfather for sure. It does own in almost every single department.

This isn't hard for me (and I really love Pulp Fiction).

I'm going Pulp Fiction. The Godfather is great, but not in my top 5 like Pulp Fiction.

Pulp by a small margin.

Don't get me wrong, my two favorite crime movies but Pulp Fiction is quite easily the winner for me: Tarantino's dialogue and directing never gets old, neither does any of the stories presented here in what is, perhaps, the greatest film of the 1990's and one of the greatest movies of the 20th Century...Which easily makes this one of the greatest movies ever made! That isn't to say that the Godfather isn't, heck its deserving of the greatest movie of all time but I just enjoy Pulp Fiction a tad more! Btw, both are in my top 10!

Godfather all day for me. Haven't even gotta think about it.

Allow me to break the tie. Godfather simply outclasses Pulp Fiction. Godfather's tone is more serious than Pulp's. And with the nature of these types of movies, a more serious tone is far more appropriate in my opinion. I do enjoy and appreciate the laughs in Pulp though. And don't get me wrong, I love Pulp's cinematography. It rivals the all time greats. But in the end, Godfather's plot and character development are superior to Pulp's.

The Godfather for me, easily. Pulp Fiction was good fun but no way even close to The Godfather.The Godfather sets the limit to how good a movie can be. Most movies compete at its half level and Pulp Fiction doesn't even come among the best in that even.

PF is great TGF is the greatest.

Very tough. Very different. I'm not too sure which I prefer; Godfather was great but not very ambitious whereas Pulp Fiction was a complete breath if fresh air

Sorting through my top 20 is SO HARD!

I found some portions of pulp pointless & boring. Yeah it is innovative & all, but i would have enjoyed it more at about half hours shorter. Godfather beats it in every categories.

The Godfather is the better gangster flick but Pulp Fiction is the more entertaining film. That being said I will give the win to The Godfather by a whisker.

The Godfather is the better gangster flick but Pulp Fiction is the more entertaining film. That being said I will give the win to The Godfather by a whisker.

Very hard but i have to go with pulp fiction

Sorry Pulp Fiction, there’s no chance of you winning against the ultimate crime masterpiece which is The Godfather.

The Godfather left me more impressed than Pulp Fiction did.

The Godfather.

The Godfather wins for it's seriousness and better character development. But both are amazing. The Godfather is the ultimate gangster movie. Pulp Fiction would beat any thing else, though.


PULP FICTION. Easy as hell.

When you think about it, this could be the hardest choice of all time in terms of importance to cinema. The answer to this question, at least in my opinion, is Pulp Fiction. Heres the difference-maker: You can be in any mood and enjoy Pulp Fiction. To enjoy The Godfather, you have to be in that sort of mood. It's sorta hard to explain, but you have to feel like watching it. With Pulp, you can turn it on any day at any moment and enjoy the hell out of it. That's why the answer to this question is Pulp Fiction.

Sorry Godfather but it's Pulp Fiction the choice

As entertaining Pulp Fiction might be it will never ever reach the greatness of The Godfather. The Godfather stands the test of time as one of the greatest films in cinema history, an epic story of family,crime, and power.

Both gangster films but different sides of the genre Pulp is almost a parody its bloody and funny but The Godfater set the standerd and drugged you into its real and you cared about the characters like family its a saga with amazing sets and crazy good acting its a icon of masterpieces.

The Godfather Stands The Test of Time as the greatest movie ever made

Pulp Fiction all the way for me

Oh no you didn't! The Godfather has to take this one.

The Godfather

Both are Classic films but yes Pulp Fiction is better.

Godfather > Anything Tarantino ever made.

While both are in my top ten, this one is no contest, Pulp Fiction is the greatest movie ever made!

Pulp Fiction for me. Love them both.

Pulp fiction takes it .

Good one. It depends on the mood you are feeling and the significance. I'll go with Pulp Fiction;

I change my decision, the godfather for the victory

Both great films, but clearly The Godfather

As far as cinematic history goes, both are going to be remembered for a long time. But as quality goes, the Godfather is a near flawless piece of criminal grandeur whereas - and I'm going to be incredibly controversial here - I personally think Pulp Fiction is overrated. Still a great film... But one of the best of all time? Not even close.

Pulp Fiction is more interesting to watch again, but always i was think in my mind than The Godfather is still better than Pulp Fiction


I prefer Pulp Fiction but The Godfather has more powerful acting performances.

Pulp Fiction is great movie,but The Godfather is the best.

The Godfather definitely...

The Godfather easily

I switched to Pulp Fiction.

Neither did anything for me. Godfather at least was serious, coherent, well written and somewhat meaningful enough

Pulp Fiction = Good ... The Godfather = Legendary ... see the difference?

Pulp Fiction is more splendid, I like The Godfather much but I rather go with Pulp Fiction.

Pulp fiction is More entertaining but godfather is better made movie I quess

I enjoy both movies, but I enjoy The Godfather more. I do enjoy both, don't get me wrong, but The Godfather just has so much more character and allows you to invest more into the story it tells.

Both are amazing and landmark films, but I'm gonna go with The Godfather, its my all time favorite movie.

I definitely enjoy both classic films but while pulp fiction has my biggest great effort here.

The godfather.


I am going with Godfather here.

Pulp Fiction is one of my favorites, but the Godfather is way better

Okay, after watching both of these fairly recently I will say that The Godfather is technically a better movie in terms of the acting, the plot, the score, and the cinematography. But Pulp Fiction is WAY more entertaining and I like the characters more. So, I will vote for Pulp Fiction.

Two incredible classics, but The Godfather left more of an impression on me.

godfather by a hair, both top 10 movies of all time