Star Wars vs. The Wizard of Oz



Come on... it's Star Wars

What a decision.....

This all comes down to what is bigger: your nostalgia for childhood or the size of your geekness. :)

Oh dear...I'm not sure I can pick. Yes I can. It's gotta be Star Wars. Oh well.

Two pinnacles of fantasy in each of their respective eras. Tough choice, but I go with Star Wars by a midichlorian.


Quoting Jacer4ever I think my nostalgia for childhood wins the size of my geekness.

Star Wars wins matches with my primarily BECAUSE of nostalgia for my childhood. It was a much bigger part of my life when I was a kid than The Wizard of Oz was.

Wizard of Oz is.. delightful, to be sure, but Star Wars is beyond comparing with it.

I've been a dutiful "Star Wars" fan over the years and I quite like it and all, but there's no decision to be made for me. I still find "Oz" spellbinding. It's not nostalgia; it's magic.

The Wizard of Oz is an all-time classic, but Star Wars is THE all-time classic.

@TravisSMcClain said it best. On a ratings scale The Wizard of Oz and Star Wars are worthy of the five star treatment, but if I have to choose just one I'm going to have to pick Oz.

@TravisSMcClain said it best. On a ratings scale The Wizard of Oz and Star Wars are worthy of the five star treatment, but if I have to choose just one I'm going to have to pick Oz.

star wars for sure look at my top 20

Star Wars, in perhaps the easiest choice ever....

Star Wars, without a doubt.

I do love The Wizard of Oz but nothing beats Star Wars it wins this tight matchup.

Star Wars by far.

STAR WARS all the way!

Star Wars. And this is pretty easy for me, I found Wizard of Oz to be a trivial experience.

Oz is cool but kinda meh...Star Wars is AWESOME!

Tough one. Both had huge impacts on my childhood. Saw both well after they were made. Wizard of Oz impacted my early childhood more while Star Wars was more impactful in my early teens. Ugh... really hate doing this, but I guess I'm going with Wizard of Oz.

Sorry Star Wars I'm going with one of my favorite childhood movies The Wizard of Oz

Just watched Wizard of Oz for the first time and I loved it. Such a wonderful movie. But come on, it's Star Wars. But surely one of the two best adventure movies I have seen (though Star Wars is the better)

Star Wars.........

Star Wars, no contest whatsoever. I've never liked The Wizard of Oz. I probably would've liked it more if it didn't scare the bejesus out of me as a kid.

Oz any day over every Star Wars.

As someone who has no nostalgic sentiments towards either of these, I must side with Star Wars, and it is an easy choice. I did not grow up with Star Wars. I saw the trilogy a few years ago when I was getting into films, yet I do find it, and the whole trilogy really, to be great films - truly great films. Having just seen The Wizard of Oz, I thought it was a rather mediocre experience. I understand and appreciate its value and significance in film history, and I certainly realize its popularity, but that doesn't shape my experience of it. Sure, it features terrific musical performances of well-written lyrics, and the performances in general are all so vivid and wonderful. However... It also has a plot with plenty of holes, conveniences and contrivances, horrendously dated sets and effects as well as characters as two-dimensional as The Tin Man's hollow chest. Needless to say, but yeah, I definitely prefer Star Wars.

Two of the all-timers head to head!

Star Wars is the greatest film ever.

The Wizard of Oz

Star Wars is the best film of the decade!

You guys are crazy

Both are totally overrated