Iron Man vs. The Dark Knight Rises



Enjoy the TDK more, though Iron Man may be the better film.

TDKR had the stronger cast, villain and protagonist journey.

Fun and flamboyancy versus total seriousness and profoundness? Hmm...I wonder what wins there...

The Dark Knight Rises... Just

Iron Man can't compete with Nolan's trilogy.

Rises wins.

I just realized, both films feature the villains being killed off by the female supporting characters.

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"Fun and flamboyancy versus total seriousness and profoundness? Hmm...I wonder what wins there..." Dude, seriously...

Rises.Way better overall acting performances

A billionaire with a suit of iron or a billionaire wearing bat armour and beating up criminals? The first just feels much more appealing to me.

I don't get it. "Fun and flamboyancy versus total seriousness and profoundness? Hmm...I wonder what wins there..." You're saying it's like a bad thing. What you just said does not sound like a criticism. Since when is total seriousness and profoundness superior to fun and flamboyancy? And anyway, fun and flamboyancy isn't always dumb, it can be profound as well. Iron Man does that - it manages a balance and shows that you don't always have to be serious to make it a good film.

I don't think Iron Man is profound at all (neither is TDKR for that matter), and I'm not entirely sure that Fiction Fox meant it in a snide/negative way, but I am sure that that cat's a registered moron. Whatever. For all the flaws in TDKR, I still think it squashes Iron Man. RDJ is great, but neither the conception nor the execution (thus far, that is) of Iron Man has wowed me. I mean it's still a solid superhero flick (and I like superhero films a whole lot), but it's mid-tier stuff.

Iron Man has in excess what TDKR lacks entirely: fun.

Iron Man is more doubt. The villain is so weak though, and the second half of Iron Man just can't hold up with the first. I'll go TDKR...but it is close....

Good question. TDKR gets better with each viewing, but is still the weakest of the Nolan Batman trilogy. Iron Man still holds up after 5 years, but it isn't as exciting as it used to be with the advent of the Avengers. On the other hand, Iron Man is much less problematic than TDKR, so I'm going to side with Stark here.

P.S. Got to love how many people have written "TDKR", "Obvs Batman", "Batman squashes..." etc, and yet look how polarised this matchup is.

I am most definitely the strangest person on the planet. I've had the most mixed and most inconsistent thoughts about TDKR! Firs time I hated it, then I loved it, then I hated it again for issues I had, now I love it again!!! WTF is wrong with me!?! Iron Man was a great movie and both overrated, but TDKR wins!

The Dark Knight Rises. It had stronger characters and a better story line, it concluded everything perfectly and is definitely the better superhero film.

Interesting matchup, but TDKR without hesitation.

iron man manages only to beat batman begins, but not this one. And definately not The Dark Knight

haha, agree toryK. Iron man wins. It's the better movie

Yeah, because who wants a movie with heroes and villains that takes itself seriously? And who wants profound themes?

Dark Knight Rises is better to me. It was a great ending to Nolan's wonderful trilogy.

Not even close here. TDKR was an awful disappointing finish to what could have been a good trilogy. Such a crap number three film. Whereas, Iron Man is a pure classic.

tdkr . I have heard many people say that when there was 5 seconds for the bomb blast batman was still on the bat plane like flying thing (I don't no what that's called) for those people I'd say watch the climax again cuz they did show the bomb but they didn't show the batman


Agreed about Iron Man is watchable and complete film, TDKR is bad awful on every level.

Iron Man is the much better movie and franchise for that matter.

TDKR, the better, and more revolutionary film and franchise. Nolan single-handedly saved the entire Batman franchise from complete and total oblivion 14 years ago.

Batwho? Iron Man is so much better that it is actually kind of funny.

Nolan or not, Batman is simply a more fascinating character than Iron Man.

Iron Man is rarely the far better film, TDKR is pure far bad but beyond worst ending of the series.

The Dark Knight Rises is so epic and grand, I found it to be a much more riveting and thrilling experience than the first MCU film. Iron Man is light in comparison, and that's not necessarily a bad thing, but of the two I'll go with Batman battling it out with Bane over Tony Stark awkwardly trying to drive his suit.

TDKR is so bad that it makes children cry.

Iron Man is simply the far better film, simply as TDKR is far forgettable bad beyond flawed but disappointing ending ever.

The Dark Knight Rises is the better film but Iron Man is way more fun

Iron Man is one of the best movies ever made. TDKR is NOT.

The Dark Knight Rises has much to like but feels uneven all too often. Iron Man is a very well made film. Robert Downey Jr has a screen presence and charm Bale cannot match.

Iron Man is mainly the ultimate best complete standard film of MCU, TDKR is mostly flawed disappointing endless trilogy.

but then you went ahead and call iron man a overrated bad movie in the infinity war vs iron man thread lol

Iron Man is nearly the best, TDKR flawed disappointing.

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Who keeps caring about rises the most forgettable bad movie ending of the collection of the entirely films.

Who keeps caring about rises the most forgettable bad movie ending of the collection of the entirely films.

Love both but TDKR, i don't get why some people can't do the same here.

Iron Man is generally that good and complete standard of a film.

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i really like iron man and the winter soldier but they dont beat nolan trilogy

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Iron Man was way more better if it’s standard film.

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MCU has the top rank best of box office success that carried the win higher which did in the year.

DC Joker and TDK both got 20 oscar nomination and 5 awards in total

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Iron Man can’t be that load of crap not at all

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Iron Man beats TDK let alone the vastly inept and ridiculed TDKR. Jeez.

How many accounts are you juggling these days since years? Lol a Marvel extreme fanatic. TDK >>> Iron Man = TDKR. My vote goes to TDKR slightly.

Iron Man just felt more like a more fun and better experience to me, but The Dark Knight Rises was still an interesting ride of a film.

Wow people really hate The Dark Knight Rises on this site

no it's literally just one or two guys with several other accounts, anyway TDKR by a hair

Wow people really REALLY hate The Dark Knight Rises on this site!

Iron man, winter soldier, thor 2 and hulk are the only good mcu movies, and they are no match for any nolan haha

The Dark Knight Rises wins by a landslide. I know Iron Man started the MCU, but it's far from one of my favourites I find it quite dull and overrated at times. Meanwhile, the Dark Knight Rises is masterful and beats even top-tier MCU films

Iron Man beats the better of the Dark Trilogy let alone the awful third installment.

Iron Man beats the better of the Dark Trilogy let alone the awful third installment.

TDKR beats the better of the MCU let alone the overrated first installment of the Iron Man trilogy.


Iron Man beats Nolan's Third installment of Batman.

TDKR for me. I actually kind of find the first iron man a bit boring and bane in the TDKR is a pretty intense villain.

I have no strong opinions on either movie, but if forced to choose I'd probably go with Iron Man.

My opinion on Dark Knight Rises has changed a lot, i personally find it just as good as Batman Begins which is the best superhero origin movie

Love Iron Man. But Rises is best ending a trilogy can ever get

Not sure if I can agree to that. There are plenty of better trilogy endings out there. I would actually say that Iron Man is better. It's a simple story executed really well.

The only other trilogy ending I'll take over TDKR is LOTR, other than that it's probably the best comic book movie of the last decade. I actually thought TDKR is executed really well save for some plot holes, but the good outweighs the bad by a whole lot that I don't really care

My biggest problem with the people arguing Rises over Iron Man is that they ignore multiple things: Rises is the 3rd installment to the trilogy, so comparing the characters just seems like a cheap and useless way to give one movie the victory. The other thing is that they seem to try to look down on Iron Man for not being as profound despite the fact that these are two different types of movies. Rises is certainly more artistic, and Iron Man is more entertaining. Neither has the edge for that. I think The Dark Knight Rises does falter a bit in its dialogue writing, villains (Talia mainly), and some of its thematic endeavors don't really work so well unless you're willing to make some jumps in logic. Iron Man has a simple story with a complex character, and it executes it really well. I think people should be able to appreciate that. I'm going with Iron Man even if only a little

Iron Man is child's play compared to TDKR. Forgettable villain, an interchangeable cast (as made evident by bringing in Don Cheadle later), a forgettable score, and a simple story. It's for people who like loud music and their characters more imaginary. TDKR is substance over style. Not to say Favreau is bad, but let's stop pretending he's on Nolan's level. This was a perfect trilogy with a perfect ending. Next, people will say Iron Man 2 was better than The Dark Knight. Please, don't insult my intelligence. You know what? Before I end, let me state this whole trilogy was better than Iron Man or any of its subsequent sequels.