The Good, the Bad and the Ugly vs. Raiders of the Lost Ark



Wow... Favorite western vs. favorite adventure movie. Western wins... but not by much.

As much as I love RAIDERS, I can't shake the feeling that Spielberg has never shown as anything new. Sergio Leone is one of the freshest voices of his era, and GOOD, BAD, UGLY is about as fresh as cinema gets.

I can't choose. I may just ht refresh. This one is harder than Jaws v. Goodfellas!

this is an interesting match up and a tough one too!!!

The Good Bad Ugly is the best directed film of all time

This is a beyond difficult decision, but in the end I'd rather watch Raiders of the Lost Ark. Sergio Leone changed the Western with every one of the Dollars Trilogy, but there are moments in the 3hour time that lag.

I second hedwigvd's sentiment, but "Raiders" is one of the few films that can beat "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" for me. It is simply my favorite film of all time. Leone's masterpiece is in my Top 20 though.

i think i hear coyotes... or is that just the most awesome soundtrack ever?

Oh, dear... I think I actually came close to falling asleep at some point during The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. I've never done that with Indy.

That's it. The machine that drives Flickchart is officially Skynet. How else could it be so cruel?

Raiders is great but GBU is the better film in my opinion. Largely thanks to Eli Wallach's performance. GBU has that Leone trademark style written all over it. And I don't have to praise that epic soundtrack.

Raiders of the Lost Ark for me. Sorry Blondie.

I will fight you people to the right of me.

You'll get whooped Uncle! Love both of these...but just can't go against Raiders here...

Sign me up for that battle Fok, I'm ready.

Fok, you should have a mexican standoff with them. It'll fit the tone of this match-up more. *Whistles GBU theme*

These are 2 movies I enjoy the same. I watched Indy recently so i'll go with that, but it might change

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Raiders is enjoyable, but the western smashes it.

Really close, but Raiders has the nostalgia factor going for it.

GBU takes it even though Raiders is one of the most purely fun action-adventure movies I've ever seen.

I prefer Raiders. More consistently entertaining, I guess. I didn't come close falling asleep during TGTBATU like johnmason, though. It's hard to formulate my thoughts on it. I guess I didn't care as much for the stuff between the bursts of absolute greatness as, well, the bursts of absolute greatness. I thought it was a great movie, but, something, just, I don't know, man. Oh! Brain *Brain transforms into a bug creature and hops away*. Bonus points if you got that reference.

Damn ummmmm gotta go Raiders its just pure fun TGTBATU has worn off on me a bit and can be a chore to watch.


GBU. I have watched Raiders twice and i fell asleep at some points both times.

After rewatching it again I'm switching over to The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

I'm going with the western classic.

My 10,000 ranking goes to my favorite Indy film.

GBU but close

Really a tough choice. Two of my all time favorite films. DANG IT! Leone wins!

It is to prove what it was to see one of the simple ways that can not get the single all time for GBU it's good but raiders gets the win

I'm befuddled at how this somehow is an arms race. GBU easily beats the overrated Raiders. Let's face guys: Most people that rave about Raiders are the people that saw it in the 1980's and love it for nostalgic reasons. GBU on the other hand is a movie that people can watch for the first time today and fall in love with. GBU aged better and is simply a better movie.

GBU. Landslide and it aint' ugly!

Nevermind, Raiders wins...

If you work for a living, why do you kill yourself working?

Raider of the Lost Ark

As a child most people would have said Raiders of the Lost Ark. It is still entertaning and worth watching, but i dont like aspects like the degration of other races and the one-dimensionality of the Characters. Arabs are stupid knife swinging thugs and germans are brainless soldiers. If life is so simple, i think a Ten Man- Army would have beaten Germany in WW2 or everybody of us would be Indiana Jones. Only him and his rival Belloq may have an higher IQ then a monkey in this Movie. But as long as you watch it with modest aspirations it works good as an entertaning movie. The Good the Bad and the Ugly on the other hand is an artistic masterpiece, where everything about it has already been told.

GBU wins

GBU beats the overrated Raiders



GBU all the way

Blondie over Indy anyday.

Come back to me when Steven Spielberg makes a film that tops Leone’s magnum opus that is The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

I love Clint Eastwood and I think this is a great western movie just for how much it seems to encompass, but I do think there are some points that run too long. Raiders is an amazing move that is action packed but the first time I watched it I had no idea what the ark of the covenant was so I was not able to grasp the symbolic importance of why they had to get that artifact before the Nazis. Its close, but Raiders wins by the skin of its teeth


Raiders of the Lost Ark wins this hands down.

GBU is a better film, and Raiders is a more fun experience. Leone's direction and Morrison's score give GBU the win.