The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966)

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Directed By Sergio Leone Sergio Leone Starring Eli Wallach Eli Wallach  •  Clint Eastwood Clint Eastwood  •  Lee Van Cleef Lee Van Cleef  •  Aldo Giuffré Aldo Giuffré  •  Rada Rassimov Rada Rassimov Genres Foreign Language Film  •  Outlaw  •  Revisionist Western  •  Spaghetti Western  •  Western Studios &
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Other Titles Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo. [Italy] Release Info 1966-12-23T00:00:00Z December 23, 1966
Color  •  161 minutes NR Rated NR
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Comments (14)


Reelz on 2/5/2013 Reply  · 

The film that has jumped the most on my chart. It's nearly flawless. The Mexican standoff at the end always gets my heart pumping no matter how many times I've seen the film; that's the sign of fantastic film making. Did I mention it has one of the greatest themes in history? *Whistles*

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Caesar on 3/26/2013 Reply  · 

And Tuco's still alive! 97 freakin' years old! NOBODY can stop Tuco.

3 people liked this  √ 


SLionsCricket on 4/6/2013 Reply  · 

The greatest Western ever and one of my all time favorites. Pinnacle of Western films!

4 people liked this  √ 


Nononsense on 12/28/2013 Reply  · 

Just finished watching this for the first time from start to finish. I'm floored!!! This has quickly became my favorite from the western genre and one of my favorites of all time.

4 people liked this  √ 


TheHonestFilmFan on 4/27/2014 Reply  · 

Why is this a foreign language film? It is not a foreign language film.

4 people liked this  √ 


TommyDoyle2016 on 4/3/2020 Reply  · 

Yeah, it's not a foreign language film, but it's an Italian production, so I guess they messed up there. Still an international production anyways.

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Nononsense on 7/23/2014 Reply  · 

I'm a bit late, but RIP Tuco. You stole the show in GBU!

5 people liked this  √ 


watchman on 9/24/2014 Reply  · 

best western movie ever made.

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LandMiller on 4/26/2017 Reply  · 

The Greatest Western Movie Of All Time.

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Koroy on 12/3/2017 Reply  · 

I am not at all a western genre fan, but even I loved every moment of it. On of my favorite movie of all time. The characters, the acting, the direction by Sergio Leone, the AWESOME background music and of course the badass Mexican Stand-off I loved everything.

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Vosik on 10/14/2019 Reply  · 

There are two types of people in this world. Those who think that The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is a masterpiece and those who haven't seen it.

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lyconthrope on 12/19/2020 Reply  · 

Simply Sergio Leone masterpiece. You do not really have to be a western fan to appreciate this film. Awesome cinematography and realistic portray of the raw nature of the wild west. Brilliant musical score. The duel is truly iconic. It was very difficult for me and still is to put this first before Once Upon A Time In the West. Both awesome classics.

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