Taxi Driver vs. The Godfather



Tough call. The seminal works of Coppola and Scorsese, respectfully. Neither are my favorite films by their directors (I prefer YOUTH WITHOUT YOUTH or THE CONVERSATION for Coppola and MEAN STREETS and GOODFELLAS for Scorsese) but both are extremely influential, possibly the most iconic films of their decade. TAXI DRIVER is a more passionate, perhaps, and THE GODFATHER more sweeping. Flip a coin.

How do you choose?

The Godfather is the best of the two. Never mind the directors (in my humble opinion Scorsese wins by a mile), The Godfather is technically perfect and I just love it.

The Godfather. I prefer Scorsese out of the two for sure, but The Godfather is perfect.

You've got to be shitting me?!

the epic battle!

I have to go with Taxi Driver. The Godfather is a perfect film, there's no getting around that, so maybe I'm just voting against it because I don't want it to win every time, but part of me feels it lacks some of the energy and passion of Taxi Driver. It's kind of austere and technical when compared with the intensity of Scorsese's film. And @ Protozoid, The Conversation I sort of understand, but you really liked Youth Without Youth better than The Godfather?

Taxi Driver all the way, The Godfather is too boring.

I'm choosing Taxi Driver, but not by much.

Taxi driver. obviously

'The Godfather breeds contempt' is an addage, right? Best. Film. Ever. (Obviously...)

Taxi Driver. Way to easy. The Godfather is great, but Taxi Driver has one advantage.. I've got it on Blue-Ray!!!

Taxi Driver is just perfect.When De Niro and Scorsese are at the top of their game,no film can beat that combination.Not even The Godfather.

The Godfather. As much entertaining and fun is Taxi Driver, The Godfather still wins out.

As powerful as Taxi Driver is, I have to give this one to the Corleone family and The Godfather.

Godfather for me.

Taxi Driver. It's easily De Niro's best performance.

Going with the best film of all.....The Godfather.

Godfather no question. Both films some of the best ever, but the Godfather is on another level from Taxi Driver, although I enjoy it more, and it's more interesting, but Godfather all the way.

Godfather it is. Taxi Driver is beyond awesome...but, I think that states exactly how good the Godfather is...

taxi driver is the best movie of 76. taxi driver is the best movie of 70's and taxi driver is also one of the best movies of all times... i guess that reveals the answer...

Taxi Driver is the more intelligent movie.Travis Bickle is one of the most interesting characters in film history.Taxi Driver makes you think and somewhere deep within,we can all identify with the loneliness of Travis.

I am surprised how many people have Taxi Driver rated so highly. Outside of De Niro the performances were nothing special. While neither movie is fast paced, The Godfather is more entertaining with much better dialogue, direction, and atmosphere.

Taxi Driver sticks with you long after you've seen it. It's just perfect.

Taxi Driver was unforgettable for me.

@kerryl: I disagree dude. Taxi Driver is a haunting film, one of a kind almost. It's not everyone's cup of tea. Those who can relate with Travis Bickle will understand its brilliance. The Godfather is great but Taxi Driver is all in all a more complex film. Unlike The Godfather which relies heavily on big names, beautiful cinematography and a lavish production design, Taxi Driver is all about superb acting and sublime characterization. It's a fabulous character-driven story about a deeply disturbed man. Except for maybe DDL in There Will Be Blood, no other actor comes even close to De Niro's portrayal of Bickle. Travis is an honorably discharged Vietnam war vet and although we're never shown his experiences in 'Nam, it really doesn't matter since De Niro's disturbing performance perfectly captures the horror of all the atrocious deeds that took place during the war. Travis comes one step closer to insanity with each scene in the film and that's what makes the film so brutal. His social awkwardness such as his interaction with the Secret Service agent showed that maybe he wasn't ready for city life after his dreadful time in Vietnam. His constant daydreaming and indulging in fantasies (You talkin' to me?) showed his mental instability in a similar manner. The film is much more than a pointless period in the life of a person. It's about existential loneliness we all feel sometimes. Taxi Driver delves into our greatest fears and inner-most feelings and that's what makes it so dark and unforgettable. TB's paranoid psychosis makes it an intense and interesting character study. It has an energy and passion that I found missing in The Godfather. One of the greatest films ever made and Scorsese's best in my opinion.

The Godfather.

I always doubted Travis is a nam vet. I mean, my assumption was he's lying. And Taxi Driver's better. Godfather's just pulp, and I like pulp, but I don't like it so much when it pretends to be all high-falutin'.

The Godfather for me, but did anyone else notice that the guy whose name is Taxi Driver picked The Godfather.

Taxi Driver.

Re: Fok - I've never doubted him. I guess one could assume that he's a disturbed guy who lies about being a veteran of a war he never had any part in. I'd always assumed he was a guy with problems that became worse because he really WAS a part of that war.

Both films are so insane. There characters are as intriguing as its narrative and two gems of the 70s and of all time. I love how in Taxi Driver Robert De Niro's character Travis Bickle can relate to a lot of people (including myself in a very profound way lol). And in Godfather the business dealings of our main protagonists are unethical and illegal, but we still feel sympathy for them. Taxi Driver and The Godfather stand as two great character studies. Classic written all over these gems.

Taxi Driver is so complex. Godfather steals my heart though.

The Godfather is far better without a doubt. Taxi Driver is so very overrated. The reverence it generates at this point is kind of bizarre.

The Godfather for me. I think Taxi Driver is a bit fucking stupid in some parts.


Taxi Driver! My favorite movie of all time!

the godfather although taxi driver comes close.

The Godfather, no doubt.

But are still good, though.

Great matchup! It will always be Taxi Driver for me, but The Godfather is still one of the all time greats.


Loneliness has followed me my whole life. Everywhere. In bars, in cars, sidewalks, stores, everywhere. There's no escape. I'm God's lonely man... This is my answer here.

Both are really superb, but it has to be The Godfather.

I know Godfather is good but is about a thing in Taxi Driver

The Godfather by just a notch

Taxi Driver for sure

Every time I watch Taxi Driver I like it more and more, but its Godfather for me.

I prefer The Godfather of these two great films.

yeah Taxi Driver

Definetely the godfather by far, the better film in every leverl except in lenght i've always hate when movies last too much (except gone with the wind)

TAXI DRIVER, cause is one of the greatest films ever made and cause the godfather sucks


Taxi driver wins here and wins big but if it was against part 2 than it would be a bit hard but for now taxi driver wins

Taxi Driver is amazing, but The Godfather wins by a mile. It's one of, if not the best ensemble cast ever put on screen. Al Pacino had the best performances of his career in this and Part II as Michael Corleone and he didn't win any Oscars for it. And The Godfather has aged better even though it's the older film. De Niro of course is amazing in Taxi Driver, but what Coppola was able to accomplish with such a diverse group of characters will forever live on in cinematic history.

Taxi Driver gets the win for me.

Taxi Driver.

epic matchup, best of the 70s

taxi driver easily wins here

Robert de niro... TAXI DRIVER

The Godfather is the best movie ever! and Taxi Driver is a great masterpiece in cinema, but come on, #TeamCorleone


Do I have to choose? Hardest choice ever but The Godfather it is.

travis bickle is a better character than vito corleone, but the godfather is still a superior film here

Taxi Driver is more complex and focused

The Godfather just destroys Taxi Driver. I always found Taxi Driver to be vastly overrated.

Two famous films of the 70s I'll take Taxi Driver here.

Switched to The Godfather often better than Taxi Driver.

Taxi Driver is far good but the godfather is the greatest classic ever.

The godfather is a better movie here in almost all aspects.

Taxi Driver is a flat out masterpiece, and a pretty much perfect film. But The Godfather takes this pretty handily. "The Godfather which relies heavily on big names, beautiful cinematography and a lavish production design" This isn't really true, tho. Yes, the cinematography and beautiful production design are parts that make the movie so beloved, but it really is all about the characters. Take Clemenza for example. Coppola and Puzo take little steps to make this side character a memorable, complex, and layered character. Taxi Driver is a brilliant movie, one of the best character studies by far, but it really doesn't win here. The Godfather's understanding of human psychology and how a man can change in certain situations is pretty astonishing especially when it's put with themes of destiny, power, greed, family, etc. I think the acting overall in The Godfather is better than Taxi Driver by a long shot. Brando alone is better than Deniro here, and that isn't even accounting for other powerhouses like Caan and Pacino who are on a similar level of greatness in this movie. As well as that, there are more obvious things like the superior cinematography, more entertaining (at least for me), and a far better script. I think The Godfather was a film that was able to balance more emotions at once into its movie to make for a more conclusive journey through this world. While Taxi Driver is a passionate film, aiming to put you into the headspace of this troubled character, The Godfather has to put you dead center into this entire world where legal justice doesn't really exist and the the only place of power for people to go to belongs to crime lords. It has the job of making the audience care for and sympathize with people who are fundamentally not good people. So yeah, The Godfather wins here.