E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial vs. Close Encounters of the Third Kind



What an extremely tough choice.

E.T. wins by nostalgia.

In the end Close Encounters just has better performances and more to say.

this is not an easy choice. Encounters wins by a nose

And I choose 'E.T.' by a hair. 'Close Encounters' might have more to say but I find 'E.T.' more enjoyable.

Have to go with E.T.

E.T. in a rout.


Wow.....two from the Master......have to go Close Encounters

Wow, tough choice. Which one woud I watch more often, if I had both on DVD?

How the fuck am I going to choose?

they are both sooo good. i cant figure out how to choose!

I didn't like Close Encounters at all. To me, all the lead character does is whine and iscolate himself from his family until he figures out what that unidentifyed object flying over his house was. He didn't give me any other reason to sympathize. I'm choosing E.T. It made me cry, not just tear, and no movie has ever done that to me.

Close Encounters is fantastic, but E.T. is just damn magical and because of the pure enjoyment and memories I have of that film, it's pretty hard to beat.

What I really appreciate about both of these films is the sense of wonder. Life from beyond this planet should be a source of joy and excitement, not fear. On those lines I have to go with Close Encounters. Although E.T. demonstrates as much, if not more marvel at alien life, Spielberg resorts to the old cliche of a conspiratorial, antagonistic government agency, instead of the more nuanced and interesting social response in Close Encounters.

E.T. wins by a landslide.

When I was 5 I loved E.T. But that quickly vanished as I grew older. Close Encounters stands the test of time...

Soooo hard!!!

^ you might wanna get that checked out by a doctor or something.

Generally speaking, I find that Spielberg does much better when he is handling subjects with less gravitas. This isn't exclusively true, as I think SVP and Schindler's List are both excellent WWII movies, among the best, but as Spielberg films go, Jaws and Jurassic Park are my favourites. But this philosophy is the reason why I think E.T. is a supremely better film than Close Encounters. CE might be the more ambitious or the more "intellectual" of the two, but E.T. has better performances IMO (I like Richard Dreyfuss in most things he does, but he isn't even remotely sympathetic as a protagonist in CE, and just comes off as insane rather than special, whereas the three children in E.T. between them put in the best child performances in any film that I have ever seen; charming and entertaining whilst also being believable, as opposed to annoying or cooky, which is what most directors go for in children). For this reason, plus the nostalgia, E.T. wins.

I'm going with E.T.

E.T by a wide margin.

Close Encounters was more interesting.

E.t. Is the greatest lim of all time

E.t. Is way better!

Close Encounters is the greater achievement in cinema. Everything about that movie is so amazing and it just sucks you into it's world.

...You know which one wasn't boring? Don't get me wrong, Close Encounters of the Third Kind has some good bits (the ending in particular is great), but honestly, it wastes too much time doing nothing. Well, at least nothing important or interesting. E.T. is a bit overlong, but it has an excellent score, likeable characters and a wonderful sense of adventure. Definitely one of Spielberg's best.

Two of Spielberg's finest works. E.T. has the very slight edge.

I grew up on E.T., but I find that Close Encounters executed its story better.

E.T. has infinitely more charm. Close Encounters drags in way too many places.

Close Encounters in the better Spielberg film

Close Encounters for me.


Close Encounters by far is the superior film.