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Jenny111 on 9/6/2018 Reply  · 

i have something to tell you, reply me with ( jennftores@ )

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MaximusSamus on Jan 19 Reply  · 

Feel free to talk to me here! I try to be very active in this community and that includes talking with all of you fine folks!

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TommyDoyle2016 on Jan 31 Reply  · 

Hey dude. Thanks for accepting my friend request!
Just wanted to say that I really like your list. The first Saw is one hell of a great concept and really held my attention without dropping the ball. Although, I have to say that I myself like the 3rd one a bit better. I don't know, the themes it explored gave me the chills!
Anyways, nice list! Nice to see someone that likes his horror with shades of humour. The Evil Dead must be my favourite trilogy of all time, any genre.

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MaximusSamus on Feb 2 Reply  · 

dude, for sure! I've been on here for years and never really talked to people outside of the discussions on match-ups, so I appreciate you starting up a conversation with me! I love your name and image - big fan of Snake Plissken (and Kurt Russell in anything else) as well as Halloween, obviously. I love ALL of the Saw movies - the 3rd used to be my favorite, but after continuously watching them - I realized that it wouldn't be what it is without the first and just kept going back to the first as my favorite. It's also probably my favorite franchise - that or Star Wars (probably ranked better). Evil Dead is great - and yeah, Horror is definitely my favorite genre. I love it when it's twisted and reworked with other genres - atmospheric sci-fi, musical, comedy - whatever. You can do so much with it that it never gets old to me.

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TommyDoyle2016 on Feb 3 Reply  · 

Hello, friend. Just saw your comment on my page!
Well, I'm here as long as you, but I didn't chat a lot either. That's too bad, because some movies are just so damn worth debating.
Kurt Russell is really awesome! I absolutely love him in The Thing and also Big Trouble and obv Escape. He's a great actor and also awesome when it comes to the "Bad-ass Action Actor" type, y'know what I mean, heh.
I also really enjoy Star Wars, especially the original trilogy. Although, I do think that Jedi is quite mediocre and not a fan of the prequels.
Musical horror is pretty great btw! I love Rocky Horror in every way. Tim Curry is awesome as the transexual mad doctor, and also the music, the sets.
I always says that I don't watch horror to be scared, but because it's a really interesting genre full of possibilities!

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MaximusSamus on Feb 4 Reply  · 

I love discussing film almost as much as I enjoy watching it. Part of the draw of this site was the choice obviously and then the social networking. I just never had any one on one conversations with anyone until now!
I love just about every Star Wars Film. I think the Sequel Trilogy is nearly as good as the OT, but nothing comes close to that really. The best of the PT is definitely Episode III, but the world building in I and II are nice if anything. They aren't terrible. The worst films would be Solo - it just gets more boring everytime I watch it, but it's still Star Wars and still a decent films - just useless for the canon. I'm really eager to see where they go after the Skywalker Saga. They really need to re-invent the franchise and breath new life into it - take from comics and books and games and do something entirely new to the cinematic universe that they have.
I feel Disney needs to do the same with Marvel after ending the Infinity Saga. Stop relying on the names and the brands and take more risks. That's why I'm very excited for The Eternals and Shang-Chi.Hopefully the magic from Guardians pushes those to succeed and that the fanbase still accepts stuff outside of THE AVENGERS.
Rocky Horror is awesome, but have you seen Brian De Palma's The Phantom of the Paradise? Came out the year before Rocky Horror, which ends up taking a lot of influence from De Palma's film. The strenuous production behind it plus the film itself amazes me everyday. I love that movie dearly. It's my favorite musical by far. Check it out if you haven't seen it.
What have you been watching recently?

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TommyDoyle2016 on Feb 4 Reply  · 

I'm fine if we keep chatting on your page! I'll be checking here as I access the site, so don't worry.

I have to say that I really like Rogue One though. Just so great and exhilarating all around. Still didn't saw Solo though and really not very interested in it. But I do want to watch Rise of Skywalker soon!
Yeah, I'm really excited to watch The Eternals! Despite a cancerous fanbase, I really think the Marvel movies are quite fun. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is probs my favourite - its soundtrack, beautiful visuals, Kurt Russell! I'm also excited to watch Black Widow, especially after Marriage Story and Jojo Rabbit. Scarlett Johansson is probably one of the best actors out there, y'know. Also, I believe that Florence Pugh is on the movie, and I really liked her on Midsommar and Little Women!

I saw Phantom of the Paradise recently. In december, if I recall correctly. Actually, I thought it was really good! But I think that Jessica Harper was dubbed and it kinda annoyed me if I'm being honest. Besides that, really my kind of movie. I just really like 70's rock musicals all around! I don't know, the excesses of the decade. It spoke to me.

Lately, I've been watching a lot of Italian horror and gothic horror in general. Argento is a master and so is Bava. I really got something for gialli, y'know. Despite a lot of holes and red herrings, they're just so fun and pretty! Also, the scores. Lately, I've watched The Innocents (a British masterpiece from the 60's that mixes supernatural and psychological horror really well) and its remake from this year, The Turning... which really just turned my stomach. Also, I've been eager on watching Boris Karloff movies, from The Mummy to Targets. And Black Sabbath, which is Italian gothic horror starring Boris Karloff, lol. What a masterpiece.
What about you?

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MaximusSamus on Feb 5 Reply  · 

Rogue One is great - I agree. I loved Rise of Skywalker as you can tell by my list. It's an exciting culmination of the Skywalker Saga. Is it over packed with some rushed pacing? Yes, but it's Star Wars and it's very very exciting. There's original concept art going around for what could have been Duel of Fates when Collin Trevorrow was attached to direct it and it looks insane - I would have liked to have seen that too but I'm contempt with what we got! I hope you get a chance to see it while it's still playing in theatres.

I still haven't seen Jojo Rabbit or Marriage Story. Both on my list - I'm waiting for a good time to watch the latter with someone, so that hasn't happened yet and Jojo didn't play around where I live - but I do love ScarJo in so many other movies; Under the Skin, Don Jon etc. Black Widow looks decent, I know it'll be good because it's Disney and Marvel so it's guaranteed to be good production and acting wise. I like Florence (who is also great in Fighting with my Family) and David Harbour being in it. I wish they would do away with the continuation of everything after Endgame - like we said earlier - and I wish they would make this a prequel before Iron Man even. I don't like it being set between Civil War and Infinity War - but it should still be a good flick regardless. I just don't feel like there's any stakes to it because we already know everything before and after, but I've been wrong before and sometimes those bridge movies can be better than expected. I agree about the Guardians films - definitely my two favorite marvel movies right ahead of Avengers 1, IW and Endgame.

Jessica Harper wasn't dubbed in Phantom of the Paradise unless you watched an un-official version of it, but there was other dubbing (Beef's singing voice notably and of course Winslow after being crippled, but that's part of the story.) I seriously love that movie. It was one of my dad's favorites and we watched it so many times together. So fucking good, imo.

I love Gaillo films too. Dad also got me big into those - he really showed me just about every type and genre of horror movie there is. I own a lot of Fulci and Argento. I love stuff like Creepers, Suspiria and it's remake, Opera, Cat in the Brain, Zombi, Don't Look Now, Deep Red, Tenebrae - and there's still so much of that type of genre that I still need to see. And you're right about the music too - especially in Argento films. So memorable and unique.

I don't know why I felt the need to bring it up after thinking about those but psychological thrills are also very good. I was thinking of Repulsion recently and just how eerie and creepy that movie is. Left me feeling haunted.

I wasn't aware The Turning was a remake since I've had very little desire in seeing it. It looks dreadfully boring and doesn't look like anything new to the genre. I'll have to watch the original though - thanks for bring that to my attention!

Those Karloff movies are classics. I love the Universal monster movies.

Lately, been a mix of a few things. Mostly I've been re-watching the Bond movies before No Time to Die comes out. I watched Grabbers the other day, as well as Ghosts of Mars - so sort of monsters v group of people type movies. I watched the new terminator. I watched The Farewell. I'm one Fincher movie short of seeing all of his now - just need to view The Game, after watching Panic Room last week.

After Bond, I plan on watching the Austin Powers movies to see how they hold up. I am gonna re-watch the Saw movies before Spiral comes out in May. And I still need to re-watch Bad Boys 1 and 2 before seeing the new one. Which reminds me I still need to watch Toy Story 4 (wanted to rewatch the first 3) & both Devil's Rejects and House of 1,000 Corpses before watching 3 From Hell.

There's always something new and something old to watch lol.

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TommyDoyle2016 on Feb 5 Reply  · 

I was planning to watch Rise of Skywalker on its first weekend, but then I fell short of time and still didn't watch it yet unhappily. That's also bad because I saw The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi on their first day. Well, but I guess it's still playing around here! I'm really not used to movies still playing after more than 2 to 3 weeks of its initial release, because I used to live in a small town in Brazil where the cinemas weren't very good. The only things that they used to play there were blockbusters.
I have moved to Vancouver recently and it's been a whole lot better in this cinema aspect!

Marriage Story is a really fine movie and I do recommend that you should watch it accompanied. It's really nice to analyze both sides and then talking about it with someone else. Truly a great movie. I do think it'll be remembered years from now.

I'm surprised Jessica Harper wasn't dubbed tho! Maybe it's perhaps I didn't really like her voice. I like my women vocalists more like Stevie Nicks than Judy Garland.
Dude, it's so mystical. I don't know, the 70s atmosphere. Yeah, really like it. I have to admit that I had mixed feelings at first, but as it kept going, it really gained me. In short, a great rock retelling of Faust!

Argento was a great part of my childhood btw. Y'know, there were those TV channels that used to play a lot of old horror movies past midnight. I saw Suspiria for the first time there. Really made an impression. From its use of colours to Goblin's soundtrack. I recently saw Bird with the Crystal Plumage, which was also very great.
As for Fulci, I just saw one of his movies first time last night and I was kinda bored. It was The Beyond. I was bored for most of the movie. That spider scene, gee. So long and really badly made.

I just saw Repulsion recently and loved it! Well, I have to say it was quite feminist for its age. Not really a problem in that, but I was quite surprised. Roman Polanski is also controversial himself, but I'm giving the man a pass. It's not like Woody Allen. Actually, there's a grown woman who thinks he already paid his time. I'm looking forward to finish his Apartment Trilogy, btw. Repulsion was great, I love Rosemary's Baby and The Tenant looks really good.

I really do recommend The Innocents! It's a perfect balance of ghost and psychological, and still pretty creepy and unsettling. But, my friend, stay away from the remake.
I'll have to paraphrase Roger Ebert now;
I know I have won no Pulitzer Award, but still in my horror fanatic capacity, I have to tell you, Ms. Sigismondi, your movie sucks.

I'm looking forward for No Time to Die! Already saw all 24/25 (idk) of them, minus the non-official one from the 80's featuring an older Sean Connery.
I'd really like to focus on David Fincher's career someday. I think I already saw half of his movies, so it could be a weekend marathon or something like that. Perhaps I'll be marathoning the Saw movies I still didn't saw as well. I'm curious what it'll be of Spiral, especially because Chris Rock is involved and he worked almost only on comedy before.

True about how there's a lot of old and new things to watch, heh. I just bought recently the blu-rays of James Whale's The Old Dark House and Federico Fellini's La Dolce Vita. Also, I want to watch White Zombie (1932) since it's for free on YouTube. Y'know, public domain and all.

Tell me, my friend. Since you're a fan of Phantom of the Paradise, I'm guessing you enjoy a lot of 70's rock?
I'm always open to new genres, but I'm really always listening to something from the 60's/70's. The Beatles, David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen... great stuff.
Which just reminded me that I need to watch that Bruce Springsteen-inspired flick from last year, Blinded by the Light.

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MaximusSamus on Feb 8 Reply  · 

That sounds like a big improvement over where you used to be! I went from a pretty decent metropolitan area to a smaller city. My only options in town for buying movies are pawn shops/used media stores and a Wal-Mart, but if I go a town over (only about 20 minutes), I've got Target and Best Buy again. The town I'm in now has a pretty decent mom and pop, family-owned theatre but they only play the blockbusters. I have to got 20 minutes over for limited releases and even then that theatre only has 2 more screens, so I'm only getting a few more options. If I want indy stuff, I have to drive 2.5 hours back home or to another big city outside the state. But c'est-la-vie, my quality of life has dramatically improved moving away from where I was.

I definitely see where you're coming from in your musical taste - I feel the same. My biggest genres are metal and rock. I love that stuff.

I've actually never seen Crystal Plumage and I can't remember if I've seen The Beyond or not. I think I have, but it must have been so long ago - I can only remember pieces. I own both, so I'll have to make a note to view them for sure. I need to see The Tenant as well, now! Rosemary's Baby is a fucking beloved classic - so good. I agree with you about those two directors lol. Super controversial figures of the industry for sure. I don't mind some of Allen's work, but definitely prefer Polanski. I strongly admire him as an artist.

LOL! I wasn't a huge fan of Ebert personally, but he was very smart and definitely had a way with words and publication. He started a movement of critiquing. I'm not big on critiquing stuff just because you can though. I have always loved giving my opinions on films, but the word critic has such a negative connotation to them. I get a little upset when people call me a critic - because to me I LOVE film and I want to discuss what works and what doesn't. I don't often try to discourage anything unless I have to. As much as I would love to get paid to write reviews, I would hate to directly insult an artist, you know what I mean? My mom watched the Innocents last night after I told her about it - I'll have to see what she thought of it.

Yeah, Never Say Never Again and Casino Royale (the non-canon Bond films) aren't great in my opinion, but still interesting to see. I'm currently up to A View to A Kill in my Bond-a-thon and I just started the Saw-a-thon again. Today I'll be viewing Doctor Sleep for the first time and showing my mom The House that Jack Built if my Amazon package arrives on time! lol.

I love Fellini. La Dolce Vita is fantastic and so is 8 1/2. I still need to see La Strada, Nights of Cabiria,and Amarcord. He also helped write Rome, Open City and that's been on my list too. There's quite a bit of his that I need to see, now that I think of it - but I love what I've seen.

I do enjoy a lot of that music. I LOVE Bowie, Queen, the Beatles, and stuff like that. Some of my favorite other musicians are Elvis, Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam), Serj Tankian (System of a Down), and Corey Taylor (stone Sour and Slipknot). I also enjoy progressive anti-system music like Rage Against the Machine. But I like a lot of experimental and EDM type stuff too - Death Grips (rocks and rap), Daft Punk. I enjoy a lot of music apart from country, really. Most country I'll go is like folk rock or some bluegrass. But I hate whiny signers that sound like they're crying or just talking about the country. I'm from the South and I don't glorify much of it apart from good food, lol!

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TommyDoyle2016 on Friday Reply  · 

Sorry for taking a long time to get back to you, friend! My internet was quite weak these days.

Yes, a really BIG improvement, especially because I'm loving Vancouver. I was born in a cold town, so I'm really used to low temperatures, opposed to my last town which was hot as all hell.

Crystal Plumage was an absolute masterpiece in my honest opinion. Despite obvious flaws (being flawed always seemed to me like one of giallo's main charms), it's so entertaining that, even though it was late night and I was sleepy as all hell, it really kept me hooked through it. As for The Beyond... it was still early at night and I was wide awake. It managed to make me sleep, lol.

Definitely agree on Roger Ebert being a true man of words. He was a great writer, I can't deny. Actually, I'm also not a big fan of critics or even the concept. The only one I follow is a great Brazilian critic called Otávio Ugá. He always make great comments during his reviews. He always say he has a lot of fun during the movie, in fact leaving the review parts for later, once the movie is over.

So, did your mother liked The Innocents? I hope she did!
And what are your thoughts on Doctor Sleep?
To be honest, I'm not the greatest fan of sequels, but I thought that Mike did a great job. Well, until that last act, at least for me.

Ironically, when you wrote that comment, I was just watching La Dolce Vita. Truly a masterpiece. I never saw anything like it, so I was really mesmerized by it. Y'know, it really felt like the days were passing. Great stuff.
I have zero interest in watching Never Say Never Again and Casino Royale 1967, so I'll pass. I have to say that Casino Royale 2005 wasn't really my thing though. I was more impressed by Skyfall and actually more entertained by Spectre (wow, I know). QoS is the one we need to forget about though. Such bad writing choices. And I actually even liked Jack White's song in the opening.
But my favourite will always be Paul McCartney's. I'm always singing it.

I'm actually quite a fan of Southern rock. Does CCR count? Petty, Springsteen, Nicks. I can't say nothing about the food, but I love the musicians, heh.
Hmm, according to Spotify statistics, I listen mostly to rock (only rock, it seems) and soft rock. Really, my kind of stuff when I stop to think about it, lol. Also a fan of the classic glam rock acts. Ziggy Stardust, T-Rex, Mott... great stuff. Especially because The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars is probs my favourite album of all time. What is your favourite album of all time?
Your statement about the talking singers kept me wondering - are you a fan of Johnny Cash?
I love a few of his classics, his prison album, and also his American series. Especially the one that featured Tom Petty on acoustic guitar and backing vocals in all tracks, because, as I think you already noticed, I'm kinda of a Tom Petty fanboy.

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MaximusSamus on Saturday Reply  · 

No worries, friend! I didn't see your message for a couple days anyway. Glad to hear you're enjoying it. I love the cod too. Hate the hot weather. The weather we get mostly is bipolar. Can't make up its mind.

Yeah, I still need to see that. Glad to hear you enjoyed it! I follow a few critics I guess. Mostly friends and people I know where they come from. I mostly hear what others have to say because sometimes they can say it better than I ever could, if we agree. But yeah the general idea seems unfair especially if coming from someone who only views movies and has never made one. That's why I always take opinions with a grain of salt and usually never let them cast my judgment for something without having seen it myself. I know too many a people who won't watch something because someone else didn't like it - and I just can't live my life like that. I want to experience things firsthand and for myself and be the judge of it. So yeah, I'll talk about my opinions all day on stuff but I don't ever want to be the deciding factor for anyone bit myself lol!

My mother didn't care much for The Innocents. She said it was largely boring, but not anything really bad really. We both loved Doctor Sleep though. Thought it was a phenomenal follow-up to the Shining. I loved the atmosphere, the tension & pacing, the acting and the visuals especially. The sequence where Abra tricks and captures Rose the Hat was so beautiful. Not to mention the end - just so climactic and exciting and cool to see the culmination of everything. I really loved Danny's redemption and his mother's approval. Everything was captured and tied up nicely. What didn't you like about the end?

We just watched Eyes without a Face earlier tonight and whilst slow and less exciting than expected - it's really solid. The atmosphere and tension are certainly there and the ending is pretty damn poetically justified. I felt like everything was deserved. Have you seen that one?

Yeah, Quantum of Solace is very forgettable. I definitely love Skyfall and Spectre the most. Both absolute incredible films. I didn't love Casino Royale when it came out, but I'm eager to see it again. Still watching my way through all of them, lol!

But if this ever changing world in which we're
Makes you give in and cry
Say live and let die"

Seriously one of the best songs. I agree. I love it so much.
And as mentioned before - great taste! I love that album as well. Bowie was one of the best! I've got favorite songs for sure - "Vermillion Pt. 2" by Slipknot, "Through Glass," by Stone Sour, and "Somewhere over the rainbow/What a Wonderful World" by IZ.
I almost couldn't come up with a favorite album, but I actually think Pink Floyd's The Wall is mine. I love the animated movie for it too. Just incredibly profounding stuff that has always stuck with me.

Oh yeah, I love Cash. I really like a lot of older country music. Just nothing from the last several decades. Hank Williams, Johnny Cash. There are a few classics and staples that even I'll listen to lol. Walk the Line is also a great movie! Speaking of which, Joaquin Phoenix, in my opinion, is the best actor currently living. Who do you like?

Also, directed by the guy who did Logan and Ford v Ferrari (which I need to see). Mangold is pretty good.

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MaximusSamus on Saturday Reply  · 

Apologies for the few typos. Writing this reply on my phone, way past the time I usually go to sleep and I'm not proofreading anything because I'm exhausted. Work has been killer lately! Hear from you soon :)

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