The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey vs. The Dark Knight Rises




Both are fantastic, but neither were as fantastic as their predecessors ... It's kind of a toss-up but I'll go with The Hobbit.

The Dark Knight Rises is my favorite in the trilogy and it wins this matchup, but The Hobbit was great.

well the habbit is new, the dark knight rising is new but less newer..... hmmmmm decisions

The bloated, silly Hobbit is one of 2012s worst movies. And that's coming from a huge LoTR fan. It's insanely overrated already. The Dark Knight Rises deservedly has a reputation as one of the years best.

I think that The Hobbit is getting more bashing than it deserves while TDKR's unconditional fanboys need a reality check. Sure The Hobbit is long and padded but it still works as an adaptation IMO. The characters are mostly likeable (the rest are mostly in the background or just played for laughs) and the cinematography, action and fantasy set pieces are beautiful to behold. There may be a little too much in the way of CG at times but it's at least done well. TDKR is also good but it suffers from unresolved plotholes, weak and/or pointless characters (and im talking about characters who SHOULD have been stronger and more interesting given the circumstances and based on the wealth of acting talent available e.g. Marion Cotillard, Matthew Modine etc) and all the while relying on its fans to respond to any queries with the answer "because he's Batman", which annoys me immensely. Add to that a plot largely based on a ridiculously vain, bloated, convenient, overcomplicated motivation

( hate writing on a phone) for the villain(s). TDKR is saved by having strong central peformances from Bale, Hardy, JGL and Caine (though i cant say im a fan of Hathaway's pouting and sanctimony), Pfister's ever-wonderful cinematography and Zimmer's thrilling (albeit cacophinous) soundtrack, and i enjoyed it much more on second viewing. That said, I enjoyed The Hobbit considerably more (yes I am a big fan of LOTR, but Im also a fan of Nolan's Batman trilogy). On this basis, The Hobbit wins.

TDKR has more story to justify its large cast and doesn't have the moments of drag that The Hobbit did (Particularly the first 40 minutes)

I barely go The Hobbit The Dark Knight Rises was a bit of a disappointment while The Hobbit met expectations.

I think The Hobbit could have cut 15-20 minutes to tighten the pacing, but otherwise I quite enjoyed it. I think the only problem is that PJ has gotten too accustomed to making long movies, and has forgotten how to edit. The Dark Knight Rises is the same length, and also a little bloated. It suffers from trying to be too "epic", and buckles a little under the strain. The Hobbit's epic-ness is a little more effortless. Neither is perfect, neither is as good as its predecessors, but both were enjoyable. The Fellowship of the Ring and The Dark Knight are my #1 and #2 on Flickchart, and neither of these really had a hope of surpassing them. I choose The Hobbit, because I have a couple more issues with it. None of the issues are dealbreakers for either movie.

I think The Dark Knight Rises is too bloated, and I think The Hobbit is too drawn out. I'll take bloated over drawn out though; the length of The Dark Knight Rises feels more justified in comparison to the length of the Hobbit.

TDKR was good and a fitting end to the trilogy but anything Middle Earth is far Superior to anything Batman. Both are great but the Hobbit is decidedly better.

The Hobbit could potentially cut an hour and two movies.

I enjoyed both of these, and plan to give The Hobbit a second look. For now, Dark Knight Rises wins.

Both are two films I really enjoyed of this year, The Hobbit wins though.

Both are good movies but i prefer the hobbit bevause it s a great and well done adventure

The Dark Knight Rises for me. The Hobbit was enjoyable, but it's overuse of dodgy cgi and ridiculously long running time make this a comfortable win for TDKR.

TDKR. The Hobbit will grow on me over time...but right now, I just found it a bit tedious for it's running time. Bane over Smaug here...

Hobbit is too tedious.

The Dark Knight Rises felt somewhat disappointing for a fan of Dark Knight but the Hobbit was everything I wanted from reading the book besides it was some of the most fun me and the audience had so it added to the experience!

I re watched both of these movies and i was wrong tdkr kicks more ass - watch the blu ray bonus first and then you Will enjoy this movie more and respect it

The dark dark knight is much more epic

I meant to say the dark knight rises is much more epic then the hobbit.

I re-watched Dark Knight Rises. I take it back, TDKR is better for me though I prefer the Lord of the Rings trilogy over the Batman trilogy. The LOTR movies are my number 1 films!

TDKR. Both were excellent, but I think Rises was a more powerful experience.

The Dark Knight Rises just did it for me

The Hobbit is by far superiror to The Dark Knight Rises. Hobbit wins.

Love both some of my favs of 2012 I'll take The Dark Knight Rises

TDKR, because the Hobbit made Magneto cry.

Really enjoy The Hobbit, but The Dark Knight Rises wins easily.

The end of one amazing journey and the beginning of a very mediocre one. The Dark Knight Rises exceeds The Hobbit in every possible way.

The best from the hobbit triology vs the best from the the dark knight triology.Rises easily

every dk trilogy movie > every hobbit trilogy movie