Captain America: Civil War vs. The Dark Knight



Woohoo. At least The Dark Knight isn't a movie only for 14 years old.

Uh, Dark Knight please.

The Dark Knight still remains number one in it's genre, and I'll doubt that will ever change for me personally.

I'll take Batman still.

If it wasn't for Heath Ledgers performance it wouldn't even be close. I had more fun with Civil War, but as far as pure acting Dark Knight has it. Hard choice.

Removing Ledger from TDK is like removing Hopkins' Hannibal Lector from Goodfellas

I'm on the MCU bandwagon...Civil War.

The Dark Knight is the pinnacle of superhero filmmaking. It doesn't need lame one-liners, and excessive CGI action scenes to be successful. It was story and acting driven. Civil War is a forgettable film, all style no substance.

The Dark Knight is the best live action superhero movie ever, and probably won't be topped. Certainly not by a mediocre Marvel movie.

Civil war, I still love The Dark Knight as well

Congratulations to Christopher Nolan for holding back not one, but TWO CBM trilogies under his mighty boot in 2016. TDK Trilogy still reigns supreme over the CBM cinematic landscape. Take a bow, Nolan, you have truly earned it.

Batman Begins (9.5/10) > First Avenger (4/10) The Dark Knight (10/10) > Winter Soldier (8/10) The Dark Knight Rises (8/10) > Civil War (7.5/10) A consensus clean sweep victory for the Nolan trilogy!

Did Dickhead just post the same retarded message on three different threads? How fucked up and empty is your life that this is how you sustain yourself? I swear, motherfucker is gonna top himself the day Nolan retires.

Captain America delivers more because he's part of a larger universe. Nolan's Batman is already forgotten.

Dark Knight delivers in every category of filmmaking. It's a near perfect movie. People can nitpick it all they want, but from a technical standpoint, and a storytelling standpoint it's nearly flawless.

Don't you wish all comic book movie could be this good?

Civil War is pretty good, but Dark Knight just edges here..

Civil War is superior in every way.

Civil War is a decent watch but The Dark Knight is incredible. For a superhero movie, it really is something else...

Civil War and it's not even close at this point. A jewel in a 20 motion picture crown beats any one effort.

I’m switching my opinion to Civil War.

Civil War most definitely far superior.

Have to agree Civil War is the best film.

Cxfatesniper8ck's comments suck to me, so The Dark Knight by a mile.

Sucker idiot TheFireRises.

Can this nonsense stop now? Please?

The Dark Knight.

MCU is the far best universe of all the century.

Civil War is far superior, TDK is overrated.

Definitely Civil War.

Cxfatesniper8ck's cheating again, so THE DARK KNIGHT by far.

The Dark Knight smashes Civil War.

The Dark Knight still smashes Civil War.

The Dark Knight superior by far.

The Dark Knight. Civil War was borderline boring at times.

>be me >sees this is the largest debate on here >sees why >smh BUT Dark Knight by FAR.

Whilst the Dark Knight has a messy first act, it really takes some interesting turns in the second and third acts. Its questions about the morality of the people of Gotham are far more interesting than anything civil war brings up. Civil War is more of an excuse to have the characters fight and its message isn't as important as the spectacle. By the end of Civil War everything okay and the emotional stakes aren't as strong. In the later films the conflict is almost completely ignored. The dark knight leaves a much stronger impact on the viewer and I believe it's better than Civil War.

Civil War is barely a movie. A collection of set pieces with no real compelling antagonist and no real journey for the heroes. At the end of the movie the heroes are nursing their bruises like the end of a Little Rascals episode. No one has changed. Anyhoo, if baby food is your thing, Civil War is easy to swallow.

The Dark Knight superior by far.

Civil War outclasses it by a factor of ten at the least.

TDK comfortably.

Civil War no contest at all.

another discussion ruined by repeat commenters. Anyway, The Dark Knight is a superbly crafted thriller while Civil War is fun but easily forgotten.

Another discussion ruined by retards. Civil War is a superbly crafted gem. Best of a better trilogy.

@Fontinella This isn't a match up of trilogies, it's movie vs movie. The Dark Knight wins hands down. And even if comparing trilogies, the Captain America trilogy is not tied up at all, and Civil War is more of an Avengers movie than a Captain America movie.

the dark knight by a mile

It's more than clear that Captain America delivered a perfect sequel with greatness every step of the way. Something that clearly eluded Nolan.

civil war is nowhere near perfect winter soldier is better than that and it's not even a perfect sequel

Ignoring the trolls, The Winter Soldier is better than Civil War by a good margin and it's not as good as TDK. Cap trilogy is good but Nolan destroys it. So, TDK for me. Civil War had jokes, Zemo’s plan, spiderman forced inclusion and some CGI mistakes as flaws.

The Dark Knight is Marvel's greatest fear

Civil War is clearly the better movie.

"clearly", huh? I beg to differ

I think falcon's joke wasn't so funny... Hahahahhahah....... It's definitely.... You must have understood...

The Dark Knight absolutely obliterates Civil War in every department of filmaking.

Civil War is top three material. TDK is not. It's that simple.

TDK is the best CBM ever, you're just a notorious Marvel fanboy.