Raiders of the Lost Ark vs. Terminator 2: Judgment Day



Now THIS is a difficult choice. Both movies helped to move action movies forward a lot. I think ultimately I have to go with Raiders, but it's a hard choice.

Most difficult match up I have seen up here lately. I LOVE T2, but something about Raiders just draws me back in. Raiders with the victory...

There was a time when I would have said T2 with very little hesitation. I have since seen the light. With all due respect to one of the greatest sequels of all time (I still love it), this is pretty easily a win for Raiders.

Aww, you're all psychopaths. Yeah, I said it. To hell with the Ark of the Covenant, I'm baaaaad to the bone! Buhbuhbuhbuh baaaahd. Baaahd to the bone!

After revisiting Raiders again just recently, I'll have to say that it is definitely the better film.

Raiders was completely new. Should have compared T2 to a Raiders sequel. Raiders.

terminators fuck people up but indiana jones is a classic

T2 just doesn't seem to hold up well over time anymore. Raiders is now and will always be a classic.

Everyone else is saying Raiders. Who wouldn't!!! Imma go with Raiders!!

Raiders owns.

Yea Raiders wins.

i'm actually going with t2

As much as I love the Indiana Jones movies, they're no match for T2.

I can't choose a single Dr. Jones film over T2. T2 is an absolute masterpiece on a technical level. The same can be said about Raiders as well. I think I prefer the serious tone of T2. You can sense Sarah Connor's desperation. That feeling of urgency gives T2 the edge. It resonates well with me. Raiders is not even my favorite Indiana Jones film. I prefer both Temple and Crusade to it. Raiders is simplistic and a lot of fun. T2 is a lot more than that. Highly entertaining films these two.

I agree with PiccoloKing- He said it perfectly

Raiders destroys because im not a big Terminator fan.

Both are brilliant films, but Raiders has that nostalgia going for it.

OMG! I don't know! I can't choose....T2 is a film that completely blew me away and didn't require repeated viewings to love....Raiders is such a classic and so amazing...I don't know.....Possibly, Raiders for now until I re-watch T2........AARGH

Raiders wins easily

I pick Raiders for its classic feel and just pure epicness. But T2 is a wonderful sequel and would defeat any of the Indy sequels no doubt. Actually just rewatched both.

Raiders of the Lost Ark, both top 20 material.

Raiders of the Lost Ark. It's one of the greatest adventure films. Terminator 2 is spectacular, but Raiders is one of the best movies I've ever seen, while T2 is one of the best action movies I've ever seen.

Tough one...

Not tough at all for me. I realize how iconic Raiders was/is, but it just doesn't appeal to me like it does to the masses. T2 on the other hand is superb. Cameron beats Spielberg here.

I'll have to go with Raiders as well on this one. Indy just has magic, which T2 almost has but not quite.

Arnold over Ford.

Raiders...but love both and they're both on my top 10.

Indiana Jones is terminated.T2 is the undisputed king of action movies.Raiders was gun but I expected much more from it.It didn't deliver.

I changed my mind. T2 wins. Just watched "Skynet Edition" and...Jesus!

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

T2 takes this effort...


Difficult choice but Raiders of the Lost Ark is too entertaining to lose here.

Two of my favourite action movies here! I will go with the one I watch more which is Raiders!

T-800 terminates Indiana Jones..

Judgment Day>Raiders of the Lost Ark

T2 easily wins this one, Indy wouldn't stand a chance!

Not the biggest fan of either but Terminator 2: Judgment Day is much, much better.

T2 absolutely destroys here