Raging Bull vs. The Godfather



This is the match up of the century. I have to go with Raging Bull because of its fine performances and how well De Niro is at La Motta. Apart from that the film is spectacular in story, dialogue, visuals and direction.

The Godfather still wins. Both holdup on repeated viewings and feature a talented cast. It is hard to judge both of these films in which had better performances because one is better than the other etc. Robert De Niro as Jake LaMotta is unbelievably real-like and Al Pacino as Michael Corleone is even better. Joe Pesci and Marlon Brando can take a backseat when it comes to Pacino and De Niro. Both films have great soundtracks, cinematography, editing, visuals (especially Raging Bull) and even writing.

Raging Bull wins big time. I HATE Godfather, Godfather is too booring and lengthy.

Sure, The Godfather is long, but a three-hour movie with a plot is better than a two-hour movie without one. The Godfather absolutely crushes...


The Godfather for me. The plot is stronger and so're the performances.

The Godfather...11 vs 12 just barely Marlon Brando and Al Pacino over De Niro and Pesci

The Godfather

I love Scorsese & De Niro but can't say the same for RB.

Scorsese himself said, The Departed is the only movie that he made that has a plot. His movies are not about plot, they are about characters. So giving the win to Godfather because Raging Bull doesn't have a plot is mistaken in my opinion. But with that said, I still give the win to Godfather. But Raging Bull has maybe the best performance in history. DeNiro is unbelievable in that role. They are both some of the greatest masterpieces in cinema history though.

Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci are definitely better actors, and don't forget that Raging Bull is based on a true story as well.

Oh man... hmm, Godfather by an extremely slim margin.

What a match-up. Two of my all-time favourites and two of the greatest American films ever made. Raging Bull barely wins.


The Godfather. Raging Bull just didn't live up to the hype for me. I enjoyed it but The Godfather is far better.

I personally prefer the Godfather because it's not as depressing and demeaning but as a film I have to acknowledge the fact that Raging Bull is far superior.

Raging Bull loses badly

The Godfather wins barely

Godfather is much better.

Godfather is the best movie ever made

Ok, i really prefer Raging Bull

The GodFather

Raging Bull has a slight edge IMO

raging bull is a good movie but i think the godfather is the best film ever made

Raging Bull has a tighter story, more complexity and is a much better watch!

A cursory look at the AFI 100, which ranks Raging Bull at #4 and The Godfather at #2, would give you the impression that this match-up is extremely close. It isn't. The Godfather destroys the pseudo-classic Raging Bull.


Two great films but The Godfather reigns supreme.

Raging Bull is boring nothing anything simple, the Godfather is far instant classic.

De Niro's performance in Raging Bull is arguably the best of his career, but Godfather is the better movie by a pretty wide margin.