The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King vs. Apocalypse Now



One of the toughest for me. ROTK is an all-timer, but so is A.Now. Gotta go with the source material... Conrad was a better writer than Tolkein.

how can you choose between the two? they're so different from each other, each one a masterpiece of it's genre. it's impossible. i'm flipping a coin.

Return of the King blows Apocalypse Now OUT OF THE WATER! A.N. was very slow at times but there were like 3 or 4 parts I enjoyed. I enjoyed all of RotK.

Return of the King. Apocalypse Now is a haunting journey into madness and is epic at times, but just isn't quite as epic as LotR.

Apocalypse Now is better than any of the Lord of the Rings films individually. As a trilogy... I don't know. That is a much more difficult decision

Return of the King. One of the most entertaining epics ever made.

While The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is probably my least favorite of the trilogy, it is still pretty damn great. In terms of sheer entertainment value, Apocalypse Now just can't quite measure up.

no my friends, you bow to no one

Apocalypse Now. Return of the King is very epic, but in my eyes Coppola's has crafted the best war movie.

Another geek flick that people will vote for just like Star Wars. Apocalypse Now is the wise grandfather whereas LOTR is the little nephew.

Seems like I changed my mind. Oh well, still love 'em both. GEEKS!!!!

Lord of the Rings...easy.

LOTR....hooked me in a way AN never could....

Separated by about 600-700 spots on my flickchart. Apocalypse gets it in a cakewalk.

Lord of the Rings is almost unwatchable at times. That is how dull it can get.

The Lord of the Rings....The characters, the world, the story, the music the adaptation of amazing source material, the superb directing and the amazing conclusion to the perfect trilogy, RETURN OF THE KING crushes Apocalypse Now- I wasn't that impressed by it sadly.

Apocalypse Now wins this easily.

Return of the King

Return of the King. I think Apocalypse Now is very overrated. However, still a great film.

Return of the King. I loved Apocalypse Now dearly, but ROTK is so epic, it's on another scale. And that's saying something considering it was made 25 years later.

Apocalypse Now takes the win I'm not a big Lord of the Rings freak like everyone else is not not freak but you know what I mean hopefully but I do enjoy them

LotR for sure

I seem to know that AN is overrated, so RotK wins

Apocalypse Now pounds the King

Apocalypse now=perfection great plot and an issue that builds up chills+rewatchable! Rotk=overrated. Can't believe people are that crazy about it. What is so good about all these battle scenes.what is so great about its plot defending a place against orcs?

Fellowship won against Apocalypse now, but this? What!?!

I'd to go with LOTR

Tough Choice

All the LOTRs are far more enjoyable. Apocalypse Now is a lesson in try-hard filmmaking.

Close but Return of the King for me. Apocalypse is in my top 15, ROTK is 1 or 2.

Return of the King is much preeminent..

What an active conversation. I gotta go with LOTR on this one.

Apocalypse Now


Apocalypse Now is an easy choice for the win.

It is far better than Apocalypse Now

LOTR Beats Apocalypse Now

LOTR is far better