Shrek vs. Monsters, Inc.



Time to make up for the egregious oversight of the Academy in 2002. Monster's Inc. is the better animated film out of these two.

I never really warmed up to "Monsters, Inc." It's gorgeous, yes, but I neither its story nor characters ever really resonated with me. I don't think "Shrek" has held up particularly strong, but I find it more enjoyable on the whole.

Good contest between two of the top animated movies of the past decade -- both from 2001, actually. I'm predisposed against Dreamworks animation, because of exactly what it's typically accused of: throwaway pop culture references; voice talent that's too present to dissolve into the story; cheap jokes aplenty; etc. That's exactly why I was surprised I liked Shrek as much as I did. But as good as Pixar for me on an average day? No, and so of course it can't touch my favorite Pixar flick, which happens to be Monsters, Inc. Monsters is probably as guilty as Shrek on the star voice talent accusation, using both Goodman and Crystal for the protagonists, but it just works for me (and I'm no fan of Billy Crystal). Monsters isn't just a great animated movie or a great comedy, which are certainly both true of Shrek; it's heartwarming and near-perfect, and in the final analysis it stands simply as great cinema.

The first two films of the Shrek series are the only films DreamWorks has put out that can match Pixar in terms of quality, so that makes for a decent match-up here. Shrek, though, wins it running away. Monsters, Inc., while it has charm to spare, is one of Pixar's weaker efforts, whereas Shrek is up there with Pixar's best. And I prefer Shrek to Sully.

The first Shrek was the best. And better than Monsters Inc.

Monsters is middle-of-the-road Pixar for me, but I can hand this matchup to Sully and Mike.

Monster's Inc was robbed,even though Shrek was a good funny movie.

Mike Wazowski is the preferable green monster over Shrek. Donkey may be funnier than Sully but he is pretty damn annoying. I do enjoy Shrek but Monsters Inc is one of Pixar's best and DreamWorks can't hold a candle to the best of the best in animation.

I can just hear a voice in Shrek's corner shouting 'Pick me. Pick me!', and as I am easily led, I guess I will. A very hard match-up but I did feel that Monsters, Inc. was lacking something. PLUS I love dragons.

Donkey beats Mike. Still, both awesome.


I really like them both & this is a tough decision for me, but if I had to choose . . . Monsters, Inc.

Shrek is funnier and has more heart. Easy choice.

Original Shrek? One of the best animated movies ever....

This is a suprise im definantly going Monster's Inc. havent seen Shrek in a long time.

The battle of the 2001 monsters. Pretty much equally as good, but because it was a bigger part of my childhood, I give Mike and Sulley the win.

The battle of the 2001 animation monsters. Wish there was a tie button here. Monsters wins simply for being the 1st fiilm I watched and truly loved.

Monster's Inc. should have won the Oscar, but Shrek is great too.

Monsters inc is not only a much funnier and creative movie but is much prettier animation. Dreamworks will never reach the heights of Pixar animation and that's a fact.

One of the Oscar's biggest mistakes. I don't understand the love Shrek gets. It's not unwatchable, but it's bland, boring, and despite edgy content, feels like it was tailored exclusively for children. Monsters Inc., on the other hand, is a flawless masterpiece. Hilarious characters, great cast, wonderful score, and probably the best final scene Pixar has ever done, Monsters Inc. is an outrageously funny and very moving film, that ranks among the best animation has to offer.

Monsters, Inc all the way. Injustice...

Shrek has the best dialogue in an animated movie but Monsters, Inc. has the edge.

Monsters Inc. But Shrek is wonderful too.



Shrek is love

Shrek is life

Well Deserves an oscar

10x better than Monsters Inc

Monsters. No contest. Shrek is very, very averaged...

Majority rules is Shrek

Stop flooding please. So bad you can't deal with a movie being better than another movie...

I love Monsters Inc, but I love Shrek more.

Shrek takes the victory here.


Monster's Inc

Monsters, Inc is great, but Shrek is better.

Shrek is good, but Monsters Inc is way better.

No way! Shrek is still better.

Monsters Inc. My favorite animated film & my favorite Pixar film. Mike & Sulley are one of the best duos in film & animation history.

Shrek for me. Monsters is great but for the most part just a 90 minute game of cat and mouse. NOT a bad thing. In fact, this leads for some great character moments and jokes but Shrek just has a whole lot more going on. Yeah, the message is pretty simple and overused by this point but it's crafted in an interesting world with a mockery of the status quo in fairy tales, a tight story but with a large scope and every joke and character is extremely memorable!

Monsters Inc. I think Shrek is overrated.

Why don't we just agree to disagree? Both films have great things about them.

Shrek. Monsters inc was a good funny movie, but Shrek saved Dreamworks. Monster's inc's animation may be nice and cartooned, but Shrek's animation was extremely realistic. And Shrek is not ugly, he's actually cute. And Shrek put an end to the regular fairy tales with the ogre being the bad guy and the prince saving the princess from Shrek, so Shrek wins.

Monsters Inc! Shrek is great but went bad after Shrek 2!

I'd have to go with Monsters Inc here. It's a simple, fun, entertaining movie that anyone can enjoy.

Love these two so much man but gonna go with Shrek here