Thor (2011)

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The god of thunder.

Directed By Kenneth Branagh Kenneth Branagh Starring Chris Hemsworth Chris Hemsworth  •  Natalie Portman Natalie Portman  •  Anthony Hopkins Anthony Hopkins  •  Tom Hiddleston Tom Hiddleston  •  Kat Dennings Kat Dennings Genres Action  •  Adventure  •  Based-on-Comics  •  Fantasy Adventure  •  Fantasy  •  Superhero Film Studios &
Marvel Comics  •  Marvel Cinematic Universe  •  Thor  •  Empire Award for Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Winning
Release Info 2011-05-06T00:00:00Z May 6, 2011
Color  •  114 minutes PG13 Rated PG13
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Comments (7)


Falcon on 9/8/2011 Reply  · 

The genuine and relatable qualities of these characters are what make it a great film. Sure, the action and fantasy are incredible but the story works so well. The family dynamics between fathers & sons along with sibling rivalry and the price of vanity and lack of humility all resonate. The choices made and the relationships on display are as wonderful as the brawling and the cool action.

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johnmason on 10/19/2011 Reply  · 

Loki is the only truly interesting character. Thank God Chris Hemsworth has charisma, or Thor would be totally unlikable, and he's very saddled by that in the first half of the film. This is by no means a bad movie, but Marvel has done better origin tales. They made a better one in the same summer with Captain America.

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JRM on 11/13/2011 Reply  · 

Chris Hemsworth made Thor the great superhero movie it is. Spot-on casting.

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Caesar on 8/9/2013 Reply  · 

Oh, I agree totally with JRM. Chris Hemsworth doesn't get nearly enough credit for taking a difficult role and making it work.

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ChrisFilm85 on 11/12/2021 Reply  · 

How is this film ranked 1601? It's easily one of the worst MCU films and a dull, very forgettable superhero film at best. I know it introduced Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth as Loki and Thor (which I am infinitely grateful for) but that dosen't make it a good film! Or at least make it superior to many, many other films.

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noobpb17 on 11/27/2021 Reply  · 

almost every mcu movie here has a ranking too high

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JimmyMcGill on 8/27/2022 Reply  · 

This movie had so much potential to being great.

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