The Godfather Part II vs. Apocalypse Now



wow, Francis Ford Coppela really was a force to be considered in th 70's. Both movies could be called his masterpiece. My tough decision goes for Godfather 2 because it had the tougher task of living up to (and maybe exceeding) the original.


Two great films, One winner.....APOCALYPSE NOW because it it brilliantly gave war a face.

Jesus...I don't know what to do here. I'm going Apocalypse...

Both are masterpieces, most assuredly, but Apocalypse wins for me because it was a Masterpiece that pushed film making to new level.

Two of the best ever movies ever made. It's a very tough choice, but Godfather II wins. It's a tighter and better crafted film.

I can sit there and watch Godfather Part II straight though without so much a break. If you can be engrossed in a film for nearly 4 hours it says something of the overall story. I give Apocalypse Now high regard due to it being a brilliant adaptation of a classic novel into its modern time. Godfather Part II wins due to it being a tighter film, overall.

The Godfather Pt II is an amazing film and was ahead of its time as well as The Godfather. Apocalypse Now isnt as good as the first two Godfathers

The Godfather pt II is better in so many ways, in terms of film making and grandness. It crushes Coppola's other work.

Son of a.... Well i'll go with Godfather II

Apocalypse Now!

Part II.

Part II definitely. Apocalypse is very good, but against Godfather it falls short.

All three Godfather films easily beat Apocalypse Now, I wasn't a big fan.

Shit! TGF2 for now, for Pacino

Part II is too much for napalm in the morning....

Apocalypse Now is better than The Godfather, Part II.

If it was the first Godfather, then I would choose that. But it's the second, so I'm going with Apocalypse Now. Don't get me wrong, Part II is excellent, but I love Apocalypse Now.

Coppolla made some bloody good movies in the '70s, and these two can be considered amongst the greatest of all time, but Godfather 2 wins. It's perfect,

For now, I'm giving it to Apocalypse Now. Some of the best atmospheric filmmaking I've ever seen.

Both masterpieces but Apocalypse Now for me.

Godfather part 2


Apocalypse Now, without a mother fucking doubt!

Godfather part 2

I don't know which could be guidance, but I choose Apocalypse Now.

Apocalypse Now is the better film.

Apocalypse Now is far the greatest classic film here.

Apocalypse Now wins for me because I love the smell of napalm in the morning.