The Dark Knight Rises vs. Captain America: The Winter Soldier



Intersing Rises

Not even close. Captain America.

TDKR gets worse and worse the more I think about it. It's often downright boring. The Winter Soldier was thrilling from start to finish!

Rises is SO overrated, cap it is


Rises gets better each time I see it so I'm going to have to watch The Winter Soldier again so for now I'm going to choose The Dark Knight Rises for now

Rises gets a rise from me.

The Dark Knight Rises definitely

Cap with the easy take down. The far better film.

Rises may be my fav of the Dark Knight Trio, its tough to be so sure against the Joker in the 2nd one. Winter Soldier is easily the best Cap movie, and possibly the best solo movie in the marvel cinematic universe. For some reason Rises just hits me the right way. WS is great though, no doubt.

Definitely The Dark Knight Rises. I enjoyed Winter Soldier but it comes no where near to The Dark Knight Rises. The Dark Knight Rises was the perfect conclusion to the Dark Knight Trilogy and has a great amount of emotional weight. Like cheesydog1 said above, it gets better each time it's watched.

Not even a contest here. Cap 2 just dominates in every way.

This is actually a tie? I mean sure, Rises was a LITTLE disappointing after the first Dark Knight, but Nolan's Batman trilogy is in a whole other league above Marvel's superhero films.


Cap needs a rewatch...but right's ahead.

Cap for sure, TDKR just didn't live up to it's predecessors.

CA 2 is better, TDKR is SO overrated!!!

Both are fantastic, but the Winter Soldier wins.

Winter Soldier is pretty good, but gets way too much praise in my opinion. I don't love The Dark Knight Rises like I used to, but I still really like it. Batman wins.


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Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Winter Soldier was better than DKR.

I prefer winter soldier

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Congratulations to Christopher Johnathan James Nolan for managing to beat out not one, but TWO CBM trilogies this year, once again, everyone else just has to strive for second place, TDK trilogy is STILL the K.I.N.G!

The Winter Soldier

The Dark Knight Trilogy and Batman in general are overrated. Captain America for the win.

The Winter Soldier is generally far far good, TDKR is obviously worst terrible film.

Winter Soldier but i love both.

Winter Soldier with ease.

Rises but both are one of the best cbms

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this and iron man are the only good mcu films but rises still win

Winter Soldier, rises is terrible in every way.

Winter Soldier is so much better that it hurts.

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