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Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Jaws Raiders of the Lost Ark Chinatown Gone with the Wind Goldfinger Casablanca Citizen Kane Zero Dark Thirty

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Jason Bourne Daddy's Home 2 The Mummy The Lure Sully

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The Godfather 3
Pulp Fiction 6
Ikiru 9
Fight Club 11
GoodFellas 12
Harakiri 16
High and Low 17
Alien 18
The Shining 21
Reservoir Dogs 23


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Nononsense on 9/24/2014 Reply  · 

Hey man, I'm conducting somewhat of a survey with what I perceive to be the diehard movie fans on this site.. How long has your #1 movie been your absolute favorite? And do you think it will ever change? How loyal and/or biased are you to that movie? Also, the same questions apply for your top 5 as well as your top 10. Are they pretty much edged in stone on your chart or have your top 5 and/or top 10 changed over the past few years?

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