Batman Begins vs. Superman Returns



Cool its Batman V Superman! Sorry guys Batman wins

I know it's sacrilege but I enjoyed Superman Returns more than Batman Begins (which I find boring pretentious and vaguely offensive).

Alrighty so this was interesting. When I heard about the new batman I could not care less...Batman and Robin killed the franchise for me. Then I went and saw Batman Begins and that fire was lit back up and suddenly Batman had a whole new life to him. I wasn't expecting to really care at all. Of course now I can't wait for that 3rd movie to arrive. Onto Superman. I was really interested in this movie. I thought it would be really cool to see what they would do with it. Turned out to serve no purpose, nothing new happened. The whole movie was pointless. The only part that I enjoyed was when they made you think for 1 minute that Superman died. Then they took it away. You would think that Bryan Singer would have had some great reason to abandon the X-men series but apparently there wasn't one.

I love Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor, but otherwise, the cast of Batman Begins destroys the cast of Superman Returns. (Okay, Katie Holmes is about on par with Kate Bosworth.) I personally have always had a preference for Batman over Superman, but there's really only one thing that kills Superman Returns for me: the run time. That movie is too dang long. There are parts of it I really enjoy, but not enough to sustain it. Batman Begins, meanwhile, I absolutely love. (Its imperfections only became apparent to me after watching The Dark Knight, where they just improved on everything, even Katie Holmes.) This matchup is no contest.


Batman. I really liked Superman Returns, but Batman Begins wins this one.

I think Superman Returns generally gets a bum rap, but I'm a Batman fan all the way.

See this, Bryan Singer? Great casting, a suspenseful plot, an actual antagonist, and a good look at what makes the hero what he is. This is how you're supposed to do a superhero reboot.

I wonder what Christopher Nolan's going to do with Superman? If he makes it as dark and serious as his Batman movies, that won't work, either...

Superman Returns. Awful. Kevin Spacey phones it in. Tedium sets in after about 20 minutes. Zzzzzz. Batman Begins however, now that's how you reboot a franchise! See also Casino Royale.

And Star Trek '09. :-)

Batman Begins hands down.

Batman Begins takes it over SR, though Returns is pretty good.

Batman Begins is Superman's kriptonite.

Batman Begins takes itself much too seriously and it comes off (to me) as a little ridiculous. It's better than Superman Returns, though.

I liked returns but ever time i watch begins i like it more.

I remember back in December of 2006 my family rented both of these film. We watched Superman one day and then Batman the next. All of us hated Superman Returns and loved Batman Begins, in fact we watched Batman Begins again the next day. No contest here.

It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me... *Clicks on the Batman Begins poster*

Batman Begins, no contest.

I enjoy Superman Returns but Batman Begins wins for sure.

Batman Begins wins very easily. I never liked Superman Returns.

Hehe, I guess I'm gonna go against the grain here. Superman Returns I think is underrated, and I found Batman Begins just tedious and annoying.

Singer's Superman doesn't look so bad now does he?? Looking back, Returns wasn't the abomination everyone pretended and Batman Begins not half as good as people still pretend.

Superman Returns isn’t great but I don’t necessarily hate it. Batman Begins is a masterpiece!

Damn. Batman v Superman worked better.

There are so many reasons why Batman Begins is better than Superman Returns.

Superman returns is mostly none of one of those not remarkable films that didn’t involved as a classic, batman begins destroys here!

Batman Begins is a masterpiece. Mismatch.

i think superman returns is underrated but still begins stomps

I remember back then people compared Superman Returns to Batman Begins and the outcome is kind of close. Things change

batman begins over the crappy dull superman returns worse than man of steel

Batman begins easily, but superman returns is underrated

Superman Returns is boring and the love story is pretty awful, dragging the film down by a lot. Batman Begins without a doubt