Batman Begins (2005)

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Batman Begins

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It's not who he is underneath but what he does that defines him

Directed By Christopher Nolan Christopher Nolan Starring Christian Bale Christian Bale  •  Katie Holmes Katie Holmes  •  Gary Oldman Gary Oldman  •  Liam Neeson Liam Neeson  •  Cillian Murphy Cillian Murphy Genres Action  •  Action Thriller  •  Based-on-Comics  •  Crime  •  Crime Thriller  •  Superhero Film  •  Thriller Studios &
Batman  •  DC Comics  •  Academy Award Nominated  •  Legendary Pictures  •  Academy Award Best Cinematography Nominated  •  Saturn Award for Best Fantasy Film Winning  •  MTV Movie Award for Best Movie Nominated  •  Wizard World Louisville 2014
Release Info 2005-06-15T00:00:00Z June 15, 2005
Color  •  140 minutes PG13 Rated PG13
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The Bourne Identity vs. Batman Begins

The Bourne Identity Batman Begins VS.

Jarvis said on Monday

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The Dark Knight vs. Batman Begins

The Dark Knight Batman Begins VS.

destroyeroflife said on Dec 22

"TDK was better acted, better edited and definitely better shot and had better cinematography,..." more ►

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Comments (23)


SquareMaster316 on 7/14/2011 Reply  · 

The best origin film of any franchise.

3 people liked this  √ 


bielinhos on 9/23/2011 Reply  · 

eu também

0 people liked this  √ 


SquareMaster316 on 10/28/2011 Reply  · 

I'll join the vast majority of film buffs and movie goers in stating that both Nolan Batman films outclass anything Marvel or Darkhorse have ever put to screen.

5 people liked this  √ 


Showtimebr on 1/7/2012 Reply  · 

It's common sense that The Dark Knight is in a whole another level compared to this,ok, i agree. BUT i really do think Batman Begins is a outstanding movie that doesn't get enough credit. It paved te way to a classic and constructed Batman character in the best way i can imagine. Props to the Bat!

6 people liked this  √ 


nclysander on 1/26/2012 Reply  · 

Could we maybe get a credit for Liam Neeson in here?

0 people liked this  √ 


SquareMaster316 on 5/23/2012 Reply  · 

Rich complexity, phenomenal depth, iconic texture, all things that describes Nolan's instant classic that he gave to cinema.

2 people liked this  √ 


TheOnlyMonKy on 4/24/2013 Reply  · 

Why is Ken Watanabe missing from the credits?

0 people liked this  √ 


cheesydog1 on 4/13/2014 Reply  · 

The weakest in my opinion of the Nolan Batmans

0 people liked this  √ 


Koroy on 4/12/2015 Reply  · 

Nolans weakest IMO

0 people liked this  √ 


Danny237 on 7/16/2015 Reply  · 

Way better than TDK.

0 people liked this  √ 


SquareMaster316 on 11/15/2015 Reply  · 

A modern, innovative, revolutionary classic.

1 person liked this  √ 


Nils98 on 4/1/2016 Reply  · 

I find this film to be the weakest in Nolan's trilogy. Despite that, it's an amazing, groundbreaking comic book film that explores the psyche of Bruce Wayne like no other Batman film had done prior to this one. No wait, scratch that, it explored the psyche of Bruce Wayne like no other comic book film had ever done with any character ever before, period. Phenomenal performances all around, by a pitch perfect cast. Perhaps the two most underrated being Liam Neeson and Cillian Murphy. And also, the score...that damn score. Hans Zimmer is a damn genius!

3 people liked this  √ 


SquareMaster316 on 6/13/2016 Reply  · 

Congratulations to Christ-opher Johnathan James Nolan for holding back not one, but TWO CBM trilogies from taking its crown. TDK trilogy is STILL the King!!!

2 people liked this  √ 


TheFireRises on 11/6/2020 Reply  · 

Best CBM origin story ever!

4 people liked this  √ 


ChrisFilm85 on 8/18/2021 Reply  · 

So true

0 people liked this  √ 


noobpb17 on 2/11/2021 Reply  · 

this film just entered top 100 in flickchart gg

3 people liked this  √ 


IloveMovie243 on 4/19/2021 Reply  · 

Should be higher.

0 people liked this  √ 


ChrisFilm85 on 8/6/2021 Reply  · 

It's 101 now. Should be higher than Temple of Doom, but I still think it's a deserved spot.

0 people liked this  √ 


noobpb17 on Jan 1 Reply  · 

it has re-entered top 100

2 people liked this  √ 


ChrisFilm85 on Jan 1 Reply  · 

I mean, it does deserve it.

0 people liked this  √ 


TheFireRises on Monday Reply  · 


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