The Terminator vs. Ghostbusters



oh, ow

It's really tough to pick between these two, I guess right now I have to go with Ghostbusters, but that could change if this choice comes up again.


I enjoyed them both but if I have to go there...........The Terminator.

These movies came out in the same year. How awesome is that? Terminator for me.

The Terminator. It was a bit edgy and that's what I liked about it. Ghostbusters was fun but too fluffy, crowd pleasing and forgettable.

What do I enjoy more overall? Comedy or ass-kicking? When it comes to 80s action flicks, comedy and ass-kicking are as one. The Terminator is well-made enough to where it can be taken seriously, but it still delivers the one-liners and silliness that are essential to action movies of that era. There's some tough talk in Ghostbusters about kicking the asses of ghosts, but I can't really call it an ass-kicking movie. The ass-kicking in The Terminator is the real deal. He even shoots innocent women and depopulates entire police stations. The choice is clear.

I really enjoyed both, but it's actually not that tough a call. Terminator.

both of these movies are one of the best from the eighties or even ever very hard choice

Cats and together! Sorry Terminator...

Come with me if you want to live.

Two of the best of 1984: I only just watched Ghostbusters and honestly, I liked it but by no means should it be 24 on Flickchart's list....That's was interesting but its not anything like the 24th greatest film of all time. Terminator however, is utterly fantastic!


Ghost busters was a lot of fun but the terminator is a loads better movie

Ghostbusters is too fun.

Terminator wins this battle of 1984


Ghostbusters without a shadow of a doubt.

Ghostbusters for me!

Although Ghostbusters is a fantastic comedy that never gets old, I think The Terminator takes this one pretty easily. I’d say it’s got better pacing, writing, directing, action, and maybe acting. Not that Ghostbusters was bad with any of this, it just simply wasn’t as good.

I often go with terminator