Reel Rumbles: Upgrade vs. Venom

Andrew Kendall

Andrew is a college dropout working the fulltime retail grind. In his free time, he enjoys at least one film a day, with a side of video games. Movies became a passion of his after discovering Inception and subsequently falling in love with Christopher Nolan's films. He is ready and willing to talk movies, but don't be shocked if he hasn't gotten around to seeing one of your favorite classics yet.

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2 Responses

  1. SuperSaiyan says:

    I don’t know you who are or how I got here, but you’re absolutely delusional if you think that Venom is better directed than Upgrade.

    • Andrew Kendall says:

      Thanks for the feedback and for checking out the article! I may just have to be delusional for this one. But I’ll make to take a closer look at directing for future installments.