Reel Rumbles #11 – “The Godfather” vs. “GoodFellas”

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3 Responses

  1. AlexG says:

    The characters and world of Goodfellas don’t really draw me in. I find Henry Hill quite uninteresting and always want to see more of Jimmy. I much prefer Coppola’s masterful epic. Plus, I don’t think the Godfather trilogy ultimately glamourizes the gangsters’ world. The mafia world turns Michael into an immoral person who ends up losing the two women he loved

  2. Ilovetaxes123 says:

    You are very unwilling to look at “goodfellas” in the same light as “the godfather”. If you had you would realize that “goodfellas” tells a more personable story that nearly anybody can relate to, where as “the godfather” tells a story that anybody could fantasize with enough imagination.