Inside Out (2015)

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Inside Out

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Meet the little voices inside your head.

Directed By Pete Docter Starring Amy Poehler  •  Phyllis Smith  •  Mindy Kaling  •  Lewis Black  •  Bill Hader Genres Animation  •  Comedy  •  Family Studios &
Pixar Animation Studios  •  Walt Disney Pictures  •  Academy Award Nominated  •  Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay Nominated  •  Annie Award for Best Animated Feature Nominated  •  Annie Award for Best Animated Feature Winning  •  Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film Nominated  •  Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film Winning  •  88th Academy Awards Nominated
Release Info June 18, 2015
Color  •  94 minutes PG Rated PG
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Comments (5)


AARM on 6/29/2015 Reply  · 

So... this kinda blew me away completely. Mature, subtle, and absolutely ingenious. Some of Pixar's best, and arguably most tragic characters (particularly Sadness). A very strong and adult script that I'm sure will challenge even the smartest smug know-it-all to keep up. Some pretty damn funny moments too, as expected in a Pixar movie. I wouldn't put this alongside the Toy Stories and Wall-E's of the world, but Goddamn, after years of busts, PIXAR IS BACK. If the Academy doesn't even try to put this in the Best Picture race, fuck them so hard.

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AverageMovieBuff on 8/30/2015 Reply  · 

I can't be the only person who thinks this at best a mediocre movie, right?

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Zebula77 on 9/30/2015 Reply  · 

A beautiful film. Much more adult than I had anticipated. Maybe not that fun for the young-uns? Also packs a pretty decent emotional punch. 9/10.

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JC13 on 10/5/2015 Reply  · 

Well I finally saw this and as I expected, I liked it, but as much as most people. It is emotional, funny, and entertaining, but it lacks the magic of the Pixar classics.

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trayoder on 2/3/2016 Reply  · 

One of Pixar's best films. A truly original idea.

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