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Nononsense on Sep 22 Reply  · 

You're very welcome. Thank you for the invite. And yes, I've never been so transfixed with a film as I was with Vertigo. Glad to have a fellow fan to discuss it as well as other cinema. We have six films in common in our top 20: Vertigo, 2001, Casablanca, GBU, Psycho, and 12AM. We also have many more in common in our top 100. Good to know!

I noticed you have Dunkirk in your top 10. I'm a huge Nolan fan and have seen everything but Dunkirk. Can't wait to see it!

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Wade92 on Sep 28 Reply  · 

Hello, there. Thanks for the friend request! Looks like you really dig Dunkirk. Definitely my favorite film of the year...so far.

You have a really great taste in films. The only film I haven't seen yet in your top 20 is Eyes Wide Shut. I really want to check it out though. Kubrick must be among your favorite directors.

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Nononsense on Oct 1 Reply  · 

Thanks bud. Look forward to conversation exchanges in the future!

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thejamin on Oct 1 Reply  · 

Thank you for the request, man! We seem to have similar tastes in movies. We have 6 of the same movies in our top 20!

I apologize for not responding for a while. I don't log in to my account as often as I used to.

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Wade92 on Oct 1 Reply  · 

Thanks! I have a somewhat peculiar list of favorite films haha they are kind of all over the place.

Totally, Dunkirk was quite an intense experience both times I saw it in theaters and pretty emotional as well. Like you, I loved the old school approach Nolan took, which made film feel that much more visceral.

I've never understood those complaints about characterization either. I felt like we knew exactly what we needed to know from the characters. And the unknown only helps to put the viewers in the place of the characters. I really can't stand those talking scenes in other war films just because it's not realistic. My grandpa always used to talk about how they only knew each other by their last names while fighting in the war and nothing else.

Can't wait to own Dunkirk on Blu ray!

I've only seen Barry Lyndon once but I enjoyed it. Funny you should mention the moving painting element of Dunkirk. I feel like that is true for both these films. I think Kubrick even took inspiration from old paintings when framing shots.

What did you think of Blade Runner? Are you planning on seeing 2049? I'm so excited, i hope it's good.

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Wade92 on Oct 6 Reply  · 

Blade Runner is film I go back and forth on quite a bit. Each time I see it I feel a little different on the film overall. I do like it but I don't see it as the masterpiece many people hold it up to be. For me the film really hits the skids with Daryl Hannah's character and the toy maker. I wish there was more focus on Deckard's character with the Blade Runner in action.

I also see Deckard as a replicant. There's just too many clues in the film to be any different and just the fact that Ridley Scott believes that to be the case. I'm kind of surprised Harrison Ford sees him as a human.

I saw 2049 last night and loved it. I liked it a lot more than the original and Roger Deakins once again proved why he's my favorite cinematographer.

Did you like Prisoners and Enemy? Both rocked my world first time I saw them haha I watched Enemy twice in one day when I originally watched it and I've never done that before! Villeneuve is definitely becoming on of my favorite directors

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thejamin on Oct 12 Reply  · 

Yes, I do think of myself as a Kubrick fan, although I haven't seen all of his films. I mostly haven't seen much of his earlier films. And yeah, I am a bit of a nut when it comes to Christopher Nolan movies. I have yet to see Dunkirk, but I've heard nothing but good things about it. You seem to love it!

I'm stoked for The Last Jedi as well (the trailer was amazing), and I do plan to watch Dunkirk as soon as it comes to Digital or Blu-ray.

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thejamin on Oct 12 Reply  · 

We also seem have very similar opinions on the Blade Runner films.

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Wade92 on Oct 12 Reply  · 

What did you end up thinking of 2049?

Haha that's awesome, Enemy must just have that instant re-watch value. I love films that have deep themes like that.

I also love American Psycho. Such a highly quotable film.

That's interesting about Prisoners. I didn't really have a problem with that torture scene. It was a little intense but I felt like it made sense for the character. He would go to any length to find his daughter. It was kind of a neat juxtaposition showing with the deep and pure love a father has for his daughter that he would go to cruel and almost evil lengths to save her. Brilliant film overall though.

I have yet to see Incendies. Definitely on my watch list since I really like his other films. I love Sicario. As of right now it's my personal favorite film of his. Most people say Arrival is his masterpiece but I flat out love Sicario. Pretty intense at times and gorgeously shot. Roger Deakins can do no wrong behind the camera. Dark music and powerful performances tie it all together.

Arrival is kind of a tough one for me. A majority of the people that see it call it a "masterpiece" but I didn't feel it was THAT good. I thought it was decent and by no means feel negatively about the film but it's easily my least favorite of Villeneuve's thus far. Granted I only saw it once in theaters so maybe my thoughts would shift a bit upon second viewing, but overall I thought it was solid but not a heavy hitter like his other work. What about you?

What did you think of E.T. That's a classic film I really didn't care for. Maybe I was missing something

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Wade92 on Oct 19 Reply  · 

Nah, I feel you on that Prisoners scene. It does stick out a bit. I remember the first time I watched it thinking "woah, this getting pretty dark".

Just random, everytime I think of that film I immediately go to Jake Gyllenhaal's blinking. I thought it was a really unique and interesting character trait haha

Always good to find a fellow American Psycho fan! I agree, I personally like the ending. It makes you want to go back and see it again with a different perspective and keeps you thinking.

Man, Blade Runner was so cool. Totally, the look of the film was breathtaking. Definitely a film more people need to go see.

That's very true about the communication part of Arrival. I feel like the film could have delved a little deeper into some aspects it's a good film overall. I'm kind of hoping to find it really cheap on Black Friday or something.

At last, I do not stand alone on the matter of E.T haha I agree with your points. To me it's just not Spielberg firing on all cylinders at all. I just flat out bored by this one.

I do like Spielberg quite a bit. He can do adventure like no other.

My favorite film of his is a bit of an unorthodox choice but Catch Me If You Can. I'll rattle off some of my other favorites: Raiders, Jurassic Park, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Last Crusade, Saving Private Ryan, Jaws and Duel.

As for the rest of the year, I'm looking forward to "Thor: Ragnarok, Justice League, Murder on the Orient Express, Wonder, The Disaster Artist and my most anticipated: The Last Jedi. Beyond excited for that film, plus it's getting released on my birthday so thank you Rian Johnson

How is The Snowman? Is it as awful as everyone is saying?

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Wade92 on Oct 21 Reply  · 

That's very interesting, I've never heard about blinking as a sign of intelligence. I have a habit of blinking a lot because I'm exhausted from not getting enough sleep as I should but hopefully people think it's because of intelligence haha

Thanks for you thoughts on The Snowman. I was looking forward to seeing it for a while but with such a negative overall reception and even the director slamming it, makes me hesitate for a second. It does give me some hope though that you still had a positive feeling towards it.

Oh most definitely! I like plenty of films that take a lot of heat. The Lone Ranger, The Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2, Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3, Ton: Legacy...the list goes on and on.

I wasn't even aware there was an Orient Express film from the 70s!

Marvel is a weird experience for me. I used to despise the films for the longest time but about a year ago I did a complete 180. I re-watched The Avengers and fell in love with them. No idea why! Not perfect films without a doubt but do enjoy them. Bizarre right haha Do you have any films that you used to hate that you now enjoy? I often think about a quote from Robert Osborne talking about warming up to films over time. It roughly went that the remarkable thing about viewing films multiple times is that the film remains exactly the same while we as people change over time. (He was talking about A Clockwork Orange by the way).

My birthday is the 15th the actual release date which is when I'm going to be seeing the film. Going to have to stay off the internet on the 14th to avoid spoilers haha

You had mentioned music in a previous post. What kind of music do you enjoy? Who are your favorite bands/singers etc. Would love to hear them!

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Wade92 on Oct 22 Reply  · 

Haha don't worry about that! No matter how I feel about the Snowman I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm probably going to try see that one this week. I've got a busy week ahead at my local theater. I want to try catch The Snowman, Only The Brave, Suburbicon and possibly Jigsaw.

I'm very iffy about Jigsaw, I thought the first film was decent but didn't like the sequels so I have no idea why I'm considering seeing this one haha Have you seen the Saw films?

Of those that you mentioned I really like Kingsman 2, Non-Stop and Jason Bourne as well!

I just re-watched the first two Godfather films a couple weeks ago. I've been watching them for years and I find I like them more and more as I get older. Especially Part Two.

No worries! We have weird release dates here in the US. It's being marketed as Friday the 15th, but like all other films they will start at 7:00pm on the 14th. It's like, why not market the 14th then? Very confusing.

Nice! You've got some great music taste there, I like music from everyone you mentioned. By the way, did you know Elton was going to be in Kingsman 2 going in? It took me totally by surprise haha

Queen was actually the first band I seriously got in to. I still listen to them quite a bit. Always great music.

I also take a lot of my music taste from my parents so grew up listening to a lot of 70s and 80s music and still have them constantly playing on my iPod. Generally I listen to just about everything except modern country and most modern pop. If you put my iPod on shuffle it has something I like to call "musical whiplash". I go from Boston to Kanye West to Kim Carnes to Slipknot to Bob Dylan to NWA to Hall and Oates haha.

My personal favorite artists are Green Day, YONAS, Moosh and Twist, Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Sum 41, Blink 182, Hollywood Undead and Nirvana.

Since Halloween is fast approaching, do you like a lot of scary movies? If so what are some of your personal favorites?

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Wade92 on Oct 27 Reply  · 

I would recommend checking out the first Saw film. Easily the best out of all of them but that's not saying much.

My week has really gotten away from me theater wise. Life has been busy so I haven't been able to make it to any new movies just yet. Plus, I've been trying to round out some old horror films I haven't seen yet.

For as many times as I've seen the first two Godfather films, I've only seen Part III once and that was like 10 years ago. I hated it at the the time but I'm very curious about seeing it again. Maybe my opinion will change. Even the director regrets doing it but he said he needed the money.

Yes, my music is diverse for sure haha and I live in a very rural area so the most popular music around here is modern country. Even for concerts I have to drive 2 or 6 hours to see my favorite acts. And by all means, use musical whiplash haha

I feel the same way. Especially with Harry Hart. Would have been a huge surprise for the audience.

I was surprised people were so mixed on the new Kingsman. I really enjoyed it. So many great moments of action and emotion. Especially when Harry remembers Mr. Pickle and Henry Jackman reuses that great song "rage and serenity" from X-Men First Class.

Would you be interested in seeing a Statesman spinoff like the director is considering doing?

I never used to be a horror fan all that much but as I've gotten older, I appreciate them a lot more. Definitely check out Halloween! The Omen was pretty good as well.

That's why I think The Shinng stands the test of time is that the scares aren't cheap. I wish more modern horror films were made in that fashion.

What is your scariest movie experience? One that completely freaked you out upon first viewing?

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Eagleskywalker87 on Oct 29 Reply  · 

500 movies! I'm now halfway to being an Honourable Member Of FlickChart! And my 500th movie was "A Nightmare On Elm Street". Good choice I reckon!

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Wade92 on Oct 30 Reply  · 

I'm in a bit of the same boat on the blu rays. I have a stack in front of my tv that need some watching. I usually try to watch all of them before they go into my collection.

My DVR has been filling up with horror films so all my energy has been there. I don't think I'll get through all of them before Halloween, in fact I know I won't. I still have like 16 horror films I want to watch. Four I've seen before, the rest all first time watches. I'm trying to round out some of the big horror franchises I haven't seen all of yet like the Nightmare of Elm Street films and the first few Friday the 13th's.

His daughter was one of my least favorite parts of the film, like many others. She did go on to do some great work though, like directing Lost in Translation. Just a very rough acting start.

I haven't seen a whole lot of Coppola's films but I've liked most of what I've seen so far. The first two Godfather films and Apocalypse Now. The Conversation was also pretty good. I watched The Outsiders in a high school class but I don't remember a whole lot about it.

I haven't seen that documentary but I have heard some stories about disasters behind the scenes, particularly AP. I'll have to check that out someday.

Yep, I feel the great parts of The Golden Circle make up for the few flaws it has. Really curious what they will do for a third film.

I'm iffy on the Statesmen film. I really wanted to see more of them but at the same time less really is more. I think things could easily go off the rails with that one.

Cool, The Shining is awesome. The atmosphere is incredible. For me it was When a Stranger Calls from 2006 (pretty dumb film now but freaked me beyond belief when I was younger), Jurassic Park and the 2003 remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. That last one messed me up for a good long while since I saw it when I was way too young haha

I don't mind! I'm from the beautiful state of Minnesota in the United States. So I was pumped when Let's Go Crazy by Prince kicked in, literally, at the beginning of Kingsman 2. Both him and Bob Dylan are held in high regard by music lovers in Minnesota. We just had our first snowfall last week but it already melted. Pretty cold at the moment.

Did you like the first Nightmare on Elm Street?

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Wade92 on Oct 30 Reply  · 

Totally, I love owning all my favorite movies and having a huge collection but it still trips me out sometimes. It's great owning a lot of films but it takes forever to get back around to watching some of them. My friends give me crap time to time as well haha but it's all in good fun.

I girl I dated around 6 years ago had a big blu ray collection and it blew my mind. I didn't watch a whole lot of movies back then and I always wondered why she would even need to own that many. Not long after I got into movies and now I think my collection is bigger than hers was at the time.

I also think the third Kingsman should lean more on the emotional side. Focus on the characters and build upon the first two films.

I loved the whole mindset of the Kingsman in the first film. Manners Maketh Man and especially the line, "there is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self". Very inspiring stuff. What it means to be a gentleman. I even make sure to wait to be offered a seat when I enter a room not of my own because of the film haha I often dress like both the Kingsman and Statesmen before I ever saw the films which was cool. I guess these films and me were meant to be haha

Wow, I've always wanted to get out there some day. What kind of area do you live in? Is it pretty populated or more rural?

I'll be honest about Child's Play. I did not like it at all. It started out alright but really fell down the hill for me. I was not interested at all and that kid really bugged me. Plus Chucky looks freaky as hell as it is, I wouldn't even let that in my house where my child sleeps haha I wasn't planning on seeing the sequels but now I definitely won't. What did you think of the film?

I'll try do my best to rank the films, seems like my feelings on films always changes from time to time. I haven't seen the Rob Zombie films in years so I don't know how accurate their placement will be.

1. Halloween (1978) Will always be the best.

2. Halloween II (1980) Great sequel that picks right up where the first leaves off.

3. Halloween (2007) It gets a lot of hate but I remember liking it. Young Michael Myers made me really sad for some reason haha

4. Halloween 4

5. Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. This and Halloween 4 are pretty much tied I think.

6. Halloween 5

7. Halloween: H20

8. Halloween II (2009)

9. Halloween: Resurrection I would put this one lower if I could

I hear the new one they are making does away with all the films except the original. Which is a shame since I really like the second but there is a certain plot point they want to get around.

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Wade92 on Nov 1 Reply  · 

I'm having some storage issues as well. I have two cases that that hold roughly 150 Blu rays each and they are all full, plus some sitting next to them. I need to come with a solution soon.

Definitely wear a suit if you feel like it! You'll feel so classy and confident walking around. Just keep the demeanor of the Kingsman so it doesn't look like you're showing off haha Yeah, at premiere of The Golden Circle I had the denim jacket, jeans, boots and everything of the Statesmen. It was a little embarrassing at first because it looked like it was intentional. Two people even called me Agent Whiskey on the way out the theater haha

Oh, man. Hopefully everything is alright. Thanks for giving me a heads up. I'll be here whenever it works for you to chat!

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Wade92 on Nov 12 Reply  · 

Really didn't like Baby Driver, huh? That's all good, one of my good friends hated the film as well for a lot of the same reasons. I myself loved it haha it's definitely in my top 10 for the year. Coincidentally, that was one of the blu rays on my floor and just happened to pop it in the other night to see it again.

For the kind of film it was, I think the slight style over substance approach worked. I didn't feel like we needed to know a whole lot about these characters. It's kind of like the heist, you're not supposed to know a whole lot about the other people to avoid being compromised, just enough to get by.

By far the main complaint I hear about the film is the romance element. I will admit, it's not the strongest love story out there, but it didn't detract from the film for me. That's one element of the film you either like or not haha

Baby Driver was the first Edgar Wright film I loved start to finish and thought it was a wild ride from start to finish (no pun intended)

Haha that's funny about Citizen Kane! I did the same thing with Office Space where I bought two copies and didn't realize till I went to put it in my cabinet as well. Now I stand in the store holding potential blu ray purchases wondering if I already have it haha

I've only seen Citizen Kane once but I need to pull out that blu ray again soon. I remember liking it. Did I think it was the best film ever, no. But it was definitely ahead of it's time by a long shot.

That's true! Plenty of time to get our wardrobes ready for Kingsman 3.

Indeed, I did power through the Nightmare on Elm Street series with the exception of Freddy vs Jason and then the Sam Bayer remake because I had already seen the latter. If you like the original I would recommend seeing 2 and 3 if you would like. A lot of people hate on the second film but I think 1 & 2 would be my personal favorites of the series. 3 is pretty decent as well and I enjoyed it. Anything after that though...wow. I hated life watching those films haha An absolute chore to get through and I don't really plan on seeing them again. So far, Halloween is the best horror franchise by a long shot.

What did you think of Full Metal Jacket?

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